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Hey Steve! Thanks for making another season watchable. Abc should be very thankful for you as I’m sure many of us would no longer be watching without your commentary. Anyways, ABC has really blown casting the lead the past 2 seasons. First they have Des who was painfully boring to watch and now JP. What ever happened to the original premise of the show where the contestants were vying for the lead who was successful, good looking and intelligent? Isn’t the whole point of the show that all the girls would want a “perfect” bachelor? JP is hot. That’s it. I’m glad they are going (hopefully) with Andi next season. It will be nice to see a lead who is educated, attractive and successful.

Comment: This show isn’t about love, or finding the perfect match, or all the teddy bears and rainbows they want you to think it is. It’s a television show. If they cast the “perfect” lead, and 25 contestants that were all similar in looks, physique, intelligence, and personality, this would be the most boring show ever.

Hi Steve,

Looking forward to seeing this.

But do you think there is anything wrong with saying an overnight already happened (Clare’s)? Doesn’t matter what I think. If it bothered Andi, then obviously there was something wrong with it.

Also, is there something wrong with not bringing up religion yet? That is actually a topic you are supposed to stay away from for a while, though maybe it should have been brought up by the final 3, I don’t know. It is also implied by going on the show that religion doesn’t matter, if it is true that you are open to any of the women at the outset and vice versa.

It seems that many of Andi’s criticisms are uncalled for, even though Juan Pablo clearly makes a lot of mistakes w/ the vernacular. At the same time, it proves Andi didn’t feel strongly about Juan Pablo because those little, minor things she brought up would not be issues if you felt strongly about someone. It would take much more. Andi seemed to have been looking for an out. Not necessarily conspiracy-theory of knowing it was her last chance to be The Bachelorette, but who knows.

A good project for you may be to try to find the true reason Andi wanted to bolt (if it had to do with wanting to become the bachelorette, or for reasons Andi mentioned).

Looking forward to the confrontation, and talk to you later.

Comment: I’m sure Andi, like every girl that goes on this show, has being the “Bachelorette” in the back of their heads. They’re lying if they say they aren’t. Andi knew she was probably not getting a rose, but for television purposes and to make it more dramatic, she did what she did to leave.

Hey! Questions:

(1) isn’t it a little unnecessary to put an actual old-timey skeleton key in the card about “staying in the fantasy suite as a couple”? Surely all of these super nice hotels use key cards or (at the very least) normal keys. Have they always put those fake keys in the fantasy suite cards and I just haven’t ever noticed?!? Note: I know this isn’t that big of a deal, but it just adds to the farce that is this show. Yeah, it’s pretty dumb. I think even a Motel 6 off the side of the highway in Bumbf**k Wyoming (sorry Wyoming) has key cards for their rooms. I think it’s been 10 years since I’ve used a key to a hotel room. Maybe more.

(2) do you think that when Andi left she knew she would be a candidate as the next “Bachelorette”? Is the show not worried that by picking Andi as the next “Bachelorette” they will set a precedent for people applying not with the hopes of winning the heart of the lead but of being the next “Bachelor” or “Bachelorette”? I agree with everything you say about a lot of these people trying to advance their careers in entertainment by going on this show, so with that in mind, wouldn’t contestants rather make it to the top few contenders and either leave (like Ali who now has a pretty sweet gig at E!) or get rejected and then have their own whole season? I mean what’s to keep future people from applying, playing it safe and charming all season, with the intention of leaving the show (thus sparing themselves the humiliation of being rejected by the lead on national television) or trying to get rejected by the lead at the very end just so they could then be the next lead themselves? Pretty much what I said last question. They all have it in the back of their minds when they sign up. As do the guys. Impossible to prevent against that.

(3) I was reading a magazine on an airplane this weekend and Juan Pablo was on the cover (don’t judge me- I love reading trashy mags when I travel). The couple sitting next to me on the plane (who were from the UK) were asking me about who I thought he was going to pick (and they seemed to be viewers of the show). Obviously I gave them the lowdown from your site but then it made me wonder: where all does “The Bachelor” air and do the episodes air the same weeks as they do in the U.S.? No idea. I’ve never been to another country, but if it airs at the same time, then I’m assuming it airs on the same night. Or those people are watching online.

Hey Steve!

Have you ever heard anything about the casting events? Chris Harrison kept saying come to one of our casting events last night before commercial breaks and I was just curious how those work. How many people actually show up and what do they do? Interviews? Pictures? I’m surprised no one has ever written into you with details after going to one. You go, you fill out a questionnaire, and they record you on camera answering questions for 5 minutes. It’s not done in front of any of the people who actually make decisions for the show. They usually farm it out to casting companies to just collect the info, questionnaires, and videos, and they mail it back to NZK Productions for them to look at. There are videos all over YouTube of what one of those casting calls looks like. Turn out is obviously different in every city, but local newscasts will cover it and those videos are online.

And it’s crazy Andi basically summed up everything you have said about Juan Pablo all season! I’m also surprised Andi and Nicki are such good friends after Andi basically bashed her boyfriend on National television. Andi is really disgusted with JP so that has to be hard for Nicki to deal with.

