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Daily Links 10/31

Change of plans. There will be a “Daily Links” tomorrow. Will give me some work to do on this flight this morning, and then finish some up tomorrow morning before posting. A few of you emailed and tweeted me asking will the “Daily Links” continue once the “Bachelor” starts. I don’t know. Haven’t decided yet. Once the season rolls around, “Reader Emails” and “Dr. Reality Steve” will return just because of the volume of those emails I get increases. So the recap column will be on Tuesday’s, “Reader Emails” and “Dr. Reality Steve” will be Wednesdays, and I think at least once or twice a month I’m going to bring back the live video blogs on Thursday nights. Been over a year since I did those so I’ll definitely bring it back next season, I just don’t know how often. We’ll see how it goes. But there will be one the first week, so you can pencil in Thursday, Jan. 9th for the return of the live video blog. The frequency of those live video blogs is yet to be determined. Happy Halloween. I’m sure I’ll be tweeting and Instagramming pictures of Olivia and Nicholas as they ransack the neighborhood for candy, then return to the house and barter with friends on which candies to keep and which to trade. That is, after I already steal a few Nestle Crunch’s and Snickers.

Daily Links

-Kim took to Leno last night to show off her alleged 50 lb weight loss. I couldn’t tell. Kinda hard when you’re distracted by a white see through lace dress and she’s wearing a black bra and underwear. So subtle, Kim.

-“I have lots of leather bound books.” Well, now you can add one of his own to your collection as Ron Burgundy is actually releasing a book next month. Think they’re pushing “Anchorman 2” hard at all? With the 900 Dodge Durango commercials currently running, the book, and an appearance on Conan? I’m sure that won’t be all.

-You know you’ve got it good when you can rent out a whole amusement park for your birthday. I mean, Sean and AshLee got all of Magic Mountain to themselves for a day, but when Kendall gets it for her birthday, I’d say that’s a step up.

-Kristin Cavallari made it known recently she wanted a baby and she wanted a baby now! Well, Jcut’s swimmers did the trick as she’s pregnant with their second child. I wonder who wears the pants in that relationship?

-The little dude from the “Hunger Games” movies is promising hotter kissing scenes in the sequel. Great. Did they make you stand on a box to make out with Jennifer Lawrence or just use phone books?

-Because we all needed an explanation as to why, the Jonas Bros went on GMA yesterday to tell everyone why they broke up. Needless to say, none of us care. I think the music world will survive. Call me crazy.

-If I were to tell you once pop star carved pumpkins for Halloween this year and made them slightly racy, who would you guess? Time’s up. It was Miley. We should expect nothing less.

-Because she’s Miley and she can do whatever the hell she wants, Miley decided to try on a bunch of wigs and post pictures of it. Fascinating. Anything besides that hair style she has now.

-Jeff Probst answers three questions, and a bonus question, about last night’s “Survivor” on And yes, I think we can all agree, we totally would dump our significant other if they didn’t make the merge. What a failure in life.

-No more Hollywood reboots! One of the all time classic thrillers from the 90’s, “The Hand That Rocks the Cradle,” looks like it’s being remade for ABC Family. Ridiculous.

-I know Jay Leno only has a few months left as “Tonight Show” host, but is he getting THAT lazy to where he now has to start recycling jokes from six months ago?

-So last month he was rumored to be hooking up with Katie Holmes, then two days ago it was someone named Amal Alamuddin. Then yesterday it was the Croatian Sensation. Well, George Clooney figured he’d had enough and gave “People” an exclusive to say he’s not dating anyone. Well, depends on what his definition of the word “dating” is. Probably the same as the people in the “Bachelor” franchise. Very few of them date. They just all bang each other.

-Liberty Ross, the ex wife of Rupert Sanders, the dude that cheated on her with Kristen Stewart, is speaking out for the first time since the affair. Yeah, she doesn’t seem affected by it at all.

-Speaking of cheaters, the dude that was making out with Katharine McPhee all while having a wife and kids at home, was out with her yesterday wearing his wedding ring trying to pretend their marriage isn’t a mess. Man, they sure look like a happy couple there, don’t they? It’s like nothing even happened.

-K Cav is baby crazy, and apparently so is Kelly Clarkson. She volunteered to the world that she wants a bun in the oven for Christmas. Stat! And apparently hubby can’t wait. Uh oh. This seems a bit off.

-It’s always great to hear stories about the ego’s of celebrities. Anne Hathaway is the latest to have stuff leaked about her. Whatever you do, don’t talk to Anne. Or ask for an autograph. Or even look at her wrong.

-If there was one person who I thought would never weigh in on the Lamar/Khloe situation, it was Phil Jackson. But he did. When Phil talks, people listen. If he thinks Khloe is a bad influence, then by golly, she’s a bad influence.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. rob22

    October 31, 2013 at 12:55 PM

    I hardly ever comment on the daily links, though I like them…. but why in the hell was Kris Jenner wearing a PARKA??? She’s at Magic Mountain…. in freaking Southern California…. not Gnome Alaska. Ooh yeah, wow… it is October, so the temperature might be 70, or below. Maybe even below 60 at night. Better accessorize with arctic winter gear. I honestly still don’t know why people watch their show. Is it just the “Howard Cosell” effect…. where you watch mainly just to criticize everything they are doing?? It can’t be that people really like any of them, right? It’s not just me that thinks the whole lot of them are completely unlikable. Fat annoying Kim, insane Kris…. and Bruce, OMG, you were once an Olympic champion…. what the hell happened to you???…. and then the stupid sister and the ugly sister and their douche husbands…. and the spoiled brat kids….. whom all of them should be embarassed that they “raised”. So…. yeah…. people watch it just to hate on them, right? It’s that simple, I’m assuming.

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