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The Bachelor 18 - Juan Pablo

The “Bachelor” Juan Pablo Recap Including Some Information Regarding the ATFR

Oh, well this should be a topic for the next 6 days or so. Andi vs Juan Pablo. Who was right? Who was wrong? Team Andi or Team Juan Pablo? You know who won? ABC. Because you’re ALL talking about it. Whether it’s because you can’t stand Andi, or whether it’s because you love what she did, you’re talking about it. So in the end, does it really matter what happened last night? It’s really no different than any other situation that arises on this show in that plenty of people will take one side, and plenty will take the other. Those within the “Bachelor” community LOVED what Andi did. The casual viewer that sits at home, doesn’t read the internet, and just tunes in every Monday night for two hours never to think about the show again until the following week, yeah, they probably didn’t like the way Andi approached things. But ultimately it doesn’t matter. Every season at some point during the season, something happens during an episode that has everyone talking. Happened in Vietnam with the Clare stuff, and then again last night with Andi. All part of television. They’re doing their jobs right if you have that strong a reaction to what you saw. Which judging from Twitter, Facebook, texts, emails, etc I’d say plenty have an opinion on what happened last night.

I’ll get to all my thoughts on Andi when I talk about their date, but some news to get to today. You know this season the information I’ve been giving you has been dead on. Every spoiler has been right, and Andi’s tirade last night has basically backed up what I’ve been telling you about the guy for months, which was that the women weren’t nearly as into him as the show wanted you to believe they were at the beginning. Regardless, lets talk about the ATFR coming up in two weeks. For the 4th season in a row, they are doing a live ATFR after the finale airs on Monday night, March 10th. Per the spoilers, you know in Saint Lucia, that Juan Pablo chose Nikki over Clare, but he did not propose to her. The previews will try and make it seem different, and try and lead you into thinking something else, but that is your final outcome. Juan Pablo and Nikki left Saint Lucia as a couple, but not engaged. First time in 10 seasons there hasn’t been a proposal at the end. Well, maybe that isn’t gonna be good enough for some people, and to try and salvage the season, I’ve gotten some late information.

According to my sources, there is a monetary offer on the table for Juan Pablo to propose to Nikki on the “After the Final Rose” show.

Does it mean it will for sure happen? I don’t know. If it does happen, will this be talked about publicly? Of course not. I’m sure they’ll flat out deny it. But it’s true. Look, there’s no way I can prove this you, but I think my track record speaks for itself. I have no idea what goes on in that guy’s brain. Depending on how desperately Juan Pablo needs money I guess, and how much he’s willing sell out for the almighty dollar will determine if he proposes. But that offer is there, and I guess we’ll see if he takes it come March 10th. Regardless of if he proposes on the live show or not, the point is, it’s fake. He’s never going to marry Nikki. Nothing has changed with this guy since the very beginning. He doesn’t want to be married to her, he never wanted to be married to her, and all he’s doing is playing a character on a TV show. They’ve upped the ante now with not having the lead propose for the first time in at least 10 seasons (on the finale taped in November), but on live television, of course they’d want him to, so my sources say they’ve added the monetary incentive and are urging him to. Makes sense for them to offer. Don’t think it makes sense for him to accept, but maybe he will. Just wanted to give you a heads up since that’s now a possibility at the ATFR. Regardless, he will never marry Nikki in your lifetime or mine, so, I would put zero stock into it if he does propose. Means nothing.

Hey our buddy Jef Holm decided to weigh in with his thoughts on the season by speaking to US Weekly over the weekend, you know, the same magazine that completely sold him out in his relationship with Emily. Guess that just skipped his mind. Amazing how quickly these contestants can forget the magazines that trashed them, then when they’re running low on publicity, they’ll run to with goodies like, “Juan Pablo is an ass.” But hey, at least Jef was accurate on this one. He gave this quote to them on Saturday, one night after he was hanging at the WTA after party with the girls from Juan Pablo’s season, so that’s basically where his opinion is coming from. Hell, he even admits he just heard it from the girls. So thanks Jef for parroting what has been said about the guy here since November. Appreciate you, pal.

