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“Reader Emails,” Tabloid Speculation & How You Can Be On an Episode of the Next “Bachelorette”

Before I started reading your spoilers I had no idea how manipulated the show was, now that I know better I watch the episodes very differently.

Last night as I was watching the show I felt the women were being very hypocritical.

a) Some, but probably most of the women were not there to find a husband
b) Many will take their 15 minutes of fame and ride it as long as they can
c) Several of the girls were hoping to be the next Bachelorette or on the next Bachelor Pad
d) They signed up to be on a show with 24 other people to date one guy, and yet you wanted to be special, get real
e) They wanted the experience, the travel, the opportunity to meet bachelor alum, you did that, quit your bitching
f) There were some really pathetic bitter women up there who wanted to let him have it, but did they really care, it’s been months, and they felt he was insincere, how many women is he suppose to end up with at the end? or right one, just one, and she probably did feel special

Stop busting Juan Pablo’s balls so much. So what if he signed up to find a girlfriend, only one fricken bachelor has ever gotten married off this stupid show anyway. And I don’t even like Juan Pablo. I have that sickness where I still watch, because what other tv show is so ridiculous and creates so much hype

Comment: Exactly. You just sent me an email to complain about the show, giving 6 specific points about something you couldn’t stand. Yet you watched. And will continue to watch. They win.

Love the blog! Makes watching it so much more enjoyable. I’ve tried watching and not reading along with you but I!!! Here’s a few questions:

1 – How much of Andi’s railroading JP was real? How much of it was set up so we fall in love with her and want her to be the next bachelorette for speaking her mind FINALLY. (As in, a contestant basically said what a sham it is to try to fall in love so quickly) it actually seems pretty smart of them to do that, doesn’t it? They recognized what a dud JP was and so they had to save themselves quickly at the end. I think it was a combination of knowing she was going home, knowing she wanted to be the “Bachelorette,” and producer prodding.

2 – How long do you give them? A month? 2? Nikki kinda just seems like a meaner Ali Fedikowski (or however you spell it… I’m guessing) Won’t last into the summer.

Lastly, what video ads are people talking about? Read it on your phone, peeps! You won’t get any of it!

Comment: Well, I guess there’s your answer. You read it on a phone or tablet and you won’t get the ads.

Dear Steve,

I have a theory that 90210 created a phenomenon in tv series wherein the original characters who were intended to represent the major love story of a series and ultimately end up together change when the viewer starts to root for someone else. I think this started with the Brenda/Dylan/Kelly love triangle. In the beginning of 90210, Brenda and Brandon were supposed to be the main characters and Brenda and Dylan were together. Presumably, these two were ultimately designed to end up together had both characters remained on the show for the full run. Brenda was the salt of the earth, good girl from Minnesota who we were all supposed to root for, and Kelly was the stuck up girl from Beverly Hills. Over time, both characters changed, and even though it was kind of messed up for Kelly to go after her best friend’s ex-boyfriend, we started to root for Kelly and Dylan, and ultimately, that was the big love story of the series finale. (No disrespect to Donna and David’s wedding).

SO, my theory is that this phenomenon of rooting for the nonconventional love story started with 90210 and has impacted other shows moving forward: Dawsons Creek — we were probably supposed to root for Joey and Dawson to end up together, but instead we wanted her to end up with the perennial screw up, Pacey. In more recent stories, How I Met Your Mother has the main character, Ted’s, long term love interest, end up with Barney and not the main character. I think these stories and probably others all go back to 90210 breaking convention and moving away from wanting Dylan and Brenda to end up together. I’ve given this a lot of thought…Yes, apparently you have. But I think it goes back earlier than 90210.

Second, if Brandon Walsh was the Bachelor, please designate who would have been his top 4, 3, 2, and 1 out of the following:

Emily Valentine
Tricia, Ice skater
Nikki Witt, younger girl who also dated David Silver
Brooke from the beach club (elitist/racist girl)
Lucinda Nicholson
Susan Keats
Kelly Taylor
Emma, girl he cheated on Kelly with

Comment: Are you asking who would have been his top 4 for me? Or I have to put myself in Brandon’s shoes, and using the storylines that the show gave us for each girl, rank them that way? I’m gonna go with the former since, well, it’s my column and I make the rules.

