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Daily Links 9/27

Since I went on Jason and Molly’s podcast, a few of you have emailed me about what I said in regards to writing a book someday and exposing my sources. I just don’t see the benefit in doing that. I’ve been told a ton of things in confidence over the years. Most of which has ended up playing out on TV as I described. Some of it you never see, but is what really happened. I know people are interested in where I get my info from, but that’s just not something I’d ever do to people. I’ve never really understood the fascination with where I get my info from. As long as it’s right, what does it matter where it came from? Now granted, I think some of the stories are actually pretty funny of how stuff landed in my lap, and I think you’d be surprised if you actually some of my sources on past seasons and past incidents, but 5-10 years from now, no one will care, so I don’t see the point. If I ratted on my sources, no one would tell me anything and basically, I wouldn’t be in business. So it makes no sense to ever talk about them publicly and share where I got certain info over the years. Barring anything crazy, as long as this show stays on the air, my job will be to spoil it. And make fun of it.

Daily Links

-Hey, wasn’t Kaley Cuoco just dating Superman like last week? Well, apparently she’s not anymore because she’s engaged to some new guy she just met. I’m sure we’ll see a tweet from Ali sometime today congratulating her.

-Remember yesterday when Sabrina the Drunk Floozy talked about all her random drug use and hookups back in the day? Well, here’s the Maxim cover shoot where she says she was high. Lovely.

-Miley update of the day: Outtakes from her “Rolling Stone” interview where she talks about how much she loves weed, cocaine sucks, and somehow worked in a Sinead O’Connor reference. And oh yeah, if we don’t get it, it’s our fault, not hers.

-A warm congratulations to Khloe & Lamar for celebrating their fourth wedding anniversary today. Things seem to be going great. They’re living apart and he’s due in court today. Couldn’t have happened to a better family.

-Ladies, having trouble finding that perfect man? You’ve come to the right place. A man in Austin is offering himself up for the ridiculously low price of only $1500. Just don’t be fat. Or black. Or a whore.

-Rupert’s exit interview after being the first one booted off “Survivor.” Pretty amazing a guy that had played three times and amassed over 100 days spent on the island is the first one gone this season.

-First Chick-Fil-A hated the gays, now Barilla pasta is chiming in. In what marketing meeting did anyone ever come up with the idea that these were smart things to go public with?

-I’m guessing you’ve seen the twitter war started by Kanye last night directed towards Jimmy Kimmel. If you haven’t, get caught up on it by watching him address it on his show last night. Kanye is off his rocker. Have a sense of humor.

-I’m very well aware there are pedophiles, perverts, and all around sexual deviants out there, but I’d never heard of a sextortion case until this morning when I saw it happened to Miss Teen USA. How come every computer hacker out there usually has three names? And aren’t all these guys usually older creepy guys? 19? Geez.

-Season Three of “Homeland” begins Sunday, and well, USA today has a mini preview of what to expect. I’ve waited 9 months for this.

-According to Jimmy Fallon and Lindsay Lohan, twerking is out, scrumping is in. Totally:

-Leah Remini needs to stay on DWTS as long as possible so we can watch the bitter feud with the Church of Scientology play out. Always entertaining when Kirstie Alley speaks her mind.

-“24” comes back to our television in May, but India is getting their own series. And it’s Jack Bauer-esque lead character is the guy who was in season 8 of “24” that died before Jack Bauer could save him.

-GQ magazine has ranked their 20 Worst Sports Franchises. I’m sorry if your favorite team is on this list. Don’t cry.

-A fantastic read by as they re-printed a story from “Esquire” magazine dating all the way back to 1992 about NBA groupies. You don’t think your favorite athlete cheats? Think again. They ALL do.

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