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Daily Links 12/16

Great ending to “Survivor” last night, albeit a tad predictable. You can read Bryan Fish’s recap here. So many moving parts to this past season and it’s easy to sit at home and play armchair quarterback like I do every season. But I really would’ve liked to have seen Monica flip at some point on Gervase and Tyson because I think she would’ve won. Even though she claims she would’ve been #4 with Hayden, Ciera, and whoever came back from Redemption, what she’s forgetting is that she was the best immunity challenge player left out of those and she could’ve won her way to the finals, and I think she beats all of them. I guess we’ll never know but Monica seemed to sell herself a bit short last night. All I do know is that she was never beating Tyson in the finals. Obviously she thought she could or else she would’ve jumped ship on that alliance. Maybe she saw things we didn’t, but why not give yourself a better chance to win vs Ciera/Hayden/Tina/Laura combo than get crushed by Tyson 6 votes to 1? Whatever. Not my decision. Thoroughly enjoyed the season though. Really good stuff. Looking forward to “Brains vs Brawn vs Beauties.”

And of course, be sure to check out the “Bachelor” Juan Pablo’s episode-by-episode spoilers.

Daily Links

-Former DWTS dancer Anna Trebunskaya is getting closer to delivering her first baby and says she wants to be best friend’s with her child. Well that’s great. I’m sure the only expecting mother who feels that way too. Is she just gonna go this whole pregnancy and never tell us who the father is? Hey, maybe it’s one of the DWTS dancers that she started boinking seconds after getting divorced from Jonathan Roberts.

-Miley got snowed in on a flight from NY to Boston over the weekend and she got bored. And when Miley gets bored, she tweets out pictures of her boobs. Granted, she had them covered up, but I don’t think any of us should be surprised by this. Does Miley just wake up in the morning deciding what wild ass thing she’s gonna do that day, or is it done on the spot?

-Great season of “Survivor” came to an end last night, and when Monica never decided to switch alliances, it made it a forgone conclusion that Tyson would win. At that point, it was only a matter of if he’d sweep the final vote. Nope. Monica got Vytas’ vote. Next season beginning in February is 3 tribes, 6 people each, “Brains vs Brawn vs Beauty” and Probst gives us a little glimpse of what to expect. Only the second season in the last 8 that will not have any returnees on it.

-As the ABC announced a few weeks ago, on Sun. Jan 19th, we will get a special on all the current “Bachelor” couples still together, including Trista & Ryan renewing renewing their vows after 10 years. Coming on the heels of last week’s news that they’re gonna be on a reality show next summer called “Marriage Boot Camp,” the timing of this thing seems a bit off.

-Nothing will ever be able to top the original “Naked Gun” series, but Hollywood is damn well gonna try. They are re-booting the franchise and looks like Ed Helms will be playing the role of the iconic Lt. Frank Drebin. So bummed they’re gonna reboot this franchise. As much as I like Ed Helms, as he can pull off the bumbling idiot about as well as anyone, no one will ever touch Leslie Nielsen. Absurd.

-John Goodman hosted SNL this past weekend and here was’s recap. The Stallone/DeNiro/Wise Men skit was literally something out of 1995. I’m sure others may have found it funny, but this was easily the worst skit of the night for me. Not the least bit funny.

-With “America Hustle” do out soon, someone decided to ask Amy Adams what it was like kissing Jennifer Lawrence for one of the scenes. Amy responded by saying Jennifer has soft lips and she enjoyed it. Wouldn’t we all? Anything else you’d like to fill us in on Amy? Inquiring minds want to know.

-This Sunday, the E! channel is running a 2 hour documentary on Britney’s new Vegas show that begins at the end of the month. Oh boy. The last time Britney did a documentary type show, her and Kfed were filming “Chaotic” and going around making half naked home videos of themselves. It was quite the sh** show in case you forgot. Easily the worst career move for Brit, and that’s saying something.

-The ink hasn’t even dried on the divorce papers, and already speculation that Khloe has been seeing LA Dodger Matt Kemp. Great. As if this guy’s career wasn’t already at a crossroads, now he’s gonna add this drama to his life? The last thing this headcase needs is the Kardashian family as part of his life. This story makes all the sense in the world and it makes no sense. If that makes any sense.

-Remember when Joe Jonas wrote that piece about being controlled by Disney growing up, and then some dude from “Zack and Cody” called him out for lying? Well that dude, Dylan Sprouse, tweeted out nude pics of himself over the weekend because, well, I guess he had nothing better to do. At least he didn’t try to pretend he got hacked. Then again, I don’t think anybody even cares regardless.

-James Franco posted a bizarre video on Instagram saying he was drugged and no one knows whether to take it seriously or not. Doesn’t James Franco ALWAYS seem like he’s drugged? How would anyone even be able to tell? Now if it was some elaborate story about how Peter Parker slipped him something because he found out he was the Green Goblin, now you’ve got me interested.

-Mary Kate Olson was having a PDA party at the Knicks game this weekend with her boy toy. Ummmm, when did she start dating her dad? Holy crap, that just looks awkward. Incredibly awkward. No, not that a younger woman is with an older man. We see that all the time. But that a grown man is making out with a Gremlin at an NBA game.

-Harry Connick Jr is excited for the new season of “Idol” and says that last season was “just a little off.” Ya think, Harry? The inclusion of Nicki Minaj might’ve been the single worst decision this franchise ever made. Worse than Ellen. You can’t have two judges on the panel who genuinely despise each other and expect the audience to warm to that. Horrible decision. Keith, Randy, and Mariah would’ve been fine, although Mariah was even questionable. But maybe she was questionable because Nicki was there. I guess we’ll never know. Good riddance to both of them.

Sports Illustrated has named Peyton Manning as their “Sportsman of the Year.” I’ve got no problem with that, but man, if Peyton doesn’t win it all this year, he’s gonna be hearing it again. It’s one thing to be the best regular season QB probably that we’ve ever seen, but when you have a losing career playoff record, and have been one-and-done in the playoffs EIGHT times, and Joe Flacco has the same amount of playoff wins and Super Bowl rings than you than you in TEN less seasons played, that’s a problem. No one can ever doubt Peyton in the regular season. He’s a machine. But I’m sorry, he has fallen on his face in the playoffs numerous times. Not opinion. Fact.

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  1. elizabeth82

    December 16, 2013 at 8:48 AM

    Mary Kate’s been dating Olivier Sarkozy for a year and a half. Little late on that, Steve.

  2. rob22

    December 16, 2013 at 5:59 PM

    So this Sarkozy guy was one of those pervs waiting for Mary Kate and Ashley to turn 18 and become legal, I guess? That’s pretty gross, even a few years after the fact.

  3. Sunnyside422

    December 17, 2013 at 6:25 AM

    Is he filthy rich….is that the attraction, cause I see nothing else worth giving him any time.

    I stopped watching Survivor when they began bringing back all the previous participants. Lost total interest in the redo factor.

    Ahhh Revenge was awesome! I love the back to the first season type cripts! And I am so invested in Betrayal. How this could not be renewed is beyond me? So full of suspense and constant plot changes. Just when I think I know whats coming… both of shows delivery a huge surprise!

  4. Sunnyside422

    December 17, 2013 at 6:27 AM

    And I forgot to comment on Juanie’s media talk. He has once again proven that intelligence is not a criteria for any of the leads! What a dork.

  5. karynr

    December 17, 2013 at 7:24 AM

    Sarkozy is the brother of the Nicolas Sarkozy. He was the President of France until a little over a year ago.

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