Final 4: Emily, Kelly, Susan, Emma.

Emma gets eliminated after hometowns because, well, Emma was literally on for only a few episodes and her sole purpose was to make Brandon cheat on Kelly. We know nothing about her background really or where she’s from. I bet when Brandon visited her hometown, her ex showed up who was a former bookie that Brandon once owed money to, they got in a fight, and it ended with Brandon getting a black eye. The only reason she made hometowns and lasted this long in the show is because Brandon wanted to get in her pants and he couldn’t resist her. She was a little smoke stack, wasn’t she? Rawr.

Kelly, Susan, and Emily get overnight dates, and Emily gets sent home afterwards. You see, I’ve seen every season of 90210. Multiple times. But I’m much more fond of the college years and beyond than high school years. I never understood the whole Emily Valentine thing. I think she looked like a dude, she was never happy, she went psycho and ruined the float, and had a boy hair cut. I can’t believe they were engaged in real life. Ugh. But, he had physical chemistry with her so he had to bring her along to the Bahamas to get one last lay in before it was all said and done.

Final rose ceremony, Kelly vs Susan. Anyone who knows me and has read this site long enough knows that I’ve always said I thought junior year of college at CU was the best season this show ever had. So many great storylines: Ray Pruit, Colin the cokehead, Kelly the cokehead, Valerie banging Colin, Kelly in rehab, Kelly’s rehab roommate trying to kill her, Keats/Jonathon/Brandon love triangle, Nat knocking up Joanie even though they were both like 80 or something, David and Donna getting back together in the finale, Steve vs the Prince, the list goes on.

And since we all know from the new 90210 that Kelly ended up having a kid with Dylan and he left her, well, there’s only one possible woman to give the final rose to: Susan Keats. She professes her love to him at the altar, then a week later, changes her mind, takes a job in DC and leaves Brandon hanging out to dry again. Brandon’s break up with Keats was brutal. Man, not even a kiss goodbye. He was none too happy.

Hi Steve. Love your blog! I found your site during Emily’s season and I haven’t stopped reading since. Few questions…

1) Has Jason and Molly spoke with Melissa since their season? Like, in depth conversations? No. They basically just went their separate ways. I mean, what is there to say?

2) Did Jason ever say why he did a switch and dumped Melissa for Molly? I think Molly is great for Jason and Melissa seems happy with her life. I was just wondering what Jason didn’t like about Melissa. Just listening to his podcasts, he said once they got back and started dating in real life, it just wasn’t there.

3) Do the girls have stylist for the woman tell all? They always look so gorgeous and some look completely different from when they were on the show. No.

4) And lastly, I am also I huge fan of the old 90210. I’m not sure you would even know the answer to this, but…I know that Jenni Garth and Tiffani Thiessen used to be BFF’s in real life. I read that they are no longer friends. I think they stopped being friends a couple years back. I heard Tiffani on an interview with Howard Stern and he asked her about it. And all she said was “I was the one that was hurt” let’s just say that” Did you ever hear or know why they are no longer friends? I think it had something to do with a dude, but I thought they made up and mended fences? I can’t remember.

Keep doing what your doing. I like many others love reading your blog every week. And Matty is the cutest:)

Comment: It’s Maddie, but thanks. She is the best.

You have so many ads that my computer hardy moves. And I have High speed. Its impossible to get where you want to go. I give up.

Comment: Ok. Bye.

I have two quick questions. The first is for my husband. He wants to know when they film the ITMs…Either they take them away from the date as its happening and shoot it (those are easy to pick out because they’re in the same outfit and standing in the same location where the date is taking place), they do it the next morning, they do it weeks later when they’re in another location, or they do it after taping is completely done and some are flown back for what is called “pick ups.” Maybe the sound didn’t come out well when they were on the beach somewhere, or a boom mic got in the shot, or whatever. So they just “pick up” from that spot, and voice it again.

