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The “Women Tell All” Recap Including Some “Reader Emails”

Since my “Reader Email” bag is already over 50 deep and it’s only Tuesday morning, I figured I’d knock some out in this column today so to make Thursday’s column a liiiiitle more manageable. Just gonna use ones sent since last night to make it somewhat more topical. Here we go…


Any opinion on what Hy’s reaction would have been if he was watching the early episodes of this seasons Bachelor? Specifically the pet adoption and soccer game group dates. They both featured oblique views of Andi’s kitty. If Hy was unhappy with JP in general, he must have had a genuine rage at the producers for these two vantage point views of his daughter.

I also am left wondering if he is genuinely disappointed that Andi flushed away her legal career for this cockroach of a show.

Your site is awesome.

Comment: Kinda hard to put myself in the shoes of the all powerful Hy Dorfman, but I guess I’ll just have to assume he’ll stick to the company line of “As long as my daughter’s happy.”

She definitely isn’t interested in going back into law full time and making a career out of it, that’s for sure.

Hey Steve,

Love your site, you’re awesome, don’t care about the ads, yadda yadda yadda. 3 unrelated questions:

1) You say Nikki was the most hated girl in the house, and Andi (her BFF) was the 2nd most. Where does that put Clare? In her ITM’s, Kelly mentioned that Clare had no friends… and Andi seems tight with Nikki, Kelly, Sharleen and Kat. Oh, and I totally think that Ali Fedotowsky is reading your spoilers and trying to butter up Andi (as the next bachelorette) and Nikki (as the winner) by saying they’re the most ‘real’ since they’ll cross paths the most in the future. There were definite cliques in the house, no doubt. If we’re just going off Twitter and some of the reaction last night, Kelly, Andi, and Sharleen are definitely one clique (and also Team Nikki), and a lot of others are Team Clare. Kinda hard to say though since I know it’s possible for these girls to put on good faces on social media to each other, but then talk sh** behind their backs. Happens all the time.

People ask me about Ali reading the spoilers every season. I have no idea if she does or not, but it’s just like anything else. Once the spoilers are released, anyone who gives an opinion of what they THINK happens on the show you have to take with a grain of salt because they could be reading spoilers. I think most that invested into the show have an idea. Maybe they couldn’t recite every episode-by-episode spoiler and elimination, but they’re aware of what I’ve reported.

2) I have always believed you (and agreed with your theory when you first posted the spoilers) that Andi will be the next Bachelorette. You keep on saying that there’s no way it will go to the final 2 girl due to timing… but last season (Sean), you kept on saying that the gig was Lindsay Yenter’s if she wanted it. Aka, the final 2 girl. Why did you think so at that time and how would that have worked, timing-wise? You know what, you’re right. And that was a complete oversight on my part. It wasn’t til later on as we got closer to the finale did I realize my mistake and that there was no way it could’ve been Lindsey. Not because she was seeing someone, but for the reasons explained earlier that due to the filming schedule, and the “Bachelorette” filming beginning the same week as the finale of the “Bachelor” airing, you can’t possibly have the final 2 girl in the lead role.

3) Why are so many girls (including ones with bad edits) buds with so many of the producers? Elan, Cassie, Millsy… aren’t the producers in charge of their crappy edits? Yet Courtney Robertson (the villainess of her season) and Sarah Herron (the crier – who even stated in her blog the frustration she had trouble finding guys because they all knew her as the crier on the Bach) were seen hanging at Elan’s place on premiere night… I don’t get it. Remember, the producers aren’t the editors. The producers are the ones who pretend they’re your best friend in the world just to get you to say sh** you normally wouldn’t say. It’s the editors job to splice it all up and make you look foolish. I think these people once they’re off the show and there’s nothing they can do about it anymore, just kinda move on. Are they supposed to hold a grudge forever?

Oh, and I totally agree with your readers who have noticed that Shay (Sean’s sister, aka Mix and Match Mama) hardly ever mentions Catherine, and when she does, it’s very neutral and not gushing with compliments (like she does for other Bachelor contestants and Sean’s other friends). I wonder if it has to do with religion – I remember reading a Q&A saying that she doesn’t think people should date outside their faith, and, well, Catherine just got baptized right before their wedding.

Comment: I haven’t read Shay’s blog since her recap of the wedding, but you’re not the first person who’s told me that, nor do I think you’ll be the last.

Hi Steve,

So I’m watching WTA .. How do you think these women stay so attractive and thin? I imagine for some it’s genes, others healthy eating. Most of them are always so stunning.

Side question: I always wondered .. If you don’t mind me asking .. Is your blog your full time job or do you have another job? It’s so cool that you have a blog that so many people follow where you get to talk about the shows you love!

Comment: How does anyone stay attractive and thin? By eating right, working out, getting sleep…? Weird question.

Yes, my blog is my full time job. It became my full time job in August of 2011. Never thought it would ever get to that point but it has and I’m enjoying it.

Hello Steve,

My GF and I are keen followers of the Bachelor/Bachelorette series.

