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Daily Links 10/21

“Bachelor” filming going on all this past weekend in Miami. If you weren’t following me on Twitter, you missed a picture of “S” on her 1-on-1 Friday, “N” having her 1-on-1 Saturday, then yesterday was the group date. Hometowns begin filming this week. So tomorrow (or at the latest Wednesday), I’m pretty sure I will be able to fill you in what went down in Miami, the four girls that are getting hometown dates, along with the other remaining women I’ve yet to reveal which will round out the cast 27 for the season. Still pretty shocked they came back to the states for the episode before hometowns since it’s much easier for the public to catch a glimpse and post to social media like they did. Or maybe the producers just don’t care anymore since they realize their whole season is weeks away from being spoiled again. It’s going to be fun to spoil all four hometowns before they even start filming them. It’ll give those who live in the areas of those women to maybe be on the lookout for camera crews. Whatever the case, keep it here the next couple days for all your latest “Bachelor” news.

Daily Links

-One of the Jonas Brothers is selling his house in New Jersey. One is rumored to be a drug addict. And Joe wants to act. This morning, our world woke up to a better place. Lets all be thankful.

-This Vanity Fair expose coming out on Gwyenth Paltrow looks to be titillating. Infidelity, diva behavior, diet scams, etc. This is gonna have it all. And when Gwyenth is doing everything she can to try and prevent this from going to print, you know it’s good.

-Jennie Garth will be on Bethenny’s show today and tell everyone how it sucks dating as a single mom. She’s not very good at it apparently. It’s ok. Luke Perry is single. Just make every mid 30’s person in America happy and get with him. We’ll all throw you a party at the Peach Pit After Dark.

-We all knew Jason Wahler was a bad boy back in the day. But to hear him tell it, it was a lot worse than any of us thought. Seems to be on the straight and narrow now, so good for him. If anyone can let me know exactly LC ever saw in him in the first place, I’d appreciate it.

-Maksim publicly came out and spoke about his new girlfriend, Kate Upton, for the first time. Not like any of us think for a second these two will last. He goes through women like a pair of dance shoes, and she just hops from one celebrity to another. Enjoy each other while you can.

-Speaking of breakups, sad to see that Superman couldn’t keep his marriage going as Tom Welling and his wife of 10 years are getting a divorce. Superheroes should never get married anyway. Ruins the dynamic in the relationship. Just ask Spiderman.

-Until I saw this story did I realize we hadn’t seen Evangeline Lilly in a while. Uhhhh, what happened? Short hair is not becoming of her. Go back to the Kate look. Sawyer will want to bone you in a prison again.

-Man, good to see Lamar Odom out and about looking happy and healthy as ever. Holy crap. Someone get this guy a sandwich. Or five.

-Late last week, Owen Wilson spotted making out with a woman who is not the mother of his soon-to-be child. Ahhhh, life in Hollywood. Ain’t it grand?

-I’ve always been of the belief that Russell Brand looks like a cracked out, bug eyed, unfunny alien that who somehow mind warped Katy Perry into thinking he was attractive so he could wife her. Now comes word that, get this, just for sh**s and giggles for a prank TV show, he decided give another man a handy in a bathroom. Ha ha. Hilarious hijinx that is. The next funny thing Russell Brand says or does will be his first.

-K Cav is at it again. She tweeted about her hair yesterday, then minutes later her husband blew out his groin in a game against the Redskins. Of course, some Twitter troll went after her, and rather than ignoring them like any rational celebrity should do, K Cav responded back making herself look even more foolish. When will celebrities realize that responding to trolls on Twitter is all they’re looking for. If you respond, they win. Period. End of story. Even if you’re point is 100% accurate, completely disproves what they say, and makes them look like an idiot, it doesn’t matter. They got you to respond which was all they were looking for, and it looks much worse when someone with 1.1 million followers is responding to someone who only tweets at celebrities and has 85 people who care what they say. Embarrassing.

-A story late last week saw some waitress cover the under $30 bill of a government employee out of work because of the shutdown. News got back to Ellen, she brought the waitress on her, and paid her the bill back – along with $10,000. Can’t wait til Ellen now gets flooded by stories of people who pay for others stuff looking for a 10k check of their own. You know it’s coming.

-It’s safe to say that Lara Flynn Boyle either was having an allergic reaction to a swarm of bees sucking on her face, or she’s trying to take down Joan Rivers for most facial reconstruction ever.

-I honestly think it’s been 3 or 4 days since we had a Miley story. So of course to keep her name in the news, she tweeted a risqué bikini picture of herself over the weekend. Ehhh, pretty tame compared to what we saw in her photo shoot with Terry Richardson. Step your game up, Miley.

-This is easily my favorite story from the weekend. Will it deter me from seeing one of Britney’s concerts in Vegas? Of course not. But I’m guessing she’s not too thrilled someone leaked her audio from one of her concerts. Ouch.

-Been a while since Taylor Momsen did something to draw attention to herself, so her latest video release did just that. Anytime you see a headline with the words “Taylor Momsen” and “orgy,” you’re probably gonna click on it. Or at least I do.

