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Hi Steve,

On Friday, Jason Mesnick said in his and Molly’s podcast that when he was on The Bachelorette, Graham chose to go home after hometown dates, and Jason ended up getting a rose because of it (and that he was going to be sent home otherwise). Do you have any idea why it was never shown this way on TV? DeAnna was really into Graham, and it could have made for a dramatic episode to have her frontrunner bow out (a la Des and Brooks). I remember that even at The Men Tell All that season, they still continued with the story that DeAnna sent Graham home and that it was “such a huge risk to eliminate the person she was falling for the hardest.” I totally get that nothing is what it seems on this show (and that this season was pretty long ago) but just thought I would ask your thoughts on it.


Comment: There’s plenty of things that weren’t shown “correctly” in this show’s history. Graham basically didn’t want to be there anymore, and I guess rather than embarrass DeAnna, they made it seem like she didn’t give him a rose. Not sure why DeAnna got the benefit of the doubt and Juan Pablo didn’t (well, I guess I can see why), but yeah, that stuff happens all the time every season.

I have been searching the internet for this season bachelor blogs by past contestants like Natalie Getz, Ali fedetowsky, etc and can’t seem to find them. Do you have a link where all the bachelor blogs are posted (I remember in the past finding them all on one site but now I can’t seem to find it).


Comment: Because basically none of them do it anymore. Most can’t handle negative comments or criticism, so they just give up and stop writing. Not to mention they realize it’s a lot of work for pretty much zero reward. I think they think that because they were a contestant, everyone cares what they have to say. They don’t. And unless they are willing to expose the show, or release spoilers or any behind-the-scenes info, there’s plenty of other places they can go to get a recap of the show.


I love spoilers! I can’t get enough! Keep em’ coming.

I belong to a Bachelor message (I know, please don’t judge) and they’re once again saying that youre spoilers are wrong. Why? Get this…because youre spoiler was wrong about Zak W. meeting JP earlier this season. I hope youre right just so that these people can stop talking about everything you say. Youre the one who provides them with info. Without your sources, they wouldn’t have anything to talk about. I believe you when you say JP chose Nikki and I hope that’s the way it ends. These people want to see you be wrong again. Lets hope you’re not.

Comment: Zak W. did meet with JP in California before they started traveling, it was just never shown. If they are banking of the finale spoiler being wrong because of that then they should probably prepare to be wrong.

I give spoilers and info and talk about the show, and other sites talk about me. Been that way for a while now. Is what it is.

I know it’s gonna upset people for God knows what reason, but sorry, the finale spoiler isn’t wrong this season.

Hi Steve,

I was wondering. The great majority of women on The Bachelor appear fairly wealthy. Do the women have to invest a certain amount of out of pocket expenses in preparation for the show. And other than Jillian, they all seem tall, with similar features and body types. Obviously there is the token African American and women with different hair colors, yet I’m still tempted to use the word “homogenized.”

Is there a certain standard of “beauty” that the show leans toward in casting, or is this the typical physical ideal of the various bachelors?

Too bad Lucy wouldn’t be the next bachelorette. She is quirky enough to make the show interesting!

Comment: Other than most of the women every season being predominantly white, they all have different looks to me. And they’re all tall? Not the case.

Just now catching up on your Reader Emails from last week and LOVED the question and your response on Kate from Lost as the Bachelorette and the F4. This is probably now my all time favorite Q&A in your email bag. Didn’t realize/remember you were a Lost fan. I miss that show.

Comment: Probably the #1 response I got in the last week was to ranking Kate’s guys in order of elimination if she were the “Bachelorette.” That was fun. I should’ve spent even more time on it than I did. I did that question last Thursday morning off the top of my head. I was gonna save it for a week and do like this huge, long answer and giving a paragraph email as to why every guy was eliminated when they were, but I didn’t have the time. Glad you liked it though.

Just thought of something regarding Sharleen’s storyline.
Since she was going to be performing at a major concert shortly after she
left, wouldn’t she have had to be practicing her opera singing while she
was in the house? Maybe 10 days is enough time to prepare for an event
that significant, but it seems likely she would have needed to sing during
her time on the Bachelor to keep her voice “in shape”. You’d think any
kind of practicing (if allowed) would have made the other women suspicious
about why she was doing it. Makes me wonder if JP was already aware of
her plans to leave, and they were both just following a script to appear
attracted to each other so there could be more drama around her early
exit. Especially since he seemed awfully casual about her leaving
compared to some of the others that he appeared to have less connection

Comment: I have no idea to be honest. I’m sure she sang in the house on days she didn’t have a date.

