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“Reader Emails” & Live Video Chat Tonight at 9:00pm EST/6:00pm PST

Back with another live video blog tonight at 9:00pm EST/6:00pm PST. I think we’re gonna cut these by about 15 minutes now. An hour just seems a bit too long to me, so I’m gonna aim for 45 minutes. If it means I can’t get to every question, so be it. Get your questions in early. You can start posting questions as soon as I put the link up which is usually around 4:00pm CST by just clicking the blue “question” button on the screen. You don’t have to wait until the show starts to have questions start loading in the queue. Then again, what questions could you possibly have that weren’t asked in today’s “Reader Emails.” Close to 60 emails today, the biggest batch we’ve had so far this season, and there were two underlying themes to these: 1) The Honeymoon Suite Cam was unnecessary 2) So was all the sex talk at the wedding. Yep. Couldn’t argue with either. Just be prepared that a lot of people seem to mention it in this week’s emails. Plus, we’re working on the technical glitches we had last week and hopefully they’ll be resolved tonight. See you then.

Ok, it’s been 3 days and I’ve come to a realization. No joke here. I think the Kpop group date on Monday night was one of the best group dates this show has seen in recent memory. If you don’t have 2NE1 on your ipod by now, then there’s something wrong with you. However, I must apologize for my ignorance. I asked what “Nega Che Chala Ga” was in my column and on Twitter, and plenty of you responded that it means “I am the best.” Thank you for that. What I didn’t realize was that was also the title of the song they sang. I just thought the group was chanting that at the beginning of the song to get the crowd fired up. Didn’t make the correlation that was the title of the song. So once I learned that, I pulled up their music video to the song…

…to which I then realized the dance that the group taught the girls is straight from their video. I just thought they taught them anything so they wouldn’t go up on stage and freeze. Nope. Straight from the video. Although once the choreographed part was over, the girls pretty much did their own thing. Like Kat. Work it, girl.

Good news. Yesterday I taped Jason & Molly’s podcast, and they will be posting it tomorrow, so I will tweet it out when they do. Another great talk where we dove a little deeper into the production side of things including how the whole “safe house” visits work with the final couple. How often? Where? How it comes about? Etc. Don’t miss it. If you don’t follow me on Twitter or my Facebook Fan Page, I guess you’ll have to wait til Tuesday when I put it in next week’s column.

Sean’s sister recapped her family’s time at the wedding last weekend on her blog the last two days, detailing things you might not have seen, along with tons of behind-the-scenes pictures if you wanna check it out. Some interesting stuff on there on how everything went down, and thank god, it’ll shut the conspiracy theorists up that the wedding wasn’t live. Anything for those people to move on to something else.

And finally, in Tuesday’s column I shared my disappointment that two of Lindsay Lohan’s SNL skits weren’t on YouTube or Hulu anymore. Well, at least I couldn’t find them, but admittedly, I didn’t really look as hard as I should’ve. It didn’t take more than 10 minutes for a reader to send them both in to me, so here you go. The Disney World “Debbie Downer” sketch where everyone involved breaks the 4th wall and can’t stop laughing, and the “Harry Potter” sketch that centers around her boobs. Damn, what happened to Lindsay?


This was a great email exchange I had last Friday and Saturday with someone. Kinda gives you an idea of some of the “tips” I deal with at times.


I have a photo of an airplane banner saying “Danna will you Marry me? <3 Juan Pablo". I took it in La Jolla CA yesterday. Is that something you would be interested in? Me: What does that have to do with Juan Pablo the Bachelor?

It could be a coincidence that it was a different Juan Pablo, but the way the plane kept going back and forth appeared that they were filming many takes and right when it stopped we saw several boats come in that could have been camera crews.

Me: The show finished filming 2 months ago. And there’s no Danna on the show.

Ok didn’t know they were done filming. Just another Juan Pablo I guess.

Comment: Yeah, if you’re shaking you’re head at that one, just wait til you get to the one later on in this column at the top of page 2 from someone convinced Sean & Catherine’s wedding actually took place on Saturday. It’s a doozy.

This one I had to include the subject heading in the email that came since this is all the email said…

Subject: Kim of Queens on Lifetime

I would love to know what you thought of this weeks episode. I was in shock.

Comment: Yeah, me too. Totally couldn’t believe what happened. Like when that guy did that thing, and Kim got all mad and upset and was crying, but then she did that one thing to get back at him, and he go all upset and butt hurt, and then they made up and all that. Yeah, totally couldn’t believe that. I was comatose.