Did anyone catch the interview Chris Harrison did with last week? A lot of stuff we heard before, but two things stuck out to me the most:

1) Him saying producers thought before the season that Jenna Burke was gonna be the girl Ben Flajnik chose, then she crashed and burned in week 2.
2) His thoughts on why they recycle the leads. It begins at 24:35 in the video and echoes everything I’ve been saying about why they do for the past few years. Give a watch:

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  1. marybods

    February 27, 2014 at 4:37 AM

    @helina… I agree with you about Andi 100%. I thought the same thing ever since they showed the promos of her crying after the FS. Steve is correct, Andi doesn’t care about her career now that she is the ‘ette. She doesn’t want to go back to be an ADA now that she has her 15 mins. She will milk this for all it’s worth. Total Nancy Grace wanna be. As for Hy, I don’t understand all the love for that guy. Looks like a complete Alcoholic to me….red face..couldn’t put the bourbon down, even on national t.v.!!!
    I also felt kinda bad for J-Pabs. The guy IS clueless, but Andi trashed him so she could get the shot @ bachelorette, no doubt in my mind. If he proposes to Nikki just to save face, while that is just horrible. I think this guy loves the single life. I would LOVE for RS to clarify that little teaser he gave out yesterday about what NIKKI was doing b4 she left to shoot this show.
    As for the assult rifle wielding ADA for ‘ette? Think I’ll have to skip this season, and just come here for recaps.

  2. frankly

    February 27, 2014 at 5:06 AM

    But Andi, Clare let me slip my vieanna sasuae in her buns…why won’t you? Eees not okay.

    What you see with JP is what you get. He seems nice enough, but keeps growing more tired of the whole thing with each passing episode.

    I don’t like Andi and think she’s been pretty boring this whole season, but I guess ABC didn’t have much to choose from.

  3. karynr

    February 27, 2014 at 6:48 AM

    Kasey, if there was a like button on this site I would hit it for your comments. The woman who’s cut my hair the past 10 years has become a friend over time, and she is a helluva a lot brighter than a lot of attorneys I know! It’s the individual, people, not the profession. Also, don’t you think in todays world, with the constant stream of new news and subjects to talk about, Andi’s time on the Bachelor will blow over? If she’s good at what she does, no one is going to care in another year or two. It will be old news. I think she’ll make a decent bachelorette, but you never know. I thought JP would be good because he’s so hot, but I don’t think of him that way anymore. He’s dumb as rocks and I suspect iheart is right about some similarities to Jake the Snake. You know how the things you don’t like about someone become 10 times worse when you’re in a committed relationship? When he was telling Clare “don’t cry” and “look at me”, I can see him screaming that in someone’s face during an argument, as he grabs their face. I think he’s a narcissist and a phony. He could care less about anyone but himself. He talks about Camila a lot, but I wonder how much time he actually spends with her? Is she just someone for him to use when he needs an excuse? I’ve known a few parents that hide behind their kids. I probably did it myself when my son was younger, just to get out of a bad date. But, I suspect good ole JP does it A LOT.

    I’m on team Andi and Hy. Who wouldn’t want a father to say to a man something along the lines of “come to me and tell me you want my daughter because she’s the only one, not one out of three.” I thought it was so refreshing to have a hometown visit with a family/father who didn’t just smile for the cameras and make nice. Hy got it right and Andi is lucky to have him as a father. Also, whoever called him an “alcoholic” is somewhat ignorant. I think it’s terrible to put a label like that on someone you don’t even know.

    It’s interesting how JP may be the worst bachelor ever, but look at the buzz it’s created and the ratings. Once again, Fleiss and company are laughing all the way to the bank.

  4. Dianne

    February 27, 2014 at 7:03 AM

    OMG people..chill already! The entire “speech” by Andi was totally scripted to make it look like she has “backbone” for her Bachette season. And JP..he could not give a hoot. He’s there for the fame and fortune, and nothing more. I don’t like, nor do I dislike him..he’s like a wet rag..and is totally going with the flow. The fact that ABC decided to go with someone who is not 100% english-speaking was a mistake in the first place, granted, but hey..look at the results they got out of all of this. Fleiss is one smart dude..he completely, absolutely called this one..bang on!

  5. arabella

    February 27, 2014 at 7:05 AM

    No one made any reference to this line…I think it was the smartest thing JP has said in all the time he’s been on the show….”I’m not going to argue with a lawyer”. Lol! Forget the language barrier…see his body language…you dont have to speak anything just by watching his body language and tone inflections (whicb are severely lacking!) , seriously, does this man ever speak above a whiny whisper? Ugh. ..that among the rest of his less than stellar qualities gets on my nerves!