-Is this like a monthly thing now where Joanna Krupa is going to run to the media to tell them she’s not having enough sex in her marriage? Ironically enough, she told reporters this at an anniversary party for CrazyHorse III strip club. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

Homeland has been taking a bit of a bashing this season for being slower, not having Brody in any episode except last weeks, and the teen angst stuff with Dana. Until last night, when the end of the episode brought the first big “twist” of the season. In an interview with Alex Gansa, one of the main writers, he talks about last night’s twist and where we go from here. Homeland is from the same creators and writers as 24, and anyone who watched 24 as religiously as I did knows this was a common tactic they used on that show. In fact it was done in beginning of season 3 for the first third of the season, just like it was done for the first third of this season. So while I liked the twist last night, it’s nothing we hadn’t seen by them before.

-33 year old Toby Sheldon of LA had an extra $100k lying around apparently and figured he’d blow on something he really needed. A new car? Down payment on a house? Pay off bills? No. He spent it on plastic surgery so he could look like his idol, Justin Bieber. The best part of the whole story is that after all that surgery, he looks nothing like him. Toby, you’re a bona fide idiot.

-Taylor Swift Taylor Swift and if this doesn’t make you want to wear acid wash jeans with neon socks all while doing the Carlton, then I don’t know what will. With that said, I’m sure this song will appear on my ipod within days.

-In the first game of the year, I linked to a video of a 6 year old Jets fan taunting the Tampa Bay Bucs by having the mouth of a drunken sailor. Well yesterday, Jets fans were at it again. You know, men punching women in the face. J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets!!!!!

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  1. kasey31

    October 21, 2013 at 8:04 PM

    This is so strange, no one commenting.. are people THAT uninterested in Juan Pablo’s season? This is probably the most inactive I have ever seen the comment section. Ever.
    Personally, I have little interest in his season. I’ll watch only to see who the next Bachelorette will be, but I am not excited at all about this season. I feel like ABC kind of jumped the gun choosing JP. After the horrible ratings from Des’s season, they should have taken a lot more time deciding who the next Bachelor would be- someone people felt invested in, even if it was someone from a few seasons back. They made a bad decision in the moment, and I predict the ratings will reflect that.

  2. ccrider

    October 22, 2013 at 6:41 AM

    kasey – I don’t think there’s too much to comment on just yet as far as the bachelor goes. As soon as RS releases the detailed episode information then hopefully things will pick up here in the comments section.

    However, I am surprised that there hasn’t been more conversation about other TV shows. Who is watching Nashville this season??

  3. Sunnyside422

    October 22, 2013 at 7:08 AM

    Am watching Revenge and the new Betrayal…which by the way is totally steamy! Stuart Townsend is yummy to look at and the scenes with the woman playing Sara are very realistic. Love the good vs. evil throughout the plot. Give it a watch.

    As for Revenge…it’s back to the original format of Emily trying to take down Daniel’s family! And Nolan has found love with Patrick, who is very attractive! Interested to see how Patrick’s loyalty plays out in the future.

    Watching DWTS…rooting for Leah. She has had a rough time with the cult bad mouthing her now that she has chosen to eliminate them from her life. Good for her.

  4. everglades

    October 22, 2013 at 7:34 AM

    ccrider – I’m watchingNashville! Can’t get enough of it. By far one of my favorite shows! I’m really enjoying the focus on Maddy and Daphne this season. Those two Sella girls sure areincredble! The toured with their parents recently (who opened for Zac Brown Band) and sang “Ho Hey” and definitely got more applause than ZBB did. I’m so proud that they are canadian! (Also got the chance to talk with them a bit since I was siting right next to the stage. They are the sweetest little girls!)

  5. mm3125

    October 22, 2013 at 8:03 AM

    Who are these people Steve is talking about?? I’ve never heard of most of them!

  6. kasey31

    October 22, 2013 at 7:57 PM

    Hey! And the comment section has been revived : )
    ccrider- True, just thought it was strange that no one was commenting on anything, really…

    I’m still watching! Glad they’re trying to find their way back to the format they used in season 1.. Season 3 so far has been leaps and bounds better than Season 2. They are trying their hardest to tie up the loose ends, and put that season behind them, and I feel like they’re doing as best as they can.

    Patrick is an odd character, very good looking, but I don’t love him with Nolan- I don’t trust him. I have a feeling his motives are very self serving.. it will be interesting to see how his and the rest of the storylines play out. I’m getting kind of sick of Charlotte, anyone else? Is she the one trying to kill Conrad? That’s the only thing that makes sense to me.

    Sunny- I’m with you- I reeeeally love Leah, I’m rooting for her, too. You can see how much of a toll getting out of the church has taken on her- she seemed so self conscious in the beginning, so it’s so great to see this show helping her get her self esteem back. She’s been through a lot, and she’s an inspiration.

    I also can’t help but absolutely love Bill. Did you see his expression last night when he realized he hadn’t been eliminated? He was basically in tears. I paused it at the moment he was told he was safe, and his expression was priceless. You can tell the other cast members adore him, too. He just seems like a really neat guy.

    Anyone watching The Voice?
    Adam’s team is looking pretty strong so far!

    And as Steve mentioned above, I saw the Ellen episode online of the single mom/waitress that was given a $10k check for buying lunch for 2 ladies that were affected by the government shut down. That was a very sweet story.. Ellen has a heart of gold, but I thought the same thing as Steve. Let’s see how many people try to get rewarded for doing something nice. I guess it won’t hurt if more people try to do nice things for strangers, but the difference is that this lady did it with no hidden agenda. She had no clue what would follow from that good deed.

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