I’ve never heard of this show.

Just wanted to comment on your statement: “Sharleen is the next Pele if Pele had two left feet.”

Pele was actually really good with his left foot. I heard somewhere when he was a boy, his dad would tie his right leg to a tree, to make him use his left foot. So, Pele with two left feet is still 100% times better than Sharleen.

Comment: (Shaking my head) Is this what the next 50 or so emails is gonna be like?

RS, Really wanted to watch your live blog last night, but when I tried to get on a blank page would open up saying “screencast unavailable”. Bummer! But I got to at least watch this morning. When u took those 30 sec breaks, I didn’t see the ads, just saw u sitting there. Just a heads up in case u do something embarrassing thinking no one can see you!

1). Do u think Kacie B from Ben AND Sean’s season would do Bach pad? I really liked her. Also u said u think Christy would do it. Isn’t she dating someone from the Bears? Do contestants have to be single for that show? I never saw it before so just curious.

2) you were asked a question asking if there was a lead that the contestants weren’t really into. I was wondering if Dez’s guys were really into her. I wouldnt think so, She seemed so bland. Cute, but not knock out gorgeous like some of the girls that are on JP’s season. Her guys, with the exception of Chris and Drew, all seemed like a bunch of meatheads.

3). I would love to see Sharlene as the next bachelorette. Class the show up a bit. Would they ever cast a lead that eliminated him/herself? Nobody thought JP was gonna be the new lead, but because he was popular the show went after him. I wonder if they would do the same with Sharlene.

Thanks, LOVING the live video chats (even if I couldn’t see it live). Did you know that Chris and Dez were doing a live chat on Spreecast at the same time you were? They only had like 300-400 hundred views, where you had something like 280,000!! Pretty funny!

Comment: We are hoping to correct that ad problem for tonight’s show. We think we know the problem. Technical stuff that would just bore you.

1) No. Kacie has had a boyfriend for over a year now. His name is Rusty Gaston. He’s in the music industry in Nashville.

2) I think most leads have ones that really liked them, and ones that didn’t. I don’t think Des was any different.

3) Sharleen will not be the next “Bachelorette.”

Hey Steve,

First off, just wanted to thank you for the gift you gave us by recommending Couples Therapy. That show is a freaking train wreck but hilarious and soo entertaining. I’m addicted. Farrah is well on her way to becoming the most hated person in reality tv. Although, I shouldn’t give her the credit of being that well known, because she certainly isn’t. When she said she never did porn, I almost died. Trying to tell us she had no control over it and had no idea it was gonna be released is just flat out bull****. “I didn’t do porn, I did a sex tape that I sold the rights to.” Uh, correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s called porn, honey. Steve, am I wrong? Please give some more Couples Therapy insight.

On the subject of sex, I’m really sick of hearing about Sean and Catherine’s “consummation” on their wedding night. I like their decision and biblically agree with it but why does it need to be talked about EVERY day on EVERY interview? Can’t anything remain private? I understand mentioning it once when he was Bachelor because he’s trying to be a Christian example but jeez, stop. Now we all are picturing what is happening Sunday night after their wedding and I’m sure there’s gonna be countless “never leaving the hotel room” honeymoon tweets afterwards. We can only hope they shut up about this after they finally do the deed.

Thanks for doing what you do!

Comment: Farrah is delusional. It’s clearly obvious to everyone except her that her sex tape was pre-planned and there was nothing “leaked” about it. But when you’re that mind warped, you begin to believe your own BS.

Well, you saw Sunday’s episode. Outside of the 40 min ceremony, everything else was focused around sex, sex, and sex.

Hey Steve got a couple questions for you since you seem to be good friends with Jason and Molly now

1. How did they get started doing these podcasts ?
2. Do they make money off doing these?
3. Do they have jobs outside of doing these?
4. And lastly are they really close with Desiree and Chris like what was perceived in the special shown on tv? Or is this abc exaggeration of them getting together few times?

Was wondering since it seems other than letting people know how unreal this show is and how manipulative and the producers could care less about contestants, what do they have to gain from speaking out about show now? Thanks for your column love the insider info and spoilers!!

Comment: 1) I’m not sure. I should’ve asked.
3) Not sure about that either.
4) Yes, they both work. Molly works for and I remember being told what Jason does but I forgot.
5) I know they have hung out with Desiree and Chris on more than one occasion outside of show related stuff, so yeah, I think they are friends with them.