This has been driving me mad the entire season. There was some actress that Chelsie looks like but I could NOT figure it out for the life of me, even after scouring google for ages. I couldn’t find anyone on any Bachelor recap comment section who mentioned it either.

Finally, as I was watching Punch Drunk Love this weekend, I figured it out. Thank goodness, before it drove me mad. Just kidding, I’m not that attached to it…however…do you see it?

Chelsie looks a lot like Mary Lynn Rajskub, who is most notably from “24”. They have the same teeth and overbite, and I think it’s especially noticeable when they are filmed from the side. I seem to recall you being a big 24 fan, so maybe you’ll see it too? Since Chelsie didn’t get that much airtime, people might have to go back to her one-on-one date in LA, but I’m sure no one much will be arsed to do that, so maybe you’ll have to take my word for it.

Another notable lookalike from the season that I never saw anyone mention was Allie from this season and Deanna, former Bachelorette. They had the same smile.
Anyway, first time emailer, but a long, long time reader…really enjoy your blog and sardonic sense of humor.

Hope next season isn’t as much of a bomb as JP and Desiree’s, though I’m not really sold on Andi. Maybe she’ll grow on me. I felt the same about Ashley…didn’t think she could carry a season, but she ended up being one of my favorites.

Oh, pics attached so you can see the Chelsie/Mary Lynn comparison.


Comment: I can see it. “Dammit Chloe! I need those schematics now!” Yes, now I’m excited again for “24” to return on May 5th.

Hey Steve,

Long time reader, first time emailer. Thanks for all of your hard work spoiling the show for us fans over the years, it’s greatly appreciated.

I’ve got a few of questions for you:

1) Who in your mind are the top five hottest female Bachelor contestants of all time? I was debating this with a friend the other day so I’d like to hear your thoughts. My personal five would have to be:

1. Jillian Harris
2. Emily O’Brien
3. Nikki Sterling
4. Michele Money
5. Rozlyn Papa

1. Rozlyn
2. Emily
3. Michelle
4. Jillian
5. Nikki

By the way, the person who sent this email was Canadian, hence the reason he had Jillian as his #1. Cute girl, but not #1 in that group.

2) You’ve met a lot of cast members through events, but have you ever had the chance to date one of them? If not, would you given the opportunity? No. If the stars aligned, and everything lined up perfectly, it could be possible. But there are a lot of factors that would go into it that frankly I don’t think the girls would want to bother with, not to mention I don’t know if I would be able to deal with them. It would take a special situation for it to happen. Don’t really see it.

3) Have you ever met Mike Fleiss in person? If so is he as big of a bitch as he seems to be? I’ve been in the same room with him, but no, never met him.

4) Right now, if you had to give a percentage, how likely is it that Bachelor Pad will be coming back this summer? If ABC doesn’t pick it up is there any way it could end up on another network that ABC owns? 100%. Been saying that for months now.

5) I’m a single straight guy in my early 20’s and watch this show every week. Is that normal, or should I go see a doctor? Go lay on a psych’s couch and talk about your feelings. There could be something wrong.

Hi Steve,

I wrote in a few months ago with a find from your achieves… I’ve been enjoying reading your blog through this season. I had a few questions for you about the filming process:

1. How does the filming work for hometowns? Do the girls stay in Miami for the week and only fly into their hometown for the day? Or do they get to spend any time at home while the others are filming? This season, yes. They all stay in Miami until it’s time for their hometown where they’re flown in the night before, stay in a hotel, then go on the date with Juan Pablo. When they walk into their parents house, that’s the first time they are seeing them since they left for the show. Once the date is over, they get a little time still to talk with the parents, but are back in their hotel that night, and back on a plane to Miami the next morning. You don’t get to shoot the sh** with friends and family, because then too much stuff would get out. Or at least increase the chances for stuff to get out.

2. What do they DO with their free time after they are segregated from the other girls? I assume it takes a week to film the hometowns (4 days of dates + travel time in between). When they aren’t filming their dates, what are they allowed to do? Hang out with their handler. Go shopping, go to the movies, go the gym, etc. But their handler is with them the entire time.

