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Daily Links 10/16

A few of you emailed me a little confused about yesterday’s column, so I’ll try and clear anything up. There are 7 women that I have not released. Some are ones that are still on the show, some aren’t. Of the six I released yesterday, some may still be on the show, some may not be. So it’s not that the 7 I haven’t released are all still filming. Not the case. Hometown dates start next week, and by process of elimination, I’m pretty sure I’m going to know who the four are before they even begin, because, I’m pretty sure I have all the elimination breakdowns up to this point. If I get the final four, then I’m going to release all 7 of the girls that are left so you’ll have the whole cast, all while telling you who are about to get hometowns. There may be some girls I’ve already released that get a hometown, and there may be some that haven’t released that will. Of the seven girls left to give you, four of their names start with the letter “C,” one starts with a “V,” one starts with an “N,”, and the other starts with an “S.” Hopefully that clears things up.

I usually don’t do shout outs in this column, but this one was funny. Happy two year anniversary to Dylan and Amy down in Houston. Amy, you got a good guy there who took the time to tell me you’re one of my biggest fans and he wants to earn good boyfriend points so he asked if I could acknowledge you guys today. I hope you repay him in that oh-so-special way sometime tonight. Or tomorrow morning. Or whenever it is you guys like to have your frisky time. Congrats on two years together.

Daily Links (A lot of these stories were supposed to be posted yesterday but I never got around to them)

-Immediately after the story broke of Jamie Foxx dating Katie Holmes, Foxx ran to reporters to shoot those down. Good. Because we all know that Joey would never cheat on Pacey. Ever.

-Rapper Soulja Boy is being sued for a hit-and-run motorcycle accident. What he should be sued for is selling out to the rap community and going on the “Bachelorette” to do this:

-Mischa Barton’s career certainly has had its peaks and valleys. And since we haven’t been talking about her in years, she figured she’d tell People magazine what the hell happened back in the day. This means we’ll either see her on DWTS next season to repair her image, or, someone will book her in a fall pilot. Basically how this stuff works.

-Maybe I’m one of the few, but I still love “Idol.” And I’m more excited about the new judging panel than most people. It think this is the best one they’ve had since the original three. Lets see if it works.

-Don’t know which one of Sean & Catherine’s “friends” is leaking this info to Radar, but someone is. This live wedding is bringing up all sorts of questions. Just remember, this is all about the money. They can claim that it’s not, but lets face it, it is. And I don’t blame them. There isn’t a single one of you reading right now that if presented with getting paid personally AND having your wedding paid for and televised, you wouldn’t jump at the chance. You’re lying if you said you wouldn’t. However, the whole “Well the viewers saw our journey, so they might as well see the wedding” is ridiculous. They’re getting paid. And handsomely. If ABC came to Sean & Catherine (or any of the other 3 couples) and said, “You will not be paid, you have to pay for everything like a normal wedding but we’ll just televise it,” do you think ANY of these couples would agree to that? Of course not. You’re getting paid and the wedding is paid for. Done and done. Where do I sign? Just don’t pretend it’s not about the money because it always is.

-Christina Aguilera doesn’t want to go on Jimmy Kimmel’s show because she’s afraid of the questions he’ll ask. You know, about how her weight fluctuates every six months or so and her divorce. Celebrities sure are spoiled.

-Exactly how many guys from the “Bachelor” franchise is AshLee Frazier run through in the last 6 months since her season ended? By my count, I’m at three now after their “announcement” the other day. Thanks for telling us. Whew. We were all on pins and needles hoping these two would get together, only to see them break up in a couple months.

-So the same guy who wrote and produced “Friday” is at it again. This time he took a 10 year old, Alison Gold, and made her sing about Chinese food. Sorry, not nearly as catchy or dumb as “Friday.”

I mean, can you really ever NOT listen to this song when you hear it? Me neither.

-As mentioned, Lauren Conrad got engaged over the weekend, and what better person to offer congratulations than Spencer Pratt. The same guy that once made a living of trashing her to every tabloid he could and even giving her one of the worst nicknames a female could ever want. Google it if you’d like.

-Speaking of Spencer and Heidi, they’ve pretty much fallen off the face of the earth, which is good news for all of us. Except now they thought they’d play a little prank on the rest of us. We are not amused.

-If one Montag story was enough for you, then just know there’s another one. Her sister, Holly Montag, is engaged. This is definitely on my list of “Least Important Hollywood Engagements.”

-In case you didn’t know, if you’re a big movie star, then you’re allowed to have $2.5 million trailers on set to chill out in. Must be nice.

-For whatever reason, Selena Gomez momentarily slipping on stage became a huge deal the other day. Must’ve been a slow news day.

-We all know that photoshoots we see in magazines of celebrities are ALWAYS doctored. Nobody ever really looks that good. Just don’t do Britney like that. Please? Ruins the fantasy.

-In case you missed Elizabeth Berkeley’s “I’m So Excited” routine from Monday night, here you go. Pure awesomeness. I love how she REALLY tried to re-create that scene. Like, REALLY into it. You’re the best, Jessie:

-Being a kid growing up in Southern California, yesterday was a huge 25 year anniversary for me. Oct. 15th 1988 was Game 1 of the 88′ World Series and Kirk Gibson’s miraculous home run to win the game with 2 outs in the bottom of the 9th. Most of you won’t care about this story, but I remember where I was, how I reacted, and who I called right after that HR happened. The Dodgers are my favorite team, Orel Hershiser is my favorite baseball player of all time, and that season was beyond comprehension in so many ways. Great column re-living everything that went into that one at bat. Ironically written by Arash Markazi, someone I know from my radio days in LA and who I ran into back in May at Shellback’s in Manhattan Beach.

-For the most part, NBA mascots are just there to entertain people under the age of 5. But when you pull a stunt like this, I think everyone can laugh:

” target=”_blank”>Brooklyn Knight

-Oklahoma wide receiver Trey Metoyer has a very interesting masturbating routine. Not sure I understand why he involved a pen. You know what? On the other hand, I’m glad I don’t.

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1 Comment

  1. topazgold

    October 16, 2013 at 11:56 AM

    RS you’re slipping….
    No mention of Ty Brown/Elizabeth Kitt engagement? Jackie Gordon’s wedding this past Sunday? No Miley?!?

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