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Daily Links 12/30

Remember around Thanksgiving time all your spoilers for everything that happens in Juan Pablo’s season were released and I said, “Man, we still got another 6 weeks before this thing starts.” Well, now we’re down to a week. 6 days if you really wanna get technical since the 1 hr intro to this season airs this Sunday night, as Juan-uary officially kicks off. Four shows the next four Sunday nights that are all Bachelor related programming. It’s definitely overkill and I don’t expect it to do huge numbers just because it’s gonna have some serious competition. I mean, the show on the 19th (the update on all the couples) is going up against the Golden Globes, and then Sean & Catherine’s wedding on the 26th is going head-to-head with the Grammy’s. What genius in charge of programming thought those were good idea? Not to mention the premiere next Monday is up against the National Championship, but that’s not new. The first episode has always gone up against the National Championship game the last few years. One week away and the craziness, manipulation, BS, and flat out lying officially begins.

And of course, be sure to check out the “Bachelor” Juan Pablo’s episode-by-episode spoilers.

Daily Links

-Because Khloe is still grieving from her divorce and would like you to respect her privacy, she gave a cover story article to Britain’s Cosmopolitan magazine. Of course she did. Says she needs a fresh start and has no regrets. Well, other than being a member of the Kardashian family. That should fill you with enough regret to last a lifetime. And I think her definition of “fresh start” is “another black professional athlete.”

-If Kanye wasn’t insufferable enough as it is, well, this didn’t make it any better. Since North West is still 16 years away from driving, it only made sense for Kanye to buy her a mini Lamborghini. Because God forbid any other toddler had a better car than North, or Nori, or Annoying whatever they’re calling her. How is this little girl ever gonna have any normal friends growing up? They’ll probably be hand picked by Kimye.

-David Arquette seems to be doing really well for himself these days. I mean, if you walk into a comedy club on Christmas night three sheets to the wind and perform a set for 8 to 10 people telling nothing but masturbation jokes, it sure screams out that everything is going great in your life, no? Or maybe he just thought those jokes were really, really, really funny and he needed to try them out ASAP?

-Anne Hathaway decided to treat the paparazzi like they should be – a bag of dog poop. She left one on a paparazzi’s car after he was following her. Hey, you’ll never hear me complain about a celebrity mocking the paparazzi. Should they break their cameras and fight them? No. But if you wanna leave a bag of your dogs feces on their car, so be it. They probably deserve it.

-I guess the biggest news since I last wrote was the bombshell on the cover of US Weekly that Dean McDermott cheated on Tori Spelling. For those that didn’t read the story, it wasn’t filled with a bunch of “insiders say” or “sources” or “friends close to the situation.” No, they interviewed the woman who claimed she slept with him, identified her by name, and it was her story. Considering there’s still been no denial from the Spelling/McDermott camp, and this woman, along with US Weekly would have a GIANT lawsuit on their hands if she just decided to make the whole thing up and they printed it, safe to say there’s trouble in paradise. This is not gonna end well.

-I’d say the second biggest news over the last week was Britney’s show premiering in Vegas. It kicked off Dec. 27th, and it’s been getting some decent reviews here and here. The second review has pictures and video from people in attendance.

-In other great news to come out of Britney’s world, she says now that she wants to get back into acting. Wait, does this mean we’re gonna get a Crossroads 2? I sure hope so. That needs to be made. Just keep K-Fed out of any future project you’re involved in, Brit. No one wants to see him. Probably not even his children.

-Did anyone else giggle like a little school girl when they saw this story of T Swift and Selena Gomez facetiming with Demi Lovato? Because I sure did. Why wasn’t I invited on this facetiming conference call? Or to this sleep over? Man, I feel so left out.

-Remember that perv Eliot Spitzer who got all caught up in the prostitute scandal? Well apparently one of his little escorts decided to write a book and talk about all the kinky stuff he’s into. Read at your own discretion. I mean, this is Eliot Spitzer we’re talking about. This doesn’t necessarily read like a 50 Shades novel.

-Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox decided to take their men down to Mexico and party over Christmas break. When these two get together, do they just pretend they’re Monica and Rachel and gossip about Ross and Chandler? I think they should. It would make them hanging out together 10 years after their show together much more interesting.

-It’s the end of 2013, so most websites are doing their “Best Of” or “Top 10” lists for the year. This was one was no different. Your best news bloopers of 2013, my personal favorite:

-Former NY Giants running back Tiki Barber and his wife became new parents. That’s sweet. I’m impressed with Tiki that he actually stuck around through the birth, as opposed to his ex-wife that he ditched when she was 8 months pregnant because he was shacking up with this new one. Oh sure they deny that their relationship didn’t start until he’d left his wife, but please. Does anyone believe that? You left an 8 month pregnant wife, then almost immediately were seen dating this woman but claim it didn’t start til after you left? Uh huh.

-Kellie Pickler decided to perform for the troops over Christmas break. I’m sure this happens a lot when she performs, but good Lord, how many catcalls you think she got from those guys over there? About 1,000. It’s safe to say military guys get quite lonely overseas with pretty much no female interaction whatsoever. Then this little nugget comes rolling over there for Christmas. There must’ve been an overwhelming amount of soap used last week before, during, and after she showed up.

-For all you women out there who complain that maybe your husband or boyfriend plays too many video games, just be glad you’re not dating this mega dork.

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  1. ericah

    December 30, 2013 at 10:04 AM

    Should Tori really be surprised? They both cheated on their spouses when they got together…what else was going to happen? WWDD? (What would Donna do?)

  2. bigfatwoman

    December 30, 2013 at 10:53 AM

    Haha that Sean and Catherine’s wedding is going up against the Grammy’s……that is awesome….I hope the ratings tank.

    I wonder how these two will survive being out of the spotlight? It doesn’t seem they’ve let a month go by without an appearance on tv, a nightclub or a vitamin shop to pimp out some Hydroxycut.

    I’m sure they’ll find a way……

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