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Daily Links 9/24

Look, I don’t think Keyshawn or Bill Nye are any good at dancing. Their performances over the first two weeks showed it. Neither had zero chance of winning this thing. However, still pretty shocked to see Keyshawn being the first one to go. I’m sure he’ll get a lot of ribbing from all the former athletes (most notably the football players) who’ve been on this show, especially considering how well they all did. Man, going home first sucks. And when you’re a former football player, and guys like Warren Sapp, Emmitt Smith, Michael Irvin and Jason Taylor all paved the way before you? Ouch. I wouldn’t want to be Keyshawn right about now. Sure, he tried and was completely out of his comfort zone, but that was pretty bad to be beaten out by the Science Guy. Go join Jeff Ross and Kenny Mayne in the “One and Done” club. They’re anxiously awaiting your arrival.

Couple notes on the “Bachelor” season, plus a couple new girls will be posted on Thursday, so be on the lookout for that.

Daily Links

-Even though we never even saw a picture of this guy, nor even knew what his name, Miss Sparkle Tierra LiCausi, claimed during her “Women Tell All” season that she was engaged. Well, not anymore as the engagement is over. If someone could ever produce a picture of these two together or a name of this guy, then I’ll maybe believe she was ever engaged. Maybe.

-We almost had a day with no Miley stories. As of last night, I had nothing. But then of course I wake up this morning and see she’s topless on the cover of “Rolling Stone” this week. Miley, you never seem to disappoint. Someone needs to stage an intervention. No, not because she can’t keep her clothes on. Did you read that article? Why does she talk like she’s from the hood now?

-Man, and to think I was all excited about Britney’s 2 year deal she signed with Planet Hollywood to do 50 shows a year, come to find out it seems that no one cares, as her ticket sales are in the toilet.

-Your Emmy ratings are in and they’re some of the best numbers they’ve pulled in years.

-People will say their favorite Emmy moment was the dance number. Some will say Will Ferrell appearing with his kids. Others probably liked the tributes to people who have died in the past year (unless you’re Jack Klugman’s son). Not not me. My favorite Emmy moment from Sunday? Tina Fey’s nip slip of course.

-Just so more women can be jealous of her, Jessica Alba now says she was self-conscious about her body. Real shocking to hear that someone who’s essentially a 10 had body image issues. Don’t they all say that?

-As you heard last night, Julianne Hough is going to be a guest judge on DWTS this season filling in for Len at least once while he’s in the UK. Here were some of the other dancers reaction to the news.

-Another cast member from “Grey’s Anatomy” is running their mouth. Really surprising to see it’s the woman whose face always looks like she just sucked a lemon dry. Congrats on the racial diversity of your cast, Ellen. Doesn’t change the fact that through the years, most of your cast have acted like pompous a**holes.

-One thing I enjoy about the Emmy’s are hearing stories about some of the after parties. Well, here’s my favorite one. Three words: Sofia Vergara twerking. You’re welcome.

-Lets be honest, the Emmy’s are essentially a popularity contest for what’s “hot” right now, or, something that TV execs want to make hot by giving it an award. There’s zero logical explanation for the “Voice” to win Best Reality Show upsetting “Amazing Race” (the only show that’s ever won the award), when “American Idol” never won all those years it was drawing 30 million people an episode. Ridiculous.

-Reading that NCIS is looking into a spinoff series. Ummm, doesn’t that franchise already have 17 different spinoffs already? How many more do we need?

-A few sports stories to get to. Interesting piece in the LA Times about Kobe’s future with the Lakers. Some of you may not care. Most of you probably don’t. But I’m sure interested. I’ll say this: If Kobe is truly serious about winning more championships in LA, then he won’t ask the Lakers for $30 million a season. He can’t possibly do that with a straight face, then expect them to field a championship team around him when he’s already taken up half their salary cap. Yes, he deserves to be paid more than anyone. But c’mon. How much is enough. He’s banked 17 years of contracts, not to mention numerous endorsement deals. This will be the lasting image on his legacy. If he wants to win, and win with the Lakers, he’ll do what MJ did towards the end of his career and just sign one year deals for about $10-12 million so they team can spend around him.

-So last week I made fun of the Dbacks for getting upset that the Dodgers jumped in their outfield pool after winning the NL West by saying “at least they didn’t take a leak in it.” Uhhhh, now reports are that they did. Idiots. Now THAT is classless.

-Remember yesterday when I gave you the link to truly one of the worst injuries I’d ever read about? Well late yesterday, Rashad Johnson decided to tweet pictures of his finger for the world to see. If you just ate, I suggest you not look. Pretty gruesome.

-I’m all for a good end zone dance, and Lions tight end Joseph Fauria might’ve broken out my favorite one yet this past Sunday. Nsync anyone?

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  1. kasey31

    September 24, 2013 at 10:43 PM

    Hey, guys!!
    Quick takes on today’s column:

    DWTS- always embarrassing to be the first one sent home I would imagine, but I thought he handled it well.. speaking of- Snookie.. wow! Now I am not a Snookie fan, but I have to hand it to her, she looks pretty amazing.. and she can dance, too! I was really impressed! I think as the show progresses, she is going to have a hard time taking criticism though, just a hunch ; )

    Miley Cyrus- I don’t care for her personally necessarily, but she’s young, and well, I like her new song. There I said it. She has a lot of growing up to do, and hopefully she will learn from her “mistakes,” but I understand the age she is at right now, and I can’t and won’t judge someone who is still a kid. She isn’t ruining the youth of America, there are far worse people and shows out there.. shows that promote sex and drugs, and it’s up to the parents to have candid conversations about stuff like this.

