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Daily Links 11/25

So I wanted to last leave you with the Juan Pablo season spoilers so you can soak it up over the last 5 days and realize what you’re in for. In case you still haven’t read them, either scroll down to the next post, or, go to this link for all the Juan Pablo Episode-by-Episode spoilers. I know I was a little harsh on the guy, but hey, just telling the truth. Is he a nice guy and a great father? I’m sure. I’m just talking about the Juan Pablo you will see on your TV from January through March. It’s all an act, the guy wants to be in Hollywood, he’s going to end up on DWTS, and we all know that every couple from this show that tried to settle down in LA/Hollywood all fell flat on their face and never lasted. Hell, even Chris Harrison has said the key to success on this show is if the couple just gets away from all the Hollywood stuff and goes back to the life they were living. Lets see if he’s still tooting that horn this season when Juan Pablo is out in LA trying to book acting and modeling gigs when this show is over. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the four successful couples this show has produced (Trista & Ryan, Jason & Molly, Ashley & JP, Sean & Catherine) all don’t live in LA and moved back home. Sean was the only one who did the LA thing when he went straight into DWTS, but they are back in Dallas settling down here and he has no plans to be an actor as far as I know. Juan Pablo? Different story. You’ll see.

If you wanna see the breakdown of the two promo’s that aired during the AMA’s last night, just go to my Twitter feed. I took pictures of every limo exit they showed, along with any other meaningful shots they gave us, and described who and what was happening in each picture.

On Friday, ABC announced three “Bachelor” specials that will air in January…excuse me…Juan-uary. Yes, we will be subjected to that garbage all throughout the first month of 2014. We even saw it in the first promo last night with them using words and phrases like “Juan-derful” and “Juan in a million.” Uh huh. Yeah, his girls REALLY think he’s Juan-derful. You keep selling that load of crap long enough, and I guess maybe a lot of the gullible viewers will buy it. So the breakdown goes:

-Sunday the 5th, a special focusing on Juan Pablo and Camila and also the intro videos to his girls
-Sunday the 12th, even more footage of some of the women, and the making of the “Winter Wonderland” set for Clare’s 1-on-1 date that’ll happen the next night along with more insight about Clare
-Sunday the 19th, the inevitable “look at all our successful couples” piece, with Des & Chris, Jason & Molly, and Trista & Ryan renewing their vows after 10 years
-Sunday the 26th, Sean & Catherine’s wedding

So yes, be prepared to be inundated with “Bachelor” programming during Juan-uary. It’ll be something that’ll make you Juan-t to stab your eyeballs with an ice pick. It will not be the most Juan-derful time of the year. You get the point. Be prepared. It’s coming. Actually, it’s already started, and I can feel last night’s dinner coming up in my stomach.

One last tidbit to leave you with. And you might wanna view this ASAP because I’m guessing it’ll be a matter of minutes before ABC runs to Juan Pablo and tells him to take this down from his YouTube page. You know, because for the next few months, they have to convince America he’s totally in this for a wife and a step mom and that he actually really wants that with Nikki. Bahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. First, here’s a Flickr account where you can see pics of JP with a pregnant Carla back in the day. Nice hair.

As for that YouTube video, here you go. I’m sure Nikki doesn’t feel at all insecure about playing second fiddle to Carla for, well, pretty much the rest of her life. Or at least until they break up which I’m sure will be shortly after the finale airs. Enjoy this while you can before it’s removed or set to private…

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