In tonight’s episode, she made an observation that we re-reviewd a few times over the course of the PVR’ed episode, starting at 23 minutes in, in paticular:

Did Kelly used to be a man? She has a very prominent adam’s apple, and, later in the episode, there’s a clear clip of her in the After the Rose ensemble where she swallows and her very visible adam’s apple moves up and down.

At first, I playfully scoffed at her observation, but, replaying several clips of the episode, there is little doubt that she has a throat unlike the others, quite man-ish, shall we say.

Perhaps this is simply a medical anomaly, or due to a particular medical history, or is she transgender.

Comment: So Kelly is now a tranny? Wow. I think I’ve heard it all.

Hi Steve-

Thanks for the blog- it definitely makes watching the Bachelor/ette MUCH more enjoyable.

I was thinking after seeing Sharleen again tonight that Juan Pablo only ever liked/was interested in her (obviously he kept the ones around he could get on/in). It’s the Bachelor so he can’t exactly eliminate them once he’s figured out he’s not interested. In the mean time you just bullsh*t people. I’m not saying he’s an upstanding person. Just saying once he chose Sharleen he might have checked out of trying to connect with the other contestants. Then once she left it became about keeping whoever he thought he could sleep with (more so than it already was). ATFR would be waay more interesting if he ditched Nikki & ask Sharleen for another chance. But she’s too smart for ABC to make her do anything she doesn’t want.

Thanks again & have a great week!

Comment: Well, he’s definitely not gonna do that on the finale, even though Sharleen will be in attendance along with others.

Yes, people do seem to forget that once you sign up for the show, it has to have x amount of episodes with eliminations each episode. So you have to play the string out even if you know early on who your final 1 or final 2 are. You can’t just stop filming and be like, “Ok, I’m done. This is the one I want.” So of course stuff gets exaggerated and you go out on dates with people you know you aren’t going to pick in the end, along with being forced to say things about them you don’t mean. I get it. But I don’t think Juan Pablo was only looking at Sharleen and no one else and once she left he didn’t care. He didn’t care from the beginning. Don’t know how many times I can reiterate that.


My ADD can’t handle these stupid things.

Comment: You can watch an extra :15 seconds then skip out of the ad. It’s not too difficult even for someone with A.D.D. like yourself.

Hey Steve,

Another season has come to an end and thanks again for making it the joke it is!

Some questions:

1. Do you plan on reading Courtney’s book? I can’t imagine it being anything other than her trying to convince the world that she got a bad edit and she isn’t really the bitchy nut job that she came out on the show. I don’t think the book is going to focus on all that. She’s not gonna be allowed to dive into the production aspect of the show. She’ll probably talk more about life before and after the show, with a little of what happened mixed in. But it’s certainly not going to be an expose on everything that goes on behind the scenes. No way will that happen.

2. Why do you think that the producers are now into picking either total steroid meat heads or gay guys for the contestants for the Bachelorette? For the last few seasons it has been either the roided meat heads like Ryan or Mikey or James or Rego or the gay guys like Frank or Ames or Brooks or Drew or Michael or just about every other guy on Des’ season that was not on steroids. Why not some just down to earth normal guys? Nothing at all against the “more pervert” guys and some of them make great friends and great guys to shop with and talk girlie stuff, but why do the producers think that is what women want to see for marriage material? The same goes for the meat heads. Do they go to gyms to recruit the most roided up, arrogant guys that are staring at themselves in the mirror flexing their muscles in tank tops? Again not what most women want. How about some normal guys for once? Or do normal guys not want to go on this show and by default (sorry Andi……that word) this is all there is out there? I know you are aware of guys who will be on Andi’s season. Is ABC still going with the trend of the meat heads and gay guys or are they actually choosing some normal, down to earth guys? What “down-to-earth, normal guys” would ever consider doing this show. Lets face it, you have to be at least 50% douchebag to even sign up for this show in the first place. And a little vain. And who’s vain? Dudes that spend 6 hours a day at the gym and take shirtless selfies, that’s who. So it makes sense as to why those guys are getting cast. If you’ve already got a great job, steady income, you’re attractive, and have a great social life, do you really need to come on this show?

3. Everyone and their mother knows that all 3 of the girls got it on with Juan Pablo in the overnight suites. What self respecting girl would want or expect an engagement one week after your man sleeps with 2 other girls on 3 consecutive nights? I mean come one, if he is doing you all night long……..wouldn’t you think he was doing the other girls too? Girls that go on this show, that’s who. To defend the girls here, I honestly don’t think the sex that happens in the overnight suites is done out of any sort of love for the other person. It’s two attractive horny people who haven’t been able to get their rocks off for a month. That’s why it happens. Men and women have needs and the fantasy suite fulfills those needs. Nothing more, nothing less.

4. So ABC is offering up a pot of gold for Juan Pablo to pop the question on the ATFR????

I am not the most traditional person in the world……..but isn’t marriage still supposed to be about love, wanting to be together till death do you part in sickness and health and all that stuff……not tying the knot because someone threw a wad of cash at you to make a proposal. In third world countries families are paid to get their son to marry a daughter from a lower class. How is that supposed to work out? Marriage is a serious thing with serious legal and emotional and financial consequences if there is divorce. Does ABC not have a conscience offering up money to get a proposal from a guy who so obviously doesn’t want to get married right now? Not in the least bit. That’s not what this show is about. It’s a television show first and foremost so they will do whatever they can to get a reaction from people.