I think they just like talking about the show and their experience and ultimately, it gives people insight to really know what’s going on. Listen to tomorrow’s podcast. We talk about a couple of those things briefly. The producers are well aware of their show, they listen, and they don’t mind what they’re saying. I know, weird.

Hey Steve,

Love your blog! It’s what’s kept be interested in the Bachelor/Bachelorette since about Jake’s season, I think.

Just listening to your video blog (I live several time zones away and therefore don’t listen live) and had a theory about what ABC could do if they wanted to make Claire the next bachelorette (not that I really care, not sure how I feel about her yet, kinda annoying). What if they:

1. film the ATFR segment where she confronts JP in advance, like they did for Jason’s season,
2. play the segment in at the beginning of the ATFR episode in March and preface it by saying when it was filmed
3. have Claire come out later in the show and announce her as the next bachelorette

That way it establishes that she was sad, but is now ready to move on (since time has passed). Just a theory, it doesn’t matter much to me either way, I’m sure I will still watch next season regardless of who they choose.

Also, I’m a Canadian living in England so you can add me as part of your “international audience”.

Comment: I mean, is that something they COULD do? Sure. Will they? No. Clare is not going to be the “Bachelorette.” She’s too crazy.

Steve, you said in your spreecast that they’ll probably bring back some big-name contestants to be on the next season of Bachelor Pad (Courtney, Arie), so do you think there’s a chance that Jef Holm will be on it?

Comment: It’s possible, but I haven’t heard his name yet. Although if Arie is on it (which I’m sure he will be), and considering the ridiculous bromance between him and Jef, I can see them going on as a team. The Jef/Arie bromance is literally bordering on more pervert.

Thanks for all the good work you do! I don’t always watch the show (I can only take so much of the same small talk every date every season), but I love reading your takes on the behind the scenes details of how these things work.

After seeing the letter from the woman whose sister’s ex was recruited, I had to share my own second-hand story on that front. My cousin had nearly the exact same experience a year or so ago. He’s a good looking six foot something guy who was out at a karaoke bar with some friends after work when the group was approached by a producer with basically the same pitch. Once they found out my cousin was doing graduate work in sports management and working part time for a well known professional team, they were all over him. He didn’t even give the guy his card, but they hunted down his work number and called and called and called.

They totally tried the same line about being a shoe in for the next Bachelor, all the women would love a tall athletic and professional guy like him, he’d go at least to the final four, get to travel fantastic places, blah blah blah. The ladies and camera would love his baby blue eyes, and he’d really stand out from the crowd – especially if they could film at his workplace and show how exciting his job is. They brought up Dancing With The Stars and other things contestants had gone on to do that would definitely be an option for somebody who was as good looking and likable as him. He toyed with them a bit to see if they’d put any of it in a contract. The excuses spooled out about rules, appearances of fairness, and legalities, but they were sure he had what it took to be a real star for their franchise and beyond. They met him for ten minutes in a bar, but he was absolutely going to be Mister American Heartthrob Star of Everything on ABC! It was completely insane if you looked at the situation at all critically.

He declined and stopped taking their calls. Now it’s one of his favorite jokes he tells at parties. If this show goes on long enough, everybody’s going to be one or two degrees from somebody who has had this happen to them. I have to wonder how many people they pursue so aggressively to get enough to make the show each season.

Comment: It’s what they do. They tell everyone the same thing and are just looking for the suckers they think will buy it. The ones that do, get cast.

Great podcast! Just had time to watch it. Good for you for running ads–seriously.

You mention a lot that Juan Pabst had no intention on finding a wife or proposing. Did he tell producers this? Or is ABC just realizing that he’s just seeking fame now?

Totally unrelated–how does the number of visitors of your site compare to the viewers of the show? For example, do 15% of viewers visit your site?

Comment: I think they had to have an idea. I mean, when the guy is on Des’ season and tells the other guys during a group date “It’s just show business guys,” then they knew from the beginning he was just out to put on a good show.

Those numbers are hard to pinpoint, but lets just say there are way more people that don’t know who I am than do.

Hey Steve,

Do you know if the bachelor franchise has ever had any deaf or hearing impaired men or women on the show? In fact, do you know of any contestants with any kind of disability? I am a hearing impaired woman with the help of hearing aids and lip reading function quite well in life and society. I have a degree, job. friends and totally normal by all accounts. However, in social situations I do miss some parts of conversation and don’t hear well with people talking across the room so I do require some patience and accommodations once in a while. So I would imagine, it might make for an interesting dynamic in the bachelor house with other contestants if someone was partially deaf.

