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Hi Steve,

I’m interested in how people find their way onto this show. For Juan Pablo’s season, it seems like it’s a pretty manufactured season (debatable, of course) with a lot of recruited characters; do you know how some of the girls on JP’s season were cast (besides Lucy and then Sharleen’s ABC bio said she went to a casting call)? Is it becoming the norm to be recruited rather than go through the typical casting process? And where in the world did the producers find JP in the first place for Des’s season?

And one last question to get your mind off Bachelor nonsense – what teams are your top picks for March Madness at this point?

Thanks! Keep doing what you do!

Comment: A lot more recruiting now than done in past seasons. Plus, a lot of agencies pitching their clients.

March Madness is one giant clusterf**k this season. There is no clear cut favorite. Florida might be playing the best, but SEC basketball is not SEC football. Their quality of competition hasn’t been great since the league is so down. No matter what Wichita St does there’s always gonna be question marks. This year’s team is better than last year’s team, but that doesn’t mean a whole hell of a lot. Totally different animal going into the tournament with a perfect record (assuming they win the MVC Championship) and being a #1 seed, than playing the underdog role and getting in as a #8 or #9 last year, whatever they were. Totally different. They had zero pressure on them last year. Now ALL the pressure is on them.

Kansas and Duke have been too streaky all season, Syracuse is playing it’s worst ball of the season at the worst time, and Kentucky is about as Jekyll and Hyde as you can get. Watch out for Michigan St. if they are 100% healthy come tournament time.

Hey Reality Steve,

Long time reader, first time e-mail and all that jazz. I read the letter by the Juan Pablo and Nikki apologist and just had to respond.

1. The evidence that he’s a douche bag is that pretty much every woman who has come out of the house has said that he is. He wasn’t interested in them, or their lives, just in making out and talking about himself. Also in calling gay people perverts. That’s a pretty douchy thing to do.

2. Evidence for Nikki being the bitch of the season: again, the other women in the house. Also, for clarity, Nikki isn’t necessarily a bitch in her real life (maybe she is, maybe she isn’t) but that’s how her personality came out in this particular situation. Every year there’s a person in the house that all the others can’t stand, this year it was Nikki. You haven’t seen it because the producers don’t want you to see much of it. They put in just enough for conflict, but leave everything else out. It’s called editing.

3. I don’t think Steve cares about Sharleen’s “reasons”. No one goes on this show primarily because they think they’re going to fall in love with the bachelor/bachelorette. They all have their own reasons for going on – traveling, publicity, being able to hang out by the side of a pool and drink all day, the chance at becoming the next lead… It takes a lot of self-awareness and control to go on this show and not allow yourself to be swept into the dream land that the producers create. The ability to go in and say, “This is not the best guy I’ve ever met. I’d like to see if we are actually compatible.” is something that few contestants have been able to do – at least, those that get any screen time. It’s refreshing to see for once.

4. When you have to pick on someone’s grammar, you’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel.

5. I would like to see your evidence that most women like JP and find him (hang on, I’ve got to find your words), “gracious, sincere, and sexy”. My group of friends and I find him obnoxious, self absorbed, and we’re split on if he’s physically attractive or not.

6. In what world is this last paragraph anything but rude? Honestly. The only thing that I find remotely valid is regarding the degrading comments about women – because those get to me every once in a while too. But if they bother you so much, stop reading. Telling someone that they need to travel and lose weight to have a successful relationship with the opposite sex is shockingly disrespectful and if he told YOU that you needed to lose weight to get a spouse, how would YOU react? Finally, your statement that no one cares about his dog, niece and nephew, and lawsuit just aren’t true. Clearly, since people write in and ask about them.

This is probably the fourth e-mail you’ve gotten like this, but I had to do it. Thanks for your spoilers and recaps. Every year I swear I’m going to stay away, but I never succeed. Looking forward to next season already!

Comment: Thanks. That email last week seemed to stir up a lot of people. There’s a reason I didn’t respond. Pointless.

Heres a question for you that I’m sure if you’ve gotten, just haven’t seen the response … I know you are a huge fan of Friday Night Lights as am I, how about Parenthood.. Same producer and writer, lots of characters from FNL that make their way in .. LOVE it

Comment: I’m aware that Jason Katims, the head writer for FNL, also does Parenthood. I’ve just never watched it.

