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Daily Links 11/18

Your episode-by-episode spoilers are coming this week. Or you can basically call it “Juan Pablo’s Season 101.” Pretty much everything you need to know about the upcoming season will be in there. Like who from the “X Factor” will be on this season? How many girls were eliminated before a rose ceremony took place? Who is this season’s bitch and subsequent villain? When did his final four girls get their first 1-on-1 dates? All that plus a lot more will be in there. This is the earliest I’ve ever been able to gather all the spoilers. Usually I wait til the first week of December to spill everything, but why wait when it’s all there right now? And sure, there will be doubters based on what happened last season – which I expect. As I say every season, nothing I say will be proven until the episodes air. I’ll spoil, then sit back and watch like the rest as it all plays out. I can say I’m pretty confident or I can say I’m 1 billion % confident and it won’t matter. People will say, “But you said that last season.” And I expect them to because you’re right. I did say that last season. That’s all I can do. People who want me to be wrong will try and poke holes in everything I say, and those that know my track record won’t. That’s just the way it goes. March is an awful long way away, but it’ll be worth it in the end. So look for that this week.

Daily Links

-One of the Victoria’s Secret models decided to diss Taylor Swift after her appearance at their show taped last week. Then of course, within a day, she was already backtracking. Don’t you dare go after the queen you little hussie.

-I’m looking forward to this 90 minute special tomorrow night where David Blaine scares the sh** out of a bunch of celebrities. Finally this guy is gonna actually do some real magic. Not lock himself in a box and not eat for 3 days, or, electrocute himself for a weekend. You know, start eating some glass and pull an iguana out of Katy Perry’s purse. That’s what I want to see.

-Lady Gaga pretty much killed hosting SNL this past weekend. Sure, she may have been dry humped by R Kelly during her first musical number, but hey, who hasn’t been dry humped by that guy? I’d say the Kimye skit might’ve been the best one this season.

-Somehow Courtney Stodden slept bribed found a way her way on to a red carpet event and was almost taken away for indecent exposure. Why don’t we just call it now and say this is just a precursor of things to come now that she’s single? If Courtney Stodden ISN’T arrested for indecent exposure sometime in the next 12 minutes, then that’ll be news.

-You all remember Bobbie Brown right? No, not the singer. The model. Well since none of us have brought her name up in years, she figured she’d talk about her one night stand with Leo DiCaprio so people will pretend they’re interested in her.

-Eva Longoria’s new boyfriend’s identity has been revealed, and amazingly enough, it’s not someone from a show she’s producing or an athlete. Wow. Congrats, Eva. You’re really making strides in that department.

-Over the weekend, video footage in Jenna Jameson’s home that was leaked to Radar Online showed her drinking while her kids were around, popping pills, and smashing cameras. Well, not 24 hrs had passed before she ran to Radar to defend herself saying it was sparkling water that she keeps at her bedside, then says her ex Tito Ortiz is the crazy one. Ahhh, gotcha. Makes total sense now. Thanks for clearing that up.

-Karina Smirnoff says the DWTS judge Corbin Bleu more harshly than others because of his dance background. And? Your point? Did you not think that was going to the case? I would hope they judge him more harshly considering he’s been dancing since he was a kid, appeared on Broadway, was in a Disney musical, and outside of a Elizabeth Berkeley, was competing against a bunch of people with two left feet.

-I know that women get big when they get pregnant. Some much bigger than others. Like Kim Zolciak for example. Holy crap. And I thought JLH was carrying a basketball around in her belly. I think Kim swallowed a beach ball.

-Must be nice to know celebrities. Cuz then you can just say their name and people will hand you jewelry. Really? This store was that naïve and dumb to immediately just believe this person? I think I’ll go try that.

-Justin Timberlake taking a shot at his critics who say his acting sucks, and why does he get treated differently than others who bomb in the theatres? I guess he has a legitimate point, but ultimately, it comes across as whining. As with anything, nothing or nobody is universally liked. Impossible.

-Since Buffalo Bills fans haven’t had much to cheer about in the last, oh I don’t know, 15 years or so, I guess this is how they entertain themselves in the stands.

-I REALLY hope this catches on this year. Every time James McAdoo steps to the line for the rest of the season, especially on the road, the opposing fans should start singing “Wrecking Ball.” I know the Cameron Crazies will be on it. That’s a given.

-And just in case any of you forget why sports is the best reality television out there and always will be, look no further than the ending of the Auburn/UGA game on Saturday. You know, because it was actually real and not edited.

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  1. bigfatwoman2

    November 18, 2013 at 9:31 AM

    I have never been a big fan of Lady Gaga and until recently, I was predicting she’d start spiraling down like Bieber and that her schtick was getting old.

    Between Howard Stern’s recent interview with her and her hosting and singing performance on SNL, I’ve completely fallen in like with her again.

    Her performance with R. Kelly was trashy and cheesy, but it worked better than Miley Cyrus’/Robin Thicke mess because…
    A). Gaga can actually sing well and has dance skills
    B). She’s an adult (a real adult)

    Her skits on SNL all worked. The show was funny from beginning to end.

  2. mal1991

    November 18, 2013 at 2:40 PM

    You know Kim Z. is preggo with twins, right? That’s why she’s so huge!

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