Why wouldn’t producers probe JP to ask more questions and act more interested? It seems it would make better TV if they talked more in depth. Isn’t that the producers job? All they had to do was tell him and I’m sure he would have tried harder. Seems dumb on the shows part. They saw it happening so why not fix it!? It’s their TV show at risk. I don’t know. You’d have to ask them.


Since we all know Juanny P and Nikki won’t be together in about 3 months or less, do you think there’s a chance he will be on the Bachelor Pad this summer?

The verbal smackdown by Papa Dorfman and Andi is one of the biggest highlights this season.

I hope you include a lot of “itz okay” and “more pervert” in tomorrows column.

Comment: I guess there’s a chance if they’re broken up by June for either of them to be on it. Doubt they’d cast both, but I could see Nikki doing it more than Juan Pablo to be honest.

After seeing previews for the women tell all, I honestly think the girls all read the post from the hairdresser on your site and got their hair done the next day exactly as per her recommendations – Renee, Kelly…to me it was absurdly obvious!

Comment: Yeah, I did notice that both of them definitely changed up their hair. You’re welcome.

Hello Steve,

Thanks for the spot on spoilers so far, I am now bored with the ending because as you wrote, it has become very clear on the hometowns that JP is not at all into this, but will still read your column even if I don’t watch the show. I have watched every episode so far and I have some questions for you:

1. Why has Chris Harrison been completely invisible this season? He usually has all of the heart to heart talks with each bachelor or bachelorette, giving us the feeling that he cares about them and their “journey”. You made a reference to him throwing JP under the bus, but I don’t read twitter, or any abc blogs, so can you give us a little more detail on that? Was it just the more pervert thing? I have to admit that I sorta miss Smitty a little bit, yikes, how bizarre! I’ve linked to all the Chris stuff essentially every week. Every Tuesday he writes a blog for that I link to, and he does a Q&A with that I link to. As for his talks with Juan Pablo, once they start traveling, he always deliberates with him, it just doesn’t always get shown.

2. I don’t find Andi the least bit interesting and not looking forward to the bachelorette, for once I’m rooting for your spoiler to be wrong about that… do you think it could be worse than Desiree? You said their formula is working, but on the female side it doesn’t seem as effective does it? I honestly would prefer Kat, Kelly, Sharleen, but not Clare or Chelsie. Couldn’t disagree more. On the female side (up until Sean’s season) that was the only side that DID work in this franchise. And even the ones that didn’t at least stayed together for a decent amount of time, minus the Emily/Jef farce.

Sorry, but that spoiler isn’t wrong either. Andi is the next “Bachelorette.” Congratulations to E! and TMZ to come out with their “exclusive” this week announcing that. Didn’t realize an exclusive can be a week old. What’s next, they gonna release that Nikki is the winner?

3. Do you know if there are ever going to be more burning love episodes? I haven’t heard anything.

Hi Steve. Love your site. Couple of questions:

Do you have a hot tub at your new house? Ha Ha No, I don’t. Although I do have a tub in bathroom that is separate from the shower. Bow-chicka-bow-bow.

Did JP take all 3 women to the same fantasy suite and the same bed? (eww gross). I could have sworn in every other season the rooms appeared to be different? No. Fantasy suites are in different rooms.

Is it possible that the producers offered Andi the Bachelorette gig before the overnights & that’s why she suddenly lost interest in JP? Do you find her voice as annoying as I do? Of course it’s possible. But no way to prove if they did.

Best part of the Fantasy Suite episode – shots of crabs multiple times. Especially after poor gullible Clare’s date who probably did it again.

Apart from that, no surprises, your spoilers were 100% accurate. Finally even the viewers that think this is real will see that the woman confirm what you have been saying – JP has no interest in them. It was obvious during the evening dates how his only interest was to get to the fantasy suite and get some action.

I am truly sorry for Clare. Poor girl seems to want a relationship so much that she cannot even see through JP. Her rejection meltdown will be painful. My sympathy is lessened for her because she like has like the like disease like, same like as Neeeki and like Andeee like.

Although could the show have tricked you again as with Des/Brooks/Chris? JP is dumb enough and not invested in any of the girls to go along with picking whomever they suggested.

Comment: Yeah, it’s not looking good for Clare. Lets see how she reacts. You’d think there’s gonna be a complete meltdown based on how into the process she is.

Did they trick me this season? No. As for last season, this assumption that somehow the show was behind it is pure speculation. I know who I spoke with and who I was in contact with. It certainly wasn’t anyone from the show, so I don’t get how people can say the show is the one that leaked a wrong spoiler. That doesn’t make any sense if no one knows who I was speaking to.

Just read your recap from the Overnight dates and I am honestly floored. People have something negative to say about what Andi did?! Huh?? She called him out on his sleezyiness and was honest about her feelings. How does that make her a bitch? What did people want her to do? Keep pretending that he is God’s gift to earth? I’m seriously baffled right now.

Comment: People will always find something to complain about with someone from this show. It’s the nature of social media in the year 2014. Plenty of tweets I saw from the average fan didn’t like Andi. And plenty love her.