4. Finally, how connected are they allowed to be with the outside world? I can’t imagine any of these girls are particularly politically saavy, but are they allowed to watch the news / keep up with current events? I know you said that they film in the fall, so presumably every four years they are filming during a presidential election. Are they allowed to vote? Do they find out who wins? Or do they come out of the Bachelor bubble after 6 weeks and catch up on what they missed while they were separated from the rest of the world? No. You cannot do anything other than keep a journal. If it’s during a Presidential election, I believe they vote early before leaving. Unless there’s something major going on, they know nothing. A handler might fill them in here or there if they want to break protocol, which I’m sure happens on occasion.

I just read your recap today of last night’s hometowns (kept checking the blog all afternoon to see when it would be posted) and I just have to say that this was probably one of your best recaps evah! Your baseball analogy in the conversation between Hy Dorfman and JP was brilliant! Loved it! You’re on fire, man… Keep up the great work. It’s the only thing keeping me watching this dreadful show week after week.

My only question: do you think the producers had a team of psychologists nearby to deal with the catastrophic meltdown Clare must have had when she was dumped at the end? Aye-yai-yai!

Comment: There’s a psychologist on staff that every contestant is supposed to meet with once eliminated.

Hey Steve,

I understand the girls aren’t allowed to have phones, etc during filming.
Do you have any idea how they keep posting pictures of themselves
throughout the season on instagram then? Are they allowed cameras only or
do producers take pics for them to share (and advertise with) while the
season is airing?

In your opinion who has been burned the worst by the producers of this
franchise? Melissa Rycroft, Justin Rego, Rozlyn Papa, Brad Womack. Who
received the worst edit?

Comment: Producers take pictures and stuff is passed around. They are not allowed to take pics with their phone since producers have their phones.

Brad Womack. All the others pretty much got the edit warranted. Melissa? How’d she get burned?

Dear Reality Steve,

Thank you very much for your column– it is hilarious and the perfect supplement to such a ridiculous show. My question for you is that it appears that, in general, the bachelors/bachelorettes chosen to be taken on a hometown date have really nice homes. Do producers stage these family introductions in fake homes? Are people chosen to be on the Bachelor/Bachelorette based in part on their family’s homes? It appears to me they at least must stage certain rooms since it can’t be that all of the contestants come from Hollywood-worthy pads.


Comment: Not every hometown date is in the home that the parents live. It’s whatever is convenient for them. This season I’m pretty sure Nikki and Clare’s hometowns weren’t at their parents’ houses.

Dear Reality Steve,

I love your column and only watch this stupid show because I enjoy your take on it the next day. I have a few questions…

1. Do you think the hometown visit with Neekeee’s family was staged and filmed after the Final Rose? The reason I ask is that I noticed she was wearing a huge diamond solitaire, on her middle finger (meaning she moved the ring over?). Also, the way her family acted with the fake smiles plastered on their faces and the champagne etc, it almost seemed like everyone already knew he chose her. Do you ever think this happens? I know this seems odd but I couldn’t help but wonder…No, it was filmed Oct. 25th. They may re-shoot scenes and ITM’s, but they are not re-shooting dates after filming is over.

2. Do the parents/sig. family members have to agree to be on the hometown episode when filming begins each season? I just wondered if someone in each girls’ family has to commit ahead of time to being humiliated and looking totally stupid on TV, otherwise the girl can’t be on the show? Or do you know if parents have refused to be on? Melissa’s parents refused to be on. You can say no to whatever you want. It’s just most people don’t.

3. I also LOVE “24” and am obsessed with the show. Here’s a question. Rank Jack’s girlfriends from best to worst. (you can count his wife too). I’m so disappointed they are bringing back Skeletor Audrey. She was so boring. I loved Renee but there was also Kate (Season 2 I think, they never really let us see the romance, just alluded to it in the next season when Jack was in the car with Chase), Nina (boo hiss), the Mexican Woman that died in the shoot out, Connie Britton, Audrey and Renee. Also, wasn’t there an implication that Jack had hooked up with his sister in law? I kept thinking they were going to make the blonde nephew actually be his son but it never happened.

P.S. Wish you’d bring back an Amazing Race recap writer. I miss it.

