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Daily Links 12/9

I’m sure those of you who don’t live in the Dallas area if you have any friends on Facebook, you’ll notice that they probably posted some pictures of the weather here this past weekend. Trust me, there are worse places to live in the cold than here, but the difference is, those places are used to it. Dallas-ites aren’t complaining that it’s cold (well some are) because we do get cold winters here. The problem is when it rains and it gets below freezing and stays below freezing for 3 days, the ground becomes ice and essentially driving your car or even walking becomes extremely dangerous. I’d much rather it just snow since at least you can walk and drive in that. And we’ll get snow maybe 3 or 4 days a year but then it melts within a few days because it just doesn’t stay cold enough. I was basically stuck inside my house all weekend because of this weather. My driveway is on a slant and that thing was a sheet of ice so backing out probably would’ve run me right into my neighbors backyard. Today I need to leave so I’m getting the shovel out to create a track for my tires to go down. Then again, it’s already above 32 and the sun is out so hopefully it’ll melt in the next couple hours. Fun times.

And of course, be sure to check out this season’s episode-by-episode spoilers.

Daily Links

-If Paul Rudd is hosting, and One Direction was performing, you knew it’d be a big night at SNL.’s SNL recap is up where you can see most of the funnier skits. Although I kinda dug the “Divorce Diner” one. And of course, any skit that updates us on how the hell Bill Brasky is doing is top notch.

-Tweeted about this on Friday, as RadarOnline came out with some serious shoddy reporting about “Bachelor” contestant Kat Hurd from back in 2004. I don’t see how this is news, or why they’d even put “Scandal ALREADY…” in the headlines. Wait, yes I can. They’re a tabloid. Besides that point, there was no arrest made in this case, it wasn’t a DUI, there’s no mugshot, it happened 9 years ago, and it was only $100 fine. Really? And oh yeah, Kat is not currently a dancer for the Phoenix Suns either. What shoddy reporting. It’s not that hard to do a quick Google search to realize she’s not a Suns dancer. She did something essentially every college kid in America has done before and now all the sudden she’s a menace to society? There will be PLENTY of other racier stories that come out about Juan Pablo’s girls than this one. Shocked they even bothered with something as insignificant and irrelevant as this.

-It’s Christmas time, so that can only mean one thing. Reindeers, packed malls, holiday music, and of course Miley twerking on Santa at a concert. Didn’t she say she was gonna retire that like 3 months ago? Apparently not. Then again, good for Santa. I hear Mrs. Claus is a total prude, so go get you some St. Nick.

-It’s been 3 years since “Friday” graced our earlobes and gave us a song we’d never forget for the rest of our lives. Trying to capitalize on that internet sensation, Rebecca Black just released a sequel to “Friday” called, you guessed it, “Saturday.” It’s not nearly as good or catchy and pretty much a disaster. Look for yourself:

-So if Miley gave all the Jingle Ball concert goers in LA a nice Santa lap job, how did Selena Gomez follow that up? By apparently f-bombing her way off the stage. Oh boy. Please no one tell my niece about this. She still thinks Selena walks on water and would hate to crush her dreams.

-See this crazy Selena/Catfish story? Apparently some dude got back at his ex-girlfriend by Catfishing her and her mother into thinking they were talking to Selena, and they believed them enough to show up at her house. Right when they did, he sent her an email telling her she’d been played. Oh kids. Back in the day, we’d just toilet paper our ex’s houses. Or egg their front lawn. My how times have changed.

-The Selena news just won’t end. The new skank in the Justin Bieber video took to trashing her because, well, I’m assuming that’s what all skanks do. If you’re Justin Bieber’s play toy in a music video and you haven’t even reached your 20th birthday, lets just say she’s probably headed straight to porn since no one will ever take her seriously again. Oh sure, she’ll have a couple stops in Maxim, maybe do a couple other spreads, but it’s inevitable where her career is headed.