5. Do you think Andi being Jewish will be brought up this season with her and they will make a big deal about men who want to raise kids Jewish and want to be part of a Jewish family? Not sure. I’ll let you know once filming starts.

6. Juan Pablo was never interested in getting to know any of the girls and never interested in marriage, that is for sure. Is there anything wrong with that……….I mean come on, does a normal person really think they can come on a show like this and find a wife in 8 weeks. Could Juan Pablo be the most realistic, down to earth batchelor ever as he did not have lofty expectations from this show from night one and just wanted some tail to have fun with in the fantasy suites? Yeah, there’s something wrong with it when you try to pretend that’s what you’re doing on the show in the first place. That’s always been my biggest problem with some of these people. Look, we know you went on for ulterior motives. You didn’t go on to find a spouse or a step parent. You went on for a free vacation, to get paid, to be on magazine covers, to make television appearances, and to boost your brand. Just own up to it and I wouldn’t have such a problem with some of the phonies who try and present themselves differently.

7. Can we expect when Grown Sexy Catherine gets impregnated by Sean that ABC will run a special about it and they can talk about the night they conceived and all the details? Then they will film her giving birth and televise it to the world? Getting really sick of this couple really, really fast. Wow, do they love the attention. Lets hope it’s put on the back burner for a while.

8. Steve…….want a male perspective. What do you think of surgically enhanced breasts? Not as good as the real thing or even better? Can you tell the difference? As a guy can you tell just by looking? If you meet up with a girl for a date and you can tell, is that a turn on? May seem like weird topic, but me and my friends talk about this and are looking for an unbiased males perspective. Can I tell the difference? I’m the king of telling the difference. Sure, I’ve slipped up here and there, but is there a better drinking game at the bar than playing “Real or Fake?” I don’t think so. For me, each has to be taken individually. Some boob jobs look great, others not so much. Can’t make a blanket statement that all of them are great because that’s just not the case.

9. This is a Dr. Reality Steve question. Here is the short version. Ok, Steve, went out with a guy. Went to dinner. Liked him. He called me a couple days later. Went out again. I met him after work. I do much of my work from my computer (I am not a blogger like you, but still it is a big part of my work). We are at a Starbucks and everything is going great, sipping coffee and dessert over some good small talk. He seems like an interesting, good guy. I need to borrow his lap tap to check some stuff from work. Well long story short, when I go to type in a web site, some previous sites he was on come up. There was some obviously porn sites, not just one but several. He steps out to go to the bathroom and I check his history and like a dozen porn sites. I am not a prude by any means, but to see this guy into porn on only the second date is just sorta creepy. The sad thing is that he seemed like any otherwise normal, down to earth guy and things were going great. Now he calls me and I am screening his calls. He sent me some texts and I ignored them except just a quick response telling him I am busy. Is it just wrong to judge a guy for finding porn sites on his computer history? Is it just expected that single guys look at porn? Is this just a normal thing now with guys in their 20’s and I should just expect it even it it really bothers me? Am I wrong for not wanting to date a guy that is into porn? And I guess I can’t find any guy that has never watched pron, but I just don’t want to know about it. And wouldn’t a guy who is into porn be smart enough to delete his history after watching it? That annoyed me too like he didn’t care that it was on there.

Comment: Porn is inevitable. If he doesn’t watch it, there’s probably something wrong with him. However, you seem to be with a guy who’s addicted to it. That’s a red flag. There’s a difference between liking it and being addicted to it. Maybe when he stepped out to go to the bathroom, he’d just been looking at it so he went to go punch his clown.

You have your own dating rules. If it bothers you, then don’t date him. If it’s something you think you can handle, then do it. Just know that most guys look at it. You just need to find someone who’s not addicted to it.

There’s nothing I love more than catching a grammar Nazi using bad grammar.

This is a quote from someone who lambasted you in an email that appeared in your “Reader Emails” column on 2/27/2013:

“In addition, your poor grammar reflects badly on yourself, your schooling, and your family. Take some time to study the 10 most common grammatical errors. You make all of them.”

One of the most common grammatical errors that people make is not knowing when to use reflexive pronouns (i.e. myself, yourself, himself, herself, etc.). These pronouns are used when the subject and object of a clause are the same. For example, “I look at myself,” makes proper use of the reflexive pronoun “myself”.

The subject of the clause when using “myself” has to be “I” and the subject of the clause when using “yourself” has to be “you”.

Your detractor made this very common grammatical error when she/he stated the following: “…your poor grammar reflects badly on yourself.” The subject of the clause is “your poor grammar” NOT “you” so the correct insult should be:

“In addition, your poor grammar reflects badly on YOU, your schooling, and your family. Take some time to study the 10 most common grammatical errors. You make all of them.”

Fu@k grammar Nazis, especially the hypocritical ones. NO ONE is exempt from making an occasional grammar flub. You write well enough to be entertaining and that’s good enough for me.

Comment: Ummmm, yeah. What she said. Totally knew that.

