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Daily Links 9/18

In case you weren’t following the producers of the “Bachelor” on Twitter last night, filming at the mansion began. Might be the only time they’re at the mansion a la Ben Flajnik’s season. I think they start traveling immediately, so keep an eye out for that. Tomorrow I will release 5 more of Juan Pablo’s girls, and yes, the two I mentioned yesterday I have confirmed are both on it. It’s nothing too major. Just kinda weird and something I don’t remember them doing before when casting. Call it laziness on their part I guess. I did see the tweet from contestant Kylie Lewis (@KLew55) saying “OMG I just met JuanPablo.” Seems weird that it was tweeted by a contestant since that’s never happened before. Let me double check and make sure she actually made the show, because having Robert Mills retweet it doesn’t make a lot of sense. Nobody knows who she is unless they read my site. So either they’re letting her tweet (even though no other girls from the show tweeted last night), they tweeted that in her account for her, or, she’s not even on the show and they told her to do it just to screw with me. Could very well be the last one. Oh well, if I find out she’s not on, I’ll take her off the list.

You know what I find funny? Every season you know 7-8 people get eliminated on night one. And I guarantee you the producers know going in which 7-8 people are probably getting cut the first night. They’re just cast as “fillers.” Yet you know each producer is telling all 25 girls at some point before the show, “We love you, we can’t wait to have you on, we think you’re perfect for so-and-so,” which couldn’t be more of a blatant lie. That’s the kind of thing I’m talking about when I say producer manipulation. Hell, every contestant should just use common sense and realize “Not all of us are staying here. They told me they love me for the show and think I’ll do great, yet, 7 or 8 of us are going home within a few hours. Man, we’re being lied to.” Because obviously no producer is gonna tell a girl they’re recruiting for the show, “Hey, yeah there’s a good chance you’re going home the first night. You’re one of the last ones we cast, but good luck.” Of course not. They feed the same bullsh*t to every girl, making them think they’re so important to their season, when in reality, they pretty much know EXACTLY who’s getting booted the first night. Yet they still find 25 suckers to go on every season. Comical. I guarantee you that if you personally ask whoever was booted last night, “What were the producers telling you before you left to come on the show, and then once you arrived were they still saying the same stuff,” they’ll all have a similar story. Their job is to pump each girl up, get them excited to be on the show, make sure each one of them is convinced they’re the most important girl on the cast, then basically sh*t all over them once they’re gone and not give a rat’s ass about them. For any future contestants, words of advice: Never believe anything any producer tells you under any circumstances.

Daily Links

-I’m thoroughly disappointed by two things in this story: 1) Emily Maynard really isn’t getting naked and 2) She’s getting her ass kicked in pledges by Kevin Jonas’ robot wife.

-So the guy who’s basically dated half of Dallas has now moved on to Lindsay Lohan? That’ll be over in about 2 weeks. Knowing this guy and how he works, I’m guessing that when it says in the story “multiple sources tell US Weekly,” there’s only one source who’s telling them. Matt Nordgren.

-So yesterday I linked to the story about the new Miss America already getting hate tweets because she’s Indian. I’m sure the anonymous losers on Twitter probably will have a field day with this one. As I’ve always said, Twitter is the greatest and worst invention ever.

-One reason why I love, is because they never hide behind their stories. And every once in a while, they’ll even share their sources on how they get info. I hope a lot of you read the Bo Pelini story from yesterday about the secret audio recording with him trashing Nebraska fans after a win 2 years ago. Deadspin came out yesterday and detailed how they got the recording. Love reading stuff like this.

-With season 3 of “Homeland” starting up next Sunday night, I always love reading interviews with the writers when talking about show plotlines and behind-the-scenes stuff.

-Can’t believe I forgot to mention this story yesterday. Britney signed a two year deal with Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas to do 50 shows a year. Count me in.

-Don’t get me wrong, I love when Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake collaborate on his show, but it seems like they’re doing one a week now. It’s gonna lose its luster if they’re not careful.

-With the “Survivor” premiere tonight, Jeff Probst answers questions regarding the upcoming season. After reading this, I’m all in again. Sure, the twists might be too much, but they still bring up very interesting dilemmas.

-Now even Zac Efron had to go to rehab? I think it’s basically becoming a miracle if you’re a teen star and DON’T end up with some sort of addiction.

-I’m sorry, but this is unacceptable. There is only one “OC,” and these two-bit knockoffs are disgracing the original Cohen family and Mischa Barton’s horrible acting skills. I will argue with anyone that “The OC” pilot episode was one of the top 5 pilot episodes of any show ever. Try me.

-And you wonder why any reality show contestants would sign into a contract like this one. Trust me, the “Bachelor’s” isn’t much better.

-Yes, the next three links are related to Miley because, well, I can’t get enough of any story involving her. Props to these college kids for doing something entertaining in their downtime. By the way, Grand Valley State will be representing on the “Bachelor” this season. Tell you more about her tomorrow.

-Yet even ANOTHER person has a take on Miley’s VMA performance: Cher. And honestly, this is the best one yet. Couldn’t agree more. Do what you want, but at least do it well.

-As if we actually thought yesterday was REALLY the day when Miley and Liam broke it off, here’s further proof that it wasn’t. I mean, the same girl he was seen in Vegas with this past weekend, and now yesterday with the post-coital kiss in front of her apartment? Uh huh. Sure he and Miley broke up yesterday.

-Love it. More spinning by NBC execs on how much they’re trying not to admit what a colossal failure “Million Second Quiz” is. It’s a 10 day show and you’ve already lost half your audience? Fail.

-Didn’t watch the premiere of “Dads” last night, nor do I plan to. Especially after reading this recap. Basically they’re just going for shock value. Can’t say I’m too surprised Seth McFarlane is behind this show because essentially this is his type of humor, but this show is getting killed by critics, meaning I guarantee it’s cancelled by next month.

-Usually when we hear stories of affairs happening, it’s always the married man chasing younger skirt, buying her expensive sh*t and lying to her about leaving his wife. Nope, not this one. The other way around. And it’s the Victoria’s Secret CEO who dissed her 2 year lover and he’s now pissed and gonna write a book. Awesome.

-And you thought Stephanie and Brian from the “Bachelorette” last season were the only couple who enjoyed throwing rocks at each other during their arguments? Think again. Nice touch with the mud flinging too. Creative.

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1 Comment

  1. perfecta

    September 18, 2013 at 1:47 PM

    Eiza will get a fame push from dating Liam, just like Liam got one from dating Miley.

    And the machine rolls on…

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