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The puzzle that is the “Bachelor” is all starting to come together slowly but surely. As mentioned, there are 27 girls this season. I’ve released 12 so far. As of right now, I have either the full name, seen a picture of, or have a first name of 25 of the 27. These will be rolled out over the next couple of weeks. Tomorrow I will release at least three, possibly more. Including one girl who is by far one of the more interesting characters they’ve ever had. I can tell you that for the first time in 3 seasons, only one first impression rose was given out on night one, and no surprise, there are some ridiculous limo exits once again. So yeah, basically no different than any other season. Got a lot of information coming in from many different directions that I need to sort through so let me figure out when and how I’m going to release it all. We’re not even two weeks into filming so plenty of time still to go. However for tomorrow, I’ll definitely be releasing more of the women, I’ll tell you what and where the first date of the season was, and I’ll even be nice enough and include a picture of it (from a distance). What a great guy. You’re welcome.

Daily Links

-Might as well just get these out of the way since it’s Miley’s world and we’re all just living in it. First four links are Miley. I mean, the girl is host and musical guest of SNL this week, we gotta at least give her top billing. Here are her promos currently running:

-Is there a more reputable mag out there to judge music than “US Weekly?” If there was, they have been replaced since US gave Miley’s new album four stars. Out of four. Not 100.

-Miley calls her mom her “homie.” And guess what? Mommy is the latest in line to defend her. Tish and Miley. How long before they start pitching a show about their lives? I give it 5 minutes.

-So we’ve had basically everyone in America weigh in on Miley’s actions recently from Cher to, ah hell I’ve already forgot. So many links over the last month I’m already forgetting. Anyway, what’s a few more? Now it’s the X Factor judges turn (minus Demi) to weigh in. Sure why not?

-Kim Kardashian is known for two things: her giant ass and enormous breasts. Well, three things. Ray J cramming her on camera during vacation which made her famous in the first place. Anyway, Monday I gave you a link to latest cleavage bearing dress but I just don’t think enough of you grasped how cleavagey it was. So here’s another one. You’re welcome.

-Khloe is now taking to Facebook to write cryptic messages about her horrible marriage that’s falling apart. For the love of God, just get a divorce already. We all know it’s coming. The last thing I would call her is a “fighter” for trying to save it. This is far from being saved. Just makes her look desperate.

-We know that Farrah Abraham has gone under the knife a few times to fix some things on her body, one of those being a chin implant. Well, she didn’t like her chin so now she got it reversed. Ummmm, that’s supposed to better? Her new chin sucks.

-My “Party of Five” pants got juuuuuuust a bit tighter this morning seeing Lacey Chabert gracing the cover of the new “Maxim.” Holy crap. That’s little Claudia who was the annoying, whiny piss ant youngest orphan who drove Charlie nuts? She’s all grown up now. Not that we haven’t seen her recently since Ali tweets a photo of her every time they’re together. But not like these. Yowza.

-X Factor began hyping this Four Chair Challenge at the end of last Thursday’s show, and since they’ve never done it before, I had no idea what it was or how it worked. Seems like a better idea than the boot camp round.

-I love how Elizabeth Berkeley says that the “Saved by the Bell” cast will always be close, yet conveniently doesn’t mention Screech. And why should she? Probably the worst character in TV history. I’d shun him too if I were the rest of that cast.

-Janet Jackson and her husband Wassam Al Mana are looking to adopt. That’s wonderful. Question: Who the hell is Wassam Al Mana and when did he marry Janet Jackson?

-There have been rumors circulating literally for decades that Michelle Rodriguez was a lesbian. Well, she certainly didn’t deny it recently. Man, I always thought if Hurley and Ana Lucia would’ve pro-created, their baby would’ve been the baddest wrestler on the planet.

-Britney’s “Work Bitch” video is now out. I’m glad she’s back to at least trying to be sexy Britney again:

Of course, will she ever be able to top her “Slave 4 U” days? Probably not. But she gets points for trying. I haven’t seen this video in 10 years until this morning. Then I took a cold shower.

And you know what? I’d never even seen the “Womanizer” video where she’s completely naked for about half of it. That’s it. My tickets are being booked for her show in Vegas. I’m all in:

-DWTS performer Brant Daugherty briefly mentioned in his video package Monday that after last week’s show, he was robbed a gunpoint. Today he blogged about it. That couldn’t have been fun.

-The Braves are in the playoffs. Their outfield has the two Upton brothers, BJ and Justin. So because Sports Illustrated are marketing geniuses, why not throw the most important Upton in the world on the cover with them for their playoff preview, even though Kate has nothing to do with baseball or Atlanta? Brilliant. I’d be fine with them sneaking her on the cover of every one of their mags for no reason whatsoever.

-I’m not a Pittsburgh Pirates fan by any means, but that was pretty cool to see the Burgh fired up for the first time in 20 years watching playoff baseball last night. Except if you’re Dallas Latos, stripper wife of Reds pitcher Matt Latos, as she apparently got her ass kicked at the stadium last night by a fan. You stay classy Pittsburgh.

-The new craze for all expecting parents is to, after telling close friends and family first, announce it publicly on social media. Not sure when this started or why it started, but I wish it’d go away. Unless you’re actually creative like Ravens wide received Torrey Smith who announced his pregnancy this way. Points for originality.

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  1. strick432

    October 2, 2013 at 12:29 PM

    Glad Steve finally mentioned the Braves in not 1 but 2 columns. They are winning the World Series. Count on it.

  2. tjcomet

    October 3, 2013 at 9:57 AM

    Yea on the pirates mention!!. They are the cinderella team for sure! And as far as that reds players wife and her alleged altercation… she was drunk (talk about classy).. she chose to leave her secured area for opposing team family to go to the budweiser bar.. and the authorities couldn’t find any marks on her that she had been assaulted…

  3. jazzmine

    October 3, 2013 at 11:31 AM

    How do you know she was drunk, were you there?

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