Hey Steve,

Ok. Heres my thing, I like the Argentina ex email. I think she made some valid points, definitely not all, but one stood out to me tremendously. The fact that we are all so obsessed with ourselves and we live in a very individualist society (I think there was something about a snowflake, but I’m just saying it for what it is). It happens every season, and to be honest its probably brought on by most of the producers, but every girl gets insecure and needy and cries, and want “reassurance” which in most cases, with women, is unfortunately normal. HOWEVER! The way these women are making him out to be this monster and it’ so friggen annoying, he’s a BACHELOR, he is suppose to be dating multiple women, and unless your Sean Friggen Lowe your not gonna be in touch with almost every womans feelings and are probably at some point or another gonna come off like an asshole. Its not like every episode I had to pick my mouth up off the floor because of his utter rudeness. It was this whole Andi thing that got people talking. And so heres my thoughts on this…..

Get the f**k over it. a.) is it just me or does Andi constantly make a frown face? Like she’s smelling something bad? I don’t know maybe its just me b.) As you have pointed out, this was a COMPLETE set up for her to be the bachelorette and I think its complete and utter disgrace that everyone thinks he’s such an asshole now because of Andi waking up and crying that Juan didn’t ask her what friggen religion she was. Cry a little more Andi, maybe ill feel bad for you (but I doubt it). You’ve been with the guy for 6 weeks, I’m SURE this is the first time you noticed all these flaws. Especially since the night before you were like a smitten kitten sittin’ on that couch reading your love note from Chrissy poo. Im sure.

Ok, so he said you barely made it, first time I’ve heard that. And i agree with you that he did not say default because theres no question he would never use that word, especially not in that context. He probably said “barely made it”, but in my head I think of that phrase and how it came up in the conversation, do I think he was like “Yeah, since Renee and I had no chemistry you made it, but to be honest, you barely made it” No. But do I think maybe they were talking about how he feels (bc he was a bit selfish) and maybe questioning her feelings (even if the conversation was based on him) he probably said, you barely made it in there. As bad as that phrase sounds, there is different ways that it can be said, and no matter what people want to say, there is a bad way to say it and there is a really bad way to say it. I am POSITIVE there has been a bachelor in the past that has done something worse. Has to be. So lets all calm down.

So, do I think JP was a bad bachelor choice? Yes, I think Zack would have been more fun (the fun Zack, i know there were two, you know which one I mean) and I think the language barrier hurt him, not to say that was a reason not to pick him but I just don’t think the women were good choices to be honest, or maybe it really is that he has no desire to get married like you said. Whatever the reason, he isn’t the first and he wont be the last. But I think majority of this is way unfair. He’s really not that big of an asshole on TV. I just think these women need to know what they’re going into. and most of them were into jumping on the I hate Juan (cause i didnt win) train.

He needs to seriously shut his mouth if what he says about Gays really did translate the way he said it (which i think it did) because his comments were disgusting, this being the reason I think Juan Pablo is an asshole. Regarding everything else, I just feel like everyone jumped on the I hate Juan bandwagon and most of it was not warranted, I think most of it were the sucky women on this season, including Andi. Whateves, Ill still watch and spoil. Its the circle of reality.

Comment: All over the map. JP is an asshole, the women should cut him slack, Andi is a b***h. Appreciate the sentiments, but, you seemed to be really angry over this and there really is no reason to be.

Hi Steve

I read that email message from that person who said that Juan Pablo is being unfairly criticized because of cultural differences. She described her boyfriend who was from Argentina, got a PhD in physics from Caltech, and seemed to have a lot in common with Juan Pablo with his social interactions.

This email message really made me laugh. What she describes has nothing to do with cultural differences. That’s what a lot of men with PhDs in physics are like, and it doesn’t matter where they are from. And especially at Caltech. I am also a PhD scientist, and I have quite a bit of experience working with men with PhDs in physics. I have experienced the same degree of frustration in dealing with their poor social skills and their bizarre social interactions. Has she ever watched Big Bang Theory? There are actual men (physicists) like that. Really. But try men with PhDs in pretty much any other field, and socially they are much more normal. By the way, female scientists tend to be more social, and I really hate the way they portray women on that show. I have never seen any female scientist who bears any resemblance to those portrayed on the show. So, it’s really unfair to make us look like we are social idiots.

