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Not that anyone still cares about Jake, but as a fellow Dallacite I thought this was funny. Look who works for Emmitt Smith now:

Funny that it doesn’t mention anything about his career as a pilot, limo service owner (that was him, right?!) or an actor.

Anyways, love the site!

Comment: Yeah, someone had tipped me off to that and I found it hilarious. He tried his hardest to re-start a TV career, and he did for a hot minute, but ultimately no one cares about him and was able to see he’s a talentless hack. So good thing we don’t have to deal with him anymore.

Reality Steve,

How and why would ABC producers choose Juan Pablo for a bachelor if he is: 1. Broke 2. Lives with his parents, his child, the child’s mother and another member of the family in a condo in Miami? Would this not mean that ABC and the producers of “The Bachelor” are wasting the time of all the female contestants? Who would want a guy like that, especially since he has the morals of an alley cat?!

As far as Juan Pablo is concerned, who quits being a soccer player just because he has a daughter born to him? Isn’t that reason to keep working? What kind of job does he have now if he is broke? Maybe he was looking for a meal-ticket when he went on the Bachelor; his own meal-ticket to stardom.

Comment: Told you some of these were old. Hindsight of course is always 20/20, but if ABC could go back in time knowing then what they know now, not a chance in hell they ever would’ve cast Juan Pablo. They took a chance and struck out.

He didn’t quit being a soccer player because he had a child. That’s the BS he was telling everyone. He quit playing soccer because no one offered him a contract to play.

Which season did they start calling the bachelor/bachelorette fans ” Bachelor Nation” and how did they come up with the name?


Comment: No idea, but it’s the new thing. Get used to it. I just call them “crazies” or “lunatics.” Much easier.

Hey Steve,

I hope you’re doing well and enjoying the Bachelor off-season.

I had a Jason/Molly-related question. Although I couldn’t stand either of them during their season, I ended up listening to their podcasts and found them to be a pretty funny and down-to-earth couple. As you mentioned in one of your previous columns, Molly was recently hired as a morning DJ on the Seattle KISS FM station. I know you used to be in radio, so I was wondering if you had any idea what sort of salary she’d be pulling in. Radio is known for paying horribly, but I imagine that a gig on a (relatively) high-profile station in a (relatively) big metro market might be different. Just curious.

Also, I saw pictures of their daughter’s birthday party in US Weekly, and read that the party was sponsored by, and various catering companies. I have seen a lot of similar articles about other former Bachelor/ettes, where they get some gig as the face of a company, or a company sponsors their birthday party/engagement party, etc., and it led me to wonder — why would a company spend money sponsoring the birthday party of a former Bachelor contestant’s kid? Does this happen a lot? Do companies just approach former contestants and ask if they can sponsor things, or just gift them with things, or do most of these former contestants get publicists to solicit and evaluate offers? If so, that could be another reason why people are willing to humiliate themselves on this joke of a dating show — for the opportunity to get free swag and travel later on. It is just funny to me that companies think that a couple like Molly and Jason (not particularly liked in their season, and really not known to anyone now other than Bachelor fans) have enough fans and market value to make it worthwhile.

Thanks as always for the inside scoop on the show!

Comment: It’s absolutely why contestants go on this show. The last thing they care about, or even think will happen, is finding a spouse. To them it’s all about increasing their visibility. Facebook friends, Twitter followers, Instagram followers, social media fangirling, and opportunities after the show. It’s what the show has become.

Dear reality Steve,

Do you listen to any podcasts that you can recommend? I enjoyed listening to Jason & Molly’s podcast while I got stuff done around the house. Can you recommend any other ones (fun, educational, pop culture, news, sports, whatever!)

Comment: The only other podcasts I listen to are on Every Friday is the “Right Reasons” podcast with Dave Jacoby and Juliet Litman where they talk nothing but reality TV and entertainment news. And I also listen to any Bill Simmons podcasts that has a guest I find interesting.

