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Daily Links 11/13

As we know, Sean & Catherine’s wedding will air live on ABC Sunday night, Jan. 26th. Even though no location details have been released publicly by ABC, WetPaint reported the wedding is happening in Santa Barbara. Which makes perfect sense if it’s going to be in California, but not LA. They weren’t doing San Francisco or San Diego, so Santa Barbara makes the most sense. I heard the Bacara Resort a while ago but had no idea if that was solidified. The whole “live” aspect of this wedding is going to be interesting just because there’s so many logistical things to deal with like kids, commercial breaks, a mic not working, etc. Should be interesting to say the least. Their save-the-dates are starting to arrive this week as you’ve probably seen Ashley and Molly tweet about it. Or maybe you saw his friend Charlie Grogan (from Emily’s season) Instagram out a pic of the invite AND the letter ABC sends to everyone with it telling them to keep their mouth shut. Look for yourself:


Smart move Charlie. Especially since you’re showing us a letter that has an email address in it to contact the honchos over there about the wedding: Now c’mon people, don’t you dare start bombarding that email address with a bunch of spam or pointless emails. I would never suggest doing such a thing. I mean, the letter is clearly stating not to share anything with anyone, and here’s this rocket scientist posting it on Instagram. Why? For what? To let everyone know you’re going to the wedding? Wow. You’re special. I really don’t get these people sometimes. I’m guessing by the end of the day (if not the next couple hours) Charlie will remove that Instagram picture. Kinda like how Mikey Tenerelli took down the pics of him and Kylie Lewis the day I posted them.

Daily Links

-For the first time in its show’s history, the “Real World” is changing its format for season 29. Normally it’s just seven people in a house fighting, drinking, hooking up, getting a fake job, etc. Same idea, but during the middle of shooting, when the cast goes on a day trip, they will return and their exes will now be living with them, hence the re-named “Real World: Ex-Plosion.” We’ve seen this on other shows before, but to do this on a show like “Real World” that’s been on the air for 21 years is amazing. Might actually get me to watch again.

-Now two consecutive days that the Biebs prostitute has spoken to a different media outlet about her night with the 20 yr old. Do we really need to hear this? And is anyone buying this for a second? I bet he thinks this is probably helping his image. Trust me dude, it’s not. Every time this skank opens her mouth, your reputations sinks further into the gutter.

-The reviews for “Catching Fire” are starting to come in, and they’re mostly positive. I never read any of the books, but I did see the first one. I’m interested to see the second one, but am I camping out in my Peeta hunting gear? No. I actually forgot a lot of what happened in the first one other than how it ended. Will need a refresher.

-Lady Gaga went on Howard Stern yesterday to talk about a lot of things, but then continued her bitchfest with Perez Hilton. Seriously, one of the least entertaining and uninteresting Hollywood feuds ever. No one cares if these two aren’t friends anymore.

-Speaking of Gaga, she’s the host and musical guest for SNL this weekend. Her promos:

-Yet another Hollywood celeb got the bob cut. Great. Is this gonna be the 2013 version of the Rachel Green do’? Lets hope not. However, somehow Rebecca pulls this off and doesn’t look half as crappy as some of the others who did it.

-Speaking of hair, Jon Cryer paints his on. I refuse to believe this. The Duckman always needs a full head of hair. I’m really interested to see where Phillip Epstein would be 20 years later. My guess is he’d be the manager at Traxx.

-Playboy is celebrating their 60th anniversary come the new year and decided to put 39 year old Kate Moss on the cover. I’m certainly not complaining about Kate Moss cuz, you know, she’s kinda attractive. I just thought she was done taking her clothes off for money. Guess not. Money talks.

-And hey, speaking of taking her clothes off for money, you know it’s inevitable that Courtney Stodden eventually will. Which will come first for her: porn or the tell-all book she wants to do? Ummmm, hmmmmm, let me see…tough one…close call…uhhhhh…I don’t…porn.

50 Shades of Grey fans can quit their hyperventilating now, the movie has finally been given a release date. It’s been delayed by six months. Originally slated to premiere in August of next year, it now will hit theatres Valentine’s Day weekend, Feb. 13th, 2015. Probably when it should be. Not to mention, the first character photos have the shelves on the cover of this week. A lot of people care about who got cast in the lead for this movie. I’m not one.

-Is anything in Tori Spelling’s life even real anymore? Seems like every week we’re learning something new about her life that is completely fabricated. So basically believe nothing that you see with this woman. Her whole life is fake. Well, except her marriage to David Silver. That was real. Don’t tell me it wasn’t.

-Since Miley has been stealing all her spotlight recently, Lindsay decided to post a braless underwear selfie the other day. Nice Lindsay. Thanks for keeping us updated on what you wear to bed. We were curious.

-One of Britney’s backup singers is running to her defense saying that Britney does Tori Spelling” target=”_blank”>all the singing on her new album. Actually the auto tune does most of the singing, since we all know how Britney really sounds.

-Georgia QB Aaron Murray set the SEC record this year for most career touchdown passes. That’s great. But who’s he dating? This cleat chaser. Nice grab, Aaron. Now you’re competing against AJ McCarron in more than one area.

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  1. kasey31

    November 13, 2013 at 6:53 PM

    Woo hoo! Santa Barbara for Sean and Catherine’s wedding.. maybe I’ll go crash it?

    The Voice
    Anyone want to comment on the “instant save”?
    I found it, well.. quite stupid since I’m on the wc, don’t have a twitter account, and even if I did, I basically would have had to spoil the show in order to save my favorite from the top 3… any other thoughts?

  2. iheartvino

    November 13, 2013 at 10:00 PM

    Kasey, that whole Instant save on Twitter for The Voice last night was so dumb!! It was flawed in so many ways. The viewers who live in mountain or pacific time definitely had a big disadvantage. I happened to look at my Twitter a few min before the “#VoiceSave” thing started, so I saw that it was coming up, but if I hadn’t been on twitter I would have not had any clue. (I tweeted to save Josh, for what it’s worth lol) They did a crappy job communicating how it would work. There has been so much backlash about this whole thing and frankly I wish they’d do away with the instant save and just let the votes count from text/call/FB etc. What if Josh or Jonny had way more actual votes than Kat going into last night’s show? Does that not count for anything? Lame.

  3. kasey31

    November 13, 2013 at 11:07 PM

    Iheart- Yes, I totally agree with everything you just said! The wc was definitely at a disadvantage, and I would love to see what the actual votes were via text, fb, and phone calls vs the stupid tweets bc I guarantee a lot of the voters don’t have Twitter accounts. Carson should have made an announcement on Mon night that at “so and so time, west coasters, please check Twitter to get your live votes in so they can be counted.” Although I knew they would be doing a live instant save, I was waiting for the show to explain how it would work, and by that time it was too late. I feel at this point the only fair thing to do would be to bring back the f3 and do a sing off and announce the winner on The Voice’s page the next day or something… and only 5 mins to vote? That’s hardly enough time to get a good feel for which contestant America truly wants to save.. I hope they mention this by next week, acknowledge the flaws, and come up with a better solution than having the wc watch for the signal online (which is difficult bc most of us are still at work at this time) and therefore spoil the entire elimination show. Makes zero sense to me. Why even watch the show if we already know who is going home and who gets saved?

  4. kasey31

    November 13, 2013 at 11:11 PM

    ^^ and, yes, I do acknowledge the irony of complaining about spoiling a show.. well, on a spoiling website. But this is different! Haha.

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