Steve, First off, love your column! You have got to be one of the funniest writers ever; sometimes a little crass, but I laugh out loud everytime regardless. 🙂 I’ll be honest; when I first started watching this show I did so thinking it was “real” and they really did fall in love. Now, not so much. There have been a FEW couples that have made it, but I repeat, few. And I think there relationship really got deeper AFTER the show. I follow Desiree on Instagram, and I noticed that last weekend she posted a pic of her and Chris at their “engagement party”. do you think they really just got engaged? Yeah i KNow he gave her a ring and proposed on the show, but maybe they really took it slow and now it means something? I dont know, just a thought.

Now my question. Did you happen to catch clare’s ITM after the rose ceremony with her and nikki? She said that whoever JP picks would be very “telling” in what kind of person he is. I totally agree! Nikki seems just as shallow and clueless as JP, so that is prob why he picked her. For all of Clare’s faults ( needy, insecure, etc etc) I think she has a little more “substance” than Nikki, and especially JP. I know when he doesnt pick her she will go off the deep end and Im sure will be so distraught, but in the end she really is the “winner” in all this. I just hope she finds someone who really loves her; after all, isnt that what we all want?

Love the spoilers!! Keep them coming because, frankly, I dont think Id watch the show without them!!

Comment: I highly doubt Clare will have problems finding a date after this show.

Hi Steve,

I have to admit that this is my first time watching a full season of The Bachelor (I’ve never watched the Bachelorette). My sisters all read your site, and I never understood why. Until I started reading it, of course. Your site is the best thing to happen to reality television since, well, reality television.

I have two questions:

1) I’m sure at the very beginning of the JP season they showed a promo clip of him saying something like “I didn’t do this to be made a fool of” and then storming off camera. Will we see that? Any idea what his problem was (at that moment, anyway)? There were plenty of things shown in the first promo of the season that didn’t get shown during the season. They do it every season and it’s impossible to know who said what when. Pure speculation.

2) Andi suggested her snapshow on JP was the result of whatever happened during the overnight date. Is that true? Everything she said to him, and the amount of emotion she radiated during her rant, says to me that she’d been resenting him and pissed off at him for a lot longer. I’m sure she was. Maybe it all just came to a head on the most important date of the season for her so she’d just had enough.

One comment on Andi: I’ve never watched the series prior to this, so I don’t know if her attack has precedent. Is it normal for a contestant to call out the lead for allegedly misrepresenting themselves? As much as I agree with what she said to JP, when she was rambling about how much time she’d wasted and how much she’d left behind “for him”, I couldn’t believe she was saying it with a straight face. Blaming the bachelor personally because she agreed to be on The Bachelor is ridiculous. Even without the absurd premise of this show, any relationship can go sour unexpectedly or after any length of time. It’s called “dating”. Or “marriage”. Or pretty much anything you invest your personal time and energy into that you cant 100% determine the outcome of.

Anyway, you know this.

Comment: Yeah, I don’t really look at it like that just because the whole thing is silly. And I have a hard time believing most things that these people say to the camera because the amount of coaching and manipulating is behind it.

Just love reading your interpretations and summaries of the Bachelor….just crack me up!

toured st Lucia last March ……my husband and I were laughing at the Colorful SHACKS they tried not to show on the program. we would NEVER go back to St. L, St .croix , etc…talk about third world? a week after we left the Caribbean Cruise, a tour bus …just like the one we were on…was held up at gunpoint on Guadalupe….the scariest island of them all!!!!

I ll take Hawaii anyday,

Keep up the great writing….you are much more entertaining than the actual show!

Comment: I’ll be sure not to go down those streets when I eventually vacation there.

Mr. Carbone,

Hey brother would you agree that Juaaan Pablo’s date with Nikki last night was quite possibly the most awkward date in the history of the show? I get the fact that he was excited to f**k but homeboy should have at least attempted to have a decent conversation and act like he was somewhat interested in something besides getting p***y. Even low-budget pornos have more intellectual and conversational foreplay than what we saw last night. They shouldn’t have even made Juan and Nikki go on a date; they should have just given them some keys to the closest Motel 6 and let those kids get down to business.

What we saw last night was basically the interaction that takes place between a John and a hooker before they start banging in a Circus Circus discounted hotel room; the interaction was forced and painfully uncomfortable for all parties involved. They producers should have just let Nikki show up in her slutty top and her psychedelic hippie pants at Juan’s hotel room that morning and let her and Juan do some John Smith-Pocahontas role play for the entire afternoon. It would have saved everyone associated with the show’s production a lot of time and money.

Whaddya think Stevie? Was that date the most awkward date in show history?

Comment: Ummmm, I think you described it wonderfully.

Hey Steve,

How to people with high profile jobs, such as Andi (and Michael from Des’ season), go back to their career?

I’m an attorney and, I promise you, it would be nearly impossible to go back to the private sector, let alone the public sector (ie. prosecutor), for your job without everyone knowing what you did. It seems like anyone who goes on this show has to know they are forfeiting some level of respect in the legal community.

Side note: I find it hard to believe that any DAs office gave someone nearly two months of leave and held open a job for their return. The demand for lawyers is too high and the workload is too big to delegate to colleagues.


Comment: Andi’s legal career is essentially over and I don’t think she cares. This is what she wanted, and now she’s getting it.