Comment: Jack’s girlfriends:

1. Renee Walker
2. Audrey Raines
3. Terri Bauer
4. Kate Warner
5. Diane Huxley (Connie Britton)
6. Clow-dia (Cuz that’s how Hector Salazar pronounced it)
7. Nina. Traitor.

It wasn’t my decision not to bring her back. It was hers. She couldn’t commit the time anymore.

Hi Steve,

Bachelor and Bachelorette are my guilty pleasures (my wife is laughing at me), I just find the show really amusing. Anyways, I just read your recap and well done sir, hilarious. People at work were wondering why am I laughing so much in the middle of a busy work day.

Keep up the good work

Comment: Thanks. People seemed to like Tuesday’s column. Like I’ve said before, they all kinda run together for me. I never finish and think one is better than the other.

I have some questions for you.

(1) What is your evidence that Juan Pablo is, or ever has been, a “douchebag”? He has been unfailingly polite to all women on the show. He displays respect and kindness. He shows emotion, even tears, when he has to send someone home. He has a loving family who supports him. He is a good dad. He is fun, without having to get drunk. The two former girlfriends, who were interviewed for Us magazine, said good things, including that he was a genuine person, a good dad, and a faithful boyfriend. I have seen nothing from his life, or in the show, to indicate he is a “coonhound.” The only specific things you have mentioned are pictures taken of him with females. Of course, people are asking to have their pictures taken with him. So what? He is an amiable guy who would, of course, say yes.

(2) Similarly, what is your evidence that Nikki is a bitch? I have not seen one instance where she has been out of line with anyone. She does not like to dance on stage for millions of TV viewers — she was self-deprecating about it — props for her doing it anyway. We never saw a cross word from her to anyone, until Clare started criticizing Andi for being insecure/needy and suggesting that the neediness was the reason Juan Pablo gave her the rose in Miami. Even then, Nikki got up and left. Nikki only said negative things when Clare followed Nikki to her room and went crazy, spouting nonsensical stuff about why it was okay for her to storm into Nikki’s and Andi’s bedroom. Nikki seems intelligent, caring, and fun. She seems to be the only one who has truly considered what it will mean to be a stepmother (other than Renee). Also, she is a pediatric nurse, which probably means her caring about kids is genuine. If you can show me one piece of footage where she is being nasty, please do so.

(3) You seem to think that Sharleen is some sort of great girl. Why? She was a snob, who according to you, knew she was going to leave at a certain time for a previously scheduled event. Why no criticism for the “wrong reasons”?

(4) What is your deal with making fun of Juan Pablo and his issues with a second language? His communication skills seem fine. Renee certainly seemed to think he was genuine. Your first language appears to be English; yet, you have severe difficulties in two areas. Your diction remains crass and sophomoric. In addition, your poor grammar reflects badly on yourself, your schooling, and your family. Take some time to study the 10 most common grammatical errors. You make all of them.

(5) Are you aware that most women really like Juan Pablo? He is one who will be remembered for his graciousness, sincerity, and sexiness. The only other ones worth remembering are Sean, Jason, and perhaps Brad Womack for fooling America twice by pretending to be a nice guy.

(6) Do you want a significant relationship someday? If so, I have some advice for you. Stay off the webcam. Stop using gutter language. Let go of your obsession with TV from your adolescence. Start reading, traveling, doing charity work…get away from the computer and the TV. Lose some weight. Learn more about women…read about them, date them, listen to them. Stop talking about them in degrading terms. Stop talking about yourself so much. No one cares about your dog, your niece and nephew, your lawsuit…anything but your spoilers.

Comment: Thank you and keep reading. Wow.

Please tell me you saw the CHEESY intro for Need for Speed on Monday night by Chris Harrison and JP (it was during one of the commercial breaks)…..JP’s makeup was so thickly caked on, he looked sickly. It was terrible. If anything, this will probably deter people from seeing the film.

Comment: I saw it but I didn’t notice the caked on make-up.

I won’t see it just because I already the saw it the first time when it was called “Fast and Furious.”

I don’t email you much but I had to right now. My first email, a few weeks ago, said that was your best column yet. That was then. This is now. You have outdone yourself this time! The best line ever — “I wonder if Renee is quiet…” You are just hilariously fabulous and wonderful and this network should be grateful to you for the number of people watching this ridiculous show only because of you, especially this season with the way beyond stupid Juan Pablo. And while I’ve got you, did anyone besides me wonder why they allowed him to wear those awful looking blue Crocs when he was with Clare going to her salon for a ‘job’?