My second is a personal one. Just curious what got you from California to Dallas. I’m from Long Beach (Millikan alum, woo woo!) currently living in the Dallas area, too. I’m always curious why people leave California (dang I miss that place!)…Came to work with my dad in 2006. Now doing the website full time.

Thanks a ton, you’re awesome!

Hi Steve,

1) I noticed a lot chemistry between Sharleen and JP during WTA. It seemed like they gave each other looks while Sharleen was defending him. Do you think it is at all possible that they will get together at ATFR? Maybe a long-term committed relationship isn’t possible, but perhaps they will start dating. And I’m sure producers would love this type of drama to occur on TV. Wouldn’t they love to see JP dump Nikki for Sharleen? No.

2) If nothing happens with Sharleen, do you think Nikki and JP will break up within a month, especially after Nikki sees how much the media is bashing him? They won’t last.

3) What do you think of the Voice this season? For some reason, I feel that the contestants aren’t as good as the previous season’s contestants. Maybe it’s because Christina and Celo added more spark to the show than Shakira and Usher. I don’t know. I just feel bored by the season. Only seen the first two audition episodes. And once those are over, I usually never watch another episode. Can’t get into it.

4) Why do you think Chelsie was so quiet during WTA? Every girl talked at the WTA. It’s hours and hours of footage that they have to break down into an 80 minute show. Some get cut, some don’t.

5) Can’t the producers see how disliked Andi is? Are they really going to risk another blow-up, bad season after what we saw with Juan Pablo? Can’t they make a last minute change and pick someone else? Your opinion. Just because you and people you talk to don’t like her, doesn’t mean everyone else does.

6) Based on the guys profiles you have seen, can you give us any general info about what the guys willl be for the Bachelorette season? The same collection of models, entrepreneurs, six pack abs, and dbags that they cast every season. Nothing different.

Hi Steve,

I know this show will likely be on for many seasons to come, as the ratings are still decent. Any sense of how long it will last? More importantly, do you ever think about what you will do when it finally does end…will you go back to your old career? I don’t remember what you did. I’d love to see you succeed long-term (after the show ends) in some capacity with your blog. You are very entertaining, and it seems like you usually enjoy it.

Comment: No idea how long it’ll last. It’d be nice to know, but, seems like it will go on as long as they want to keep making it.

I’ve got some irons in the fire that I don’t want to jinx, so, just know as long as this show is still on the air, I will continue to spoil it. Once it’s over, we’ll see what the future holds.

hi Steve,

Big fan of your spoilers and forever in awe of how you get them but I will make this (kind of) quick because I know you copy the whole emails..

Question 1) As far as you know, in the history of this show, has any lead or ‘finalist’ ever publicly admitted to having sex in the fantasy suite? I know it was implied with Ed /Jillian and that skeezy Fleiss has spilled it about Bob but I’ve never read/ heard it out the the horses mouth so to speak it then again I haven’t always lurked too hard….leading to….Publicly? Nope.

Question 2) Do the finalist have to sign some sort of non- disclosure agreement or something NOT to ever mention the “fantasy” night? If not I am very surprised that no crazy Clare or Bevin or even Chantal type (that’s about as far back I can stretch) where ultimate loser was so crazy attached that they don’t blurt out at the final dumping or ATFR “then any did we f**k?” Or is it possible they did and it was edited? Hehe Emily alluded to it on her ATFR with Brad that she thought some things that were special between them shouldn’t have been shared with others. Translation: Why’d you sleep with Chantal in the treehouse if you knew you were going to pick me?”

Even though this show rots brains, after enduring some pretty awful family tragedies over the years I consider it perfect mind numbing distraction to mystery/fantasy land where reality is nowhere be found!