Hi Steve,

I know that when I have my family over, let alone a guest, I don’t have time BEFORE dinner to sit down and chat, as I’m busy making sure the entrée and sides are all done at the same time and served hot. Yet, during the hometown dates most of the families are casually sitting around before the meal. Are the meals catered? Or are the mothers just much better hostesses than me?

Comment: Yes, most meals are catered and they’re just waiting for the couple to arrive. Maybe on occasion someone will cook for the whole party, but for the most part, food is brought in. Probably a good thing since I’m guessing some of the mom’s this season would probably try and poison Juan Pablo.

Hi Steve,

I just have a few comments to share:

1. I know JuanPa’s ratings have been very good throughout the season, but they’ve performed below Sean’s the last two episodes (HTD and FD). Guess people are becoming disenchanted with the Latin “heartthrob” and his stupidity. I haven’t compared Sean’s hometown and fantasy date ratings to Juan Pablo’s so I don’t know. But if you say are, I’ll take your word for it. Still, getting 8 million viewers on a Monday and Tuesday night up against the voice and winning the women 18-49 for their time slot is all they care about.

2. I saw on twitter that AshLee F. took a dig at Sean with her saying JuanPa was the second Bachelor to be confronted by the truth. Wetpaint then stupidly ran a story about it. Seems she still can’t let go of whatever delusions she has about something Sean said in the Fantasy Suite. But she’s gotta do what she’s gotta do so that people don’t forget her when she’s on Bachelor Pad this summer. I guess. Earlier this year, she tweeted during one of the episodes how funny she thought my tweets were, then immediately started following me. Arie called me an asshole to her, and within minutes, she unfollowed me. That’s the type of person we’re dealing with here. You can bet your ass she’ll be on “Bachelor Pad” come June.

3. JuanPa and Nikki’s relationship after this season is not gonna last past filming of Bachelor Pad (so about 3 months). I’d be shocked if they made it that far. Clearly the man is only looking out for himself and wants all the publicity he can get. Summer is where I set the over/under and I’ll take the under.

4. I can’t wait to see Andi’s dad interrogate the final 2 during her season. Hy will be in full private detective mode. Don’t worry Hy, I got you covered. Just keep checking this site over the next few months as I spoil it during filming, and you can get a leg up on whose these guys are and what they do for a living.

I know this would never happen, but what if they had two bachelorettes? smart ones too, who had to be straight no bullshit about what they think of each contestant- and same for the contestants- like boom the new bachelorettes are Andi and Sharleen. It would obviously cause a ton of disruption and they would need to have a new format- I think it would be interesting and refreshing though to shake things up- the contestants would have to be slightly more honest about who they might like more and actually make an effort to get to know each other- the show is so fake and ridiculous as it is. the new format would likely be just as fake and ridiculous but would at least make the dynamics more interesting and entertaining to watch. and the producers wouldnt have to make up so many fake story lines to add drama, the drama would happen spontaneously from the insanity that would ensue. its a problem when an already fake and ridiculous show is insanely boring.

Comment: Two “Bachelorettes” that were the leads throughout the whole show? People already complain enough about how we barely know any of the contestants. We’d know even less if we had to focus on two different women dating the guys every week. Wouldn’t work on any level. Now, if they want to do what they did on Byron’s season and have two leads at the mansion on the first night and the contestants vote who they want as the lead, I guess they could try that again, but that sh** would be spoiled so early, what would be the point? Everyone would know who ended up getting the lead because A) I’d spoil it immediately and B) Even if you didn’t know they cast two leads to be voted on, I’m sure there’d be one public date where the couple would be seen and that would spoil it.

Hey Steve!

I think you rock and your blog is so much fun!

1. If you had to guess what would be your ballpark estimate for how much money they offered him to propose? Do you think Neil Lane forked over some cash too or just abc? If he says yes, do you think they’ll give Nickie the heads up so she reacts appropriately? My guess? Probably 40-50k. If they didn’t give her a heads up, she sure knows about it now.

2. What do you Nickie’s thinking now that she’s seen this episode with her BFF Andi? I have no idea, but if she thinks this is the guy she really wants to marry, and he really wants to marry her, she’s got another thing coming.

3. Now that Andi has indicated that her Jewish religion is important to her, do you think this will be a major component of her season? I’m not Jewish but i think it could be interesting to see how different contestants interact with the religion component. It could be. I haven’t dove into any of the religions of the guys I have so far. Andi is Jewish, but I don’t think she’s very strict Jewish, so I doubt she HAS to pick a Jewish guy. Andi likes all kinds. She certainly doesn’t discriminate.


A few thoughts and questions.

1) What do you really think of Clare’s family. She doesn’t look anything like her sisters. Also I thought they had an Italian background and her mom was like “the Godmother” There was a very strange thing going on there, calling her “mama” every 5 seconds…it wouldn’t have surprised me at all if she had a gun underneath her shawl/blanket. Clare didn’t look anything like her sisters to me. Or anyone else. Interesting dynamic going on there. Youngest of 6 and she’s 32. Meaning a good chance a couple of them are in their late 40’s.