And one more thing: the March 3 issue of Us magazine has a quote from a friend of Andi’s that says “Andi can light the dance floor at Prive on fire! Guys flock to her!”

HUH? Can you imagine guys flocking to Elaine Bennes for her dancing? I don’t think so.

Comment: Maybe they weren’t talking about her dancing skills and more that she’s attractive that’s why guys flock to her. She’s admitted she can’t dance. We’ve seen she can’t dance. I don’t think she’s hiding any Beyonce dance moves. I think you misinterpreted the quote.

Reality Steve,

Every season there is a man/woman that stays on the show a little too long. You know they aren’t a match. In this case Renee and Juan Pablo. Do the girls get more money the longer they are on the show? Do you think Juan Pablo kept Renee on longer for more air time because it was blatantly obvious that she was not his type. I’m wondering why each season the Bachelor/Bachelorette does this. You know they aren’t going to pick them, but they sure seem to stick around for awhile.

Curious of your thoughts.

Comment: No. You don’t get paid to be on this show as a contestant. You get to the end, you get a stylist and a dress to wear along with doing some shopping, but this isn’t like DWTS or Survivor where you get paid per how many episodes you last.

If you were cast on the upcoming season of Survivor, which tribe would you prefer to be on: brains, brawn, or beauty?

Comment: I’d like to consider myself a candidate for all three, thank you.

Hey Steve! I love reading your site and I’m totally obsessed with your Bachelor spoilers! (don’t worry, I won’t go all Chris Siegfried on you and write a poem about how much I dig your work! Ha!)

Quick observation- did you catch the ridiculous grammatical errors in JP’s People blog this week? Wooohooohooo, you almost got me People! I ACTUALLY thought JP wrote that because of the errors you added to make it appear he wrote it! Good one. Better luck next time!

“In Venezuela, which doesn’t have thousands of prestige universities”

“people stay home while attending to college”

He definitely speaks like that, but, come on! As if that rubbish isn’t edited and approved and those “slipped by”.

Keep up the great (and comical) work, Steve!

Comment: Didn’t see that because I basically skimmed it. If he’s not writing it, and I know it’s not him, there’s no reason for me to read word for word into anything it says. That’s ridiculous.

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  1. shasha

    February 27, 2014 at 11:01 AM

    Steve, why didn’t you post my question??? 🙁

  2. commonsense

    February 27, 2014 at 11:26 AM

    Here’s the problem with the “Argentina ex” email. People today will stereotype/typecast a group of people based on ONE EXPERIENCE. That’s ridiculous. Her ex was likely an introvert based on how intelligent he was. In ANY culture, introverts can be shy and avoid confrontation. Juan Pablo is NOT AN introvert. Regardless of what you think about Andi’s behavior, her calling out JP enforces what Steve has said all along: he only cares about being in the limelight (with a little nookie on the side). The fact he hasn’t brought up religion (in a country as diverse as the U.S.), how the woman view raising a step child (which could be edited out, but unlikely), or what his/her future plans would be (considering he doesn’t have a job) show he 1) has nothing to talk about, 2) doesn’t care what the girls say, and 3) cares only about himself.

  3. angelfish

    February 27, 2014 at 1:01 PM

    I’ve known a few Latino men, and “introverted” is not a term I could associate with them or their families. The shy and retiring types exist in all cultures, as commonsense just pointed out, but as the exception rather than the rule.

    As she also said, he is NOT an introvert.

    I think the producers initially thought JP would be a great bachelor, but when filming proved them wrong, they decided to make lemonade out of the pseudo, artificially flavored, fake and dismissive lemons he gave them.

    Besides, it’s not difficult to throw somebody under the bus if they’ve already jumped out of their seat, charged down the aisle and wrenched open the bus door….