Hello do u know all the perfect matches for the show are you the one on MTV.. And will chris T and shankey get back together? Also do u know who wins bachelor and who is the bachelorette ? Please answer.. Thank you!

Comment: Man, I sure hope Chris T and Shankey get back together. They’re so perfect, aren’t they? I don’t have the slightest clue who those people are since I’ve never watched the show.

Do I know who wins the “Bachelor” and who the “Bachelorette” is? Hmmmm, no. And it’s really pissing me off because there’s only 4 days until the finale. I hope I find out soon. As soon as I do, I PROMISE to email you and let you know. Better yet, what’s your number? I’ll text you as soon as I find out.


I saw on wetpaint that Juan Pablo told People that Andi should have confronted him when there were no cameras in the fantasy suite. He said she did it for publicity I think, which is what you’ve been saying all along. She wanted to go out with a bang. I know hes not one to talk though. But do you think if she did it in the fantasy suite she would have seemed more sincere about this whole “journey”?

And do you think Clare is the only one who is sort of sincere? I would not say she’s completely sincere but she seems to be the only one interested in Juan Pablo

Comment: When she did it is irrelevant to me because I know it’s a TV show and I don’t look into stuff like that as much as others do.

Yes. I do think Clare is the only one that was really all that into him. I’m sure Nikki likes him, but with Nikki, she’s more into “winning” than she is looking to Juan Pablo to be her husband someday.

Dear Steve,

I just listened to Jason and Molly’s podcast. First of I I love, love those two! So incredibly real! It was a real eye opener about this show. They give credibility to EVERYTHING that u say about this horror show. Jason mentioned in the last podcast that he wasn’t ready to propose, even telling Melissa’s parents he wasn’t gonna do it. But he said Mike Fliess was standing in the shadows with a check book! Jason said he felt like a puppet. He went on to say that Chris H and company are now throwing JPab’s under the bus because he didn’t propose. I mean if you read Chris H People’s blog he TRASHED JP. Jason said in reality that you have your favorites picked very early on, and that there really isn’t time to get to know the less favorite girls on a deeper level. Jason said that the show is so manipulated that when the date conversations geared to topics like, “what is your favorite color, what foods do you like” that the producers stepped in and said, “No, don’t talk about that stuff, we want u to talk about your feelings.”. So in actuality, this wasn’t really JPs fault.– the contestants KNOW this, but still felt the need to trash Juan. Jason said that if the guy didn’t propose, the producers come straight out and tell you that they are going to drag your name through the mud, and give him a bad edit.

Jason also said that the WTA is basically scripted. The producers tell the girls what questions to ask. That this is also a manipulation to make JP look bad. This really rings true, because a few of those girls who were on the show for all of 2 fleeting seconds were ripping Juan a new one. TPTB (the powers to be) are still trying to get Juan Pabs to propose live on ATFR show. I don’t know (or care) where you get your sources, but listening to Jason and Molly, EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING, that you have been saying for all these years are 100% true. If anyone doubts you they need to get their heads out of their asses, stop drinking the Kool Aid and listen to REALITY STEVE, the almighty knowing one!

So, to sum this all up…Even as late in the game as WTA, the producers are still trying to manipulate JP into proposing. This guy is probably so sickened the the negativity, that I wouldn’t be surprised if he does propose to Nikki, just to try to save some face. And, NO, it will never lead to marriage. These producers, Chris H included, don’t give a rats ass about these people. Which in this case is even worse, because there is a child involved. They apparently don’t care if they drag a little girls father through the mud…all in the name of the mighty buck. People say you are a such a cynic about this show? Boy, I wonder why?

Comment: Now I’m the Almighty Reality Steve. Sweet. Last week it was King. This week Almighty. I wonder what next week will bring me?

Hey RS,

I’ve writen you a couple times but none have ever been on “Reader Emails,” but I’m sure you get a bunch of emails making the same comment or question & who’s gonna wanna read that.