Now that I think about it, I would discourage anyone with any disability from going on the show. People can be unintentionally or intentional insensitive to any kind of disability that they don’t understand. Most people take of advantage of something they never gone without. I would cringe if the show manipulated some kind of storyline or made fun of any contestant for any kind of impairment. The way you talk about the integrity of the producers and the show, I would not put it past them!

Thank you!

Comment: Well, I’d say Sarah on Sean’s season had a disability. That’s the only one that comes to mind. If someone on this show was ever partially deaf or what not, it’s never been made into a storyline.


Wasn’t the whole excuse as to why Peta Murgatroyd wouldnt be at the wedding was that it was just going to be close friends and family?! Well isn’t it interesting that DWTS castmate Lisa Vanderpump is there? (as well as her husband, daughter and son-in-law.) I find it hard to believe that Sean is closer to Lisa than Peta.

Comment: I have no idea what the reason was for Peta not being at the wedding. Seeing Lisa and Andy Dick there kinda makes you scratch your head. I’m sure Sean became friends with them over the course of filming, but better than the woman he spent multiple hours with every day for two months? Hard to believe. Something obviously went on that the public hasn’t bee made aware of. The “Catherine was jealous” stuff is the only story that’s ever been printed on that, but I’m not sure I believe that was the reason.


I know this email is a little early – do you have any spoilers on ATFR. Not sure if it has even taped. I don’t see Nikki being too happy on camera that she is not engaged and doesn’t have a huge ring on her finger. You said that her bitch episodes are coming so I’m thinking she is going to show some of that on camera and her resentment that she is not engaged.
Or will the whole topic not even be addressed.

Love your blog!

Comment: The last 3 seasons have had a live ATFR that aired right after the finale ends. I’m guessing they’ll do the same this season.

I honestly have no clue what Nikki’s thinking about all this. Maybe she’s so in love and wrapped up in her own little world, she’s oblivious to his antics. I have no idea. But she’ll learn soon enough.

A few questions:

1. I’m curious what you buy the couples who get married. What did you get Sean and Catherine for their wedding? Do you indicate who you are when you send it?

2. Why do you think so many couples recently have made it work? There was a streak where no one lasted and now it seems everyone stays together. I’m sure JP will end that streak but just interested to hear what you have to say.

3. Don’t you think Sean is the most genuine Bachelor they have ever had? After watching the wedding and seeing his family I feel like they hit a home run with him!

4. You’ve said JP was a pretty bad bachelor but don’t you think Ben was equally unliked by producers, etc … His season was pretty bad. He did not seem sincere and was one of the more unattractive bachelors in my opinion.

5. Did you see that Jake is on a new reality cooking show? Guy vs. Celebrities or something like that. He just won’t quit! At least Ali and Melissa have steady jobs that are respectable.

Thanks! Love the column!

Comment: 1) I don’t reveal what I’ve bought any of the couples. I don’t think it’s relevant. Yes, I include a card with all my gifts and say who it’s from.

2) “So many” is only the last two, Sean & Catherine and Des & Chris. I guess eventually a squirrel finds its nut.

3) Impossible to say who was the most genuine because I really don’t know any of them, but I actually think because of Sean’s upbringing and his faith, he was probably more open to the process as opposed to others, who were just going on there to hook up with as many chicks as possible and parlay that into getting laid outside of the show.

4) Ben was not well liked by producers, correct. Not sure why, but they really didn’t have nice things to say about him after the fact.

5) I’ve never seen any reality cooking show in my life, so I’m certainly not gonna watch one with Jake on it. No interest.

Hi Steve,

Don’t you think it’s pretty peverted (in the normal sense, not the JP sense), that they keep showing the live cam of the wedding night suite? Freaky. Um, no thanks, ABC. We don’t need to see that. Hope that Sean and Catherine sweep the room before they get down to business. Or better yet, do the deed somewhere else where America can’t picture it.

Also, this “grown sexy” theme – bizarre! No one got it, either! I would hard call zillions of pink roses sexy. Pink roses are for little girls after their dance recitals. And baby pink is not a sexy color! It is a pure and innocent color. Sure, it’s liked by women, little girls, gays (JP’s perverts), and metro-sexuals, but I don’t know any straight (non-metro-sexual men), who would look at something colored light pink and say, “Wow, that pink [whatever] is SEXY!!”

