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The return of the live video chat tonight at 9:00pm EST/6:00pm PST. I’m sure you’ve saved up two months of questions and queries to bombard me with. Bring it on. We’ve got a lot to talk about. One thing I won’t be discussing too much is “Bachelor in Paradise.” I’m saving that for Tuesday. I know when filming begins, I’m pretty sure I have good idea of who most of the cast is, and I think I know where they will be filming. I’ll give you all that stuff next week as I try to finalize things this weekend. Remember when they released their teaser for “Bachelor in Paradise” and were like “all your favorite former contestants from season’s past…?” Ummmmm, yeah. Not so much. A lot of people have backed out. There’s definitely a few in there that are fan favorites, but man, they scraped the bottom of the barrel for some of these people. Like, people who didn’t have any impact on their season whatsoever. Just know it’s because no one still knows what the hell this show is gonna be about and people were dropping like flies. They are practically begging (and paying) people to come on the show. Yes, all of them are getting paid. Why would anyone agree to be on a show where they have no idea what they’re getting into unless it was a paid vacation? “Bachelor Pad” people got paid too, but that was per episode. These people are getting paid to come on. More on that next week.

Wanted to mention something in regards to what I wrote Tuesday about anyone interested in throwing a finale watch party and having me show up. I thought it was pretty clear through the Crowdtilt info, but want to make sure. This has to be for a viewing party or “event” where it’s a $500 budget minimum, and the “realitysteve50” code is used. So either a space is rented out, or a bar, or wherever you choose to hold it, but it has to fit those parameters, has to be within the continental United States, and you gotta at least give me a couple weeks notice. But I will definitely come. If it’s just you and your group of friends that watch the show in your home, that doesn’t qualify for this particular event. I might do that some time in the future though. But for this particular finale, it’s for anyone who books it through Crowdtilt, and there’s at least a $500 budget, and the code is used. Anybody that’s big into party planning and likes holding events like these, I think this is something right up your alley.

Check back on the site later today when our “Survivor” recapper reveals his top 3 Survivor players of all time and breaks down last night’s finale. Should be up later this afternoon. Ohhh Woo. Bad move. Understand why he did it, but that doesn’t make it smart.

Jimmy Kimmel had Andi on this past Monday night (as he does every lead the night their premiere airs) and of course, for God knows how long he’s being doing this, he correctly “predicted” Andi’s final four along with the winner. In case you missed it, here it was:

I honestly don’t think ABC cares at this point. They realize the spoilers are out there, so I think by Kimmel doing this bit every single season, they’re just playing into it. Of course Jimmy’s writers are aware of the spoilers. That’s not a mystery or anything. I just think they like to have fun with it and play it up. As for Andi…yowza’s. Holy underboob, Batman. She tweeted before she went on that back of her dress had ripped at the top. Yeah, no kidding. I’m guessing the cameraman was loving those side shots of her. Could that top have been any looser?

I mentioned last week that I would be reviewing Courtney’s book at some point this week. I’m gonna put that on hold until we get closer to its release date of June 24th. You can still go to and pre-order it now. It’s called “I Didn’t Come Here to Make Friends: Confessions of a Reality Show Villain“. If you like this show, you like hearing the gossip about the contestants, and want to hear some of the things that go on behind-the-scenes with one of the final couples, then I’d recommend it.

So now Chris Bukowski is basically saying, “Yeah, it was all set up” which we all knew anyway, even though Chris Harrison still tries to play the role of dumbass and claims it wasn’t. Uh huh. Sure CH. Chris told TMZ it essentially was all scripted out and producers knew, and then he even went on the “Eliot in the Morning” show in DC and was a really awful liar.

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