2) Since Andi is the next Bachelorette and it will most likely get announced at the WTA, do you think Andi told any of the girls she is the Bachelorette or did she really keep that to herself. Does she get any kind of slap on the wrist for telling ahead of time. Regardless of if she did or not, they all know now.

3) I noticed all families ask what has been going on at the hometown dates. I know in the past they have allowed the girls to speak to their children but I figured the girls would have some kind of communication to their families in order to prepare for hometown dates. Parents don’t know many details of exactly what’s going on, if any. They will allow a check in here and there, but there’s a producer sitting right next to the contestant on the phone making sure they don’t reveal anything.

Hi Steve

Since jp doesn’t propose to Nikki, I am curious if they go through the charade of having him pick out rings? Yes, he picks out a ring. They showed him with the box in his hand at the final rose ceremony during the last preview they showed.

How telling that he expressed literally no feelings or emotions when andi and sharleen, the supposed front runner, left, but he “cried” and talked about “feelings” when he sent some other girls home? The tears seemed fake and that just goes to confirm that they were; and that the guy didn’t care about any of them, just as you’ve been telling us all along. I guess he’s a better actor than we think.

To the people who thinks the two name thing is weird and formal, he didn’t choose his name. I have two names, and trust me, it is a pain in the neck to explain, and to get people to call me by both. Hence the reason I have gone by the initials for years. People would shorten to calling me just the first name, like Cassandra calling jp “Juan”. I didn’t choose to have a long and confusing name, but love my name(s), and hope my hypothetical future spouse will take the extra half second to say both. People don’t question why someone named Jennifer might not want to be called jen or jenny, etc. It might seem weird to some people, but it is what he wants to be called. Sorry for the mini-rant 🙂 Don’t insult the two-named people!

Hi Steve!

Some questions for you…

1. Do you now know why Jef and Arie got into a fight or whatever? And are they still at odds? Is it even real? Lol No. As far as what I’ve heard, yes, it’s real.

2. Speaking of Jef, not that I don’t agree with his comments on Juan Pablo, he is pretty sleazy, but calling him a fame whore while you’re speaking to a magazine at a kiisfm event when you’re now slightly irrelevant? I mean… okay buddy. Jef’s just as much as a fame whore as Juan Pablo, Arie, etc. He’s just doing it in a more low key fashion, don’t you think? Yeah, quite comical for that guy to be calling Juan Pablo out for being sleazy. Coming from the guy who has an infatuation with girls in their early 20’s.

3. I think Andi as the next bachelorette is a good choice! She seems like someone who will at least convince us that she’s definitely in it for love. She’ll ask all the right questions. Whoa, lets not go that far. I’m sure she’s much more interested in being the “Bachelorette” than being in it for love.

4. Do you think they regret choosing Juan Pablo as a bachelor? I mean, he’s awful. Not as a person necessarily, but I’ve seen every episode and I’m still not sure if he even has any feelings for any of these women. I’d say so.

5. Random, I know, but do you like Emily Maynard? Are you a fan? And what do you think about her engagement? I’ve got no problems with Emily. I’m pretty neutral. Don’t hate her. Don’t love her. I think she backed herself into a corner when she said for months she would never do the “Bachelorette” then changed her mind. From that point on, she was going to be criticized for anything she did. But, she brought it upon herself so she can’t blame anyone else.

Hey Steve,

I know you hear this all the time but I LOVE your site and your recaps. Having all the behind the scenes info totally makes the show worth watching! Your latest spoilers about the WTA and the ATFR are awesome, I love that they are up on the site so quickly. Amazing.

Question: Do your sources know anything about how Nikki and Juan Pablo’s relationship has gone since the end of the show? I mean, even if there is a monetary offer for him to propose at the live finale, it would look kind of stupid if they aren’t all happy and in love. Seems to me that if their relationship isn’t going well or they aren’t thrilled with the idea of marrying each other, that not only would they have to pay him to propose but they’d have to pay her to accept! Unless she actually does want to marry this guy….

What do you think?

Comment: They’re still together. Remember it’s a television show that isn’t about happiness and love. Which is why I said any possible proposal at the ATFR won’t mean anything because these two are ever walking down the aisle. And if he proposes, she will accept. They’re certainly not gonna let her reject him on live TV. Would never happen even if she wanted to.

Steve, all I can say is OMG, OMG, OMG!!! Who is this Robert Mills guy anyway? I mean everyone is throwing WanPabs under the bus for his inappropriate comments, but at least he has some kind of an excuse with his whole “English is my second language” line. But this guy Mills? Do you read his tweets? He is an executive at one of the biggest networks in television yet he tweets like he is a horny pre-pubescent teenage boy with his remarks. From his DORF, DORF, DORF to his F-buddy comments this guy needs to be taken out and shot ( Andi?). He has no language barrier excuse. Talk about no filter. Nobody at that network should be calling JPabs out when they got such an asshat working for them. How can this guy be taken seriously with all of his politically in-correctness? Don’t see other major network execs talking like this guy. Amazing that a network executive will say some of the stuff he does.

Can u elaborate on what u hinted about in Tuesdays blog about who and what Nikki was doing right before she left for the show?? Something about a Ryan and/or a Matt? Nope.

