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Hi Steve,

Just a question out of curiosity. Why is it that whenever the Bachelor/Bachelorette talks about the successful relationships the shows produced they never mention Chris Lambton and Peyton Wright? Though they didn’t meet on each other’s seasons, they met because of the show. They always show Deanna Pappas and Michael Stagliano and he wasn’t even on any of the shows, his brother was. Just wondering.

By the way, I think you’re hilarious.

Comment: I’m not sure of the exact answer but it’s possible because it has to do with DeAnna being a former lead. Chris wasn’t a lead and neither was Peyton. Because if they talk about Chris and Peyton, then you’d ask, “Why not talk about Holly and Blake? Why not Jesse and Anne? Why Jon Presser and Tara Durr?” Exactly.

Dear Steve,

Juan Pablo has about as much personality and charisma as a brick wall. I mean it’s one thing to be a complete dick and player – at least that would be interesting and exciting. (Example: so much more fun to hate Brooks for being an asshole than to feel nothing at all towards JP because he’s just dumb). This show for me is pure entertainment but there has been nothing entertaining once you get over his abs and looks: aka episode one.

1.) Do you think ABC cast him as the bachelor as a risk that could blow up or could reap great benefits? Or was it desperation and he was just a last resort choice??? Wasn’t desperation. I think they thought it would work. But it didn’t, yet the ratings were solid all season, so they don’t really care.

I become thoroughly confused when people like Andi and Sharleen are even on this show. People like them who are more intelligent seem less prone to be manipulated through regular reality television antics and more likely to question the things around them/be analytical and practical about the situation/not make life decisions on an emotional basis.

2.) Why even apply to be on the show??? Plus, the producers must have KNOWN that people like Sharleen and Andi are WAY out of JP’s league. Everyone’s got ulterior motives and they were no different. I’m sure both of them had visions of the “Bachelorette” in the back of their mind, as do all the girls.

3.) So why did they cast them??? (sorry for the all caps…just trying to emulate JP’s style) Because they are attractive, applied, and wanted to be on the show. People want to watch other attractive people on TV. It’s why what Chris Harrison told the NY Times this week about ever having an overweight or “chubby” Bachelor would never happen. It’s sad, but it’s true. That’s the society we live in.

Final question: 4.) What is wrong with Clare???? I didn’t even know that there were people that existed that are that age and are still that naive. Pretty sure in any other season of the Bachelor she’d be labeled a crazy and dumped within the first 3 episodes once they got over her looks. She is the only person this ENTIRE season to show any real emotion. Bizarre. Poor girl. I think Clare was plucked off the naïve tree if I had to guess. I think she really thought this whole thing was real and got caught up in it.


I don’t think I missed it, but what was the deal with the bracelets Juan Pablo, Renee, and I am pretty sure at least Clare were all wearing? It looked like they were red, yellow, and blue. I know I saw Juan Pablo and Renee both wearing them during her final rose ceremony.

This is my first season in a while watching Bachelor, and definitely my first being spoiled, and I love it! Thanks for all you do!

Comment: He gave all four girls who got hometown dates a bracelet. Something to do with Venezuela I think.

Hi Steve,

1. Did Andi sign up for the bachelor just so she could be in the running to be the bachelorette, or did she want to find true love? And why do you think that did she accepted and wants to be on the bachelorette? For love or fame? She signed up for the same reason every girl signs up – to go on a vacation, make new friends, and possibly be the “Bachelorette” if she lasts long enough. And about 435th on that list was finding a potential husband.

2. Why is Nikki bothering with Juan Pablo? What’s in it for her? I just can’t believe that she would be into him. What’s in it for her? Magazine covers, television appearances, paid appearances with Juan Pablo, and to be talked about by others. That’s incentive enough for most of these women.

3. On Tuesday night’s show, Nikki said that Andi and her are the same person at the rose ceremoy when she found out that Andi left. Are they really that similar? I always thought that Andi was pretty normal, even similar to Ashley and Des, whereas Nikki falls into the nasty, catty girl category that Courtney R. falls into. That’s just her opinion. Because she liked her, I guess she thought they were similar. Doesn’t mean anything just because she thinks it.