  6. Dianne

    February 27, 2014 at 7:42 AM

    nora j..this part of your comment is not necessary..why in gawds name would you use the word “retarded”. It’s very, very insulting. You’re insuating something that is just not true. ALL girls are attractive, in their own way, and are NOT retarded, annoying, or not likeable. Geesh..grow it up a notch would you please?

    “I mean a lot of attractive girls are just plain retarded or annoying or just not likable.”

  7. serapa

    February 27, 2014 at 8:16 AM

    Twiceborn, I’m 42 years old, so I’m “older” too 🙂 I still would have banged the s##t out of that man. He’s hot as hell and there’s no proof she banged him. She said she was up all night talking…(yeah ok! haha)

    I am a professional too and have a great career. Our society is not as hard on women as we used to be. Her career would have been fine had she turned down the Bachelorette and decided to continue her career as a layer…oops I mean lawyer…get it??? LAYer? har har….

  8. kasey31

    February 27, 2014 at 8:34 AM

    Karyn- Thank you. I was just getting a bit irritated and saddened by what I had been reading. We try to become that for our clients, which is difficult when you’ve had a hard day yourself. It’s so important, though, to give someone a couple hours to relax, vent, and feel pretty again, and that means being able to connect with another human and put them first… I guess some are better than others, and I’m glad you’ve found that with your hairstylist : )

    Dianne- you’re 100% right with what you just said above.
    All women are beautiful, and I think it’s extremely distasteful to say because someone is good looking, they’re “not likeable,” let alone retarded. There are good looking women with horrible personalities, yes, but that’s just not true for all women. And there are what society might deem to be not-so-attractive women with great personalities, which make them more beautiful. Likewise, I’ve met a lot of nasty women who are obviously unhappy with their appearance, and it shows in how they treat others.
    This board lately has really taken a turn for rude and nasty comments, and I’ve been here a long time. I’m all for debate among these contestants that signed up for the show, but making these generalized statements and trashing one’s worth and value because of their profession, or intelligence based on looks is just wrong.

  9. iheartvino

    February 27, 2014 at 8:57 AM

    karyn, your comment to kasey is pretty much identical to what I wanted to comment earlier this AM when I read what she wrote, but at home I was getting the “this is somewhat embarrassing, isn’t it?” error and couldn’t log on. Now I’m at work and it let me log on, and I see you beat me to it! But it’s true- my hairstylist of 6 years had to move, and I was so sad because we always had the best conversations and she was a wise woman. We still keep in touch but I miss her as my hairstylist too because she knew her craft very well and, like kasey, saw her work as art and as a way to help women feel better about themselves.

  10. Athena

    February 27, 2014 at 8:58 AM

    kasey31, add me to the list of those who have become, over the years, friends with their hair stylist. Mine is a great listener, she never gossips about her other clients which makes me feel safe to tell her things I wouldn’t otherwise. Believe me, that is a really important and valuable quality in a friend. And, in addition to that, she makes my hair look beautiful, which makes me feel beautiful and happy. I wish all my therapy clients could feel as good after leaving my office as I do after leaving her chair in the salon.

    About JP, I actually listened to most of the Chris Harrison interview, first time I’ve ever listened to him reflect on the show. He portrays JP as a man who is caught between the conservative values of his culture which he DOES embrace, and his male hormones, which we’ve all witnessed him “embracing” :-). He also said that JP’s relationship with his daughter is truly as close as he makes it out to be – they skyped or talked on the phone daily throughout taping. And, Harrison goes on to say that he’s never met a man he respected and enjoyed connecting with as much as he has with JP’s father. Harrison admitted to not having the greatest connection with JP, but he put a lot of that off onto their cultural and language differences, and clearly he is really close to JP’s dad. Interesting, don’t you think?

    Oh yeah, one more thing I thought was interesting is about the Miami date where Nikki met the family. Apparently, they all live together (at least JP’s parents, JP, and his daughter – don’t know about Camilla’s mom), and it would be natural for anyone that JP was friends with or dating to meet the family. In fact, Harrison said that not meeting them would be odd. He said that ABC wouldn’t have staged something just to have it happen, but the dance recital presented the perfect “public” opportunity to do so without bringing in a bunch of cameras and crew to the house, which would have seemed too staged and might have stressed out Camilla.