Juan Pablo, on the other hand, now he really is a douche. I pretty much gathered as much, even from seeing the small amount of screen time he got during Desiree’s season. I thought he was the worst possible choice for Bachelor, and his behavior is really annoying. How could they have missed that? I don’t get it. I also think he is not too bright. Although part of his problem may be cultural differences, I really don’t like the way that he treats women. Since most of the viewers are women, there is no way that this season could have gone well for viewers. I have a problem with understanding why the final two (Clare and Nikki) could miss how bad his behavior is. Why didn’t they both just leave? I mean really, the only positive thing about Juan Pablo I see, is that he is good looking, and that doesn’t count for much. I think he is the worst Bachelor ever.

I really think it is a missed opportunity in the sense that, it would have been perhaps humorous if the two final women would have just given up and left on the final episode where he was suppose to propose. Maybe that would have been funny?

Comment: Well, how do we know how Clare reacts at the end of all this? We don’t. Seems like she’s gonna have a meltdown, but maybe she surprises us. As for Nikki, it’s not like she and JP are going to last anyway. I mean, can’t we all see in three months or so Nikki doing her first interview since the breakup saying that she didn’t see how bad his behavior was during the show when the lights were on, but once things were calmed down, she realized he wasn’t for her? Can totally see it. Or maybe she won’t even get the chance because Juan Pablo will dump her before she dumps him. Whatever the case, as I’ve said for 4 months, he’s not marrying anyone from this show. And not because they couldn’t find him one good one out of 27. It’s because he never wanted to and this was all done for publicity, money, and fame. The guy collects baseball memorabilia for MLB teams 6 months out of the year. That’s his job. You think he really wanted to stay doing that?

Hello. I have been reading your site for several years now as you know because I’ve emailed you before, probably an average of once per season that I watch and you’ve almost always replied. Thanks for that. I just wanted to tell you that in my opinion the ads on your site are fine. They might be annoying but the thing is, we know exactly who runs the site, and where the money is going. More than any other site I’ve ever viewed except maybe The Oatmeal, your site truly is a 1-man show. You put in almost 100% of the effort for its content, you personally write it, you respond to people, you research things — you do a LOT of work and it shows. It’s not perfect but it’s great enough to keep people entertained, informed, and coming back for more. I am happy to know that my page views keep your mortgage paid or whatever, because in my opinion you earn every penny, even risking legal trouble just to keep things going. It’s not like it’s a noble effort, it’s your job — but it’s possible for people to be sloppy and lazy with their jobs, and take them for granted, but you don’t. I respect that. Thanks. The content is a one man show for all “Bachelor/ette” related stuff, yes. But my webmaster takes care of everything else. I basically know how to post my column, include pictures and links, and also videos. That’s about it. My webmaster handles the layout, the ads, the glitches, the server issues, etc. So drop some love for him.

Anyway that wasn’t just to kiss your ass; you know I’ve disagreed with you in the past and I still wish you’d like someone edit your grammar but overall that’s just my thoughts on the ad thing. I thought if I wrote in and you published it, maybe it would give your complaining readers a new perspective.

That said, a few questions I don’t think you’ve answered:

1. On hometowns, do the girls (or guys) have any say in planning what will happen on their dates, and what locations will be chosen, since presumably the date reflects the things they actually like doing in their home city? Do they at least provide producers with a list of ideas? And if so, when do they start planning all that? I know you’ve said producers usually know from Day 1 who will get hometowns and who won’t make it that far, but it seems like it would be an expensive hassle to acquire shooting permits that didn’t end up getting used, and it might give away the ending if they start asking girls for lists of suggestions too early on. They tell them stuff they’d like to do, but ultimately it’s not their call. The stuff isn’t planned that far in advance, that’s why most hometowns have like a walk around town, or a picnic before meeting the family.

2. Now that Miss Shoot ’em Up is the Bachelorette, how much gun usage do you predict we’ll see in the next season? I know half the country is a bunch of red state gun nuts, but will they play up to that audience or try not to piss off the liberals? Would they actually show her hunting and killing something on TV? (I don’t even know if that’s legal.) Very little, if any. To avoid that very issue you brought up. It’s too divisive in this country and this show rarely does anything to ruffle feathers. Well, except casting a lead who barely speaks Engligh.

3. Considering how many times Claire called her own family crazy on the hometown episode, do you think Nikki’s patting herself on the back for having called that ahead of time? I’m sure Nikki is thrilled.