Anyways I’m with you, I agree with most every single thing you say. Last season I fought with my now-fiancee that even up to ATFR that Brooks was gonna propose. But you got everything else right before that before the show even started so kudos for that.

So this was my take on the WTA. I don’t like Andi, I think she’s a total hypocrite. Believe me I’m NO JP fan at all(just wanted to make that clear.) The WHOLE reason she went on the show was to get to be the “bacholorette.” She was never into JP, she would never probobly would never ever date JP if he wasn’t “The Bachelor.” So why give him crap when in reality she didn’t give a crap either. Sure she wanted to make F4, therfore HIGHLY increasing her chances. She knew F3 was the PERFECT time to leave bc if she got a rose, & made #2 her chances would drop GREATLY. I just don’t really like her. I wish Sharleen was the “bacheloette.” I think she’d be great.

So I was at the grocery store today. I saw Uncrustables(& there were ones w Strawberry Jelly bc I hate grape) so I decided to try them. Never thought about buying then ever before reading your column. Smuckers should be paying you or @ least give you them for free for the rest of your life. I thought they were slightly high priced(10 4 $8.99) but they were great. I was just pissed I forgot to put one to dethaw when I took one to eat. Now I’m hungry & have to wait 30-60 mins!

Comment: Go to Costco and get the giant box of like 24 for $10 or whatever it is. You’ll never thank me enough. Uncrustables are crack.

Steve –

I enjoy your comedy, insight, and perspective on the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise. It keeps us all grounded. (And as for those who complain about a 15 second delay to read your column – you just got done watching how many weeks of a two hour commercial called the Bachelor ? Get real)

1. In virtually every shot of Clare, she is wearing a thin gold necklace with a rectangular pendant. Is there any sentimental significance to this piece of jewelry? I don’t know.

2. Not to make JP any more thoughtless than he already is, but a comment on his hometown with Renee. Your going to visit your “girlfriends” family of which one is an 8 year old boy who plays baseball. Your “profession” is traveling the MLB collecting memorabilia. Even if you knew the mom wasn’t the one for you, couldn’t you at least give the kid a signed baseball to make his day? Renee’s hometown was Oct. 29th. He left for filming in mid September. How would he have known then to bring a signed baseball with him on the show?

3. Are the contestants/participants on the show bound by a contract limiting what they can do after the show? Or are they allowed to appear in Playboy/Playgirl, Maxim, etc. ? Maybe even participate in the shooting of “Yulelog Hotties 2?” Depends on who the contestant is. Most they don’t care about what they do because they’re irrelevant to them. But some they monitor very closely and they absolutely try to prevent you from making money off them.

4. During last weeks show in Saint Lucia (and I’m certain on the final episode), they kept shooting scenes with that phallic looking mountain as a backdrop. Any coincidence it is poised between the two bachelors Chris and JP? I didn’t notice.


I have been a longtime reader of your site but this is my first email. This email is a week late as it relates to the overnight date episode, but after watching the episode I felt compelled to write. My husband and I went to St. Lucia for our honeymoon in October 2012 and stayed in the exact same room at Hotel Chocolat/Boucan that Andi and Juan Pablo stayed in during their fantasy suite date (lux lodge #7). The hotel is situated on a cocoa plantation higher up in the hills of St. Lucia and has only 14 rooms. The room Andi and Juan Pablo stayed in is open air (one wall is open unless you close the shutters), has no air conditioning, and a huge open air shower. It has beautiful views of Petite Piton (the mountain they kept showing throughout the episode) and is wonderful and relaxing, but I think it would be somewhat uncomfortable place to stay for the first night with someone you don’t know very well. Also, its location could explain why Andi felt like she could not leave the night of that date. The room is somewhat isolated, there are few outdoor lights, and unless there were producers sitting right outside, she may not of felt like she could leave. My husband and I stayed 3 nights, and at night you can hear the tree frogs and other insects/animals outside. There is no way I would have left that room in the middle of the night alone. We absolutely loved out stay (the black stone infinity pool Juan Pablo stands next to while watching the girls’ videos is ranked one of the most beautiful infinity pools in the world), and I highly recommend the hotel. Watching the episode, however, I could see where Andi would feel extra uncomfortable in that situation (outside of not feeling it for Juan Pablo) and it could have played a factor in why she didn’t leave that night.