  4. nora

    February 27, 2014 at 1:01 PM

    Hello, I heard you said Andi would be the next bachelorette. You stole that thought from me where I posted that in Yahoo news. I also posted the very night that when The Bachelor started and all the women got out of the limo that Sharleen would leave the show early on her own and it came to past. Then just as soon as Andi left the show that night I posted that she would be the next bachelorette. You couldn’t have posted that before me because that would mean you posted it before she left the show. A woman in Yahoo said I got that idea from you which is a lie seeing I never heard of you until she mentioned you name. Here is what I posted in Yahoo:
    I told you all right here the night all the woman got out of the limo Sharleen would leave the show early on her own and it came to past. I was also the first to post Andi would be the next bachelorette and people are stealing what I said, but remember I said it first.
    Here is what a woman in Yahoo that commented on my post said:
    People are stealing what you said? You are so full of BS. Anybody wants the spoilers on the bachelor go to Reality Steve. Nora is a hack and a psycho.
    So you see you have this woman thinking that was your idea when you got it from me. I don’t appreciate you using my thoughts and acting like they are yours. Try using your own mind from now on.

  5. commonsense

    February 27, 2014 at 1:12 PM

    angelfish on February 27, 2014 at 1:01 PM said:
    I’ve known a few Latino men, and “introverted” is not a term I could associate with them or their families……
    As she also said, he is NOT an introvert.

    Another person basing an entire culture off a select sample. So there are zero introverts in Latin Culture? LOL. And she never said her ex was not an introvert. Read for comphrehension.

  6. angelfish

    February 27, 2014 at 1:40 PM

    An entire culture? I didn’t specify any culture. I live in Florida and have dated men from Cuba, Mexico and Brazil. None were introverted. And I never met any of their introverted family members. I also THEN said that the shy & retiring exist in all cultures. So of course there are introverted Latinos. I have simply never met any. Do they exist? Of course.

    And I was supporting YOUR opinion that JP is not an introvert. That was what I read in your post, and I agreed.

    I don’t believe I have a problem with reading comprehension.

  7. karynr

    February 27, 2014 at 1:45 PM

    Commonsense, Amen with your comments. The guy has no interest in any of them, except for the physical side of things.

    Being Jewish myself, I was thinking about that part of Andi’s life. It’s been a generation or two since a lot of Jewish singles only wanted to date their own faith. Andi’s parents, or at least Hy, might want her to end up with a nice Jewish boy, but Andi probably could care less. That’s one reason I wanted to stand up and cheer for Hy. He reminds me of a few men I’ve known in my life. Very smart and honest.

  8. bigfatwoman

    February 27, 2014 at 2:08 PM

    The first letter painting all people from one culture as this way or that way is just ridiculous. I understand there are customs that are particularly unique to a culture, but I think Juan Pablo is his own unique hot mess.

    Who is @nora and what is her problem? Strange comment above. Is it sarcastic? What am I missing?

  9. commonsense

    February 27, 2014 at 2:21 PM

    angelfish said: “And I was supporting YOUR opinion that JP is not an introvert. That was what I read in your post, and I agreed.”

    Ok, we are on same page.

    karynr said, “Commonsense, Amen with your comments. The guy has no interest in any of them, except for the physical side of things….Being Jewish myself, I was thinking about that part of Andi’s life.”

    And surely this came up during hometowns. Are we supposed to believe Hy and/or Andi never mentioned it ONCE? 99% doubtful. He just doesn’t care. I think we almost all agree its a given he has some pact with his baby momma that this is all a farce for him to get a model/acting career.

  10. jazzmine

    February 27, 2014 at 2:42 PM

    I will say the writer with the x-Argentinian boyfriend certainly gleaned a lot from only 4 months in a relationship. That is not a lot of time to assess how his culture handles relationships. I wonder if she visited Argentina and spent any amount of time there. I had an Ecuadorean boyfriend for 3 years and visited multiple times. I agree with some of what she said. The notion that they prefer “harmony” over expressing thoughts I don’t see eye to eye with. Many S.A. countries are very conservative (women don’t go to clubs alone or with other women/women only wear dresses and skirts), they are typically controlled by the men and don’t speak up. I wouldn’t say it’s because of “harmony.”
    I do agree with her about Andi standing up to JP. My boyfriend loved nothing more than a good debate and liked self confident smart women. When he would get controlling, I let him have it and he respected it. He actually did not want to live in Ecuador (and he doesn’t) because of how close-knit the families are and know everything about each other and all live together or live closely.

  11. mariafan

    February 27, 2014 at 3:54 PM

    I agree with jazzmine about the girl with an argentinian boyfriend that Steve posted. What can you learn about another culture from 1 guy in 4 months??!! Talk about stereotypes. I have lived on and off in the U.S. for approximately 15 years and I still don´t understand the american culture sometimes. This girl is talking about a guy that seemed introvert and did not like to share conversations with her. It had nothing to do with culture.