Send all links and emails to: To follow me on Twitter, it’s: Instagram name is “RealitySteve,” or join my Reality Steve Facebook Fan Page. Talk to you Thursday.

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  1. shirleyu

    March 4, 2014 at 10:56 AM

    JP is so frustrating. There seems to be no real conversation with him. Most people have more depth to them…even in talking to just a person than JP does. I’m guessing Kat didn’t know Andi was picked as The Bachelorette as she seemed to be auditioning last night. Ha! Sharleen talks in riddles. It’s clear she liked to make out with him but there was nothing else there, she knew it. She stayed as long as she wanted to. She totally didn’t answer truthfully about what she meant when she said she wished she was dumber. This season has been a train wreck. Sean and Catherine? I have such mixed emotions about them. I liked them. I think Sean is goofy and I think she is too. I think that is why she won his heart. In reality AshLee, serious organizer, never had a chance with him. I wish she would stop throwing digs at him on twitter. Get over it. But they need to leave us now. Only pull them out every once and a while. Did we need to see them on last nights show? No, but I think that was ABC’s way of trying to deflect from JP. I don’t think they actually work. Follow them on twitter, they just play and travel. I love Sean’s sister, Shay. She is beautiful, smart, an extremely hard worker but I would say Catherine is not her favorite. Going back to the very beginning of her blog. Shay is a gusher. You know when she likes someone or something. There have been plenty of Sean’s girlfriends that she gushed all over. But not Catherine. She has mentioned her a couple of times more recently but not big gushes, just statements and she calls her C. But so what? I think Catherine is very cute. She looks very happy. I hope they are. But I don’t think I could be around her a whole lot in real life. Pretty sure I wouldn’t care for her very much. Thanks for all you do Steve!!!

  2. mush

    March 4, 2014 at 11:23 AM

    doesn’t it seem like renee went on the show to find love? she may be the only one .

  3. vessel

    March 4, 2014 at 11:45 AM

    No comments on Nora? 🙁

  4. angelfish

    March 4, 2014 at 12:06 PM

    I’m sure Nora is composing a post right now, how she knew Renee was engaged before all the other media outlets knew. And she probably knew as soon as Renee stepped out of the limo!! *LOL*

  5. vessel

    March 4, 2014 at 12:15 PM

    Hahahaha @angelfish. I sure hope so! Good stuff.

  6. tamara

    March 4, 2014 at 12:21 PM

    I cannot believe catherine said the “quick fireworks” comment on national t.v. dissing sean publically. That is really bad for their marriage.
    I thought juan pablo handled himself fairly well at wta. Yes hes self centered. But he is also right that honesty can hurt when he was less interested in one woman than another.

  7. angelfish

    March 4, 2014 at 12:49 PM

    I think goofy Catherine and goofy Sean (they kept telling us they were goofy!) were joking with each other. I kinda like them both, and while I don’t presume to “read between the lines” in most relationships, I think they look happy. They had over a year to break up if they weren’t solid, and they didn’t.
    Honestly, if my husband & I waited a year to consummate and then he was able to last hours, I’d be CERTAIN he hadn’t waited! *LOL*

  8. juliette

    March 4, 2014 at 1:02 PM

    The grammar email made me laugh! I am not a grammar Nazi by any means, but I thought I would just let you know the difference between “lets” and “let’s” since you use it a lot in your columns. LET’S focus on on grammar right now (let’s is the contraction for let us). She LETS the dog out (lets is the verb here). Sorry to be annoying! I just thought I would let you know. 🙂

  9. sumo

    March 4, 2014 at 1:20 PM

    Regarding Kelly’s supposed “Adams apple”
    She probably has a thyroid condition that gives her an enlarged thyroid or thyroid nodules (sometimes known as a goiter)
    Thyroid problems tend to make you either gain lots of weight or lose lots of weight. With how Kelly looks I assume the later.
    Poor girl!

  10. bigfatwoman

    March 4, 2014 at 2:09 PM

    Ugh ugh and more ugh to see Lunkhead and Gigglesnorts on last night’s WTA. Despite my disdain for these two famewhores, I’ve always thought Catherine to be naturally pretty and she photographs beautifully. But….she dumbed herself down (aside from when she utters a thought) with those bangs??? Yuck. Bad look. This pair really really needs to go away. I can’t stand the way Sean speaks, he comes across as such a caveman.

    As far as Juan Pablo on WTA, I thought the women went overboard in their bashing. The people that the women should be mad at are the suits at ABC who cast him. They knew exactly what they were getting themselves into with him.

    The women should also be mad at themselves. They signed up for this farce. What did they expect?

    Always fascinating to see the shroud of holiness that has enveloped Sharleen for no apparent reason other than she uses complete sentences and didn’t act giddy or desperate. Bravo to her, but let’s not get carried away fawning over a normal girl with an unusual career.

  11. rob22

    March 4, 2014 at 2:33 PM

    I thought it quite humorous that Lucy, the naked girl, was lecturing JP-Blow on not being serious about the girls. She should have stayed in character and pulled a Sharon Stone/Basic Instinct causing the edit to have to blur out the image. The holier than thou attitude didn’t fit her at all.