4. Between Clare and Nikki, who would you choose? Clare in a heartbeat.

Hi Steve! What does this quote from Jef, which appeared in US Weekly a few days ago even mean? “I’m dating someone who I’m really excited about. I think in the next few months to a year, I’ll probably not be single with this person. I’m taking it slow.” Pick your best answer. A) Jef actually has a worse handle on English language than Juan P. Say what…..what does this even mean??? B) According to a recent post by Arie in reference to this quote, he responded…”This is laughable”!!!! (Guess their friendship is still off!!!). Arie thinks this is a lie. C) Jef had to come up with some statement to make himself look good when he wished Emily well on her engagement. (This subject was also in the context of this article). I question his sincerity since she announced her news about 5 weeks ago…what took him so long? Is this statement another lie? D) Jef’s statement is totally sincere, and, all is perfect in his mind…..Thanks Steve….I’ve had my laugh for the day!

Comment: I have no idea what he’s talking about and I really don’t care.

Hey Steve

Love the blog. You are awesome. Etc Etc.

Burning question…. How do they score the music for The Bachelor? For instance the great crescendo-ing ( probably not a word) of the music during the helicopter rides or the make-out scenes on the yachts etc….. All makes it so much more dramatic!! In fact the most dramatic EVER !!!

Comment: I don’t know the first thing about this show’s music. No clue.

Hey RS,

Okay so I get that Jake Pavelka is old news and what not and perhaps you’ve already gotten emails about this, but did you know that Jake Pavelka is on a reality television cooking show on food network called “Rachael versus Guy: Celebrity Cook Off”???? Besides the Bachelor, I’m a total food reality show junkie (my favorite kind of reality show) and I must say that I was thoroughly disappointed to see him on this season of Celebrity Cook Off. Mostly because 1. He sucks. and 2. HE’S NOT A REAL CELEBRITY.

You were totally right the entire time about him being a Dbag. He may have been able to fool people after one show….but I mean not so much when you are appearing on freakin show number 8. How many more shows can he be on though seriously???? I know that you say that Jef, Arie, Ed and basically every person on the Bachelor is sleazy and wants fame/money, but Jake P. being on Bachelorette, Bachelor, Bachelor Pad, Dancing with the Stars, and now Celebrity Cook Off is total overkill. Just makes me realize even more how much of a JOKE every single reality television show is. Even my precious cooking ones. Oh well, it’s entertainment.

I check your site as you post blogs on twitter. Thanks for being awesome.

Comment: You forgot the show where he was trying to win that restaurant gig. And “Drop Dead Diva.”

Hey Steve,

I’d like to think I have a fairly accurate read on people, and my first impression is usually dead-on. (Its an unfortunate side-effect of growing up with a mentally ill mother…having to take a split-second evaluation of her emotions/temperament several times a day to avoid being her latest casualty. But that’s another story.)
In my opinion, JP showed his hand the very night he took center stage, when he was first introduced as the next Bachelor. Past leads would take the Hot Seat, looking flattered and slightly embarrassed about the cheers from the crowd, and say something humble and earnest about the honor of the title, being serious about finding love, yada yada.
Not our man Juan! If memory serves, he got up there looking like the cat that swallowed the canary, all pleased at the accolades. Then Chris started with the customary, “Wow! You and twenty-five women all looking for love…”

Instead of assuming the humble demeanor of Bachelors past, he looked around at all the chicks cheering in the crowd, slung his arm over the back of his chair, kicked back like he owned the place, nodded and said, “Yeah! Not too bad, huh?” I think even Chris was slightly taken aback by that, but recovered quickly.
It was right then when I turned to my husband and asked, “What’s Spanish for ‘egotistical ass hat?'”

Comment: El douche?

I’ve got mostly logistic/planning questions…(Lots of questions/thoughts…sorr in advance, especially if these have been addressed before!)

