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What Happens in Juan Pablo’s First Episode & Daily Links 12/18

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-I’m sure you’ve seen this by now since someone on your Facebook timeline probably posted it, or you saw it on a media site. I’m sorry, but I can’t enough of it. I think it’s genius. Already over 3,000,000 views and it’s only been out a few days. It even crashed their website yesterday. “Xmas Jammies” will now live forever in infamy. Here’s the only problem I see: They have one year to figure out how in the hell they’re gonna top this. They only started doing Xmas video cards last year. First one was funny, this one went viral. They’re gonna have a lot to live up to. So in case you haven’t seen “Xmas Jammies,” here you go:

-Katy Perry & John Mayer released their duet video yesterday and I kinda wanted to barf. Who do these two think they are, the next Alex and Sierra? I just can’t get with these two. Not sure why. Can’t quite put my finger on it. Maybe because they’re musically different? Maybe because I think they’re at two different stages of their emotional life and she’s still scarred from her marriage that she isn’t truly ready to move on yet, she’s just trying to convince herself she is? Or maybe it’s just that I love Katy Perry and want to beat John Mayer with a shovel. Yeah, that’s probably it.

-Speaking of Katy, apparently she was caught lip syncing in a performance overseas, so they stopped her mid-performance and had her start over singing with her real voice. Who knows if the excuse they gave was right, but can we stop calling out singers who lip sync? Pretty much all of them do at concerts. Or at least they’re singing over the backing vocals.

-Jennifer Lawrence is one of Barbara Walters “10 Most Fascinating People” for 2013, and in her interview she says she thinks calling someone “fat” should be illegal. I understand what Jennifer is trying to do here, and yes, Hollywood does stereotype actresses based on their weight. But it’s been doing that for years. Does it suck? Of course it does. We know that bullying is becoming a huge problem nowadays, and I get why she says stuff like this, but to think that every person in America is gonna stop is just an effort in futility. Unfortunately with social media nowadays, you can scream from the mountaintops about wanting something to stop, but it’s literally impossible for that to happen.

-Interesting timing in that J Law’s sit down with Babs is happening this week, and then we see how her on the cover of “Flare” magazine in 2011 was photoshopped to make her look skinnier. I don’t think J Law had any creative control about how she was portrayed on the magazine cover, but the timing of it coming out couldn’t be more ironic.

-Khloe wore a sweatshirt the other day that said “Nothing Was the Same” as some sort of statement after her divorce from Lamar. But yeah, she wants you to respect her privacy as she goes through this difficult time in her life. Granted, the Kardashian clan will call attention to themselves if they’re just sitting around eating a bagel, but still, no need to wear statements on your clothing if you don’t want to be analyzed.

-Another Hollywood reboot that will be a gigantic fail. This time it’s a “Gilligan’s Island” reboot, and the guy who played the voice of the snowman in “Frozen” is one of the major players behind it. I’ve got a better idea. How about they just spinoff Olaf the Snowman into his own cartoon and just dump the “Gilligan’s Island” reboot altogether? Whaddya’ say?

-Rumors now that Lindsay could fetch in upwards of seven figures for her personal memoirs. Man, that’d read like a dirtier “50 Shades of Grey” wouldn’t it? “I went to a party. I did coke. I went back to a room with a guy I met that night and he violated me in every which way. Next night, different party, different guy, same story. Repeat every day of the week from age 18 through 22 and mix in a few rehab trips and bad movies.”

-Kelly LeBrock was arrested for DUI recently and, lets just say, she doesn’t quite look the same as she did in “Weird Science.” For those unfamiliar, any young boy growing up seeing “Weird Science” for the first time can attest to the fact that Kelly LeBrock was pretty much the reason behind wet dreams back then. I think what’s more disturbing to me is I didn’t even realize she was married to Steven Seagal. Or maybe I did and I just tried to forget it happened.

-Probably the biggest SNL of the season happens this weekend with Jimmy Fallon hosting and Justin Timberlake as the musical guest. They should seriously make this the last episode before Christmas every year. And then JT should be in the season finale in May every year. Here are this week’s promos. Since JT still has tour dates this week, he couldn’t make it:

-How many radio station Jingle Ball events has Miley twerked at this season? 50? Seems like every week she’s performing at one and grinding on a Santa or an elf in barely any clothing. It was also announced this week that Miley will perform on Seacrest’s “New Year’s Rockin Eve” show at 11:45pm EST right before the ball drops, so you know she will probably be bringin some serious crazy. Look for that.

-Have we really not had a new Christmas song in 19 years? Really? That’s pretty amazing. Well, I’m nominating “Xmas Jammies” as one that every can sing around the fireplace at Christmas time for the rest of our lives. Genius.

-The “Voice” finale that aired Monday night was down in the ratings from the previous year’s finale. And I saw they crowned a new winner last night. Outstanding. I can’t wait to not buy her album too like I didn’t for the previous three winners. Can we even call those people “winners” at this point? What have any of them done since?

-Bruce Willis little swimmers are working just fine. The 58 year old just put another bun in the oven of his 35 year old wife with baby #2. I’ve lost track of how many kids big bad Bruce has at this point, but it doesn’t look like he’s stopping anytime soon. Maybe he should.

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1 Comment

  1. bigfatwoman

    December 18, 2013 at 8:34 AM

    LOVE the Xmas Jammies song. What a great family.

    I love John Mayer and Katy Perry together. The video was just okay, but they’re clearly in love. Hope it lasts.

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