  12. seattleyaya

    February 27, 2014 at 7:04 PM

    Clare reminds me of Shelly Long -especially the way she holds her mouth.

  13. rob22

    February 27, 2014 at 8:01 PM

    Nora, of course many of us get our best info from Yahoo News posts. Where did I find out that info? The internet.

  14. kasey31

    February 28, 2014 at 12:37 AM

    Nora is a troll with nothing better to do with her time. Bye, Nora!

  15. Dianne

    February 28, 2014 at 6:51 AM

    nora, honey, Steve doesn’t NEED to get his info from you..he already had it all a long time ago. Now, go on..go play your silly games somewhere else.

  16. vessel

    February 28, 2014 at 8:08 AM

    Nora, could you PLEASE put your thoughts in an email to Steve so he can address it next week in his “Reader Emails” column? I would dearly LOVE to read his response to your accusations of him stealing his info from you!

  17. serapa

    February 28, 2014 at 8:14 AM

    Nora = troll

    delete acct.

  18. iheartvino

    February 28, 2014 at 8:51 AM

    I second that suggestion, vessel. Great idea.

  19. karynr

    February 28, 2014 at 1:59 PM

    Don’t forget Jen Frase and I Hate Green Beans.

  20. karynr

    February 28, 2014 at 2:02 PM

    I agree with iheart and vessel. Nora, you really need to ask Steve about that for his Reader emails column next week.

  21. guyliner

    March 1, 2014 at 2:02 PM

    Oh I really hope Steve reads the comments!! How else is he going to know about all the information he is stealing from yahoo news. This is too priceless. I can’t wait for next Thursday. Is it sad that Juan Pablo’s season is so boring, that the thing I’m looking forward to most is Reality Steve’s responce to Nora?

  22. Athena

    March 1, 2014 at 2:43 PM

    While it is true that you can’t stereotype an entire culture from a few month relationship with one representative of it, it is also true that there are cultural traits that are generally true for various cultures. I’m not any kind of expert on South American, or specifically Venezuela cultural values, but I’m certain there are some differences between mainstream American values, and I suspect the value of individualism vs community and future vs present time orientation are among them.

  23. vessel

    March 1, 2014 at 4:30 PM

    I emailed Steve about this Nora person and he said his moderator had already passed the comment on to him. He didn’t ban her since she wasn’t being malicious and he said “these are the fun ones” lol. Hope he chats about it next week.

  24. mariet

    March 1, 2014 at 5:19 PM

    To the emailer whose six questions RS refused to answer or even acknowledge — you are my hero! Loved it !!!

  25. mariet

    March 1, 2014 at 5:29 PM

    To the emailer who commented on grammatical errors in Juan Pablo’s blog– are you serious? Steve’s has tons every week! So painful to read. I just come here for the spoilers.

  26. rob22

    March 1, 2014 at 6:49 PM

    I’m not in favor of “banning” anyone unless they are just causing chaos with incendiary comments. If someone whines about some “meanie” and some idiot moderator decide to ban a person, it’s just stupid, and it solves nothing, since a new account can be created in about two minutes. The worst of the worst are never deterred by being banned anyway. Some sites have moved to an “anything goes” format. You can say literally anything…. and people definitely take full advantage of that. It’s definitely not for the feint of heart. The regulars can be brutal on newbies who don’t know what they’re talking about.

  27. carol

    March 2, 2014 at 7:00 AM

    “his moderator”

    Moderator, LOL. (Is that what he calls his package?) Anyone who thinks Steve has a moderator for comments probably thinks the show is real, too. He has far too much ego and paranoia to *not* read the comments. Trust me. He reads them.

  28. bigfatwoman

    March 2, 2014 at 8:20 AM

    @carol — I have always found it amusing that Steve claims to never read the comments on his site.

    In fact, there are times it is clear in his posts that he is using verbiage straight from our posts.

    It’s an odd claim as well as a little insight into a too proud ego. What writer wouldn’t read the comments? It’s too implausible to be believable.

    Hi Steve!!!

  29. vessel

    March 2, 2014 at 10:06 AM

    Jeeze, I just relayed Steve’s response to my email. Yeah he said “his moderator” relayed the comment to him. No, I do not think there is any reality in this ridiculous show, and I don’t give a crap if he has a moderator or not, nor do I care to speculate if he does or does not read his reader comments section, who gives a sh*t if he’s lying or not?. No need to be insulting because I repeated his email response, wow.

