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Daily Links 10/8

When the All-Star season of DWTS tanked in the ratings, there was talk that a giant shakeup was coming. Nothing happened the following season (last season) as everything remained the same. However, this season they decided to go with a one night a week show instead of two, and it’s probably for the better. The one hour Tuesday night results show was just fluffer and unnecessary. One of the major things that was also talked about was a judge shake up. They just figured their judges table, after 14 seasons, had run its course and it was time to liven up the franchise. They haven’t done it yet, but after watching Julianne Hough on the panel last night, you can see this is where they might be headed. Not replacing any judge permanently, but you need to mix it up once in a while. Len is the only one that they’ve ever had weekly replacements for, and I’ve got no problem with it. Although I think Len is a good judge, I don’t mind seeing a new one in there 2 or 3 times a season. This should be a consistent thing every season where someone sits in for a judge rather than only done due to scheduling conflicts. Plus, more Julianne is never a bad thing. Ever.

Daily Links

-Anytime an Australian DJ is claiming she had lesbian sexwith Demi Lovato, needless to say, it piques my interest. First nude photos leaked, now a former hookup is running to the press. How much longer before we hear Demi and Samantha Ronson are an item?

-This dude gave this waitress a lottery ticket as a tip and she ended up winning $17,500. Seems normal. I bet she didn’t feel half as excited as the $9.57 I paid for whoever was behind me at Del Taco the other day. It’s always fun to pay it forward at the fast food drive thru.

-So one of the One Direction blokes started banging Ariana Grande while she was with her ex-boyfriend. And he tweeted about it. Of course he did. Anything bad that happens to One Direction, I’m all for. So let him have it Jai Brooks, whoever you are. Next step? Release the nude photos you undoubtedly have of her. It’s the logical next step. I’m here to help.

-Teresa Giudice is claiming that Radar Online never writes anything bad about Melissa Gorga because Melissa’s on their payroll and she feeds them stories about the show. Radar is denying it. All I’m gonna say is this: Radar has never written a bad story about Jesse Csincsak either and constantly go to him when they want Bachelor “inside” stuff. Ever wonder why every Farrah Abraham story is broken first by Radar? Not that hard to figure out. To say that tabloids don’t pay people on the inside to spill them info would be about as naïve as you can get.

-This story just made me feel old. Probably because I am. But anyway, Eminem’s daughter Hailee won Homecoming Queen at her high school this past weekend. You mean the little one that kept singing “My dad’s goin’ crazy” from that one song? Ugh.

-The Scientologists are hell bent on shutting up Leah Remini because, well, I guess they don’t want all their secrets getting out. Just wait til her tell-all book comes out. Might be World War 3.

-Alan Thicke is so enamored with his son’s career that he’s claiming Robin and his wife Paula can be the next Brangelina. Really? I didn’t know Brangelina had an open marriage. Anyway, shouldn’t Alan be concerned about other things right now? Like why Mike’s best friend’s name is Boner and they spend an awful amount of time in his room together?

-With the 25 year anniversary of “Baywatch” upon us, someone felt the need to reconnect with the cast to talk about their time on the show. Come to find out, the show had a weight clause where you couldn’t gain or lose more than 5 lbs while you were on it. I guess Hooters, Bone Daddy’s, and Twin Peaks all stole the “Baywatch” contract for their waitresses, since they have to adhere to the same policies – and then some.

-This is easily my favorite story of the day. A 9 year old successfully boarded a flight and flew from Minnesota to Las Vegas last week, and authorities are trying to figure out how the hell it happened. Well, incompetent workers at the MLPS airport is probably your first bet. Now they’re digging and finding this kid is basically a criminal and is parents are worthless pieces of crap too. Nice.

-Malin Akerman admitted on “Chelsea Lately” last night she had a 28 year old boyfriend when she was 16. I’m sure it had everything to do with her intellect, disposition, sense of peace with herself, and her understanding of world views and nothing at all to do with this 28 year old perv wanting to get laid. How do you even meet a 16 year old when you’re 28, let alone date one?

-I was glad to see Julianne Hough back as a judge on DWTS last night. Especially when she gave it to Mark Ballas for essentially being an egomaniac in his choreography. Man, if she’ll say that about her brother’s best friend, I wonder what she says about his girlfriend?

-One Miley related story today. One. And it’s not even really a story. I mean, do you call Miley and her mom Tish making a selfie of them sticking their tongues out a story? Me neither. Just a way for me to mention in passing that Tish is a MILF.

-I feel that we get stories like this at least once month. I mean, didn’t I read just last month that Andy Dick went on another coke binge? He’s at it again.

-Yesterday I gave you the story about the woman streaker this past weekend at the President’s Cup. Well, someone found her and asked her why she did it. You’d think it was done on a bet, or maybe she was drunk, or maybe she’s a nudist. Nope. She was just bored. Awesome.

-Ever wonder what pro athletes say to each other during a brawl? Well, now you can thanks to the hot mics at the MLB network that picked up the screaming match between A’s closer Grant Balfour and the Tigers Victor Martinez yesterday in the 9th inning. Grown men calling each other bitch is very funny to me.

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  1. iheartvino

    October 8, 2013 at 9:04 AM

    Love these daily links! I haven’t had time to come check the site every day and need to get caught up when I get time. That 9 year old boy sounds like a little punk. Sad to have to say that about a kid, and I realize it all goes back to his parents, who obviously aren’t doing a good job of keeping tabs on their kid.