I love you site! Keep up the good work!

Comment: No one in the history of the show has ever walked out of the overnight date in the middle of the night, so I’m not sure why people were expecting Andi too.

Hello Steve,

I have been wanting to write you for a while now and I am glad I am finally doing it. I have been following you since Jason’s season. Jason is actually my favorite Bachelor. You caught my attention with your spoiler tease but what stood out to me the most was your “Montreal” clue. As a lifelong WWF/WWE fan I can appreciate your reference to “The Montreal Screwjob”. Since then I thoroughly enjoy reading your blogs and spoilers. I get your sense of humor and find them very entertaining. The inside info on the reality of the franchise is a bonus. I love your sarcasm as much as I love your WWE, SBTB, and 90210 references.

I finally decided to write you after your blog about the hometown dates. You referred to Sarasota, Florida as the hometown of the late great “Macho Man” Randy Savage. You also mentioned the late Miss Elizabeth. I smiled reading that. They are and always will be my two absolute favorites from that era. It made me curious as to how you felt about their passings and if you feel, like I do, that they are overdue for the WWE Hall of Fame. So here it goes….

1. What are your thoughts on Randy and Elizabeth? Best wrestler/manager duo in the history of sports entertainment.

2. Who would be in your 2014 WWE Hall of Fame class? I mean, there’s so many who aren’t in that will eventually be in, starting with Randy and Elizabeth. I can’t say I’ve got the WWE HOF memorized or anything, but some that I don’t think are in right now will will be, or should be, inducted are Hall & Nash, The Honky Tonk Man, Jimmy Hart, Demolition, Mr. Fuji, Ravishing Rick Rude (even though he’s passed), and the Berzerker. Ok, kidding on the Berzerker. It’s just a running joke between my buddy and me.

3. What are your thoughts on CM Punk leaving? Awful. Ever since his pipe bomb on RAW years back, I felt they completely mishandled his character. It was the freshest thing we ever saw in wrestling in years, and I think they butchered it. Even though he had a long title run after that, I think that “shoot” character he created should’ve kept going.

And now a Bachelor related question…

4. Are you serious that they may pay Juan Pablo to propose at the ATFR? If so, shouldn’t they also have to pay Nikki to accept his proposal? Seems only fair to me. I say pay her double to reject the proposal. This season was such a loss at least that would be the “most dramatic finale ever”. If there is a proposal on this show between the lead and the final person they choose, the other person has to accept. It’s in the contract. So, Nikki has no choice. Plus, she’d do it just to say she won.

Thanks again and keep up the awesome work. Hope to get to see Dallas some day. Take care.

Hi Steve —

First, I know you always say some people will love the new Bachelor/Bachelorette, some people will hate the new Bachelor/Bachelorette. Agreed. But what’s your prediction — do you think that *you* will like Andi as the Bachelorette or not? Why or why not? I think she will be a better Bachelorette than Des or Ashley because she seems a bit witchier. And I admit I’m looking forward to her getting a taste of the other side of things after launching so many silly accusations at Juan Pablo. (My husband of ten years doesn’t know my favorite color and we also didn’t discuss religion on a regular basis on our dates. He wasn’t into you, Andi. You weren’t into him either. Who cares.) My prediction is pretty much the same as it is every season. I’m not here to like or dislike the lead. I never go into a season hoping, “Man, I hope this is good. I really like them.” I don’t look at the show that way. It’s a job to me. I spoil it and write about it and never care one way or another about liking or disliking the show.