Also wanted to say thank you for tuning me on to Jason and Molly’s podcasts. Love those two. I think it is cool u r friends with them. And also a big thank you for reading and replying to all of your reader emails….also cool.

Last but not least…do u realize u r royalty? According to some websites u r “king” of the spoilers! Go King Carbone! You sure called this season. U earned your title

Comment: Me and Lebron have a lot in common.

Send all links and emails to: To follow me on Twitter, it’s: Instagram name is “RealitySteve,” or join my Reality Steve Facebook Fan Page. Talk to you tonight.

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  1. shasha

    February 27, 2014 at 11:01 AM

    Steve, why didn’t you post my question??? 🙁

  2. commonsense

    February 27, 2014 at 11:26 AM

    Here’s the problem with the “Argentina ex” email. People today will stereotype/typecast a group of people based on ONE EXPERIENCE. That’s ridiculous. Her ex was likely an introvert based on how intelligent he was. In ANY culture, introverts can be shy and avoid confrontation. Juan Pablo is NOT AN introvert. Regardless of what you think about Andi’s behavior, her calling out JP enforces what Steve has said all along: he only cares about being in the limelight (with a little nookie on the side). The fact he hasn’t brought up religion (in a country as diverse as the U.S.), how the woman view raising a step child (which could be edited out, but unlikely), or what his/her future plans would be (considering he doesn’t have a job) show he 1) has nothing to talk about, 2) doesn’t care what the girls say, and 3) cares only about himself.

  3. angelfish

    February 27, 2014 at 1:01 PM

    I’ve known a few Latino men, and “introverted” is not a term I could associate with them or their families. The shy and retiring types exist in all cultures, as commonsense just pointed out, but as the exception rather than the rule.

    As she also said, he is NOT an introvert.

    I think the producers initially thought JP would be a great bachelor, but when filming proved them wrong, they decided to make lemonade out of the pseudo, artificially flavored, fake and dismissive lemons he gave them.

    Besides, it’s not difficult to throw somebody under the bus if they’ve already jumped out of their seat, charged down the aisle and wrenched open the bus door….

  4. nora

    February 27, 2014 at 1:01 PM

    Hello, I heard you said Andi would be the next bachelorette. You stole that thought from me where I posted that in Yahoo news. I also posted the very night that when The Bachelor started and all the women got out of the limo that Sharleen would leave the show early on her own and it came to past. Then just as soon as Andi left the show that night I posted that she would be the next bachelorette. You couldn’t have posted that before me because that would mean you posted it before she left the show. A woman in Yahoo said I got that idea from you which is a lie seeing I never heard of you until she mentioned you name. Here is what I posted in Yahoo:
    I told you all right here the night all the woman got out of the limo Sharleen would leave the show early on her own and it came to past. I was also the first to post Andi would be the next bachelorette and people are stealing what I said, but remember I said it first.
    Here is what a woman in Yahoo that commented on my post said:
    People are stealing what you said? You are so full of BS. Anybody wants the spoilers on the bachelor go to Reality Steve. Nora is a hack and a psycho.
    So you see you have this woman thinking that was your idea when you got it from me. I don’t appreciate you using my thoughts and acting like they are yours. Try using your own mind from now on.

  5. commonsense

    February 27, 2014 at 1:12 PM

    angelfish on February 27, 2014 at 1:01 PM said:
    I’ve known a few Latino men, and “introverted” is not a term I could associate with them or their families……
    As she also said, he is NOT an introvert.

    Another person basing an entire culture off a select sample. So there are zero introverts in Latin Culture? LOL. And she never said her ex was not an introvert. Read for comphrehension.

  6. angelfish

    February 27, 2014 at 1:40 PM

    An entire culture? I didn’t specify any culture. I live in Florida and have dated men from Cuba, Mexico and Brazil. None were introverted. And I never met any of their introverted family members. I also THEN said that the shy & retiring exist in all cultures. So of course there are introverted Latinos. I have simply never met any. Do they exist? Of course.

    And I was supporting YOUR opinion that JP is not an introvert. That was what I read in your post, and I agreed.

    I don’t believe I have a problem with reading comprehension.

  7. karynr

    February 27, 2014 at 1:45 PM

    Commonsense, Amen with your comments. The guy has no interest in any of them, except for the physical side of things.

    Being Jewish myself, I was thinking about that part of Andi’s life. It’s been a generation or two since a lot of Jewish singles only wanted to date their own faith. Andi’s parents, or at least Hy, might want her to end up with a nice Jewish boy, but Andi probably could care less. That’s one reason I wanted to stand up and cheer for Hy. He reminds me of a few men I’ve known in my life. Very smart and honest.

  8. bigfatwoman

    February 27, 2014 at 2:08 PM

    The first letter painting all people from one culture as this way or that way is just ridiculous. I understand there are customs that are particularly unique to a culture, but I think Juan Pablo is his own unique hot mess.

    Who is @nora and what is her problem? Strange comment above. Is it sarcastic? What am I missing?

  9. commonsense

    February 27, 2014 at 2:21 PM

    angelfish said: “And I was supporting YOUR opinion that JP is not an introvert. That was what I read in your post, and I agreed.”