  12. Athena

    March 4, 2014 at 3:22 PM

    I thought it was interesting that it was Andi, Sharleen, and Renee, the three girls who lasted the longest, and who he obviously liked more than the others, who came to his defense the most in terms of saying that he did try to get to know them. Granted, given that two of the three chose to leave, obviously they didn’t see the long-term potential any more than he apparently did, but they didn’t try to throw him under the bus like the other women did.

    I also ended up wondering just how accurate the “no one liked Nikki” info that Steve was given and shared with us all season (until this column in which he seems to backtrack a little based on the Team-Nikki responses shared last night on the show). I tend to think what he wrote this week about there being “cliques” amongst the women is probably more accurate than what he was saying previously. Since I tend to mistrust all good/all bad kind of stereotyping of people, I was glad to see a more balanced portrayal of who likes who.

  13. rollingeyes

    March 4, 2014 at 3:58 PM

    About the girl who looked at the guy’s browser history…

    1) You borrowed his laptop, probably unexpectedly, and expected that he should have deleted his browser history? Why should he be ashamed of his browser history, especially if he isn’t expecting anyone to go snooping into it?

    2) Nothing indicated to me that he has any kind of addiction. So what he looked at a dozen sites recently? Maybe the first eleven didn’t have anything of interest to him, and it was the twelfth one that finally got him going.

    3) He is in his 20’s right? He is a man, right? So, it is porn! So what? As long as the sites weren’t for certain kinds of porn (kids, animals, etc) then who the hell cares? Quit being a prude. Who knows, maybe you’d enjoy it too if you tried it.

  14. airwrecka

    March 4, 2014 at 4:32 PM

    I am having a really tough time with the idea that despite the girls not liking JP and questioning his motives, they still want him to end up with someone they now seem to consider a friend. They have all watched the way he acted and seen how hypocritical and disinterested he was. He is clearly not ready for a relationship and yet they were all still acting like the girl he chooses is getting some sort of prize.

    I am also fairly shocked to read on other blogs how classy/sophisticated everyone found Sharleen. I was honestly embarrassed for her. She acted like a teenager in heat. Her tongue was in JPs mouth more then it was in her own! Just because she is an opera singer does not mean she was far off the stereotypical type this show looks for. She came off very immature and not ready for commitment, which is probably the reason JP was so drawn to her. She was an easy out – not ready for a real relationship and being more physical with him then emotional/intellectual. The second she tried to speak he was easily able to distract her with his latin lips and chiseled abs – she let it happen every time.

    I know its not a popular opinion at this time, but I like Andy for the next Bachelorette. Unlike other sappy leads, I don’t think we will be getting a sob story and I know she will not be putting up with any BS. The way she came off in the last few episodes does not necessarily make me think she is truly looking for love, but it will be nice seeing a strong character at the reigns. She may even give ABC a tough time since she seems smart and not easily manipulated.

  15. Athena

    March 4, 2014 at 5:05 PM

    About the browser-history checker – first off, I think it’s a little inappropriate to go poking around on someone else’s laptop on a first date just because you can. But, porn addiction is real. There’s too much here we don’t know – ie: is this an occasional way for him to get off or is it a daily, hourly obsession. B I G difference. Kudos to Steve for recognizing that some people DO have a problem.

  16. rob22

    March 4, 2014 at 6:56 PM

    On the guy with multiple porn sites. Yes, guys look at porn. And no, you don’t want a serious relationship with a guy who’s got multiple porn sites in his browser history. Porn can and often does become an addiction and a distraction from a real relationship. It’s a zero sum game. Every moment he spends on porn is energy, sexual and otherwise, that he could be putting towards his girlfriend. So, to me, multiple porn sites imply a possible, even likely addiction. It’s common and I don’t judge the guy, but there is no reason to get involved in that anymore than someone should get involved with a guy who smokes marijuana or likes to drink a little to much. You don’t need a relationship with any addiction problems…. And no, you won’t fix him. He’ll hopefully get help at some point, but let him be someone else’s fixer upper.

  17. kasey31

    March 4, 2014 at 8:28 PM

    Athena- I totally agree with everything you said about the girls’ view on Nikki. I do think she was well liked by more than a few of the girls. I think her friends just happened to be eliminated earlier on, leaving more girls that favored Clare in the later episodes.

    Personally, I liked Nikki from everything I saw. She was a bit snarky, but funny, smart, polite, witty, confident without coming across as conceited, and she seemed pretty genuine to me. I thought she handled herself extremely well with JP’s daughter and family, especially Carla- how nerve racking! I also saw a very caring side to her when she found out her friend was gone. She doesn’t come across to me as only in it for herself, like Courtney Robertson did.

    If things happened behind-the-scenes that I’m unaware of, then so be it. But from what they’ve shown of Nikki, I find her much more pleasant and tolerable than Clare. Clare is a basket case.

    Airwtecka- You’re not alone, I’m very happy to know they chose Andi as the next Bachelorette. She is the whole package, and what she said during her limo exit had me cheering inside for all women who have ever felt unappreciated by a man, or been in a relationship with someone who takes no interest in you.