Second, not a question, just a comment. I found the Women Tell All really irritating. The complaining about Juan Pablo’s motives? Really? Surely only a small fraction of the people on this show are there for love. And even among that handful, they are also there for the fun. And who cares if he viewed the single moms differently? Duh, they are different. They are moms. You are not. Doesn’t mean they’re better, but it does mean they’re different. I think they just needed some talking points and weren’t really all that bothered.

Third, another comment. I thought Sharleen was pretty weird on the show. But I found her refreshingly honest and removed from the drama at the WTA. I remain mystified why she bothered with the show at all. There can’t be a big overlap in the fan bases for opera and the Bachelor. Why does anyone do it? Because they want a free vacation, travel the world, be on TV, and make new friends. No one goes onto this show thinking they are going to find their spouse.

That’s all. You’re a strange guy, Steve. But I love spoilers. Looking forward to the non-proposal to Nikki next week.

Comment: Don’t think I’ve been called strange before. Thanks.

All along you have said that Chris Harrison is not a fan of JP….has not hesitated to throw him under the bus…I was always looking for that and nothing was more obvious than his answer to this question…..

His go-to phrase lately seems to be, “I’d rather not be appreciated being honest, than be appreciated not being honest.” What does that even mean?

Harrison: The point was brought up by Andi when she said, “There’s a difference between being an a–hole and being honest.” Basically he is saying, “I’d much rather hurt someone and be considered an a–hole than not be fully honest.” It’s like look, “I’m going to end up hurting them anyway, so why not just be honest right away?” But it’s really just making him feel better and doing what he wants and I wish the women had been better about bringing those issues up. I’ve had this discussion with Juan Pablo — I’ve had 1,000 discussions about this — you’ll never permeate his way of thinking. He’ll placate you, and you can tell he doesn’t care about your point of view. He’s set in his ways.

Wow, just wow.

Comment: Not sure why you thought that was the only example of Chris throwing him under the bus this season. That was one of many. Read any past interview or his blog. They’re in there.

And finally saving the best for last…


Time is almost upon us. This is your last chance to possibly change the ending of the season since I don’t think you’ll have another post before the finale airs. They got you last season with the Desiree ending. Any chance at all, even the tiniest bit that he picks Clare, or picks no one? Your reputation depends on this answer. Choose wisely.

Comment: No. Not even .000000000001% chance. He chose Nikki in St. Lucia and didn’t propose.

Send all links and emails to: To follow me on Twitter, it’s: Instagram name is “RealitySteve,” or join my Reality Steve Facebook Fan Page. Talk to you tonight.

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  1. kimholms

    March 9, 2014 at 9:09 AM

    Who would make a username bigfatwoman? PU. Well big fat stinky woman you don’t have to read what I post here. I think you should be the one to go. Maybe my post are not interesting to you so feel free to skip over them or go elsewhere. How do you know what I type here isn’t interesting or applicable to this forum? You must be reading them, LOL. There isn’t much you can add to Pablo will pick Nikki or Clare.

  2. lobsterandbeer

    March 9, 2014 at 12:58 PM

    AHAHAhahaha I have never laughed so hard, I am actually reading these posts… people at my work think I have lost it!! kimholmes…I think you are bringing value to this forum!! I’m interested in knowing what kind of men you would be interested in seeing for Andi’s season, I do trust your opinion because I think you will be correct that Andi is the next Bachelorette, how did you know that?? Not a vision like you said, but maybe Mike Fleiss is channeling you somehow! You must have good energy! Maybe you should sign up to be one of the girls on the next Bachelor!! :))))

  3. nina

    March 9, 2014 at 3:19 PM

    If this Steve made it where I can’t post my comments I figure he will disable this account too. Sooooo have a good time everybody and good bye. Enjoy The Bachelor tomorrow night. Personally I can’t see Pablo purposing to either Nikki or Clare, but we will see. Maybe Pablo will end up walking off the show himself. Will be interesting to see what happens.
    Bye everybody,

  4. nina

    March 9, 2014 at 3:42 PM

    Think my video links are being deleted here. Oh well. Have good day.