    Ok, we are on same page.

    karynr said, “Commonsense, Amen with your comments. The guy has no interest in any of them, except for the physical side of things….Being Jewish myself, I was thinking about that part of Andi’s life.”

    And surely this came up during hometowns. Are we supposed to believe Hy and/or Andi never mentioned it ONCE? 99% doubtful. He just doesn’t care. I think we almost all agree its a given he has some pact with his baby momma that this is all a farce for him to get a model/acting career.

  10. jazzmine

    February 27, 2014 at 2:42 PM

    I will say the writer with the x-Argentinian boyfriend certainly gleaned a lot from only 4 months in a relationship. That is not a lot of time to assess how his culture handles relationships. I wonder if she visited Argentina and spent any amount of time there. I had an Ecuadorean boyfriend for 3 years and visited multiple times. I agree with some of what she said. The notion that they prefer “harmony” over expressing thoughts I don’t see eye to eye with. Many S.A. countries are very conservative (women don’t go to clubs alone or with other women/women only wear dresses and skirts), they are typically controlled by the men and don’t speak up. I wouldn’t say it’s because of “harmony.”
    I do agree with her about Andi standing up to JP. My boyfriend loved nothing more than a good debate and liked self confident smart women. When he would get controlling, I let him have it and he respected it. He actually did not want to live in Ecuador (and he doesn’t) because of how close-knit the families are and know everything about each other and all live together or live closely.

  11. mariafan

    February 27, 2014 at 3:54 PM

    I agree with jazzmine about the girl with an argentinian boyfriend that Steve posted. What can you learn about another culture from 1 guy in 4 months??!! Talk about stereotypes. I have lived on and off in the U.S. for approximately 15 years and I still don´t understand the american culture sometimes. This girl is talking about a guy that seemed introvert and did not like to share conversations with her. It had nothing to do with culture.

  12. seattleyaya

    February 27, 2014 at 7:04 PM

    Clare reminds me of Shelly Long -especially the way she holds her mouth.

  13. rob22

    February 27, 2014 at 8:01 PM

    Nora, of course many of us get our best info from Yahoo News posts. Where did I find out that info? The internet.

  14. kasey31

    February 28, 2014 at 12:37 AM

    Nora is a troll with nothing better to do with her time. Bye, Nora!

  15. Dianne

    February 28, 2014 at 6:51 AM

    nora, honey, Steve doesn’t NEED to get his info from you..he already had it all a long time ago. Now, go on..go play your silly games somewhere else.

  16. vessel

    February 28, 2014 at 8:08 AM

    Nora, could you PLEASE put your thoughts in an email to Steve so he can address it next week in his “Reader Emails” column? I would dearly LOVE to read his response to your accusations of him stealing his info from you!

  17. serapa

    February 28, 2014 at 8:14 AM

    Nora = troll

    delete acct.

  18. iheartvino

    February 28, 2014 at 8:51 AM

    I second that suggestion, vessel. Great idea.

  19. karynr

    February 28, 2014 at 1:59 PM

    Don’t forget Jen Frase and I Hate Green Beans.

  20. karynr

    February 28, 2014 at 2:02 PM

    I agree with iheart and vessel. Nora, you really need to ask Steve about that for his Reader emails column next week.

  21. guyliner

    March 1, 2014 at 2:02 PM

    Oh I really hope Steve reads the comments!! How else is he going to know about all the information he is stealing from yahoo news. This is too priceless. I can’t wait for next Thursday. Is it sad that Juan Pablo’s season is so boring, that the thing I’m looking forward to most is Reality Steve’s responce to Nora?

  22. Athena

    March 1, 2014 at 2:43 PM

    While it is true that you can’t stereotype an entire culture from a few month relationship with one representative of it, it is also true that there are cultural traits that are generally true for various cultures. I’m not any kind of expert on South American, or specifically Venezuela cultural values, but I’m certain there are some differences between mainstream American values, and I suspect the value of individualism vs community and future vs present time orientation are among them.

  23. vessel

    March 1, 2014 at 4:30 PM

    I emailed Steve about this Nora person and he said his moderator had already passed the comment on to him. He didn’t ban her since she wasn’t being malicious and he said “these are the fun ones” lol. Hope he chats about it next week.

  24. mariet

    March 1, 2014 at 5:19 PM

    To the emailer whose six questions RS refused to answer or even acknowledge — you are my hero! Loved it !!!

  25. mariet

    March 1, 2014 at 5:29 PM

    To the emailer who commented on grammatical errors in Juan Pablo’s blog– are you serious? Steve’s has tons every week! So painful to read. I just come here for the spoilers.

  26. rob22

    March 1, 2014 at 6:49 PM

    I’m not in favor of “banning” anyone unless they are just causing chaos with incendiary comments. If someone whines about some “meanie” and some idiot moderator decide to ban a person, it’s just stupid, and it solves nothing, since a new account can be created in about two minutes. The worst of the worst are never deterred by being banned anyway. Some sites have moved to an “anything goes” format. You can say literally anything…. and people definitely take full advantage of that. It’s definitely not for the feint of heart. The regulars can be brutal on newbies who don’t know what they’re talking about.