    I love Britney! Can’t believe tickets aren’t already sold out.. kind of makes me sad. I’m sure the sales will go up the closer the gigs get. I hope.

    I didn’t watch the Emmy’s, so I have nothing to contribute, but I know there are a lot of good shows on the air, so I’m sure it was a tight race and an honor to win this year especially with all the new good dramas and shows on TV right now.

    LOVE Jessica Alba.. she’s adorable, and I believe her when she says she had body issues. In that industry, I think anyone would be hard pressed to find a woman that didn’t feel self conscious about their body at some point in their career.. especially the younger girls. You weigh 110 in Hollywood, and you are considered fat.. so sad. Jessica Alba is beautiful.. and she’s had no plastic surgery that I know of, so I give her even more props for that.

    The Voice is back! And I’m so glad to see the original judges.. Christina looks great, she looks rejuvenated and I am loving her haircut. Those 4 judges have a rare chemistry, and it didn’t feel the same without them all together last season. I have a feeling this season is gonna be a good one, so I’m looking forward to it.

    Grey’s Anatomy needs to come to an end, I’m sorry. What season are they on? Like season 26 or something ridiculous like that? Everyone is dead, everyone has had sex with each other, and every storyline that can be thought of in a hospital setting has been played out, and then some. I’m surprised they’re still on the air. I know there are some die-hards, but aren’t they sick of it yet? I used to love that show about 5 years ago, and then it completely lost my interest. I will be happy to hear the announcement that Grey’s Anatomy is in its final season, that’s for sure. I always like when shows go out with a bang and don’t drag on for the sake of dragging on to make more money. It’s more iconic when it ends in a reasonable time frame. And Steve is right, their actors are kind of known for being assholes haha.

    The Lakers, my team, my love, the only sport I truly enjoy watching on TV. I adore Kobe as a player.. as a PLAYER. But I find myself so incredibly frustrated with him a lot of the time. In all honesty, he is at the end of his career, and he should be thankful, gracious, proud of his accomplishments and the millions of people that have supported him throughout his career, through thick and thin, both personally and professionally, including the Lakers who have always done what he has asked of them since the beginning and stood behind him. IF he truly has their best interest at heart, he will realize that the team needs to start looking to find their next Kobe and begin reformulating the team to be successful when he does retire. He injured himself pretty bad last season, and it’s only a matter of time, unfortunately, until it happens again- especially with the type of injury he sustained. It’s time to put his pride aside, and let some of these new kids have a shot. I think one day Kobe will make a great coach, but he needs to get off his high horse a bit and look out for the good of the team. Like I said, I adore him as a player, but I think he is incredibly selfish. I would love to see him show some sort of selflessness by taking a lower salary for the sake of the team as a sign of gratitude to the owner, his coaches, his general manager and managers, his team members, and his loyal fans. But realistically, I don’t see that happening. Kobe is Kobe, and after seeing that documentary of him a while back, I don’t think he will ever change- it’s been his greatest attribute as a player, and it has made him his own worst enemy at the same time.

    My Dodgers : ( I thought it was hilarious what they did in AZ. I actually liked the Diamond Backs a few years ago when it was a different set of players. I met a lot of the players at a game in LA once, and I was able to get almost every signature of that team on 2 balls, including the coach. They were all very sweet. To hear that the Dodgers actually urinated in their pool embarrasses me as a Dodgers’ fan. Not very good sportsmanship… the jumping in the pool thing was funny, but peeing in their pool? That’s just tacky.

    I don’t remember who mentioned it, but the spoof of Joan Rivers is pretty good. Definitely not nearly as funny as Burning Love, but good none-the-less, so thanks for posting the link to that video!

    And finally, yes, Iheart, Revenge returns Sunday night.. finally! I’m going into the season with a little trepidation, but I am hoping for a good one.. I have faith in the writers, I think, but I will definitely miss the original creator of the show. Mike Kelley was/is a genius. That pilot was one of the best pilots I have ever seen to date.

    Hope everyone is well!! Good to see some familiar faces commenting again.. ccrider, Athena, and everyone else I missed!! Sorry for the novel, and for the abuse of exclamation marks. Hope everyone is having a great week xoxo

  2. Athena

    September 25, 2013 at 12:04 PM

    Whew kasey31, what a great post! If Steve ever takes a hiatus, you get my vote for filling in for him – you’re on top of all the stuff, plus the benefit of no “snark” (not that I don’t often enjoy his, just that it’s nice sometimes to have someone who understands that we all have foibles).

    I missed the window of getting into the Revenge storyline, but I hope for you and iheart and others, it’s a great season.

    Personally, I spent the last few weeks watching all three seasons for Downton Abbey, and now I’m hooked on it, and waiting for season 4 to begin, I think in January. Maybe I should do the same with Revenge, if it’s out on video.

  3. kasey31

    September 25, 2013 at 11:34 PM

    Hi Athena! Thank you for the sweet words, I just wanted to give my 2 cents on the latest gossip for what it’s worth : )

    You definitely should check out Revenge if you ever get the chance! I haven’t watched Downtown Abbey, but I have heard nothing but great things about it, so maybe I will check it out some time : )
    Good to see you back commenting here, it was so quiet for a while!

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