  30. rob22

    March 2, 2014 at 10:35 AM

    Whenever you hear anyone say they don’t read the comments, don’t pay attention to the press, etc. take it with a grain of salt. They only say that to appear disinterested in what’s being said about them and to avoid commenting on things said about them. But, they all read every word. A few bloggers throw caution to the wind and comment on their own blogs. Although doing so can be quite douchey, at least it’s honest doucheyness.

  31. adoptacat28

    March 2, 2014 at 1:35 PM

    I knew from the third episode this guy is a narcissistic jerk. ABC needs to do better homework on the bachelor’s they pick to be on the show. What a waste for these women whom gave up so much to find love.

  32. kasey31

    March 2, 2014 at 9:51 PM

    Vessel, don’t take it personally. You’re absolutely right about what you said, and you did nothing wrong.

  33. newmoonmg

    March 3, 2014 at 10:30 AM

    Completely agree w/Argentine ex email. This is the problem of the producers, for not fully vetting him, and fully understanding that his persona is going to be ruled by his culture. JP isn’t a Latino/American, he is Latino, period. His ambivalence and the way he shrugs off needy women is just part of who he is. I don’t necessarily find him fascinating, but I do think he is just being true to who HE is.

    Again, this is something the producers should have taken into account before casting him.

    AT the very least, they should have opened up casting of the women to be a bit more diverse than the one token dark skinned contestant. Had the panel of women been more diverse, i.e. Asian women, Latino women, Indian women, women are probably more exposed to JP’s cultural behavior through relatives etc., they would have been a more suitable fit.

  34. rob22

    March 3, 2014 at 4:48 PM

    If the producers picked Latinas to be on the show, wouldn’t it have been smarter to air it on Telemundo instead of ABC? You see, the producers were thinking they could get by with JP-Blow as a Latin lover. But they knew they couldn’t add more foreigners to the mix and still put it on American TV. Nobody would watch that.

  35. amyrn22

    March 3, 2014 at 7:55 PM

    Has anyone ever emailed Steve and not had their email posted? Before this week, I’ve always had my questions answered by Steve, but this week I emailed him a few questions about Friday Night Lights and my email isn’t on here….I’m not sure if he didn’t get it or if sometimes he just can’t answer them all– like if he gets too many or something. Maybe it was just a fluke that all my other questions have gotten answered on here. Not a big deal, but I actually had some good questions in there this week!

  36. amyrn22

    March 3, 2014 at 8:03 PM

    Nora, you are a complete idiot… Gosh, i hope Steve addresses that one this week!!! hahaha. Yeah, Nora, I’m sure Steve read your troll comments on Yahoo news and “stole” your thoughts to create spoilers. Do you have ANY idea how this website works at all? Let me guess… you also think Sean and Catherine are the best couple in the history of the world and you are “completely obsessed with them” and if anyone feels differently, they are “horrible, atrocious excuses for human beings that should be shot.” (Even though you have never met them) I actually saw someone post that on her instagram. No joke. Please, oh please, Steve, address this crazy person’s comments!!

  37. mush

    March 3, 2014 at 10:36 PM

    it is beyond me how a dad could even consider proposing to anyone (even in the ficticious world of tv) before the girlfriend even met, let alone,developed a relationship with his kid. why has this not been brought up? and, why would anyone woman consider marrying a man with a kid when she has never seen him with the kid? the kid could be a spoiled brat because the father doesn’t know what hes doing. a deal breaker for any new step coming in to the picture. uggg.

  38. abb2

    March 3, 2014 at 11:25 PM

    Andi was one of my favorites but not anymore. I think she was not happy he was going to dump her so she paid him back. Why does she put out the “dirty laundry”? Because she lacks class and I hope will not be the next bachelorette. I like Sharleen, and Kat!!

  39. texan

    March 4, 2014 at 8:42 AM

    Some of you need to learn the actual meaning of the word “introvert” before using it synonymously with “shy.” That just perpetuates a falsehood. For instance, I am a completely non-shy introvert, and one of my coworkers is a shy extrovert. Introvert/extrovert and shy/non-shy have nothing to do with each other. Educate yourselves, folks.

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