Didn’t Des say a while ago that she wasn’t going to be attending Sean’s wedding? That it would be weird for her to attend and she couldn’t see a reason that Sean would want it there?

I’m sure you saw this over the weekend, but here’s an article about all of the current/lasting Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor Pad couples. Anyone missing? That guy from Ali’s season (Ty?) and the crazy girl from Bachelor Pad (Elizabeth?)??

Take care, Steve!

Comment: It’s pretty telling when most people’s responses about the wedding are constantly focused on the “grown sexy” part, and the amount of sex talk. Probably not what they were going for.

I thought I remember Des saying they were just waiting for an invite and at the time she was asked, they hadn’t gotten one yet. Or maybe she knew the whole time she was going but didn’t want to say anything when she was asked. Look, if you’re a couple from this show, and there’s a wedding, you’re going to be there. That’s their chance to trot out all the success stories and they’d never pass up that opportunity.

I didn’t see that article, but yes, Ty and Elizabeth are together. And engaged.

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  1. bigfatwoman

    January 30, 2014 at 11:52 AM

    I took the time to log on to say that I don’t have the time or inclination to read through all of these emails.

  2. Athena

    January 30, 2014 at 12:30 PM

    @bigfatwoman, Thanks for your honesty, but you certainly know, as a long-time RS blog reader and responder, that you MUST read all columns and connect to all links in order to pass the test. Now, get with it Girl!

  3. shirleyu

    January 30, 2014 at 12:39 PM

    As far as Lisa Vanderpump being invited to the wedding….her daughter, Pandora and Catherine became really close while DWTS was going on…..Pandora has a website that she runs and Catherine does items for it….maybe on fashion??…I’ve forgotten now but I’ve been to the site and Catherine is listed as one of the contributors….I know from instagram that Catherine and Pandora have gotten together when Catherine has been in LA………..before she was on the Bachelor, Catherine wrote for a website that covered all aspects of Seattle……I went there during that season…..and there absolutely was an article about sex toys and sex shops in Seattle that she wrote………I don’t believe Catherine ever said she was innocent….in the People article that came out after their season ended, she said she was honoring Sean’s wishes………..she has found religion since being with Sean…..his father baptized her and Laura (that is Sean’s friend who Catherine lived with in Dallas)…Papa Jay baptized them two weeks before the wedding…….Shay Shull, Sean’s sister???…I love her…I found her blog way before Sean was ever the Bachelor……and I’m not sure on what she thinks of Catherine…..I read Shay’s blog every day and since he picked Catherine, I can count on one hand and still have fingers left the number of times she has mentioned Catherine…..and this is a complete switch from what she used to do with others he dated…..the one Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader, Brooke, that he dated for over two years was featured a lot and on one blog post….she even said Sean if you don’t marry this girl….we love her……… what she has or hasn’t written about Catherine is odd to say the least….there have been a few photos of Catherin, mostly in group settings and Shay doesn’t even really mention her….when she recapped the last show of the Bachelor when he picked Catherine…..she closed comments….she said no nasty comments will be allowed….to everyone else this is just a tv show and this is the end….but this is my family….and something to the effect that she is praying….????…..does that mean she didn’t like his choice? or does it mean that she didn’t want to hear anyone’s opinion one way or the other?….just from reading her blog all these years, I will say that, in my opinion, Catherine wouldn’t have been the family’s first choice……Lindsey Y looked like she would have fit more smoothly into the family…..or AshLee…..frankly, AshLee and Shay seem very, very similar….ha, ha….AshLee said Sean told her you and my sister will be best friends…ha, ha…and I don’t doubt that………but Sean seems to have this goofy side the same as Catherine does… it’s not really about what your family wants, it’s about what you want…….although Shay has a photo on her blog of her mother and Sean dancing at the reception and she says my mother is probably saying to him don’t mess this up….ha, ha……so maybe Shay’s concern is not so much with Catherine as with Sean???…..will be interesting to see what happens with them going forward……Trista always seems so very sweet, Ryan always seems bored to death to be at anything Bachelor…ha, ha….but maybe that would just be men in general…????….Thanks for all you do Steve…really enjoy your site!!!!

  4. bigfatwoman

    January 30, 2014 at 1:29 PM

    Starbucks + free time and now I’ve read all the letters. I usually breeze through reader emails, but anything that mocks Sean and Catherine is right up my alley.

    *Catherine knows Lisa Vanderpump through Pandora, Lisa’s daughter. While Catherine seethed about Peta Murgatroyd and Sean dancing in LA, she ate at Lisa’s restaurant, Sur….and thus got to know Pandora. If there’s a celeb (even C List celeb) connection to be made, count on Catherine to make it and tweet the proof.

