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Daily Links 10/7

Gotta admit, I’m a little behind on my shows right now. I know I had said I was going to give “Hostages” and “Blacklist” both a try and then make a decision on which one to continue with since I figured there’s no way I could add both. Well, I never even recorded “Hostages” and I loved the “Blacklist” pilot, so I’m gonna just stick with that. Still need to watch the second episode. I’m still behind on “Parks and Rec,” “Nashville,” “The Michael J. Fox” show, and last week’s “Modern Family.” And with four playoff baseball games today, along with “DWTS,” “Blacklist” episode 3, WWE RAW, and Monday Night Football tonight, safe to say I’m gonna get even more backed up since I won’t even be home tonight. By no means am I bitching since, well, this is my job and all, but just wanted to share some of the “stresses” I deal with. Yes, unfortunately a backloaded DVR of recorded shows is considered stress for me. Certainly is not an unhealthy sort of stress, but I just like to clear that thing out. I’m weird like that.

Daily Links

-I only have five Miley related stories to begin today’s “Daily Links.” Only five. As you know, she hosted SNL this past weekend, and I gotta say it was pretty damn funny. This recap pretty much nails it on the head. I was actually very impressed with her “Wrecking Ball” performance. The government shut down parody video to “We Can’t Stop” might be one of the top 5 videos this show has ever done. Granted, if you’ve never seen her “We Can’t Stop” video, this video will make no sense. Trust me, it was hilarious.

-After SNL, every host parties with the cast at the afterparty, and Miley tweeted all about her celebration on Saturday night.

-However, one thing she didn’t tweet about was apparently boning out of the party early to get her freak on with some dude who works at Rolling Stone magazine. Of course she did.

-Then of course we have the obligatory appearance on the “Today” show this morning where she says everything is going as planned. She’s such a visionary, that Miley. Of course the saying goes “Any publicity is good publicity,” and if she’s just looking for attention, then sure, she did it right. But if she wants to actually be respected as an artist, she’s going about it completely wrong.

-Lastly, it’s time we hear from a washed up 80’s star to comment on Miley, sooooooooooo Annie Lennox, the floor is yours.

-In today’s “Greatest News to Wake Up To,” Scartlett Johansson was named Esquire magazine’s Sexiest Woman of 2013. Esquire, I can’t say I argue with that one. I appreciate you including a photo shoot with this since, you know, it’s important to see why you think that. Not to mention it’s been far too long since we’ve seen Scarlett half naked.

-Since Sinead declared over the weekend her feud with Miley was over, she figured she’d move on to someone else. Apparently now Simon Cowell is the one to blame for all the horrible music out here. Sinead, I was with you on the Miley rant. However, you’re being bat sh** crazy now if you’re blaming Simon for anything. Impregnating his best friend’s wife? Sure. But music? No.

-I know US Weekly has some pretty ridiculous stories that they run with, but this one ran over the weekend and it made me chuckle. I’m sorry, but on no planet whatsoever is Kaley Cuoco giving her fiancé a kiss a news story. Ever. Sh**, I would hope she’d kiss her fiancé of three months that she barely knows and started dating right after Superman dumped her, no?

-Roseanne Barr decided people haven’t been talking about her enough so she went on a rant about how “Two and a Half Men” stole one of her jokes. Guess what, Roseanne? The joke isn’t even funny, so not sure why you’re even calling attention to it.

-There are some bad reality show ideas out there. I mean, really bad. But this one might take the cake. Are people really that interested in who can decorate their house the best for Christmas? Geez. They are really scraping the bottom of the barrel for concepts now.

-Any of you curious what the next song you’ll be hearing non-stop and at the clubs is? Well, look no further than PitBull’s latest:

I mean, how original to come up with lyrics like “Face down, booty up, that’s the way we like to what.” That line has been around in rap/dance music since I was in high school. It’s official now: PitBull will collaborate on a song with anyone who has a pulse.

-Interesting read on how basically if you were every part of the “Mickey Mouse Club” back in the day, you could be a star. What’s funny is I was a kid back in the day and I never remember hearing anything about the “Mickey Mouse Club,” yet once all these kids became famous, it became this minor league system for talent. Is it still on?

-The Nielsen ratings are now implementing a new system to track Twitter reaction to TV shows. This is a huge deal nowadays and I’m surprised it even took them this long.

-You know that woman in your phone that is sometimes a bitch to you when you talk to her? Well, Siri was revealed over the weekend, so now you know what she looks like. So much for Siri being bangable. If you’ve never played the “Would You?” game with Siri, then you’ve never been drunk in Manhattan Beach at Shade Hotel playing the hypothetical game with your buddies. Just saying.

-If you hate your dead end up job and basically live paycheck to paycheck, here’s something that I’m sure won’t make you wanna jump out your window today. Some of the highest paid reality TV stars and what they make. Vomit.

-Ever find yourself asking what are some of the really good Idol performers from season’s past doing? Not the ones that have won, but others that were really good but only made top 3 or 4? Well, they’re coming to a Carnival Cruise line near you. I thought the whole goal from Idol was to set yourself apart from just being a “cruise ship singer.” Apparently not.

-The best sign at the Raiders/Chargers game last night? By far, this genius creation. Any Lennay or Roniah Tuiasosopo gets me every time. Top 3 weirdest sports story of all time that will never get old.

-Golf can get boring to watch on TV if it’s not a major, the Ryder Cup, or President’s Cup. Well, this little filly decided to spice things up yesterday during the final round of the President’s Cup. Hey, is that Lucy Aragon?

-If you were wondering why there was an NFL game that started close to midnight EST in Oakland last night, it was because the A’s had played a night game on Saturday, and since they share a stadium with the Raiders, they needed a full 24 hours to transform Coliseum from a baseball field to a football field. Pretty cool to watch in super fast forward. However, just goes to show how ridiculous it is that a baseball team and football team still share the same stadium. That’s so 1980’s of them.

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  1. addicted2rs

    October 15, 2013 at 11:21 AM

    Are you being sued again? Why are there no recent posts including blogs like Survivor that are written by your guest bloggers?

  2. quadsmom

    October 18, 2013 at 12:05 PM

    I thought it was just me or my computer or something. But I see that it’s just not been updated. I’ve been checking daily!

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