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Daily Links 11/5

There was a big debate going on at my sister’s house last weekend when I was there as to whether or not we were going to trick Olivia and Nicholas we had eaten all their candy for Halloween as part of the Jimmy Kimmel YouTube trick. I’m not sure what their reaction would’ve been. I mean, they liked all the candy they got, but both of them ended up giving half of it back to their school to donate, so I’m thinking that maybe they wouldn’t have been as upset as some of the kids that were part of the Kimmel joke. This is a great bit that he has going and is literally the one reason I look forward to Halloween every year now. I’m wondering if YouTube was around back when I was a kid how I would’ve reacted if my parents tried to pull this on me? My guess is I would’ve thrown a complete temper tantrum. And then would’ve eaten everything as fast as I could for fear that they actually would’ve eventually taken my candy away. Hey, I’m very protective of my Nestle Crunch bars.

In case you missed it, here’s the video prank he aired last night on his show…

Daily Links

-Ben Flajnik will be appearing at a social event in San Franciso next Saturday night at the W Hotel. Hey, who knows? Maybe he’ll bring Kris Jenner as his date. Or not.

-Since the beginning of this season (and actually much longer than that), SNL has been criticized for the lack of diversity in their cast, namely, they rarely have black women. So with a a black woman hosting this past weekend, they figured they’d deflect attention from it by making a joke about it. And of course a group out there is upset.

-Michelle Pfeiffer is now admitting that early in her Hollywood career, she was in a cult. What? Do the Pink Ladies know about this? Or was she calling the Pink Ladies a cult? And how did Michael Carrington react to this news? I don’t think the T-Birds want any of their chicks in a cult. They are very protective of their women. Remember, they’ve got a rep to protect.

-Lindsey Vonn is going to be on the “Katie” show today talking about her boyfriend Tiger Woods, even calling him goofy and dorky. FUTURE NEWS: Tiger Woods has broken up with Lindsey Vonn.

-Maybe the greatest Tuesday news ever? The E! channel is going to rerun every “Saved by the Bell” episode in chronological order beginning next week. How much space will 126 non HD episodes take up on a DVR?

-Reports are that Justin Bieber hit up a brothel in Brazil and left with a couple of their “finest.” Oh I’m sure he did. You mean a 19 year old kid with all the money in the world is spending it on cars, liquor, weed, and hookers? No way!

-Former N’ Sync member Chris Kirkpatrick got married over the weekend. Not really major news, I know, but the only thing interesting to come out of it was whether or not Justin would attend. He did. So I guess the “What’s My Name” skit from SNL was inaccurate.

-Man, I missed her. It’s been 4 days since I’ve talked about Miley. I guess she hooked up with Benji Madden. So what if she did? She’s Miley. Let her do whatever she wants. And whoever she wants. It’s her world, we just all are lucky enough to be living in it.

-I know I say this a lot after Hollywood break ups, but really, this is getting ridiculous. If Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison can’t make a marriage work, then what hope is there for the rest of us?

-So how did Courtney mourn her divorce? By dressing like this and partying with those guys. Should we have expected anything less? Actually, we probably should’ve. Surprised she even had that much clothing on.

-Even though Lamar came out last week and said things are great and nothing is wrong with his marriage, allegedly he’s about to be blindsided since that’s not what Khloe thinks.

-Of all the randoms in Hollywood to cash in on a sex tape, whoever thought that the actress who played Pippi Longstocking would be one of them? I mean, porn is free all over the internet, yet she thinks people would pay to see someone who 99.99999% of America wouldn’t even know? Man, she’s totally gonna rake in tens of dollars on that video.

-It is with the utmost disappointment to hear that the “Client List” wasn’t renewed for a 3rd season. Since J-Love has a bun in the oven, was forcing producers to give her baby daddy a bigger role, and was acting like a diva with her demands, I guess it makes sense not to bring it back. Not to mention the other factor: the show sucked.

-Seemed like Kendra disappeared for an awfully long time in terms of her name being in the news as often as it used to be. Well, I guess we can expect to hear more about her again since she’s pregnant with her second child. We all need more Kendra in our lives. Oh wait, no. I meant we all more Kate Upton in our lives. Yeah, that’s it.

-Brody Jenner just ran through what seemingly is about his 20th public relationship as he and something named Bryana Holly have called off their 4 month relationship. Sad to see two young and innocent people so madly in love have it all torn to pieces in 4 months. Maybe he’ll just go cry on Frankie’s shoulder. Or lay in his bed.

-The biggest sports story of the weekend revolves around the bullying incident with the Miami Dolphins and Richie Incognito. Deadspin dove further into it and found that maybe even his dad was involved. As an anonymous poster on a message board nonetheless, which once again is proving my theory on losers like that.

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  1. c104

    November 5, 2013 at 1:35 PM

    Wow. Nothing on the Fantasy Dates filming? Steve, do you even cover The Bachelor anymore or just troll TMZ? It’s lame, dude. Lame

  2. kasey31

    November 5, 2013 at 6:37 PM

    ^^ Ouch! A little harsh?
    That JKL video was so cute.. so funny!

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