1. How much input does the lead have with planning dates? Meaning do they get to suggest the places they travel to and what they do when they get there, etc.? I ask because I remember Ben’s season having a lot more helicopters and I guess I would call it an extreme dating feeling–wasn’t there a lot more jumping/climbing/scaling things?, while this season seems more laid back…? So is this because that’s what Ben angled for our just what the producers thought would make the best TV? However, this could all be chalked up to what you point out as being the viewer’s amnesia and how we can forget that this is a formulaic show and I’m inventing that this season has a different “feel” to it, excluding this season’s dipshit lead and the feelings that conjures (eesss okay). None. The cities and countries are all planned out beforehand. Yes, the producers sit the lead down and ask them what kinda things they like to do, but aren’t the dates pretty much the same thing every season? So 27 leads all have the same interests? Sure, they’ll incorporate one or two things they might like doing, but it’s not like the lead plans it.

2. Sort of a follow up, what about the hometown dates? I would think it would be tough for the producers to wait until the final three are picked and turn around these hometown dates within a week (is that the right time frame?) So do the producers kinda start scouting out the contestant’s hometowns when they have a fairly reasonable number left and just tell the contestants “hey this is the plan” or have the contestants already outlined what they think would be a good date ahead of time? Producers contact the family earlier in the process to let them know there’s potential for a hometown. And then once they know, they inform the family when they’ll be there and to prepare.

3. This is probably a stupid question, but a lot of people (and I would assume contestants) don’t live where their parents live and on top of that their parents have moved from their “hometown.” What happens in that situation? Do they just go to where the contestant is currently living in and ship the parents in? “Hometown” means “where their parents are currently living.”

4. Once eliminated, do the contestants get immediately cut off the producer’s leash and set back into the real world and go back to work/school and whatnot, or do they hold them for a certain period of time to try and quell those “my co-worker went on the Bachelor and came back within X amount of weeks” type leaks? Yes. They go home immediately and return to work – assuming they still have one. A lot will either quit, or take a longer leave of absence.

5. When they have to re-tape ITM and those type of clips, do the producers remind the contestant of what they were wearing in an attempt to seamlessly edit the snippets they want in or do they just toss what they had and start fresh so continuity won’t be such an issue? Also, do they just bring that lattice-work background (contestants) and vases (at least that’s all I’ve seen JPabs in front of this season) with them wherever they travel?! I don’t know why that cracks me up, but I just imagine some little PA whose sole job is to being accountable for the interview backgrounds and what that reads like on their resume. Yes. That’s exactly what they do.

6. I think I remember you saying you were going to finally meet Molly Mesnick in person while she was in Dallas a couple of weeks ago. If that wasn’t a total fever dream, how’d that end up going? I said this on my video chat a couple weeks ago. Long story short, I got a flat tire on the tollway headed down to see her, and it was already late, so it didn’t happen.

7. And FINALLY, what’s your favorite part of your job? If had to guess, I would think it would be the initial leg work of chasing down leads, confirming spoilers, researching contestants. It has to get tedious answering the same questions over and over again and while rewarding to watch what you’ve been saying for months come true, recapping can only be so much fun. Just wanted your take on your job. You mean like this list of questions? Ha ha. My favorite part is figuring things out while filming is happening.

Hi Steve, this is my first email after enjoying your blog for a few months now. I noticed in the most recent Reader Emails that you talked about how Emily was never going to marry anyone on the show so it didn’t matter who she picked. Is there somewhere on your blog or on the web that elaborates more on why you say that? I just got the impression that she was quite genuine, and now I fear I have been a fool the whole time.

Thanks! I love your blog and have become addicted to Jason and Molly’s podcast recently. I find the whole behind the scenes business of reality TV fascinating. I am going to a lecture at my University this week called: “Why Reality TV is Bad for Women (…and men, people of colour, the economy, love, sex, and common sense!” which should be interesting.

Comment: You were fooled.

Reality Steve,

I am in the middle of reading the reader emails and I am appalled at the delusional person who wrote a novel talking about things they know nothing about. First of all are they watching the same show as the rest of us? Do they actually think that The “Bach-el-lore” is real? Now while I found their first 5 points ridiculous I found the sixth and final one about you absolutely disgusting.