    That being said, and I KNOW I’m in the minority, a huge part of me felt empathy for JP last night. I am still trying to understand what it is about him that makes me feel so badly for him, but I can’t help it, I just do. You could see in his eyes how disappointed he is that most of America hates him.

  18. Athena

    March 4, 2014 at 9:53 PM

    kasey31, about JP – I feel for him too. He seems so clueless, but basically without guile. I can see how he didn’t “play the game” well with many of the women, and he completely blew it with the “more pervert” debacle, but I do think he’s got a basically good heart, he does love and is involved with his daughter in a genuine way, and just got in over his head in some ways while being too much of a player in others. As Steve says, he’s got no filter, which if you’re on tv blabbing for hours at a time in front of cameras on the show, in all the post-interviews, and I guess on Twitter too, is going to lead to some bizarre and inconsistent remarks. An interesting, hardly ideal mix of qualities, but not detestable.

    Andi, on the other hand, will handle herself well. She’s smart, poised, and articulate. She kind of reminds me of Deanna in that she’s a strong woman who won’t hesitate to stick up for herself and demand that the men treat her with respect. (Might she be just a tad bit spoiled? …Just a guess, and hard to separate from simply being assertive.)

  19. Grace80

    March 4, 2014 at 10:31 PM

    Maybe this has been brought up already, but I think Molly is Kelly’s therapy dog. Has any other contestant been allowed an animal on set? Ever? There seems to be something going on, and though it’s not important, I’m still curious.

  20. kasey31

    March 4, 2014 at 11:54 PM

    Yes, Athena, that’s it. I find him to have a pretty genuine, good heart, too. I never thought he was acting when he became emotional sending some women home- I think he *wished* he felt something he didn’t. He was much more transparent in his ways as a player, most bachelors at least try to hide it and play the part well.
    Was he ignorant? Yes. Clueless? Absolutely, but I just don’t see malicious intent. Just a horrible casting decision by ABC.

  21. duckquack

    March 5, 2014 at 1:19 AM

    Andi talking about him not knowing her religion, what was she going to do convert to a catholic, or did she have it in her mind he would convert to judaism?……Andi was enamored by him until she found out he had another overnight, that’s where she went berserk.
    i think Juan was on the show to find a wife, and zeroed in on the one’s he wanted, and ignored the one’s he could not see himself with…which is the way it should be, even Harrison said it early on Juan had trouble with the show process.

    he may not pick anyone, much like Brad, but he will be raked over the coals just like Brad was…where in fact Brad done the girls all a favor, but many people had a problem with his process and crucified him.
    Look what DeAnna done, zeroed in on Graham and the rest were treated not so nice, when Graham left she chose for the sake of choosing…she couldn’t not choose after blaming Brad forever, so she picked the one that will be easiest to dump…Jason was the F2 by default.

    i wonder how many hours the producers drove in a circle with Andi and how many drinks did she have before they got the exact words they wanted out of her….she still drinking and tweeting, and the others have joined in, and language is the easiest they could find to bash him with..
    bit cheap wouldn’t you say?….you got your wishes fulfilled a Latino bachelor..

    Sean Lowe you are a hypocrite you said you had no regrets, why the sudden change of mind? ….still drinking producers koolaid and eagerly waiting by the phone to be called for another appearance….then again Catherine is not a prize naked, she has no waistline, size 10 feet, and 40dd boobes..she prides herself on fashion and chose the most ill fitting wedding gown for her body type.
    Ashley Hebert rocked her gown, but Ashely has a body that Cat can only dream off….stop drinking koolaid and you might last longer firecracker.

  22. Dianne

    March 5, 2014 at 8:19 AM

    Grace 80. Kelly’s dog, Molly, was allowed to participate in the show because Kelly didn’t want to have to leave her for any length of time to do the filming. Soooo..the producers thought it would be an interesting “twist”, and therefore allowed Molly to accompany Kelly. True story.

  23. karynr

    March 5, 2014 at 8:27 AM

    duckquack, I may find Sean and Catherine mildly annoying, but is it necessary to make fun of someone’s natural feet and boobs? She’s a beautiful woman and seems nice. That was mean. Wouldn’t you want to know someone’s religion if you dated them more then a couple times? Of course, we are talking about The Bach, but still….. Especially if you might be raising kids together some day. That’s pretty important.

    I agree with the Andi supporters. She seems somewhat sharp and, hopefully, she’ll make some wise decisions. Though, the producers and alcohol wreak havoc on thinking rationally on this show, at times. Plus, I want more Hy! Hometowns just might be interesting.

    I am so ready for this season to be over. JP is probably pretty nice, but just another clueless player.

    I also agree about Nikki. I actually liked her. I don’t know why she was given the b***h edit, or why RS talks about her that way. I don’t think multiple women would be friends with her if she was that bad. Sparkle and Courtney deserved the edit……..Nikki didn’t seem like she did. I found her to be fairly bright. When it comes to matters of the heart, mixed with alcohol and producer interference/Bach bubble, who knows what will happen. I have no doubt her women friends who know JP can’t wait for the breakup. When a friend is dating someone you don’t like, sometimes you just have to keep your mouth shut!