    *I agree with the writer who suspects Sean may be gay. Steve, you are naive to think this guy isn’t potentially firmly in the closet. With holy roller parents, no one is jumping on the gay bandwagon. Imagine how difficult that would be for Sean and his parents to accept. I’m sure they think homosexuality is very sinful.

    *I also believe Sean’s sister, Shay is no fan of Catherine’s. Her lack of acknowledging her speaks volumes. It is clear to me that Catherine has molded herself into what Sean wants and Shay is a witness to the lobotomy.

    *According to today’s NY Post, Andy Dick was wasted at the wedding and was forced to drink copious amounts of water by producers in fear that he’d be a spectacle. Very sad alcoholic.

    *What a low threshold there is to be deemed sophisticated and worldly. As opposed to the usual dumb and desperate, I suppose Sharleen could seem worldly. She seems intelligent, but mostly just arrogant to me. I think Opera singer must be some kind of artistic equal to doctor in some people’s minds.

    My final thoughts on Sean and Catherine….I hope they take their Grown Sexy teenage personas to somewhere quiet and anonymous. My least favorite Bach couple by a landslide.

  5. philosophia

    January 30, 2014 at 11:35 PM

    @reader_who_has_gaydar_for_Sean You are not the only one! I’m in the know as well. I have already written to Steve about it, but he did not reply or post my email. I’d like to write to him again pointing out each bit of evidence showing Sean’s homosexuality, but it would fall on deaf ears. Steve did not say: “This is not the first time I’ve heard this view, but I don’t think he’s gay or that if he is there’s good enough reason to think so.” He made fun of you and said that Sean is not gay, like he can know that about a stranger. My claiming that he’s gay is the same thing, but I’ve got good evidence. Steve just doesn’t think he’s gay ’cause he doesn’t want to consider it, for some reason. Odd if you ask me, especially since he’s never said that about the other bachelors said to be gay.

  6. karynr

    January 31, 2014 at 5:42 AM

    My gaydar doesn’t go off with Sean, but I do think he just might be totally asexual.

    Philosofia,no fair dumping a statement like “I’ve got good evidence” and not following it up with even a hint of what you possibly know!

  7. serapa

    January 31, 2014 at 6:32 AM

    Maybe I’m wrong, but I think Sean is a very sweet and sincere person. I don’t get any of this gay, insincere perceptions of him at all. I think he is what he is. His faith is very strong and he really wanted marriage out of this. He sincerely loves Catherine and has every intention of loving her until death due them part.

    As for Catherine, I also think she is very fun loving and sweet. She’s a little bit different… her sense of humor is not always understood, but I think she’s a great person.

    I agree that maybe she lacks some maturity in some ways, but that doesn’t really mean anything b/c Sean seems to love her for who she is. These two are very happy together. It’s obvious.

    As for Catherine’s sisters not liking her…well, they will have to get over it. Catherine is part of the family now. My SIL hated me for years and she got over it. That’s life.

  8. jacey

    January 31, 2014 at 7:49 AM

    Bigfatwoman said: “I suppose Sharleen could seem worldly. She seems intelligent, but mostly just arrogant to me. I think Opera singer must be some kind of artistic equal to doctor in some people’s minds”.

    Totally agree. Would have been apropos to have her on that group date in Seoul w/2ne1. “Naega jeil jal naga” (I’m better than you) befits her attitude. She clearly went into the process believing it to be convoluted, so why was she there? Same reason as the vast majority of participants — 15 mins of fame…self promotion, travel, etc. Yet, she wants to act like she’s above it all. And that whole thing about not wanting to sing on the show — Paleeze!!!

    Hey Sharleen! Don’t choose to dive head first into a cesspool of desperadoes and airheads, then act as though it’s all beneath you — pretending you don’t know why you’re there. You chose to lie with dogs. Embrace the fleas. You’ll look a bit less rude and awkward during WTA.

    Can def see the grounds for speculation regarding Sean’s sexual orientation. Could very well be what all that goofy awkwardness is about. Ryan Sutter, Brooks Forester, Jake Pavelka (sp?)… The ping from my gaydar is deafening. Just say’n.

