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Daily Links 11/7

A few of you have been asking where the “Reader Emails” and “Dr. Reality Steve” columns have been and when they’re coming back. In the offseason, most people don’t really have any questions about the show since they’re not seeing anything on TV, so the email bag is pretty low. And even with getting real time spoilers as the show is filming, if you haven’t seen any of the girls on TV yet and have no idea what any of them are like, it’s pretty impossible to form any sort of opinion or ask any questions about things. I mean you can ask whatever you want whenever you want, but most of the “Reader Emails” don’t start coming in droves until the season starts. The few that trickle in now, I usually will just respond to immediately. Come January, we’ll back with weekly columns of “Reader Emails” and “Dr. Reality Steve,” along with the return of the live video blogs at least once or twice a month. Filming should end in the next week or so, then I’m guessing shortly after that, I’ll be posting your episode-by-episode spoilers. My guess is the week of November 18th is when that will be coming out.

Daily Links

-Lady Gaga will be performing in space in 2015. That’s great. Now other galaxy’s will be able to hear how awful her music is as well. I guarantee this will finally allow us to discover life forms on other planets.

-Wait, is Ashton Kutcher actually saying something that makes sense, all while trashing Hollywood in the process? Yes. Yes he is. Good for you Ashton. Too bad the younger generation won’t listen to you.

-If there’s one baseball wife in the last 15 years that’s made a name for herself over any other one, it’s Anna Benson. Just Google her if you haven’t heard, but now she’s getting 15 years probation for stalking her ex-husband. And that’s probably one of the nicer things she’s ever done. This coming from the same woman who once publicly said she’d sleep with every one of her husband’s teammates if he ever cheated on her.

-So I had the story yesterday of the middle school football coach that was fired for wanting to have his team party at Hooters. Well, Hooters has responded and disagrees completely about the firing and is offering for them to still have the party – completely paid in full. That’s what I’m talking about, Hooters. What a fine establishment to step up to the plate like that. Just for hearing that story, I’ll come in tonight for dinner.

-By 2014, Blockbuster will close all of it’s remaining 300 stores nationwide. Wait, there’s still 300 Blockbuster stores open? I feel like I haven’t seen one in 10 years. Way to catch up to the times, Blockbuster. You won’t be missed.

-The reports about the Biebs hanging at a brothel in Brazil then going back to his room with hookers was taken with a grain of salt since there was no proof. Well, that is until now. Maybe this girl isn’t a Brazilian prostitute. Or maybe she is. Wait, let me guess, it’s his sister, right? Biebs just doing Biebs things.

-I haven’t seen Star magazine this week, but supposedly they have the picture of Will Smith in a photo booth with his movie co-star lifting up her shirt. Then again, it took that story all of 24 hours of being released for “sources” to deny it saying Will and Jada are happy.

-I feel like Sharon Osbourne hasn’t cursed publicly in a while. Apparently neither had she since she told the whole cast of the “View” to f— off, except for Barbara Walters. Thank you Sharon for echoing the sentiments of basically the rest of America. Well done.

-MTV wants to somehow put together a reunion show with Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari just to show us they’re friends again. Wow. Riveting stuff. As much of a Laguna Beach and The Hills as I was, no one cares anymore about how/why/when these two made up.

-I saw a link yesterday that was a video to Kate Upton preparing for a shoot wearing only body paint. This was a no-brainer.

-The Olsen twins now say they never felt like actresses. They always say themselves as businesswomen. Trust us ladies, no one in America saw you guys as actresses either, so it’s all good. You’re forgiven for even thinking you might be.

-Middle school coach can’t take his team to Hooters for an after party and gets fired? That’s wrong. High school teacher can’t take his kids to a strip club? Uhhhh, yeah. Probably not.

-Seems like a fair trade off, no?

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