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Why Is There a Two Night “Bachelor” Premiere & Daily Links 10/30

Well that didn’t take long. Yesterday I alerted you to the fact that the “Bachelor” is having a two night premiere beginning Sunday, Jan. 5th. I speculated on what could possibly be shown on Sunday night since I didn’t think they would show any of episode 1. And they’re not. None of my guesses were right either though. Sunday night the 5th is going to be a special all about Juan Pablo’s women. They’re going to use that night to introduce America to a lot of his women by showing their intro videos. In a regular season, they would just set aside a 10 minute segment in the first episode to show about 8 or 9 of the women. But since they decided to go with the two night premiere this time around, they are using Sunday night to dedicate a whole show show to get to know the women better. Also, apparently Chris Harrison showed up at a few of the women’s doors to personally surprise them and give them a rose to tell them they were on the show, and we’ll be seeing that footage as well. So Sunday night will be dedicated to introducing a lot of Juan Pablo’s women, and the first episode will begin as scheduled on Monday the 6th.

Tonight is the final four rose ceremony in Miami. I’m on a plane tomorrow morning for CA. There will be a “Daily Links” column tomorrow, but won’t be on Friday. Haven’t decided on Monday yet since I’ll be on my way back. Depending on when/if I find out about tonight’s elimination, will determine if I just tweet it out or put it in tomorrow’s column. Stay tuned.

Daily Links

-I guess once you punch two people’s lights out, it’s then time to check yourself into rehab like Chris Brown did yesterday. I’m all for people seeking help when they need it, but this guy is such a pompous ass, I’d be shocked if his behavior changed when he gets out.

-You can stop waiting on pins and needles, it’s now official. The Entourage movie is happening. The crew of five guys finally didn’t feel disrespected compared to what Piven was making for the movie, so they signed on the dotted. Probably a good idea, since basically none of these guys have done sh** since the show ended.

-Not sure why, but Kelly Osbourne decided to make nice and apologize to Lady Gaga for ripping her the other day. I’m sorry, but it’s much more fun when celebrities snipe at each other through the media. Go back to calling each other names please. Thank you.

-Kerry Washington from “Scandal” is hosting SNL this weekend with Eminem as the musical guest. Some funny promos hyping the show:

-How many “Real Housewives” franchises are there? Six? Well, essentially here comes another one called “Private Lives of Nashville Wives.” Unless Rayna James is part of it, I ain’t watching.

-Apparently the media jumped the gun on which much younger model George Clooney was laying pipe too. Apparently it’s NOT Amal Alamuddin. Nope, he’s dating Croatian model Monika Jakisic, also known as the “Croatian Sensation.” I’m sorry, but that’s a ridiculous nickname for a supermodel. Sounds like a wrestler.

-Britney took to Twitter yesterday to do a Q&A with her followers. What followed was some of the most boring ass questions along with boring ass answers. I mean, do we really care about that stuff? Of course not. I wanna know what her BAL was and which chapel she got hitched with Jason Alexander that one night in Vegas. That’s the important stuff.

-Any Star Wars nerds out there? If so, enjoy this blooper reel from years ago. Safe to say movie bloopers have gotten much funnier over the years.

-Tiger Woods’ girlfriend Lindsay Vonn is allowed to speak spoke on record about their relationship saying that they relate really well to one another. Ahhhh, Lindsay. So young. And so much to learn. It’s ok. You’ll eventually learn the hard way. You do realize you are dating Tiger Woods, right?

-Now this is a good bitchfest that I may just need to record today. Omarosa will be on Bethenny’s show today to basically talk about herself. Shocker.

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-Are you looking to have a heart attack soon? I’ve got just the thing for you. A restaurant in Philadelphia came up with this doozy of a sandwich – a deep fried twinkie burger. I think my arteries just clogged writing that sentence.

-Pink is the latest celebrity to take to Twitter to bash the trolls. However, she did it in a more humorous way, rather than where you can see her actually getting mad at people like the Kardashians do. I’ve done it this way in the past. It’s much more fun to do it in a mocking way then TYPING ALL CAPS AND USING A BUNCH OF EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!!!!!!

-Derek Hough obviously is going to defend his sister Julianne’s horrible choice for a Halloween costume this past weekend. I thought Julianne was supposed to be a guest judge more than once this season? Cher next week? Did Julianne’s beef with Mark Ballas and now this little incident get her removed? Hmmmmm….

-Man, this new Tori Spelling book is filled with goodies, isn’t it? Seems like every day we’re getting a new snippet from it. The latest? Her and Dean have a sex tape. What a weird way for one of their “friends” to end up with it. One of Dean’s biker friends was on his computer and took it? I don’t know. Maybe I just don’t have a lot of friends, but I can count on one hand of how many people sat and used my computer. What, was it on their desktop? Maybe it wasn’t password protected, but wouldn’t a file with a sex tape on it be somewhat hidden? Or are these two stupid enough to label it “Tori and Dean’s Sex Tape In Case Anyone Is Interested in Hacking In.” Needless to say, I’m not buying how it was stolen.

-Yet another doozy from Tori. She admittedly lied to the public about how she lost weight after one of her pregnancy’s because her publicist told her to. Yeah, probably don’t want to tell your fans you essentially starved yourself, so better yet, just lie to them. That’s always good.

-There will be a ton of couples tomorrow night out dressed as Robin Thick and Miley from the VMA’s. That’s a given. What I didn’t expect to see was some 90 year old prune and his 60 years younger wife doing it. What a great life Hef leads, no?

-To show you the power of the internet, just look at Homeland’s ratings from this past weekend. Between it’s two showings, it pulled 2.8 million viewers, but then you tack on another 4 million viewers who watch it through other media outlets whether online or they’re tablets etc. That astonishes me. The only time I ever watch a show not on my television is if I missed it and/or it never recorded. I just figured a show like that people are either watching live or DVR’ing. 4 million not watching on their television. The internet is taking over the world.

-Katharine McPhee is troubled. She feels awful for what she did getting caught kissing her former director who’s married. But now she doesn’t know what to do. She never wanted to hurt anybody. Ummmm, does anybody who’s cheating really want to hurt anybody? Of course not. They only say that once they get caught.

-Those amazed by the Lions comeback over the Cowboys this past weekend can now hear what Matthew Stafford was saying during the final drive. Not a whole hell of a lot, just pretty much a bunch of screaming, but still fun to listen to nonetheless.

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