I for one love your blogs and enjoy your video blogs as well. I think you are a good looking guy with a lot of wit and humour and you approach TV (especially this show) exactly how you should. It’s not real, its just for entertainment. I find it funny that they are being so critical about you and your take on JP et al when they themselves are doing the same as you but yet they don’t actually have unrealistic clips of you that were filmed over six weeks time and edited to tell a story that suits their purpose.

I love hearing about your niece and nephew and LOVE the pictures of Maddie!

I know you don’t need people defending you and I know you take all this with a grain of salt but after reading that email it made me so angry I had to write in my thoughts. Thanks for not answering any of that @$$hole’s questions.

I wouldn’t change a thing about your site!

Keep up the good work!

Comment: Some people have nothing better to do than to whine and complain about everything I do. I can’t help it. Says a lot more about them than it does about me.

Dear RS,

To start with just want to say I love your column! Because of it nobody lets me watch the bachelor with them because they think I’m going to let out spoilers! Your recaps are pretty spot on. Just wanted to say a few observations and a couple questions..

1. Would it be possible to put a commonly asked questions tab somewhere on your website for questions like how do the roses stay on? are the girls allowed to talk to anyone? How much is the lead paid? Commonly asked questions that you probably get ALL the time! Just an idea…Ahhhh, the FAQ question. I think that’s the first one I’ve gotten this season. Your question would actually end up going in that column since I’ve said it 1,000 times. Short answer: Because the FAQ column would end up being the longest column on my site since there’s so many questions I get asked that are repeated. Who wants to scroll through 5 or 6 pages of FAQ’s to see if there’s a question on there that’s already been asked? No one.

2. I was looking on Nikki’s twitter and for someone who supposedly wasn’t liked all that much during the season I am wondering if maybe she just got a bad edit? It seems like she made a whole lot more friends with with the girls than Clare did. Andi, Kelly, Sharleen and Nikki were all chatting back and forth and Clare didnt seem to have any friends from the season? and she was def made to seem nicer.. What do you think of that? Kelly, Sharleen, and Andi are 3 of 27. Nikki was the biggest bitch in the house. I didn’t say she’s a bitch in real life, I didn’t say she doesn’t have people in her life that like her, and I’m sure she’s got friends back home in Kansas City. What I said was, she was undoubtedly the biggest bitch in the house was not liked by anyone. If you want to think that because people tweet at each other that means they really like them, then you’re more than welcome to think that. But if you want, why don’t you go tweet the other 24 girls, and personally ask them what they thought of Nikki and how she acted in the house. I’m sure they’ll be more than glad to tell you.

Hi Steve,

1) From your knowledge of the Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants who do you feel were the most genuine in terms of wanting to find love on the show? I really don’t feel like scrolling through over 600 contestants who’ve participated on this show and break down who I think was genuine and who wasn’t. And what do you mean by “genuine?” So many different ways to take that.

2) Also what do think of Michelle Money as the next Bachelorette? I saw an article that alluded to the fact that she is single again and that if she was ever asked to do Bachelorette she would so, as she said, “desperate times call for desperate measures.” I watch her MMandL shows and think she is hilarious and would make a very entertaining Bachelorette. What do you think? Michelle is not going to be the “Bachelorette.” I told you back when the spoilers were first posted in November before you ever saw a commercial for this season Andi was going to be the “Bachelorette” and it was her gig to lose. Then I confirmed it for you on Feb. 20th that Andi will be the “Bachelorette,” she will be officially announced on the ATFR show this Monday, and filming for her season begins either Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. No idea where an idea of Michelle Money came from but it’s not even an option.

On last Thursday’s video chat, I started off with a hate email I’d received about 30 minutes before the show. If you didn’t see it, this is the one I read…”

What makes you think your a KNOW IT ALL?

Sure you’re conceited, a snob and into yourself and want the world to know but like a movie or book reviewer who enjoys killing a good movie or book with THEIR OPINION it is not always right.

I bet you are not married or if so your wife hates you .