4. What’s your favorite cover of an 80s song? I like The Presidents of the United States of America’s version of “Video Killed The Radio Star” but hands down, I say the Gary Jule cover of “Mad World” from “Donnie Darko” is the best. I’m gonna use an “American Idol” reference. David Cook’s cover of Mariah Carey’s “Always Be My Baby.” Wait, that song was in the 90’s. Screw it. Still my answer. He killed it.


Two ?’s:

A)You say you don’t have much respect for Juanny P because he never really took his lead role seriously. But would you? Especially based on the huge producer manipulation that goes on. I mean, who WOULDN’T accept the lead position just to kiss guys/girls, travel, get paid and have sex w/ 3 people in the fantasy suites. To me it’s a no brainer on this show at this point.

I think Juanny P is hilarious as the lead, but I’m surprised you think so lowly of him when the ‘pupeteers’ who make the show think so lowly of all the contestants and leads themselves. Don’t you think anybody with sense enough to sign up for this show should take all of it that they can get out of it since their integrity will be f***ed w/ so bad by editing? Yes. Take all of it that you can. Make as much money as possible. Just don’t pretend to be something you’re not, which is exactly what he’s done this season.

B) Also, I think Andi is the most possible option for a lead as the Bachelorette (esp after the choice of Des, the bridal store worker) simply because Andy is at least compelling, educated, somewhat witty and (in my opinion) has a shit-ton more sex appeal than Des could ever hope to have. Also, she would be the only other professional cast as the lead besides my favorite Ashley Hebert! But, if Andi for some reason doesn’t accept it or something comes up, who do you think would be next in line for the Bachelorette lead? Andi is the next Bachelorette. There wasn’t anyone else that was even a serious candidate.

P.S. I love your blog (been reading since Jake’s season)
P.P.S. If you still have that lone bottle of Chardonnay (or whatever it is), you prolly wanna through it out. I’m sure it has turned by now!!!!

Comment: I still have that wine bottle, but it’s a Cabernet. I think. Hell, I don’t know. I don’t drink red, which is probably why it’s still sitting there.

Will you consider holding of on releasing Andi’s final four until AFTER she appears on Jimmy Kimmel Live? So that he doesn’t “guess” her final picks based on your spoilers?
Or is that not a concern at all?

Comment: No. What’s the point? Kimmel has people who work on his show that are connected to the production team behind the “Bachelor,” so they’d still do it anyway.


I wasn’t able to sleep tonight and decided to skim over the reader emails and I read one that shocked the heck out of me! It was the idiot that told you that you aren’t educated because you make a ton of grammatical errors…first of all, you should do an email to that imbecile and let them know that in paragraph three of their nonsense, the “?” at the end is supposed to go inside of the quotation marks! So, apparently they are uneducated, too, since they clearly made one of the “ten grammatical errors!”

Secondly, what kind of a piece of garbage tells someone that they don’t even know that they need to lose some weight?? Honestly, that was unbelievably rude!

Clearly this clown is some dog-faced, feminist, dateless loser that has some built up resentment for men and you happened to be the poor soul at the end of her spewing of trash for the night. It’s one thing if she doesn’t agree with your opinions, but to insult your education, make fun of your looks, and say no one cares about your family was taking things a bit too far. You do a blog based on humor and light hearted jokes, and it’s all done in innocent fun. Her email to you was pure hatred. She was absolutely rude, and I hope you don’t ever second guess the blogs because of people like that!

Anyway, love your blog (and Maddie, too!) I hope you have a great rest of the weekend!!

Comment: If I let comments like that bother me and responded to every one of them, then they win. It’s exactly what they want. Let them piss and moan. Last time I checked, other people’s opinions don’t pay my bills.

Hi Steve,

Long time reader here… Love reading your spoilers. I know this is a week late, but I just have to chime in here on the Andi/JP drama. I thought she was annoying to begin with, and after finally watching last week’s episode this morning, it only made her even worse. The whole conversation between her and JP was ridiculous. What did she want him to do? Cry like a baby because she was leaving? And why was she so bothered by him saying it’s ok? I’m definitely not the biggest JP fan by any means, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t see at all what her major problem with that was. He was just acknowledging that those are her feelings, and he can’t change them.

Since reading your columns, I view this show totally different, and that being said, my theory is that the producers saw a little bit of doubt in her the next morning. From there, they probably convinced her that since JP brought up Clare, he obviously isn’t going to pick her, and she’d make a great bachelorette. I’d bet they told her that in order for that to happen, she’d have to clarify to America, that she was NOT in love with him, and hes NOT the one for her, but yet she’s so desperate to find love. Just seems to blatantly obvious that’s how it went down.

