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Where Juan Pablo is Now, Who is Not On the Show, & Today’s “Daily Links”

Been about a week since I updated anything regarding the filming of the “Bachelor,” so here’s a quick update. After South Korea, the show went to Vietnam. They have left Vietnam and are now taping episode 6 in New Zealand. Been a while since they’ve been there. They haven’t been to New Zealand since the finale of Jason’s season. You know, where the term “The Mesnick” became part of our English language. I wonder if Juan Pablo will go to that same balcony and give a nice good cry over it? Who am I kidding? That would mean Juan Pablo was actually sincere about this show and looking for a wife. Ha ha. I made a funny. Juan Pablo interested in finding a wife. Now that’s a good one, Steve. Thanks, Steve. Oops. I’m talking to myself again. Whatever the case, just keep that in mind while watching this season because if you think that Juan Pablo Galavis is actually doing this show because he’s interested in finding a step mom for Camila, you need your head examined. Just sit back, laugh, and enjoy the farce this season. Should be a hoot.

One correction I need to make to the 15 contestants I’ve released so far: Amanda Arntson is not on the show this season. Information was wrong. She has been removed in all locations from the site. So we have 14 girls definitely confirmed, and I have more to confirm for you next week. I can tell you of the remaining girls who are in New Zealand, I’ve only released three of them.

Daily Links

-Wanted to make sure those of you who live in the New York area, or maybe even ones that don’t, saw this story regarding a celebration being held in NYC on Gia’s birthday in December. More details will be coming soon hopefully.

-The tribal council on “Survivor” last night was something we’ve never seen before and 3 Questions with Jeff Probst is now up. Every season, there seems to be something we’ve never seen at a tribal. Last night definitely didn’t disappoint. Wow.

-Bruce Willis hosting SNL this weekend for the first time in what seems like forever. Here are the promos they’re running for it. Safe to say Cecily Strong is being groomed as the next Kristen Wiig.

-The biggest news from last night was Kanye’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel. I tweeted my thoughts last night, but man, that was bizarre. Even by Kanye standards you sat there watching going, “What the hell is he talking about?” Watch those clips and you’ll know what I mean. Just rambling about nothing.

-Hey, Miley’s in the news! Now she’s retracting the comment she made on the “Today” show about how sex sucks after 40. Of course. Because we all know some barely 20-something knows everything there is to know about what sex is like after 40. I’ll tell you in 2 years Miley.

-What’s higher? The number of tangents Kanye went off on last night, or the number of people Miley allegedly hooked up with, male and female, at her “Bangerz” album release party? Tough call.

-Kris and Bruce are playing all nicey nice after their separation yesterday, however, that doesn’t mean Bruce is playing nice with the paparazzi. Setting the good fatherly example for his young impressionable daughters.

-Apparently Mark Ballas is still fuming over the dig that Julianne Hough made at him on Monday. Man, that makes next Monday’s show a must-see. They’ll either completely take the high road and laugh it off, or, he’ll act like a grump and we’ll all see it.

-Watch out fiancé of Kelly Clarkson. She wants to get prego and fast. Funny, there’ve been times over the past few years where I thought she already was.

-Leah Remini 1, Scientology 0. I love seeing this court battle play out. However, Leah better watch herself. Those Xenu freak shows will make her life miserable for leaving the church and exposing them.

-Everyone in America seemed to love the “Breaking Bad” finale. Well, everyone except Oliver Stone & Britney Spears. Oliver, you do understand it’s a TV show, right? It’s not real. By your logic, then every show that’s ever appeared on television can be criticized for it’s lack of “realness.” Well, except “Friday Night Lights” since it’s the most realistic show ever (minus the football scenes).

-Man, can’t believe that CBS’ “We Are Men” got cancelled after two episodes. And when I say “can’t believe” I mean “why did it take so long?” Sorry to say, but Jerry O’Connell is sitcom anthrax. Every show he’s a part of bombs.

-Hey, you know how much of a “24” fan I am, and then when it’s showrunner went off and did “Homeland,” they created another show I’m addicted to. But I’m beginning to think Howard Gordon is running himself a little thin now. When you have your hands in THAT many shows, aren’t some gonna lose their luster? Lets hope not.

-Something I’m shocked doesn’t happen more often when live reports are being filed outside of stadiums. People will do anything to get on TV, and interrupting a live report is basically your best way to go.

Send all links and emails to: To follow me on Twitter, it’s: Instagram name is “RealitySteve,” or join my Reality Steve Facebook Fan Page. Talk to you tomorrow.

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