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Daily Links 11/12

I have a problem. Not necessarily a bad problem, but a problem nonetheless. If you ask me what I had for dinner the other night, I couldn’t remember for the life of me. Yet, I’ve got so much worthless TV memory it’s disturbing. Go ahead. Ask me. “Hey, Steve where were you last Wednesday night?” No freaking clue. But if you were curious, “Hey Steve, remember in the season six finale of 90210 when Steve and Clare and the prince were having that love triangle on the Queen Mary, which band performed and what song did they sing,” and I tell you, “It was the Goo Goo Dolls and they performed ‘Name'”…well, now you get the point. And it’s not just 90210 useless trivia. I mean, I’m talking about some obscure obscure sh** from childhood shows, from my high school years, my college years, etc. I’m like a sponge when it comes to useless info. Yet every month I have to get a reminder from DirecTV that my bill is due. Hopefully I’ll get a grasp on this sometime by the year 2040.

Yesterday I mentioned I was gonna start running some “Reader Emails” before the “Daily Links” every day. Here’s a couple. This first one was sent to me Sept. 14th. Glad I could finally get around to it…ha ha


This is my first time writing, but I’ve read your blog for years. You’re the only reason I can get through the pain incurred while watching this asinine show with my wife. I was particularly amused by the Des-Chris story about their book. We (avid Reality Steve fans) should call them out on this stunt by creating some crowd funded account. This account will raise just enough money to get the 50 book bonus. Once achieved, someone could talk to them, turn info over to you and provide fodder for an entertaining post. It would just be entertaining, particularly if readers from your blog could submit questions to ask them. Though far-fetched, it would be entertaining.

Thanks for the service you provide. You do a great job, and anyone in their right mind would love to have your job. Don’t ever give up. I look forward to reading your blog for many years to come.

Comment: The idea sounds good on paper, but is flawed in one major way. I’m guessing Des and Chris know nothing about what’s happening with Juan Pablo’s season and I’ve been spoiling JP’s season the last two months. And by probably mid next week, you’ll have all you need to know about his season. Shouldn’t take me long to get the final details of what went down in St. Lucia. I think one thing that people forget is, a lot of former contestants (if not most all of them) don’t have a clue about spoilers in future seasons. Anything they hear comes either directly or indirectly from my site. Hell, some just personally ask me what’s going on in a particular season because they don’t feel like reading the site. There’s one particular former contestant, and she knows who she is, that I guarantee on Jan 6th when JP’s first episode is airing, she’ll text me asking “So who’s his final four?” Without fail. I think she’s done it four seasons in a row now even though the final four was spoiled on the site long before the first episode of each of those seasons aired. I’ll let you know Jan. 7th if she does it again. I’d be shocked if she didn’t.



Why has JP been able to tweet throughout filming? I don’t recall other leads or contestants being able to do so.

I look forward to hearing then seeing the debacle of a session unfold. Thanks for doing what you do – day in and day out and from season to season.

Comment: Just to do something different. Couple things here: 1) It’s not like he’s breaking his phone out in the middle of a date or something. When it’s down to the final 2 and 3 girls, he has plenty of downtime. 2) How do we even know it’s him on his phone sending out the tweets? We don’t. He could be telling someone to do it, or, they’re just screwing with his phone. None of us know.

I don’t think this is all that big of a deal. If he was tweeting out, “Hey, just had a great date with Renee. I loved meeting her son Ben and can’t wait to know more about her,” then I’d say that’d be important. But just tweeting a bunch of nothing isn’t all that big of a deal. It’s not like JP, or any of the producers of the show ever tweet anything worth a damn regarding anything revealing. It’s just a way for them to use social media to draw attention to the show and get people talking. I wouldn’t read much into it.

Daily Links

-Levi Johnston last week filed for custody of his child with Bristol, so naturally, Sarah Palin was going to take a shot at him in the media. Can never go wrong with a deadbeat dad blast. I’m guessing most people will side with the Palin’s on this one.

-The “Stars: They’re Just Like Us” feature in “US Weekly” is probably one of the more ridiculous things you’ll see in a tabloid. Like we needed to be reminded of this on a weekly basis. Well, someone caught model Alessandra Ambrosio eating french fries the other day, and suddenly it gained this much attention. I know supermodels aren’t splurging on 3,000 calories a day and eating nothing but crap, but, is it that impossible to think the girl might have herself a burger and fries once in a while?

-I. Can’t. Wait. “Couples Therapy” on VH1 has always been one of my guilty pleasures, and now comes this casting news for next season. Screw it. If you’re gonna break format, you might as well do it for this little ho bag. I think they should put Joe Francis back on the show just to see the knock down, drag out screaming matches these two would have.

-Like clockwork, after every time we hear about the marital problems of a Hollywood couple, inevitably within a week you’ll see those two out in a pre-arranged photo op. Kinda like Will & Jada did this past weekend in Vegas. Oh no, no marital problems here. Look, we’re posing for a picture together as a family. Uh huh. That really changes everything. Not sure what Jada is doing with her look, but someone needs to stop her. I’d prefer her not looking like someone from the “Lion King.”

-Do you realize how much the nerds are going to geek out over a Star Wars casting call? This is like their dream come true. Mom will come down the basement, set up the video camera, and they might have a chance to be in the latest installment of their favorite movie franchise.

-Anne Hathaway had her birthday over the weekend. Not really all that big of a deal. I just can’t wait to hear a story about how she screamed down some wait staff because her butter was too soft or something.

-I know you might find this hard to believe, but Lady Gaga is addicted to marijuana. She’s also addicted to publicity, making a spectacle of herself, and meat dresses. She really wore a meat dress at the VMA’s. Like, that really happened.

-Former “OC” star Ben McKenzie admits he made some mistakes during his early years. It’s understandable. We all do. However, it’d probably be best if he admit his biggest mistake was crushing on Mischa Barton. Those are mistakes that stick with you forever.

-Mark and Donny Wahlberg will be executive producers and starring in a reality show for the A&E Network about their family business back home, “Wahlburgers.” Ehh, doesn’t really interest me all that much. Now, if they want to do a retrospective on how Marky Mark suddenly ditched the white boy rapper persona and became one of Hollywood’s leading men, I’m all for that.

-What’s that saying? You can take the girl out of porn, but you can never take porn out of the girl. Uhhhh, yeah. Something like that. Anyway, since she probably needs more money for her drug habit, Jenna Jameson is going back into porn, despite repeatedly denying she’d ever do it because of her kids. Now she’s re-entering the glorious world of porn because, well, to provide for her kids.

-Had no idea about former Survivor: China winner Todd Herzog and and his struggle with alcohol. Already members of the Survivor family are voicing their support for the guy.

-Kelly Clarkson will not stop talking about her sex life publicly. We get it Kelly. You want a baby. We know. But enough with the full disclosure about how badly you and your husband are after this. Well, you are. I’m sure he’s just along for the ride. Literally and figuratively.

-Last week I posted the story of the married couple who made a bet on the Bears/Packers Monday night game where the loser got tased by the other one. It wasn’t long before video surfaced of that tasing. What a great marriage.

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