-I don’t watch “Basketball Wives” but I most certainly have heard the name Evelyn Lozada. Why? Cuz she’s one of the world’s greatest cleat chasers we’ve ever seen. Formerly engaged and has a child with ex-NBA’er Antoine Walker, then was married to Chad Ochocinco before he assaulted her, and now she’s pregnant with LA Dodger Carl Crawford’s baby. Man, forget Miguel Cabrera, Evelyn Lozada should be the most recognizable Triple Crown winner we’ve ever seen. She bagged an NBA, NFL, and MLB player all within a span of a few years. Congrats Evelyn. Your parents must be proud. I’m sure Carl’s current 7 year, $142 million contract has absolutely nothing to do with why Evelyn is with him. Nothing at all.

-Since Harry Styles was in NY this past weekend for their musical performance on SNL, you knew the paparazzi would be tailing him like the King of England. Which he pretty much is at this point. Anyway, nice to see him still shagging Kendall Jenner 3,000 miles away from where she lives as they left the Gansevoort Hotel together. Kris and Bruce probably booked the room for them and told them to leave the hotel at the same time so they could get the maximum paparazzi coverage.

-Paris Hilton’s brother, Barron Hilton, got his ass kicked in Miami this past weekend. The latest rumor behind it is that Lindsay essentially ordered this beating to take place for God knows what reason. She’s Lindsay. Does she ever have a good reason for anything she does? However in Lindsay’s defense I will say this: If your name is Barron, don’t you deserve a beating every once in a while?

-Tonight on the E! channel, there is a one-hour special on Heidi & Spence and how they are basically broke now. Yes, I already have my DVR set. This article is a snippet of what we’ll see tonight and how they blew through $10 million in a matter of years. I won’t pass judgment until I see the show tonight, but lets just say I’m already awfully impressed by their candor. I appreciate people who can own up to being giant f**k ups. They never killed anyone. They didn’t commit any crimes. They didn’t affect my life in any way. Just two spoiled brats who got fame and money, ran with the wrong crowd, and made asses of themselves in the process. Wasn’t the first time, and most certainly won’t be the last.

-I know pixie cuts are the current rave in Hollywood, but Pam Anderson now? No. Please. Just stop it. I’m sorry, but she looks AW-FUL. Don’t like it. And if I don’t like it, well, that should be all that matters.

-Seems like we get a story like this about once a week. I don’t care. Every time I see it, I’ll be sure to post it because anything that tells me how Kimye’s popularity is sinking is a good thing. Yes, the Kardashian’s make a ton of money. But publicly, they are not well received and I absolutely agree this is hurting Kanye’s image.

-One of my favorite sports stories comes out around the same time every year. The Taylor Univeristy men’s basketball team has a tradition that started in the early 90’s called “Silent Night.” On the Friday before finals week, the fans dress up in costume and attend the home basketball game and no one in the crowd makes a sound until the team scores their 10th point of the game. After that, it’s basically the 4th of July and bedlam ensues. Then towards the end of the game, the crowd locks arms and sings “Silent Night” in unison while the game is still going (which you can see in the 2012 video) Here was this last Friday night’s game followed by 2012 (you can see previous years too on YouTube):

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  1. vessel

    December 9, 2013 at 9:08 AM

    I was really surprised to read that Juan Pablo is sober and drinks no alcohol. (No judgment, just that I don’t think they have ever had a sober lead) They constantly have the lead in any situation holding a glass of wine, it will be so odd to see his dates with one, and him without. I wonder if they will give him something non alcoholic that looks like wine/champagne?

  2. rob22

    December 9, 2013 at 9:59 AM

    I’m sure they will give JP something non alcoholic as a “prop”. While most participants need some lubrication to act like total idiots, something tells me that JP doesn’t need any alcohol to perform like a fool.

  3. bigfatwoman2

    December 9, 2013 at 4:02 PM

    I love love love Pam Anderson’s pixie cut especially when it was blonde.

    I’m so over the all men hate short hair rule. It’s really silly. I understand it’s more feminine, but I know too many over 40 women with ridiculous long hair that screams they’re trying too hard to look young. Short hair can actually make you look younger.

    Haircuts, long or short depend on the person. A sweeping hatred of short hair is just plain stupid.

  4. Dianne

    December 11, 2013 at 8:30 AM

    Couldn’t agreet with you more, BFW. I love Pam’s hair pixie-style..she totally suits it. The long, flowing locks are absolutely for the under 40 crowd..actually, I’d even say under 35 crowd.

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