Hi Steve,

I wanted to respond to the comment made by one of your readers. He or she said that you don’t paint a pretty picture for yourself. You reply to most comments in a condescending tone and you seem incapable of dealing with criticism in a mature manner. Are you sure if it is not a very old letter?

I have been following your blog for several years now and I used to think exactly the same of you and skipped lots of your writing due to that, just to get to the spoilers. But I have to admit that some time ago I noticed a change in your responces. You are no longer condescending, much nicer to people, and do not take criticism too seriously. Good for you to be a better person.

Greetings from the other side of the pond.

Comment: Yay me. Sometimes I am, sometimes I’m not. All depends on the question and how I feel like answering it I guess. Then again, if anyone has read my writing for the last 10 years, this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.

Hi! Love your site. I fortunately found it just when The Bachelor became unbearable–and then it became fun to watch all over again while embracing the absurdity. Do you know if Burning Love is going to do a 4th season? Thanks!

Comment: I haven’t heard anything about “Burning Love,” but it doesn’t look good. It’s taken too much time off for it to come back at this point I would think.

1. Do you ever get noticed on the street, planes, grocery store? Your site has really blown up in the recent months and assumed this would start to happen. Do you like the notoriety, or do you prefer to remain unnoticed in public? It’s happened 4 times in my life, so no, not really. Much better if I’m not noticed. I don’t care to be.

2. When the women/men travel on the show what happens if one of them gets extremely ill before a date? Especially when it’s down to the final 2? I would think production is on a tight schedule. The reason I ask is because I recently went to Keystone, Colorado and got altitude sickness and was sick the entire trip. On Ben’s season they went to the Swiss Alps so I would’ve imagined someone in the cast or crew may have felt ill since it effects people at random. I guess each situation is different and you’d have to ask contestants directly involved. However I can tell you that reading Courtney’s book, this exact thing happened to her and another girl on one of their trips, and it’s something you never would’ve known by watching the episode. Good stuff.

Thanks for your blog. I genuinely was worried when you didn’t write for 3 weeks. Glad to see more posts.

Hey steve,

just wanted to say after watching your live video streams and reading your blog I had to see for my self what all the buzz was about with Friday night lights and I’ve got to admit I am absolutely hooked I’ve banged out 2 seasons in about a week. It’s horrible I know while watching I have my thoughts on who my favorite couple is and who my favorite character is so just wanted to get your opinion.. who is your favorite couple in the show? and who your favorite character is?I keep hoping Lila and Tim will be together so far it just doesn’t seem to be in the cards. haha
well thanks anyways love this show.

Comment: Nobody will ever beat Coach Taylor and his wife. They are the most realistic married couple on television in the last 20 years, and it’s not even close. Probably has to do with the fact of how differently they show was filmed as opposed to most scripted shows. Way more ad libbing on that show, which is what made it that much more realistic.

Hey RS

Going to have to catch that pod cast talking about social media and your job. One of the questions I was going to ask:

1. Has your job become easier, or more difficult and time consuming as you track down the large amount of media you either get sent, or what pops up on the internet. ? If answered in the pod cast, no worries, I’ll get it there. If not, can you answer here? Parts have become easier, yes, because of social media. Certain parts have become harder, as the larger my network gets, the more idiots I have to deal with. And stalkers and crazies.

2. Were you surprised that you basically had unfettered access in Dallas, considering producers likely know you live in the area and would likely show up? I would think that I would have people on the look out for you, and to try and gently move you along. Then again, if they tried to move you along, that likely would have led to better copy for you!. As you said, not sure what taking a picture of you would prove. The thing with spying on Marcus’ date though was that it was in a public place. And I was even a paying customer at the restaurant they filmed. So even if Adam told me to leave or not take pictures, they were in the courtyard of a public restaurant. It made no sense for him to say anything to me because I could do whatever I wanted. Sorry, but anyone could’ve taken those pictures. I just happened to be the only one there because it was 4:00 on a Tuesday. Not necessarily a hot bed for action at that place.