    Clare is the one who drove me crazy. I find her to be really annoying.

  24. jacey

    March 5, 2014 at 8:34 AM

    1st, I just have to say I love Lucy!! She’s stark [naked] raving mad, and I totally dig that about her.

    Caught WTA last night. Muted the C&S crap since FF wasn’t available and busied myself on the laptop to pass the time. Did I see Ms. Piggy at some point???

    Sharleen — Her revelation regarding in-depth conversations she had with JP came as no surprise. He was into her, and he respected her, so he got to know her. Btw… Girl, please! Not thinking so much doesn’t equate with being “dumber.” You said what you said, and you meant what you said, so own it! You’re not the 1st chick to make out with a vacuous hot guy because his opening his mouth ruins the magic, and you won’t be the last.

    Renee — That look on her face for much of the program said [to me] it was dawning on her that JP was never that into her. I think he appreciates her as a person, but mentally place her solidly in the friend zone (with the exception of the pity make outs). Bonus for her, though. Her fiancé appears to be better — everything! Yay!

    Kelly — Please, please, powers that be. Find some way to use this girl. She’s freaking awesome. Love the dead pan quips and one-liners.

    Andi — She got the part. Now she can quit sipping the koolaide. I see some independence but I also hear quite a bit of the old company line when she speaks. I’m thinking she’s about looking for love as much as Congress is looking for compromise. I say hurrah. She should prime and polish that turd for whatever it will yield, but steer clear of DWTS.

    JP — Still got that twinkle for Sharleen — and darned if she didn’t appear to have *somethin* for him, too. Not talking about her defense of him. That was the right thing to do. I sensed an undercurrent. The man’s stock went up w/ me for a min. Then I got to thinkin’. Where was the language barrier with Shareen? He was concerned about his kid hearing about the ocean and him kissing 27 girls, but hot tub, boat, other bodies of water, and fantasy suite make-outs are ok. And he darn-well should have been keenly aware of the significance of meeting the families during hometown visits, and indeed his comments and questions to the families belies his current feigned ignorance regarding the significance. Cassandra was right. JP knew he wasn’t that into Renee and should not have gone to meet her son. That situation is not on par with the Miami/Nikki/family thing, and he knows it. Then there’s Clare. Putting his buyer’s remorse off on her was dickish — period. He doesn’t respect her for initiating that ocean dip. He only kept her around (subsequently) because eliminating her at that point would have reflected badly on him. However; 1st one’s on him. 2nd (fantasy suite) is on her. “Fool me once…” He’d have respected her had she said “no.” Instead she wound up being used like so much toilet paper (also as a weapon to bring Andi down a peg) then [ ultimately] discarded. She’s in her 30’s. Grow up, already! The 22 y/o has more common sense.

  25. amyrn22

    March 5, 2014 at 8:39 AM

    @bigfatwoman hahahah I’m with you as always. I wish there was the ability to “like” people’s comments on this board or comment directly to their comments. If I have to see Lunkhead and Gigglesnorts one more time, I’m gonna throw up. The bangs look horrible. She tries to pretend like she’s this fashionista, but I remember her style being awful on the show…often times she was just wearing plain shorts and a t-shirt– nothing wrong with that style, but all of a sudden, she wins the Bachelor and now she acts like she’s a style icon. I felt bad for JP on the WTA too, even though I’m not a fan of him. I thought it was pathetic how they all bashed him and didn’t give him more than 10 minutes total on screen to defend himself. The more I watched last night, the more I realized that he just wasn’t into THOSE girls. Maybe it wasn’t so much that he wasn’t looking for something, but instead, that he didn’t find it in them. I think the only one he really liked was Sharleen and she didn’t have one bad thing to say about him. Why should the guy pretend like he’s interested in all these girls when he isn’t? He didn’t pull the whole “i’m so in love with 3 women, i don’t know how i’ll ever choose” crap that Sean did. Even the day that Sean proposed, he was saying that he loved Lindsay too. For once, we didn’t have a “I want to find love that’s gonna last a lifetime and a million lifetimes” lead. This guy probably thought it would be good for his career, he’d make some money, get to travel, plus hey, maybe he’ll find someone he wants to spend his life with…. turned out, none of them compared to his ex in his eyes, so he had a hard time pretending that they did.

    Again, don’t get me wrong… I have a lot of issues with JP and he is not my favorite person, and I usually don’t defend him. I just got a little different perspective after watching last night, a bunch of whiny girls complaining “he didn’t like me”.

    One more thing…I thought it was so annoying how in the middle of a conversation about something completely different, Kelly brought up the gay comment and started crying. It literally came out of NOWHERE. I liked his answer– “I’ll talk to you about it after the show for as long as you want, but there’s a ton of other stuff to get to and we’ll never get off that subject.” I know the producers made her do that, but it was so stupid and annoying how she interrupted his conversation with someone else about something else and brought that up. I hate his pervert comment more than anything (my gay uncle is my best friend) but give it up already…. it’s over. no need to re-hash it again and again in the middle of the WTA.