No I hve never read your web site but went there to get your Email so I could tell you how others see you.

Some claim you have never been wrong in picking the bachelor or bachelorette winner, guess what, NEITHER HAVE I.

Wife and I enjoy the show for a few reasons, first being we get to see the world free or what they show of other countries, second it is probably the nicest of all phony reality shows and third we always pick who we think will win by the third show. And we are usually right too.

So mr. big snob, it is easy to do that if one pays attention which is all you do and then post on your web site. I suppose we could do it too but not into gloating as you do.

When I responded with I was going to read that on the video chat to start off the show, he came back with this on Tuesday…


Oh please, you should know everyone has opinions, good, bad and ugly. So you chat live too, might I ask if you have a life other than chat and posting on the Internet?

By the way what got me to Email you was that I told my wife by the third show Jaun Pablo will not marry any of them as he was into his daughter and was seeking a mother, not a wife. So if you said that too we are on the same plane, in not oh well.

His lack of saying LOVE even once to any of them AND none of them during the entire show except the second show this week were two did say they are “falling in love with him” was that word used unlike all previous shows.

Is he “honest” with the show and girls, naw, he kept saying how CUTE they are, that is what he is into, cute girls, not smart, intelligent, outgoing, good sense of humor and all other things normal guys look for in a future wife.

As for your personal life, married, divorced, single or other lifestyle, no ones business but your own. I have a live and let live attitude what one does in their home and bedroom is their business and it should be kept there.

What all people do in pubis is different, don’t behave like someone hot to trot into bed with every human body. (not speaking about you, but in general.)

Enjoy your life but do take a few minutes to explain some to me, like when and how did you get the name you have and what really makes others see you as an expert on the reality shows, all of them I would guess.

By the way I do not hate anyone so re-read the other Email and see the humor of how I am in it, just blunt as can be but at least I don’t kiss up to anyone nor do I want that done to me.

Enjoy your chat, when you say live chat shall I assume like when I speak by chat to a bank or company on the Internet and if so how can so many join in, is it a private room or something?

Comment: I mean, what do you even say to something like that? Exactly. It’s so ridiculously absurd, the email speaks for itself. It’s not even worth a response.

Hey steve! I have bunch of questions hoping to make it to next weeks batch of reader emails.

1. do you have “regulars” that email you after every episode? I don’t think so. Then again, I wouldn’t know.

2. can we talk about how much I don’t like Chris Harrison. He, as an insider, understands all the manipulation and editing they do, acts like he’s friends with everyone, but when push comes to shove he throws people under the bus. Why do any of the contestants stay friends with him after? Because they don’t want to burn bridges. I wouldn’t if I were them either.

3. is this the first season where contestants, and the host speak so openly and negatively about the lead? Did Brad get this much hate his first season? The first one that’s gotten this much negativity from this many of the girls, yes. Others were criticized but only by 1 or 2.

4. I think the question about the contestant’s flight tickets is slowly replacing the wet ground at the mansion It’s getting there.

5. Does this mean we have to watch Andi walk stiffly for an entire season? God she reminds me of the woman that doesn’t swing her arms in Seinfeld (The Summer of Geroge) Well, she certainly dances like Elaine Benes.

6. I think the over nights episode was the most we’ve seen Jp talk. It was an interesting to witness He must’ve been on speed or something.

7. You mentioned before you used to live in orange county. I think you said you went to St. John Bosco? idk don’t quote me. Why did you decide to move to Dallas and do you miss CA? No, didn’t go to Bosco. The Dallas story has been told over and over. Yeah, I miss CA but I like my situation here.

8. Have you ever been offered to talk with news station about your inside info? Like E! news or Entertainment. I was watching something like that and they had an “insider” that basically got everything from your sight. Why not go straight to you? Have you thought about expanding your brand outside of the internet? Because E! is in bed with ABC. ABC will basically take away the privileges they give them (interviewing booted contestants, etc) if they acknowledge me or my site, so they don’t.

