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Picture and Video from Yesterday’s Group Date & Today’s “Daily Links” 10/1

I haven’t brought this up in over a month for reasons I expressed back then – most of you, if not all of you, don’t care. However, I’ll just say this once and move on. I won my fantasy baseball league by the largest margin in the over 25 year history of the league. And oh yeah, currently sitting tied for first in fantasy football. Yes, I would like a medal. That is all.

A few of you have asked about our “Amazing Race” recapper and where it was for this past Sunday’s premiere. She had too much on her plate this season and is unable to recap this season. I appreciated all of Kim’s columns and hopefully she’ll come back next season. Not necessarily looking for a writer to fill in this season, but if you’re really interested, I’d take a look at any writing samples people want to send me.

After I posted yesterday about Juan Pablo’s group date with the K-pop group 2ne1, I was emailed a couple videos taken by one of many in attendance, along with a blog (man, who knew there was a “K-pop Insider Blog” out there. Is that like the Korean Reality Steve?) that has a picture taken outside of the performance with Juan Pablo and the six women on the date:


It’s pretty clear that Kat is the one on the far right. Of the other 5 girls, I’m aware of who 4 of them are and I will be releasing them over the next few weeks. Here’s the video of the whole performance if you want to watch a bunch of awkward dancing in 80’s clothes. And is anyone else a little disappointed by the lack of dancing skills our Latin heartthrob has? Hmmmm, maybe he can only salsa or something. He’s doing his Latin blood a disservice by getting up there and moving like that. Booooooooooooooooooo….

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  1. kasey31

    October 1, 2013 at 7:47 PM

    I am liking these daily links.. Kate Upton and Maks? Whaaat?!?!
    Poor Steve.. at least he’s winning with his Fantasy leagues!

    Vessel, I read a couple posts back that you stopped watching Revenge. Sad to hear/read that, but I understand. I think it might be coming to an end for me soon, too. I’m trying to stick with it for a few more episodes, but if it doesn’t drastically pick back up, I’m done : ( That used to be my favorite show, but the magic disappeared.. so sad. Curious to hear what others thought of the premiere.. Any Revenge fans out there?

  2. Sunnyside422

    October 2, 2013 at 8:02 AM

    I enjoyed Revenge Sunday! I think it is reverting back to the suspense and excitement that the premier season displayed in spades.

    Jack dissing Emily now that he knows who she really is! I just don’t see him as a strong contender for her affections ever. And Aiden returning…yes. Now Patrick is definitely yummy and hope he has a stronger showing on the series.

    Convenient how Charlotte lost the baby…kinda skimmed over that point.

    Enjoyed the new show that followed Revenge. Stuart Townsend is very attractive and was once a long time boyfriend of Charlize Theron.

    Maks and Kate…a joining made in heaven. He does run through women quickly so not thinking this is a keeper. She does have plenty of assets…though listening to her speak, know where her brains reside!

  3. iheartvino

    October 2, 2013 at 12:11 PM

    I’m always happy to see the sports talk on here, even if I’m in the minority! Congrats to Steve about winning his baseball fantasy league by a huge margin. I was in a fantasy football league for two years about 8 years ago and it was fun but a lot of work, so I can’t imagine having to keep up with a team during baseball season where there are sooo many games.

    *Revenge* (aren’t you non-Revenge watchers proud of me for remembering to put the heading? ha)

    I’d say I’m somewhere in between Kasey and Sunnyside about how I felt about the premiere. I didn’t think it had a lot of suspense, but it wasn’t awful. I don’t like that they introduced yet another new character- Margo (Margot?) and I hope she’s not going to be another pointless character like Ashley was. I do have faith that within the next few episodes it will get back to the main storyline and focus on Emily’s revenge against the Graysons. Regardless, I think it would take a lot for me to stop watching this show since I’ve been so emotionally invested in it since it started. (as sad as that may sound!)

    Anyone watching any of the other new shows? I’m not a Toni Collette fan, but Hostages is pretty good. Blacklist isn’t bad either. I’m excited for Scandal to start back up tomorrow night. That one trumps them all in my option, even Revenge.

  4. kasey31

    October 2, 2013 at 7:08 PM

    Iheart-Scandal is one I wish I would have started watching.. Knowing me, I would probably be sick of that show, too, but I have heard great things about it. Regarding Revenge, I don’t have faith. ha. That was the premiere! And the premiere is supposed to grab your attention. I was hoping for a “Revenge is back” episode, but it just failed to excite me. Season 2’s premiere was much better, even. I know nothing will compare to the first season, but I am almost positive that it will continue on the way it’s been going and then possibly have a good ending? That’s the best future I see with it. They’ve gone down the “soap opera” road (hunky guys that are decent actors, weird character changes- i.e. Charlotte, unnecessary dialogue, unrealistic scenes) and I don’t see them being able to make a u-turn and do it over- especially with the loss of Mike Kelley. One of the things I loved about this show is that it felt so raw. While set in the Hamptons, Emily’s character made it very down-to-earth and relatable- now nothing seems believable.

    I used to be emotionally invested, too, but I’m indifferent to it now. It’s not awful, you’re right. But it isn’t anything close to what it was.. it became much too convoluted in an attempt at being “smart,” and, ironically, it has entered cheesy and predictable territory. It just makes me sad because they didn’t need all of that, and I’m sure that’s a reason that the creator left the show. Anyway, that’s my opinion only, and I know there are millions out there still enjoying the show, and I’m glad for that. The original group are a great set of actors, and I wish them a lot of success now and after the show. I don’t blame them at all for the writing.

    Sunny- Glad you liked it and are continuing to watch it! I agree, Jack now having it out for Emily is a pretty good twist to the story.. Who could blame him though? He’s lost practically everyone he loves because of her actions, either directly or indirectly. And, yea, Charlotte.. the baby? Not sure what happened with that, but I’m hoping there will be an explanation..

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