  26. amyrn22

    March 5, 2014 at 9:04 AM

    YOU GUYS!! Nora is back!! hahaha she is under the name “kimholms” and she commented several times under Steve’s video chat from last week. She says her “Nora” character got kicked off so she created a new account, Kim Holms. After reading a few of her new comments, I’m starting to think it might be a farse…. it’s so far fetched and ridiculous that it may just be someone joking around to rile us up. I think she even said something like the winners “come to her in a vision” basically saying she’s like a psychic or something. hahaha check it out.

  27. karynr

    March 5, 2014 at 9:32 AM

    JP and Sharleen should probably meet-up sometime in the future to get that mutual lust out of their systems!

  28. jazzmine

    March 5, 2014 at 12:43 PM

    Thought the bashing went a little overboard but that’s all ABC has to offer …
    Hated the muppets…
    Suits need to trot out Caveman and Giggles aka Sean and Catherine to prove a success….
    My husband’s fireworks were fast, too, on our wedding night as we lived across the country from each other before the marriage…
    Sharleen was gracious and respectful …
    And Lucy’s video is very clever.

  29. serapa

    March 5, 2014 at 12:46 PM

    ok…my uncle is also gay and my grandmother couldn’t handle it and put my uncle in an orphanage in the 1950’s, so I am definitely pro gay rights.

    BUT…what JP said could have some merit…the kind of people that would go on a gay Bachelor, are not the gays that most of us know, love and respect.

    Having said that, I would not be against a gay bachelor…but they would have to be very careful in their casting. What if contestants became attracted to eachtother and we had relationships evolving from it? I just could not see it working in that kind of environment. The heterosexual bachelor is pretty sleazy as it is.

    Sure they’ve had marriages, but their success rate is like 5% if that. So that leave 80% of the horny cast ready to get it on with eachother (assuming that the other 15% actually have some values).

  30. Athena

    March 5, 2014 at 1:04 PM

    karynr, do you really think “once” would be enough? 🙂

  31. eleyezeeaye

    March 5, 2014 at 1:32 PM

    I personally LOVED Sharleen this season. I really don’t get all of her haters. She is beautiful (prettiest one on there if you ask me), intelligent, worldly and down to earth. I think I have a girl crush (more pervert). I for one did NOT feel bad for JP on the WTA. He seemed even more cocky and idiotic to me. My fiance and I did have a good time making up songs about him and laughing relentlessly over “ees okay” and “more pervert.”

  32. kasey31

    March 6, 2014 at 1:16 AM

    Amy, Serapa, great comments!
    I enjoy coming here to express how I felt watching the show, and hearing the feedback from everyone else.
    It’s refreshing to see that I wasn’t alone in feeling a little sorry for JP. Or being confused with Nikki’s edit.

    I also love just reading everyone else’s take away from the episode, even if their opinion differs from mine.
    We have some insightful posters on here, that’s for sure ; )

  33. karynr

    March 6, 2014 at 6:01 AM

    I think you’re right, Athena :). Those two probably need about 48 hours behind closed doors before she gets it all out of her system and moves on. I’ve never been big on FB type of relationships (and I don’t mean Facebook), but those two seem to fit that type of situation. I think she’s absolutely stunning. I still say she wondered onto the wrong show and they decided to keep her.

    As far as the “ees okay”, I agree with Jen Fase. Everytime he says “ees okay” to someone he’s really thinking f*** you. The guy either didn’t understand a lot of what the women were saying to him at the WTA, or he was, once again, tuning out because he didn’t care. He had a very vacant look in his eyes at times.

  34. karynr

    March 6, 2014 at 6:25 AM

    Jen Frase

  35. rob22

    March 6, 2014 at 9:04 AM

    It’s true, after the way Harrison, the show and the girls have thrown J-P-Blow under the bus, I’m starting to feel (a little) sorry for him. They pick the guy, for no obvious reason other than they had nobody else readily available (God forbid they think out of the box), he turns out to be a predictable disaster, then they pile on the guy when he’s down. Pretty pathetic.

    I even agree somewhat that his “gay / more pervert” comments were taken out of context & his ESL made his comments sound much worse. Remember, he was responding to a question about having a “Gay Bachelor” show. He used the word “more pervert” in reference to the issues about having 25, or so, gay men together in a house. Granted, he was stupid to even offer at that obvious trap question. There was no right answer he could have given. But, it’s not like he was out there spreadng hate toward “the gays”.

  36. kasey31

    March 6, 2014 at 7:38 PM

    Totally agree, Rob.
    As soon as the question was asked, he was in a no win situation.. Most English speaking Americans would fumble with that answer. While very poorly articulated, I *get* what he was trying to say.. and it’s not far off from what I think either.

    At the WTA, I think he answered Kelly perfectly.. “I’ll spend as much time with you after the show talking about this. This certainly isn’t the place.”

    I wish CH would have come to his defense a little more this season, but they all jumped on the “JP is the worst bachelor” band wagon, taking zero responsibility for their choosing him in the first place. I’d feel very betrayed if I were JP. I don’t blame him for feeling disappointed at all.

  37. kasey31

    March 6, 2014 at 7:39 PM

    I think he’s also the first bachelor to eat on TV and seem excited about the food! Haha. Just not “polished” enough for ABC’s liking.

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