Hi Steve,

I discovered your blog in January and am so glad I did! The only reason I’m watching the Bachelor this season is because I knew one of the contestants when we were younger. (Is that what I’m supposed to call them? Contestants? Bachelorettes? Poor women who had to put up with Juan Pablo?) I see how they suck people in – now that I’ll know the next Bachelorette, I’ll watch her season. And then I’ll know the next Bachelor and likely want to watch his season…it’s a vicious cycle.

Since I’m a Bachelor newbie, I’m wondering if it’s always this painful or if it’s just Juan Pablo.

Question about this season in particular: Do you know how much Clare was liked by the other women? I remember someone saying in Vietnam that she had no friends in the house, but it seems like the prize for least-liked goes to Nikki.

Thanks for making this show far more entertaining than it would have been otherwise. Time to stock up on wine for the last few episodes.

Comment: No, it’s just Juan Pablo.

Plenty more women raised their hands at the WTA when Chris asked “Who’s Team Clare” than when he asked “Who’s Team Nikki.” But people will believe what they want to believe.

Hi Steve,

I know you said you are watching this season of the Real World. I, like you, haven’t watched this show in many years, but when I heard about the exes twist I had to tune in. So far, I haven’t been disappointed. What have you thought of the season so far? Anyways, all season, I’ve had this lingering recognition of Tom and I’ve finally placed it. Tom is basically Brook’s twin (see photos below). They look like they are long-lost twins. Please tell me you see this too. It’s uncanny! I will say that Tom does not have the many effeminate qualities that Brooks possessed, and therefore is much more attractive in my book. Just thought I’d share!


Thanks for all the spoilers and entertainment. Your columns always make my commute go by faster and are responsible for the occasional awkward LOL on public transit.

Comment: Real World has been excellent. Good stuff. Just seems weird that the second all the ex’s arrived, the people they were matched up with in the house basically dropped everything they were doing (and who they were doing), and got back with the ex’s. Well, except for Tom. Not sure if that’s what MTV was hoping would happen.

And yeah, I see the resemblance between Tom and Brooks.

I don’t think you answered this… sorry if you have.

Just wondering if JP never had any intention of proposing to any of the girls, what
made him save Nikki for the end? What’s the motivation there? Why her?
Just curious.

Also, i liked your shirt tonight. V-necks don’t generally look appealing on straight men. IMO. You looked good. keep the crew shirt. or a flannel. but not a v neck.

:p thanks! Glad you’re making some money doing this. you’re fun.

Comment: Because they weren’t gonna let him pick nobody. Show wanted him to get engaged, he didn’t want to pick anybody, so they compromised and met in the middle – he picked someone but didn’t propose.

Sorry, I like v-necks.

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  1. kimholms

    March 9, 2014 at 9:09 AM

    Who would make a username bigfatwoman? PU. Well big fat stinky woman you don’t have to read what I post here. I think you should be the one to go. Maybe my post are not interesting to you so feel free to skip over them or go elsewhere. How do you know what I type here isn’t interesting or applicable to this forum? You must be reading them, LOL. There isn’t much you can add to Pablo will pick Nikki or Clare.

  2. lobsterandbeer

    March 9, 2014 at 12:58 PM

    AHAHAhahaha I have never laughed so hard, I am actually reading these posts… people at my work think I have lost it!! kimholmes…I think you are bringing value to this forum!! I’m interested in knowing what kind of men you would be interested in seeing for Andi’s season, I do trust your opinion because I think you will be correct that Andi is the next Bachelorette, how did you know that?? Not a vision like you said, but maybe Mike Fleiss is channeling you somehow! You must have good energy! Maybe you should sign up to be one of the girls on the next Bachelor!! :))))

  3. nina

    March 9, 2014 at 3:19 PM

    If this Steve made it where I can’t post my comments I figure he will disable this account too. Sooooo have a good time everybody and good bye. Enjoy The Bachelor tomorrow night. Personally I can’t see Pablo purposing to either Nikki or Clare, but we will see. Maybe Pablo will end up walking off the show himself. Will be interesting to see what happens.
    Bye everybody,

  4. nina

    March 9, 2014 at 3:42 PM

    Think my video links are being deleted here. Oh well. Have good day.