  27. carol

    March 2, 2014 at 7:00 AM

    “his moderator”

    Moderator, LOL. (Is that what he calls his package?) Anyone who thinks Steve has a moderator for comments probably thinks the show is real, too. He has far too much ego and paranoia to *not* read the comments. Trust me. He reads them.

  28. bigfatwoman

    March 2, 2014 at 8:20 AM

    @carol — I have always found it amusing that Steve claims to never read the comments on his site.

    In fact, there are times it is clear in his posts that he is using verbiage straight from our posts.

    It’s an odd claim as well as a little insight into a too proud ego. What writer wouldn’t read the comments? It’s too implausible to be believable.

    Hi Steve!!!

  29. vessel

    March 2, 2014 at 10:06 AM

    Jeeze, I just relayed Steve’s response to my email. Yeah he said “his moderator” relayed the comment to him. No, I do not think there is any reality in this ridiculous show, and I don’t give a crap if he has a moderator or not, nor do I care to speculate if he does or does not read his reader comments section, who gives a sh*t if he’s lying or not?. No need to be insulting because I repeated his email response, wow.

  30. rob22

    March 2, 2014 at 10:35 AM

    Whenever you hear anyone say they don’t read the comments, don’t pay attention to the press, etc. take it with a grain of salt. They only say that to appear disinterested in what’s being said about them and to avoid commenting on things said about them. But, they all read every word. A few bloggers throw caution to the wind and comment on their own blogs. Although doing so can be quite douchey, at least it’s honest doucheyness.

  31. adoptacat28

    March 2, 2014 at 1:35 PM

    I knew from the third episode this guy is a narcissistic jerk. ABC needs to do better homework on the bachelor’s they pick to be on the show. What a waste for these women whom gave up so much to find love.

  32. kasey31

    March 2, 2014 at 9:51 PM

    Vessel, don’t take it personally. You’re absolutely right about what you said, and you did nothing wrong.

  33. newmoonmg

    March 3, 2014 at 10:30 AM

    Completely agree w/Argentine ex email. This is the problem of the producers, for not fully vetting him, and fully understanding that his persona is going to be ruled by his culture. JP isn’t a Latino/American, he is Latino, period. His ambivalence and the way he shrugs off needy women is just part of who he is. I don’t necessarily find him fascinating, but I do think he is just being true to who HE is.

    Again, this is something the producers should have taken into account before casting him.

    AT the very least, they should have opened up casting of the women to be a bit more diverse than the one token dark skinned contestant. Had the panel of women been more diverse, i.e. Asian women, Latino women, Indian women, women are probably more exposed to JP’s cultural behavior through relatives etc., they would have been a more suitable fit.

  34. rob22

    March 3, 2014 at 4:48 PM

    If the producers picked Latinas to be on the show, wouldn’t it have been smarter to air it on Telemundo instead of ABC? You see, the producers were thinking they could get by with JP-Blow as a Latin lover. But they knew they couldn’t add more foreigners to the mix and still put it on American TV. Nobody would watch that.

  35. amyrn22

    March 3, 2014 at 7:55 PM

    Has anyone ever emailed Steve and not had their email posted? Before this week, I’ve always had my questions answered by Steve, but this week I emailed him a few questions about Friday Night Lights and my email isn’t on here….I’m not sure if he didn’t get it or if sometimes he just can’t answer them all– like if he gets too many or something. Maybe it was just a fluke that all my other questions have gotten answered on here. Not a big deal, but I actually had some good questions in there this week!

  36. amyrn22

    March 3, 2014 at 8:03 PM

    Nora, you are a complete idiot… Gosh, i hope Steve addresses that one this week!!! hahaha. Yeah, Nora, I’m sure Steve read your troll comments on Yahoo news and “stole” your thoughts to create spoilers. Do you have ANY idea how this website works at all? Let me guess… you also think Sean and Catherine are the best couple in the history of the world and you are “completely obsessed with them” and if anyone feels differently, they are “horrible, atrocious excuses for human beings that should be shot.” (Even though you have never met them) I actually saw someone post that on her instagram. No joke. Please, oh please, Steve, address this crazy person’s comments!!

  37. mush

    March 3, 2014 at 10:36 PM

    it is beyond me how a dad could even consider proposing to anyone (even in the ficticious world of tv) before the girlfriend even met, let alone,developed a relationship with his kid. why has this not been brought up? and, why would anyone woman consider marrying a man with a kid when she has never seen him with the kid? the kid could be a spoiled brat because the father doesn’t know what hes doing. a deal breaker for any new step coming in to the picture. uggg.

  38. abb2

    March 3, 2014 at 11:25 PM

    Andi was one of my favorites but not anymore. I think she was not happy he was going to dump her so she paid him back. Why does she put out the “dirty laundry”? Because she lacks class and I hope will not be the next bachelorette. I like Sharleen, and Kat!!

  39. texan

    March 4, 2014 at 8:42 AM

    Some of you need to learn the actual meaning of the word “introvert” before using it synonymously with “shy.” That just perpetuates a falsehood. For instance, I am a completely non-shy introvert, and one of my coworkers is a shy extrovert. Introvert/extrovert and shy/non-shy have nothing to do with each other. Educate yourselves, folks.

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