Again, sorry this is a week late, but I had to vent about it. After reading so much about the “drama’, and now finally getting to see it, i just can’t believe how he can be made the bad guy after that.

Keep up the great work!

Comment: You wanna know why the “Bachelor” franchise has been running for over 10 years and has produced 27 seasons, and about to begin filming on their 28th? Answers like these. Someone who watched last Tuesday’s episode and absolutely hated what Andi did, yet, plenty of people watched the same exact episode and became Team Andi fans.

As Chris Harrison said in that interview last week, love the show or hate the show, just don’t be indifferent about it. The people who hate Andi will tune in next season just to tell everyone how bad she sucks and how much they hate her, and those who like her will obviously watch as well. The second people stop caring is when the show is in trouble. But as long as they keep recycling the lead, who already has a built-in audience, it just won’t happen. It’s why it’d be so stupid of them to ever cast a lead that wasn’t on the previous season or from the franchise. Worst move they could ever make.

I’m sorry- I’m behind and I’m just reviewing your blog at work. Did Boone and Edmund REALLY not get included in the breakdown for the LOST bachelor? Edmund would definitely get a hometown not just because he’s caring and sensitive but he’s a family man and is obviously loyal to those he loves- he obviously loves Penny as Sean loves Catherine. And Boone would definitely make it in the final six based on hot factor. I’m actually surprised these characters weren’t mentioned before because they are some of the BEST LOST characters ever.

Why don’t more people talk about LOST the way people talk about the Bachelor?

You’re welcome.

Comment: That wasn’t my choice. The emailer just gave me a list of people to rank, so I did. I think Boone wasn’t just because he made it halfway through season 1. And the name you’re looking for is “Desmond” not “Edmund.” And they clearly stated he wasn’t included on the list BECAUSE he was already committed to Penny.

Hi Steve,

I’m an avid reader of your site and usually agree with what you say. Your site makes my Tuesdays at work a little more entertaining. Whoops, did I just admit that I read your site rather than work…

Anyway, while I think that JP is quite the BDA (big dumb animal), I have to admit that I kind of felt bad for him while watching the Women Tell All special last night. Yes, we all know that JP wasn’t there to find love and like Andi said, was just looking for a girlfriend (or sex buddy or fame or whatever) but the way that those women reacted was immature and stupid.

So he wasn’t interested in what your cat’s name is or what school your grandma went to or how you feel about Cheetos versus Cheese Balls. Just because he didn’t choose you or at least let you get far enough to have a chance at being the next Bachelorette, in my opinion, doesn’t make him rude or a jerk. Get over yourselves, he just wasn’t that into you.

The JP bashing bandwagon was moving full steam ahead last night, and usually I can partake, but last night was just waaaay too much whining.

Comment: Couldn’t disagree more. Those girls are basically silenced from the time they get off the show unless ABC allows them to get on the conference call. You don’t have a voice ever basically until the “Tell All” show. So of course they’re going to air their grievances. If they didn’t let them, then there’d be no point to have a “Tell All” show.

Reality Steve,

Yes, you have good spoilers, but I think you should be slightly more open minded. I think YOU personally hated Nikki, so sort of pushed that opinion on everyone else. Her edit was NOT bad, she did not seem like a bitch and, plus, as you could see on WTA, Kelly and Sharleen, 2 of the smartest girls there, are team Nikki. So, I don’t think she really is as bad as you wanted people to think.

Comment: I have nothing personal against Nikki. I don’t know her. I relayed the information I had to my readers. She was the most hated girl in the house and biggest bitch. Because three girls tweet at her a lot doesn’t mean she wasn’t a giant b***h. Are people already forgetting the 8 girls who in ITM’s this season who specifically said they didn’t like Nikki and she was negative? All the Nikki supporters can do is say, “Well, Kelly, Sharleen, and Andi tweet her all the time, so she’s not a b***h.” And? What does that mean. All you’re doing is finding the people who are saying nice things about her and forgetting what was shown on the show, and that’s 8 others who called her out at some point. Like I told the earlier email, go tweet at every girl not named Kelly, Andi, or Sharleen and ask them what they think of Nikki as a person.

What’s funny is the people who like Nikki are all saying the same thing, “Well, her edit wasn’t bad, so therefore, she couldn’t have been a b***h.” Uh huh. Says who? Because you’ve seen 10 edited episodes of a television show you automatically know that she wasn’t the biggest b***h in the house? I hate to say this because it’ll no doubt come off as self serving, but whatever. You don’t know what I know this season. Trust me.