  5. jacey

    March 10, 2014 at 7:52 PM

    I think Steve was right. Looks like Chris H. was expecting a proposal during ATFR that didn’t happen and it surprised and frustrated the crap out him — couldn’t wait to get off that stage at the commercial break. Bet they struck a deal & old Pabs backed out.

  6. statman

    March 10, 2014 at 10:37 PM

    That was by far the best After the Rose shows to date. Juan Pablo exposed this slimy show for what it truly is. He wouldn’t play along with their scripted crap and it just all fell apart. Chris looked like an absolute bully while the former participants like Sean and Catherine sat there like sheep and cashed in their Bachelor checks by throwing Juan under the bus while maintaining their love for the show.

    Even in his broken english, Juan was clear as day, he wasn’t ready to say he loved her because he simply wanted to see how the relationship was in the “real world” and not in the confines of this ridiculous show/setting. Was just so funny seeing him interrupt Chris, talk back to him and basically give the middle finger to the show. Even the “no surprise” had producers trying to write something in and force Juan to propose … all over it. Go Juan!


  7. kasey31

    March 10, 2014 at 11:51 PM

    ABC is disgusting.

  8. iheartvino

    March 11, 2014 at 9:01 AM

    If someone asked me to choose a side after watching that last night, especially the ATFR show, I’d definitely say I’m Team JP, and not Team ABC/Chris Harrison. Now, I know I had more than my fair share of moments where I made fun of JP all season, but he was raked through the coals big time last night. Can’t wait to read today’s column, and also hear Jason and Molly’s take on the whole thing on their next podcast.

  9. liz123

    March 11, 2014 at 9:44 AM

    So, I’ve been really busy lately & haven’t been reading or posting here, but I stopped in today to see what everyone was saying about the weirdest finale ever. And my oh my, this isn’t what I expected. I see this comment section draws even more oddballs than it used to. I have to admit, it’s entertaining as hell (and a little scary). I can’t believe “this Steve” guy is stealing ideas from Nina/Nora/Kim! Gosh, Steve, get your own ideas & your own website why don’t you??

    I can’t pick between TeamABC and TeamJP. They’re all losers. I personally think that ABC threw JP under the bus because of his anti-gay comments. It seems they were actually considering him for DWTS after taping finished even knowing that he didn’t propose, but once the anti-gay comments were made, it was a swift fall from grace for JP. I have a hard time feeling bad for him or seeing ABC as the obvious villain. He made his own bed.

  10. kelsum01

    March 11, 2014 at 10:00 AM

    Ummm… am I missing something? Where is Steve’s write up from last night’s finale??

  11. kasey31

    March 11, 2014 at 10:34 AM

    True, Liz, but ABC knew what they were getting themselves into. I still find it very difficult to believe that during all the preparation for this season that someone, anyone, didn’t see this guy as a loose canon and say, “Hold it! We can’t cast this guy.. He doesn’t watch the show, he’s unfamiliar with how this process works, he makes off-the-wall remarks, he is poor at articulating his thoughts, let’s not risk it.”
    Instead, they hoped for the best. They’re the parents here.
    They don’t give a crap about any of the contestants, as we know, but they still should have taken the higher road. Instead, Chris Harrison came across as a bully.
    He knew he had America’s support and he ran with it.
    And the whole “My execs informed me you had a surprise?” shtick was the icing on the cake for me. He knew darn well JP wasn’t going to propose.. He just wanted to humiliate Nikki and JP.

    Was JP perfect? Far from it, but he brought in the ratings this season for them, and Catherine’s “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you” line can be applied both ways.
    ABC should be better than that and bigger than that. They were still insulting JP as they were talking to Andi.

    I understood what he was saying last night about this being his real life, but ABC wants everyone to be enchanted with this unrealistic love story they force feed us.
    I know I’m in the minority, but that’s just how I feel.

  12. iheartvino

    March 11, 2014 at 11:00 AM

    kasey, well said. I posted this under the video chat comments thread, but here it is again, I think you’ll agree with a lot of this.

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