    Speaking of MLB, I’m so happy that the Dodgers won their series last night without having to go back to Atlanta for a Game 5. (Didn’t someone on here comment a few columns back that the Braves were going to win the World Series this year? I can’t remember who it was, sorry)

    I thought episode 2 was MUCH better. I’m glad they finally addressed what the heck happened with Charlotte’s pregnancy, but I thought it was dumb that they didn’t mention that in the season premiere instead. I am trying to decide who I think shot Emily and I think Jack or Daniel would be too predictable. I’m wondering if maybe it’s Charlotte? Maybe Jack goes to her and tells her everything and she gets so mad that she shoots Emily? lol sounds ridiculous but you never know with this show.

  2. Sunnyside422

    October 8, 2013 at 10:23 AM

    Loved seeing Julianne on DWTS. And for sure Brant (is that his name?) looked mighty fine. She certainly thought so. Loads better looking and at 28 a heck of a lot younger than Seacrest!

    Hum…Charlotte shooting Emily. I could see that. And since she is not a major factor each episode, could be a way to eliminate her via prison. To be continued….

  3. rob22

    October 8, 2013 at 2:36 PM

    Steve mentioned “Hostages” a while back. I’ve been watching it, I think it’s been three episodes. Even though the plot is totally implausible, and getting more so by the episode, I am still liking it….the cast, to me, is quite good…. though I get the feeling that I will need to drop about 75 pts in IQ to continue much longer. This show has the feel of a show that’s going to run out of ideas pretty quickly & disappear. But we’ll see what happens.

    As for Dancing with the Stars judges…. and I’m saying this having never once watched the show…. while I get it that the same old judges can get a little boring, look how changing the judges has worked out for American Idol and it’s copy cats. It hasn’t gotten better, let’s just say that.

    Well, gearing up for the final season of The Bachelor. I’m feeling pretty strongly that, with the show no longer even seriously pretending to be about love…. with strippers ( at least one girl that is naked all over social media), models, fame hoes (blatant this time) & a Brazillian poon dog…. that it’s one last hurrah here. I know, everyone’s going to say “what’s different about that?”. And I get that. But it feels like they aren’t even faking it very well this time based on the lineup of girls and Juan Pah-blow himself. There is just zero chance that whatever relationship comes about this year is going to be counted in months. Weeks or days are more likely. Steve, why don’t you go “all in” and promise a Hawaiian vacation if they actually get married. The risk would be roughly the same as backing a lottery ticket.

  4. rob22

    October 8, 2013 at 2:40 PM

    BTW: did anyone see Family Guy when Brian (the dog) went on The Bachelor? It was a hoot. Some hot girl is kissing all over him (a dog… maybe Bob Guiney?) and pledging her undying love. Then after the final rose, and the cameras are turned off, she literally drops him on the ground mid embrace and says “its been fun”. Ha! I wonder if that’s actually happened on the show & they’ve just played out the rest for the cameras. It wouldn’t surprise me.

  5. kasey31

    October 9, 2013 at 12:29 AM

    I totally agree with Steve, I loved that they had Julianne Hough as a replacement judge. I like Len, but that was a great mix up to the show. She is fun, lively, bubbly, and she knows what she’s talking about.. and she is so, so gorgeous! I think I have a girl crush on her..

    Liked the 2nd episode a lot better. I agree, Iheart, I have a feeling that Charlotte is going to kill Emily. The irony of being David Clark’s daughter, too, and Emily destroying her sister’s life would be a beautiful, haunting ending to the show. She is the one person that could and does have every reason to do so- a complete innocent whose life has been destroyed by Emily. It would be Charlotte’s revenge on Emily.. that’s how I’d write it at least, ha!

    The moral to the show is that getting revenge isn’t always as fulfilling as it seems, nor does it goes as planned, people you love get hurt, and there are uncontrolled variables that can and do take place-
    I think they are finally showing us that with all the talk of forgiveness this season, and the first feeling of guilt towards the priest that wronged her father. Showing compassion towards those who have wronged her father is a first for the show.

    I’m hoping this is the last season, and that the series ends after this, and I think that’s the direction they are headed. “Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves” from the pilot episode just seems like that’s what will inevitably happen, and it would make perfect sense and kind of tie everything together, minus the weirdness of season 2.. If they go on for another season? Well, then I think it will just be dumb. How long does it take to exact revenge on someone? Which is why I always watched this show hoping/knowing it couldn’t go on for too long while maintaining its integrity.
    PS.. I loved when Emily said to Nolan, “Let’s never mention Carrion or the Initiative again,” in other words, from the writers- “Let’s pretend that awful storyline never took place and move on.” Loved it!

    The Voice-
    I don’t have a favorite contestant yet, but I have my eyes on a few. Since season 1, it’s the first season where I have watched and am caught up with all of the episodes. There are some really good contestants this year, and it’s so good to have the original judges back. I still can’t get over how great Christina looks, and her attitude is so much more uplifting : )

    Oh, and I can’t forget, go, Dodgers!!!

  6. hollyintemecula

    October 9, 2013 at 5:05 AM

    Boner Stabone jokes? Ooh. Too soon.

  7. iheartvino

    October 9, 2013 at 9:56 AM

    Rob22, I’m glad to see someone else on here besides me is watching Hostages. It’s a lot better than I expected. I only watched the first few minutes of this week’s episode so I need to catch up. I agree with you that the show will likely run out of ideas fairly soon.

    Kasey, I have always thought that the opening quote to the series would have a huge impact on the show and the way it ends. I do think it will (and should!) end with Emily winding up dead. Otherwise it wouldn’t make any sense. However, I’m not sure yet that the scene we saw is where it ends. I read somewhere that we will be caught up to that scene about midway through the season, sometime in Dec. I think. I though this season was going to be a full one with 22 episodes? Maybe she survives that but then dies a different way at the very end? It will be interesting to see how it plays out, but I’m with you, I hope this is the last season for sure.

    Re: The Voice, I LOVE having all four original judges back! I need to get caught up because I missed a couple of the blinds rounds episodes, and am hoping to watch them this weekend if I have time.

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