Do you have a transcript of the hour long explanation that Juan Pablo gave to the dog girl related to his “more pervert” comment? If so, can you post it online, I am sure it is a great read.

Comment: No, but I’ll be sure to find that for you and post it ASAP. Oh wait, here it is.

Juan Pablo: “Kelly……………………………………………………………”

everyone keeps complaining of the Ads on your website, me personally have never seen any. I have Firefox and and the adblocker that my daughter downloaded for me. So if they have a problem, then change their browser and install it, it is called Adblock Plus and it is free….NO CHARGE !!! I now never get ads and never have to wait 15 seconds to read your blog, which even if I had to, would be so worth it. But instead of complaining about it, the time it takes you to email a complaint you could have the app downloaded and installed in your computer.

Gosh people !!!!!

Comment: That video ad doesn’t appear if you read the site on an Iphone or Ipad or any sort of tablet.

Also, that ad cannot appear more than once in a 24 hr period for you. So if it does pop up, and the extra :15 seconds to wait is a matter of life and death for you, just get out of the site, then get right back in. It’s not supposed to pop up again.


I have two questions for you.

First, with regard to the video ads, do you get more money if we sit through the whole thirty seconds, as compared to if we jettison out after 15 seconds? If you get the same, then I’ll keep quitting out. But what’s an extra 15 seconds if it means more revenue for you and the site? Honestly, I don’t know. Watch the whole thing, watch :15 seconds, I don’t know. It’s doing well, so, to that I say just keep doing whatever you’re doing.

Second, if there were a dog version of the Bachelorette, who do you think would make the better lead: Maddie or Molly? Ha ha, great question. And you know what? You’ll be surprised by my answer. I’d say Molly. Maddie is too independent. When she’s at the dog park, she kinda just goes off and does her own thing. Sure other dogs will come up to her and they’ll sniff, and she’ll sniff them for 3 seconds, but then she’s done. She doesn’t like attention from a bunch of different dogs or people. She just wants to lay around and be pet.

Obviously I’ve never met Molly, but she would seem like a better lead. Plus, she’s already been in front of the camera, so she’d be more natural. But if Maddie and Molly were both lesbians, they should totally hump.

Hey Steve!

With all of your insight into reality TV and how NOTHING is actually what it seems to be, I got to thinking about Survivor, where the premise is really based on the fact that these people are stuck out there with close to nothing. How much of Survivor do you think is edited to show us what we see on TV?

I’m sure the relationships and characters are producer manipulated for editing purposes and to draw us in as an audience, but what about the rest of the show (the elements, etc.)? Do you think there are more behind the scenes things going on that we don’t see?


Comment: Yeah, I mean there’s tons of footage we don’t see, and the ITM’s shown are done exactly the same way where producers are getting you to talk about what they want you to talk about. So in that aspect, that’s where it’s still a television show. Not to mention going into Tribal Council, they’ll show the footage they want to show to build suspense for who’s going home, when in reality, sometimes the people who got booted knew from the second they left for Tribal they were toast. But the show has to make you think there’s one, two, maybe even three options every week.

But as for the weather, the living conditions, and the lack of food – that’s obviously all real.

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  1. kimholms

    March 9, 2014 at 9:09 AM

    Who would make a username bigfatwoman? PU. Well big fat stinky woman you don’t have to read what I post here. I think you should be the one to go. Maybe my post are not interesting to you so feel free to skip over them or go elsewhere. How do you know what I type here isn’t interesting or applicable to this forum? You must be reading them, LOL. There isn’t much you can add to Pablo will pick Nikki or Clare.

  2. lobsterandbeer

    March 9, 2014 at 12:58 PM

    AHAHAhahaha I have never laughed so hard, I am actually reading these posts… people at my work think I have lost it!! kimholmes…I think you are bringing value to this forum!! I’m interested in knowing what kind of men you would be interested in seeing for Andi’s season, I do trust your opinion because I think you will be correct that Andi is the next Bachelorette, how did you know that?? Not a vision like you said, but maybe Mike Fleiss is channeling you somehow! You must have good energy! Maybe you should sign up to be one of the girls on the next Bachelor!! :))))

  3. nina

    March 9, 2014 at 3:19 PM

    If this Steve made it where I can’t post my comments I figure he will disable this account too. Sooooo have a good time everybody and good bye. Enjoy The Bachelor tomorrow night. Personally I can’t see Pablo purposing to either Nikki or Clare, but we will see. Maybe Pablo will end up walking off the show himself. Will be interesting to see what happens.
    Bye everybody,

  4. nina

    March 9, 2014 at 3:42 PM

    Think my video links are being deleted here. Oh well. Have good day.