  9. iheartvino

    January 31, 2014 at 11:04 AM

    shirleyu, I LOVE Shay Shull’s blog. It’s the only other blog besides RS’s that I go to every weekday. I’ve tried out many of her recipes and they’ve all been amazing. I also love her style tips on her other blog. I didn’t know who she was before Sean was on The Bachelorette, but I’m glad she’s a blogger and she’s one of those people you feel like you actually know in real life, the way she’s so down to earth and seems like a genuinely good person.

    Regarding how she feels about Catherine, I’m not sure. If I had to guess, I’d say she’s opened her heart up to her more in the recent months. She’s posted more pictures of the two of them together (which I know isn’t saying much, based on how she went forever without) and has mentioned her a few times. I know it’s not nearly as much as she’d talk about Brooke when Sean was with her, but it’s a start. Anyway, nice to see I’m not the only RS reader that visits Shay’s blog on a regular basis.

    Regarding the debate on whether or not Sean is gay, I don’t think he is. I’m usually quick to be skeptical of these couples from the show, but I think Sean and Catherine are the real deal. Now Jake on the other hand? Definitely gay, and according to Juanny P, probably more pervert.

  10. skylerm

    January 31, 2014 at 12:18 PM

    Why must we be subjected to Sharleen’s kissing? I’m literally grossed out each time they show them kissing. She licks her lips at the last second and then keeps her mouth open like she’s prepared to give or receive CPR.

    My gaydar for Sean went off, when he busts out those red skinny jeans and red short shorts. And they never match what he is wearing. I’m all for color blocking, but it needs to be explained to him.

  11. xxxx

    January 31, 2014 at 3:04 PM

    It’s amazing how much incorrect information is in your blogs Steve! I mean, I guess it’s a blog not journalism but the straight up lies that you purport as fact is just insane to me! Especially when you write facts about people that you have literally never met or about things that happen that you are just guessing about.

    I guess I would just ask this, can you at least start letting people know that they are guesses or things that you think and not that you know? I feel like you are just taking advantage of people the way you write now.

    For all those that take time to read the comments, just know, this guy is straight lying to your face and has no real integrity. Pretty hypocritical if you ask me

  12. rob22

    January 31, 2014 at 7:30 PM

    xxxx, if you’re in the know, then please make sure to call RS out on his specific lies. Generally saying he’s lying, without saying what he’s lying about and not presenting evidence is pointless.

  13. duckquack

    February 1, 2014 at 6:12 PM

    its’ no secret that Shay loves Brooke….Shay made a comment not long ago, how her and her mother are laughing that someone actually wants to marry Sean.

    the father is the one who loves Catherine the most, Shay is at best lukewarm towards her…..Shay is insecure Catherine will shine over her, up until now she was used to being admired and turning heads, things changed a bit with Catherine.
    Ashley Rosenbaum is pregnant.

  14. karynr

    February 2, 2014 at 7:25 AM

    I also liked Ashley and JP. Good for them!

  15. karynr

    February 2, 2014 at 7:26 AM

    Meant….I always liked them!

  16. cpwest

    February 2, 2014 at 8:33 PM

    Someone emailed in about JP’s orange bracelet. Closest answer:

  17. jacey

    February 3, 2014 at 9:56 PM

    Actually sat down and watched Juan Pablo’s shenanigans during it’s regular air time instead catching it OD. I think it was kinda worth it. I’m still laughing.

    Riddle me this…
    Why all the drama between JP and Claire over a ‘swim’? Unless… it wasn’t just a swim. Why would JP be concerned about Camilla seeing him take a swim (he should be more concerned about all the tonsil hockey with various women) — unless it was more than a swim?

    My grandma used to say “ain’t nothing open [that time of night] but some legs.”

    “I don’t regret any of it” Claire said. She was bursting at the seams to say it. She used several euphemisms implying they went all the way. They totally had sex! Ick! And she was so proud. That is until he in effect hit it and quit it. She’s being kept around to save face, but he was done with her the minute he was ‘done’ with her.

    Sidebar: Isn’t she like 30-something??? She should have known that once the blood was back in his brain he would withdraw — emotionally (pun so intended).

    That guy’s not concerned about his daughter. It’s buyer’s remorse, and the fact that the person he ultimately picks will see that little scene and know what he did; not to mention his loved ones will have to endure the nation talking about his skantification. Zoiks!