3. You’ve acknowledged, and I agree that Jeff Probst is the best reality show host. Do you think during tribal he is getting a bit too probing in getting info. out of people, or does he strike the perfect balance at tribal? I think his tribal questions are perfect. And lets not forget, just like the Bachelor is filming about 80 hrs of footage for one episode that’s cut into 80 minutes, those Tribal councils all last at least 45min to an hour, and we’re getting 10 minutes of it.

4. Which old school 90210 character would make the best Bachelor: Brandon Walsh, Dylan McKay, Steve Sanders, David Silver, Ray Pruitt, Nat From the Peach Pit, Henry from the beach club, or DeShawn Hardle? Brandon Walsh. He’s everyone’s All American boy.

Hi Steve!

I’m not sure if you are still doing reader questions, but I have one for you. You got me interested in watching this season of Survivor, and I am hooked. Now that it’s getting close to the end, who are you rooting for to win? What’s your take on Tony? What do you think about this season in general?

Thanks for all that you do!

Comment: I’m answering this email before watching last night’s finale. My prediction (since Probst has acknowledged that there will be a final 2 instead of final 3 this season), that if it’s Tony vs Kass, Tony wins. And big. Tony vs. Woo, Tony wins. Tony vs Spencer, Spencer wins. Spencer has way less enemies on the jury. But if the jury actually voted with their head and not their heart, and Tony is in the finals, Tony should win the whole thing no matter who he’s up against. Tony played better than anyone this season by a mile. Best strategic players we’ve seen since Russell Hantz. And much more likable.

2 emails covering the same topic…


I was reading your column today and had to laugh! I once had a doc who graduated from the “American University of the Caribbean” when I was living in Orange County. He turned out to be a quack. After I moved to Dallas I asked my current MD (who is very good) about this university. He said you only go there for 2 reasons either you were not accepted at any university in the US or you can’t afford the debt from the US schools and you don’t plan to major in a specialty practice.

Hey Steve,

Just FYI about Dr. Leep’s schooling–often times if someone can’t get into medical school in the states for whatever reason (be it low grades, mcat scores, etc) and they still really want to go, they will apply to a school in the Caribbean because their admissions are a little easier. My husband is a physician and explained this to me one time when we met another physician who had gone to medical school in the Caribbean. I had commented that he was lucky to have gone to medical school in a tropical paradise, and my husband explained that it wasn’t about the location, but the fact that he probably didn’t get into medical school anywhere else. That being said, if Dr. Leep got into a legit residency in the states afterwards, then he’s well trained, so no reason to be weary of his abilities to do his job and treat patients based on where he went to medical school.

Comment: Ha ha…two very differing opinions of Dr. Leep. One thing we can all agree on – his haircut was awful and he looked a hell of a lot like the Dutch Boy Paint kid:



Comment: (Yes, that was the whole email. No subject. 4 words). Ummmm, that Asian girl. Am I right? Never seen the show, but saw a week’s worth of “Christina’s Goodbye” promos so I figured it must be her.

I love how in 10 years of writing this column, I’ve never had a spoiler for any other show outside of the “Bachelor,” “Bachelorette,” and “Bachelor Pad” yet people still ask if I can find out what happens on certain shows. Comical.

Subject: I Wanna Marry Harry

Would be great if you could do spoilers on that one.
What a hoot – those girls think he’s really the prince !

Comment: Here we go again. I have it recorded but haven’t watched the first episode yet. I will this weekend. Ratings were horrible and it didn’t have nearly the impact Fox thought it would. I guess people are over the whole “shock” factor in reality TV since we’ve basically seen everything. This is “Joe Millionaire” ten years later. Same exact concept.

Sorry if i missed a posting on this already, but i remember you mentioning that Lifetime was going to make a movie related to the bachelor. Has it been out yet? Are they still making it? I like to watch Lifetime’s cheesy movies so thats why i asked.

Comment: Yeah, I haven’t heard anything about it since. Not sure when it’s airing or if it still is. I even forget the title and am too lazy right now to Google it. Plus, I’m still furious that Caleb beat Jena and I just wanna go to bed.

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