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Where is the “Bachelor” Filming Tonight & Your “Daily Links” 9/20

Daily Links

-Looks like LeAnn Rimes is proud of her new body. Good for her. Because frankly, I was getting tired of seeing Skeletor in a bikini.

-Any of you catch the singer on X Factor Wednesday night withTourette’s Syndrome? If you haven’t, you should. Pretty amazing.

-We all know my excitement level on Jessie Spano being a DWTS cast member this season. Well, my “Saved by the Bell” pants got just a little tighter yesterday when Jessie & Slater decided to rekindle their love. Please tell me he called her “Mama” at least once.

-The “Bachelor Pad” concept came from the RW/RR franchise, the “Challenge.” Diem Brown has competed on quite a few of their seasons, and is a two-time cancer survivor. Check out her blog from the other day as just another case of reality show producers not really giving a sh*t about their contestants. Sure, Diem should’ve known this going in, but even knowing the producers as well as she did, you still lose sight of the fact their job is to produce an entertaining television show. If they didn’t give a sh*t about a contestant dealing with cancer remission, do you really think they care about anyone else?

-Pretty much 4 out of every 5 trips I make to Vegas, I stay at the Venetian. It’s just always been my favorite hotel on the strip. When I was there a couple weeks ago, their famous canals I noticed were shut down. The canals on the outside of the hotel still had water in them, but the inside didn’t. Now we know why.

-I love how spoiled some celebrities can be. We’ve heard stories all the time about what certain celebs have to have when they travel, or pre-show, or in their hotel rooms, etc. Not that this is a surprise, but before Britney does any interview, all questions need to be pre-approved. And if someone goes off script, she freaks out. Who was your first kiss? Really?

-It’s Miley all day, every day. Her album cover just came out, and whaddya’ know, she’s topless. Again.

-Just when I wanted to congratulate Cher for voicing a correct opinion about Miley’s VMA performance from what she said a couple days ago, now she’s backtracking. Sort of. Ugh. The worst. Stick to your guns.

-Just the fact that JJ Abrams is saying ANYTHING about Star Wars: Episode 7 in interviews already, is gonna get these intergalactic nerf herders all hot and sweaty. He better watch himself or the galaxy of dorks will come after him.

The President of Nintendo, Hiroshi Yamauhi has died. RIP to the man who basically invented a game playing system that controlled my 6th grade year. The countless hours I spent trying to beat Mike Tyson or save the princess on “Super Mario Bros” will go unmatched with anything else I spend time on the rest of my life.

-As some of you probably knew, “Fans vs Favorites” winner John Cochran has parlayed winning “Survivor” into a writing gig on the upcoming CBS comedy, “The Millers.” Yesterday, gave an update on how he’s been doing. Funny stuff.

-Could it really have turned out any other way for Jon Gosselin? I mean, really. Are any of you surprised by this? Me neither.

-Always interested in former Idol contestants and how much, or little, success they have once their season ends. According to Billboard, American Idol has plenty of #1 songs and has for years. Wow. I never would’ve guessed that number. When it says Kelly Clarkson leads with 86, that means her songs have spent a total of 86 weeks as Billboard #1 , not that she’s had 86 #1 songs, right? That was kinda poorly written by them.

Now to the sports stories of the day…

-Eighteen months later, the NFL is still trying to go after performer M.I.A. for flipping off the camera during the Super Bowl halftime show. Don’t they have better things to do?

-There are only two teams I openly root for in any sport: Dodgers and Lakers. Grew up liking them and have always been a fan. So seeing the Dodgers clinch the NL West yesterday, then jump in the Diamondback outfield pool, only to have the Dbacks piss and moan about it is funny. Hey Arizona, you know how you get the Dodgers from not celebrating in your pool? Don’t let them clinch in your stadium. Pretty simple. It’s not like they did right after the last out was made. It’s not like they jumped naked in it. It’s not like the took a leak in it. It’s not like they defacated in the pool. If anything, I think they were respectful by waiting until basically the stadium was empty (as you can clearly see in the video), and they splashed around like 5 year olds. Sour grapes.

-This takes the Holy War to a whole new level. A BYU linebacker suspended for this weeks game against rival Utah because he broke the school code of conduct by partying in Vegas. Fair enough. Until you find out he was ratted out by a Utah fan who sent the pictures to the school. College football is the best.

-Many of you probably don’t remember the MTV show back in the early 2000’s called “Two-a-Days” about the Hoover High School powerhouse football team in Hoover, Alabama run by their lunatic head coach, Rush Propst. Basically, Rush was one of those crazed win-at-all-costs HS coaches that you just knew would blow a gasket one day, or would be involved in some scandal. ESPN’s “E:60” did a feature on him this week, and it was awesome. Here you go:

-There were rumors about this floating around weeks ago, but I guess it’s official now since her mother confirmed it. Alabama QB AJ McCarron and girlfriend Katherine Webb have broken up. The second Brent Musberger started creaming himself over her in the national championship game back in January is the second this relationship was doomed.

-Could possibly be my favorite college football story of the season. Even better than Bo Pelini’s f-bomb rant. A Florida step dad took to Craigslist to auction off his step daughter for a date to the FLA/Tenn game tomorrow in Gainesville. Is that how far the FL/TN rivalry has fallen? Back in the Manning vs Spurrier days, you couldn’t pay enough to get a ticket to the swamp. Now you can go for free all while getting to fondle this guy’s step daughter. Amazing.

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1 Comment

  1. marietwil29

    September 20, 2013 at 9:22 AM

    Jef Holm is actually closely associated with the Electric Run, which I believe is headed up by his long time friend, Dan Hill. Jef has run and promoted at least two prior Electric Runs in LA and in Dallas in the last year and has been promoting others, including this one in SLC. He said that he saw the course last night in his tweet and promoted it for the second time this week. To me it seems quite coincidental that they would be filming a date at an event that Jef is closely associated with and will be attending. Do you think they planned this while in talks with Jef to be Bachelor and then just left the date in after they decided to go with Juan Pablo? That’s what it seems like to me.

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