    There’s plenty enough blame to pass between them, but what an arse he is. He spent the entire day priming her for it. Everything he did with her on that group date (if you can call it that) was a prelude to what ultimately took place. Then after he got his bell rung, he put all the onus on her. And for her part, the stupidity of such a move can not be overstated (even though it worked for Courtney and Molly)

    Don’t you just wish you could’ve been with Nikki when she watched this episode??? How ya feelin bout always gett’n a group date rose now, Nik? =)

  18. bigfatwoman

    February 4, 2014 at 6:18 AM

    @jacy — totally agree. Those emotions from Clare and JP’s post game remorse don’t indicate a little feeling up or feeling down…..I agree that they did the deed.

    Steve said on Twitter that they did not have sex. I’m sure he’ll address it in today’s column, but unless he has proof, I believe they had sex. Keep in mind, Steve’s also the one who definitively said Sean Lowe is not gay. Go figure.

    I think Juan Pablo is so dense and full of himself. He’s also completely unaware of how douchey he comes off. The way he sing songs his voice when speaking is just awful. I definitely would’ve left on this season. No way I’d let this dolt send me packing.

  19. jacey

    February 4, 2014 at 8:19 AM

    Here, here, BFW! With all due respect to Steve the ONLY explanation for what transpired *after* is they had sex. Plus, look at all the insinuations Claire made. The “no regrets” …”here’s to love making” blah, blah, blah. You don’t get that upset over simply being, in your words, “felt up or felt down.” She was tossing hints around, and was clearly very proud of her “accomplishment.” That is, until that old windbag JP put the kibosh on her glee. She so should have seen it coming. No spring chicken, that one.

    Even Chris Harrison allows for the possibility that they went all the way in his comments on EW website last night.

    What’s the old adage? If it walks, quacks like a duck…

  20. amyrn22

    February 4, 2014 at 1:24 PM

    @bigfatwoman and @shirleyu I agree with both of you with regards to what you mentioned about Sean’s sister. I read her blog too, and I have mentioned countless times to my friends how weird it is that she NEVER and I mean NEVER mentions Catherine and hasn’t since the day Sean picked her. The weekend of the wedding was the first time she has given the slightest inkling that she doesn’t absolutely hate Catherine, and that’s probably because she didn’t want to create drama. Even in those wedding posts, she didn’t really mention that those two were perfect for each other and she couldn’t have ever picked a better person for her brother, etc. The wedding posts were more about who she got to meet celebrity wise and all the perks she got from being on a tv wedding. The whole thing was VERY strange. Also, did you notice that when they showed Catherine and Sean announcing the wedding date to the family, Shay was completely silent? Just sat there and said nothing. There is definitely some bad blood between those two…. I personally cannot stand Seancat and cannot wait until their incessant wedding and sex tweeting is over. I hope they fade away and we don’t have to hear from them again. My guess is that it’s very apparent to Shay that Catherine is not a godly woman and good fit for her brother, and is simply doing the Christian thing to please him…and as a devout Christian, that probably really bothers her.

  21. philosophia

    February 5, 2014 at 9:28 PM

    @karynr My best piece of evidence is a quote from Sean during his limo exit. He was talking about marriage, and he said, “[…] which I was totally prepared to do.” Getting married to someone is not something you prepare yourself for; it’s a matter of desire.

    The first time I noticed that there’s something weird about Sean is when he kissed Emily after he first told her that he’d fallen in love with her. They kissed, then he touched her leg. He forced himself to touch her leg, and his arm was stretched out as far as it could go; it was completely unnatural. If he was actually in love with her, he would have immediately touched her somewhere much more intimate. You could tell that he was not feeling love but that he was thinking of how to touch her.

    Catherine is even picking up on his vibes. She knows that she was looking forward to the honeymoon more than he was. When she playfully closes the blinds to their honeymoon suite, searching for a reason why she did it while he rejects her invitation to joke around, he rejects her playing with them, and you can see her disappointment. She is the one who is forced to bring up sex just so that it’s some part of their relationship, which is what the man typically wants to do. A straight, sex-starved guy would have wanted to joke about how they’re gonna have sex in that suite! But what’s so much more telling than that is their reaction to the bed. He doesn’t even sit on his honeymoon bed with her. She mentions how special it will be when they come back to the suite as husband and wife because it will be when their married relationship starts, and he turns away when he says, “I can’t wait for that moment.” A couple in love who have not had sex yet would have at the very least, lay on that bed, kissed each other, and looked into each other’s eyes as they talked about how much they can’t wait to come to this bed as husband and wife.

  22. philosophia

    February 5, 2014 at 9:38 PM

    @serapa You call pranking somebody you’re introducing to your family twice sweet? And pranking someone you’re on a first date with to think that they are going to be held responsible for a destroyed priceless work of art?

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