  5. jacey

    March 10, 2014 at 7:52 PM

    I think Steve was right. Looks like Chris H. was expecting a proposal during ATFR that didn’t happen and it surprised and frustrated the crap out him — couldn’t wait to get off that stage at the commercial break. Bet they struck a deal & old Pabs backed out.

  6. statman

    March 10, 2014 at 10:37 PM

    That was by far the best After the Rose shows to date. Juan Pablo exposed this slimy show for what it truly is. He wouldn’t play along with their scripted crap and it just all fell apart. Chris looked like an absolute bully while the former participants like Sean and Catherine sat there like sheep and cashed in their Bachelor checks by throwing Juan under the bus while maintaining their love for the show.

    Even in his broken english, Juan was clear as day, he wasn’t ready to say he loved her because he simply wanted to see how the relationship was in the “real world” and not in the confines of this ridiculous show/setting. Was just so funny seeing him interrupt Chris, talk back to him and basically give the middle finger to the show. Even the “no surprise” had producers trying to write something in and force Juan to propose … all over it. Go Juan!


  7. kasey31

    March 10, 2014 at 11:51 PM

    ABC is disgusting.

  8. iheartvino

    March 11, 2014 at 9:01 AM

    If someone asked me to choose a side after watching that last night, especially the ATFR show, I’d definitely say I’m Team JP, and not Team ABC/Chris Harrison. Now, I know I had more than my fair share of moments where I made fun of JP all season, but he was raked through the coals big time last night. Can’t wait to read today’s column, and also hear Jason and Molly’s take on the whole thing on their next podcast.

  9. liz123

    March 11, 2014 at 9:44 AM

    So, I’ve been really busy lately & haven’t been reading or posting here, but I stopped in today to see what everyone was saying about the weirdest finale ever. And my oh my, this isn’t what I expected. I see this comment section draws even more oddballs than it used to. I have to admit, it’s entertaining as hell (and a little scary). I can’t believe “this Steve” guy is stealing ideas from Nina/Nora/Kim! Gosh, Steve, get your own ideas & your own website why don’t you??

    I can’t pick between TeamABC and TeamJP. They’re all losers. I personally think that ABC threw JP under the bus because of his anti-gay comments. It seems they were actually considering him for DWTS after taping finished even knowing that he didn’t propose, but once the anti-gay comments were made, it was a swift fall from grace for JP. I have a hard time feeling bad for him or seeing ABC as the obvious villain. He made his own bed.

  10. kelsum01

    March 11, 2014 at 10:00 AM

    Ummm… am I missing something? Where is Steve’s write up from last night’s finale??

  11. kasey31

    March 11, 2014 at 10:34 AM

    True, Liz, but ABC knew what they were getting themselves into. I still find it very difficult to believe that during all the preparation for this season that someone, anyone, didn’t see this guy as a loose canon and say, “Hold it! We can’t cast this guy.. He doesn’t watch the show, he’s unfamiliar with how this process works, he makes off-the-wall remarks, he is poor at articulating his thoughts, let’s not risk it.”
    Instead, they hoped for the best. They’re the parents here.
    They don’t give a crap about any of the contestants, as we know, but they still should have taken the higher road. Instead, Chris Harrison came across as a bully.
    He knew he had America’s support and he ran with it.
    And the whole “My execs informed me you had a surprise?” shtick was the icing on the cake for me. He knew darn well JP wasn’t going to propose.. He just wanted to humiliate Nikki and JP.

    Was JP perfect? Far from it, but he brought in the ratings this season for them, and Catherine’s “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you” line can be applied both ways.
    ABC should be better than that and bigger than that. They were still insulting JP as they were talking to Andi.

    I understood what he was saying last night about this being his real life, but ABC wants everyone to be enchanted with this unrealistic love story they force feed us.
    I know I’m in the minority, but that’s just how I feel.

  12. iheartvino

    March 11, 2014 at 11:00 AM

    kasey, well said. I posted this under the video chat comments thread, but here it is again, I think you’ll agree with a lot of this.

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