  11. Dianne

    February 27, 2014 at 9:17 AM

    kasey31..thanks so much for your support regarding nora j’s comments. Who is this person? I’ve never seen him/her post anything on here before. I totally agree with you 110% that there are just way too many nasty/rude comments being posted lately. I think I might just take a bit of a sit-back until all these nasty posters find another place to play, lol!
    Oh, and BTW, I have THE most amazing stylist..he’s outrageously gay, and both myself and my daughter have decided he is a “hair god”, which I’m sure you are, too!

  12. iheartvino

    February 27, 2014 at 9:32 AM

    Agreed! It is so much nicer around here when we make fun of the people on this show, instead of being nasty towards each other. Hopefully it will go back to “normal” around here soon.

  13. Athena

    February 27, 2014 at 9:34 AM

    kasey31, while we’re on the subject of hair stylists, what did you think of the email from one a few weeks ago that critiqued all the girl’s hair? I have long, one length, straight hair, so clearly I’m no kind of hair expert (other than the fantastic multi-color weave my stylist does for me), but it sure was interesting to read what she had to say.

  14. ariel

    February 27, 2014 at 9:40 AM

    Kasey, when I read your comments I felt I had to create an account to support hairstylist. Nearly 2 years ago I moved overseas. One of the things I have found the most challenging in my new location is finding a new hairstylist that compares to the one I left behind. My hairstylist back in Toronto is the only one who seems to really ‘get’ my hair, she listens to what I want and also gives great advice when requested. In addition, we have lovely chats while she’s doing wonderful things to my hair (now that’s really impressive multi-tasking!). When I have a trip planned to visit family, I always try to get in to see her and have her do my hair.

    It’s definitely an art!

  15. kasey31

    February 27, 2014 at 9:42 AM

    Thanks, Iheart, Dianne, Karyn, Athena- it makes me feel good knowing there are others out there that really take their profession as a hairstylist to heart and incorporate what all of you have said about your experiences with them… It’s why I love my job so much, and thanks for the support!

    Athena- I think her recap was spot on.. A little sarcastic, yes, but I think she meant for it to be informative and entertaining. ; ) haha. I’m glad you liked it!

  16. kasey31

    February 27, 2014 at 9:46 AM

    Thanks, Ariel!
    Keep looking, you’ll find someone.. The best thing to do is get a referral. If you see someone’s hair that you like, go ask them where they get their hair done. Sorry you had to leave your last one behind, I know that isn’t easy..
    Off to work, but thanks to everyone who came to the defense of hairstylists.. I’m so glad to see some women appreciate that it is a profession.

  17. karynr

    February 27, 2014 at 9:55 AM

    Dianne, I’m glad you said something about the “retarded” comment. It bothered me.

    I also have to admit I was wrong about JP and his daughter, per CH’s comments. It’s interesting that he made such a connection with his father.

    iheart, there are times I get that “this is embarrassing” message constantly, so I just give up and don’t comment.

  18. jazzmine

    February 27, 2014 at 10:51 AM

    Team Andi. And I’m an animal lover and couldn’t even look at the photo of her with the deer. I don’t know….people bash the women who cry and carry on, yet the minute a woman stands up for herself and calls out the man for his arrogance and lack of depth, she gets bashed. Folks around here are savvy yet seem to not get that so much of this is producer manipulation, so why blame Andi for talking too much and too long. It was edited that way. I said before and will say again (although I don’t contribute much so my posts may get overlooked) that RS said it was better tv to have her state her case on camera and not in the fantasy suite. Might have been why she couldn’t wait for the night to end. And nobody knows what goes on in the FS; baffles me how folks can presume everyone has sex.
    One more thing: Jeremy Cade Anderson – from Deanna Pappas Stagliano’s season – is a lawyer in Dallas and being on the B’ette hasn’t hurt his career.

  19. heliofan

    February 27, 2014 at 1:02 PM

    I have a wonderful hair stylist (7 yrs) and a great nail tech (12 yrs) for my spring/summer pedi’s. Both are very professional and fun. I also hate the term “retarded”. Oh and I am a nurse and a social worker….believe me…..a nursing degree is not easy to obtain!

  20. LynnMJ

    February 27, 2014 at 1:37 PM

    Steve, love the recaps! Can’t wait to see the finale. Thanks to all who addressed the ‘retarded’ statement. My sister is mentally challenged and I always cringe a bit when I hear that word being thrown around. I know most people don’t mean to be offensive, but still, it hurts a little.

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