  5. jacey

    March 10, 2014 at 7:52 PM

    I think Steve was right. Looks like Chris H. was expecting a proposal during ATFR that didn’t happen and it surprised and frustrated the crap out him — couldn’t wait to get off that stage at the commercial break. Bet they struck a deal & old Pabs backed out.

  6. statman

    March 10, 2014 at 10:37 PM

    That was by far the best After the Rose shows to date. Juan Pablo exposed this slimy show for what it truly is. He wouldn’t play along with their scripted crap and it just all fell apart. Chris looked like an absolute bully while the former participants like Sean and Catherine sat there like sheep and cashed in their Bachelor checks by throwing Juan under the bus while maintaining their love for the show.

    Even in his broken english, Juan was clear as day, he wasn’t ready to say he loved her because he simply wanted to see how the relationship was in the “real world” and not in the confines of this ridiculous show/setting. Was just so funny seeing him interrupt Chris, talk back to him and basically give the middle finger to the show. Even the “no surprise” had producers trying to write something in and force Juan to propose … all over it. Go Juan!


  7. kasey31

    March 10, 2014 at 11:51 PM

    ABC is disgusting.

  8. iheartvino

    March 11, 2014 at 9:01 AM

    If someone asked me to choose a side after watching that last night, especially the ATFR show, I’d definitely say I’m Team JP, and not Team ABC/Chris Harrison. Now, I know I had more than my fair share of moments where I made fun of JP all season, but he was raked through the coals big time last night. Can’t wait to read today’s column, and also hear Jason and Molly’s take on the whole thing on their next podcast.

  9. liz123

    March 11, 2014 at 9:44 AM

    So, I’ve been really busy lately & haven’t been reading or posting here, but I stopped in today to see what everyone was saying about the weirdest finale ever. And my oh my, this isn’t what I expected. I see this comment section draws even more oddballs than it used to. I have to admit, it’s entertaining as hell (and a little scary). I can’t believe “this Steve” guy is stealing ideas from Nina/Nora/Kim! Gosh, Steve, get your own ideas & your own website why don’t you??

    I can’t pick between TeamABC and TeamJP. They’re all losers. I personally think that ABC threw JP under the bus because of his anti-gay comments. It seems they were actually considering him for DWTS after taping finished even knowing that he didn’t propose, but once the anti-gay comments were made, it was a swift fall from grace for JP. I have a hard time feeling bad for him or seeing ABC as the obvious villain. He made his own bed.

  10. kelsum01

    March 11, 2014 at 10:00 AM

    Ummm… am I missing something? Where is Steve’s write up from last night’s finale??

  11. kasey31

    March 11, 2014 at 10:34 AM

    True, Liz, but ABC knew what they were getting themselves into. I still find it very difficult to believe that during all the preparation for this season that someone, anyone, didn’t see this guy as a loose canon and say, “Hold it! We can’t cast this guy.. He doesn’t watch the show, he’s unfamiliar with how this process works, he makes off-the-wall remarks, he is poor at articulating his thoughts, let’s not risk it.”
    Instead, they hoped for the best. They’re the parents here.
    They don’t give a crap about any of the contestants, as we know, but they still should have taken the higher road. Instead, Chris Harrison came across as a bully.
    He knew he had America’s support and he ran with it.
    And the whole “My execs informed me you had a surprise?” shtick was the icing on the cake for me. He knew darn well JP wasn’t going to propose.. He just wanted to humiliate Nikki and JP.

    Was JP perfect? Far from it, but he brought in the ratings this season for them, and Catherine’s “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you” line can be applied both ways.
    ABC should be better than that and bigger than that. They were still insulting JP as they were talking to Andi.

    I understood what he was saying last night about this being his real life, but ABC wants everyone to be enchanted with this unrealistic love story they force feed us.
    I know I’m in the minority, but that’s just how I feel.

  12. iheartvino

    March 11, 2014 at 11:00 AM

    kasey, well said. I posted this under the video chat comments thread, but here it is again, I think you’ll agree with a lot of this.

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