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“Reader Emails,” “Dr. Reality Steve,” & (EXCLUSIVE) What Reality TV Show are Juan Pablo & Nikki Currently Filming?

Two days away from the big 3-9. Shoot me. I hope you will all enjoy the live video chat tonight at 9:00pm EST/6:00pm PST from a messy play room because that’s where I’ll be. I will take your questions for the first half hour or so of the broadcast, then bring Olivia and Nicholas on since it’s been over a year and, well, they want to be on again. They’ll answer anything you ask and Nicholas will probably give some smart ass answers so be prepared. She’s finishing up 4th grade and he’s finishing up 1st grade if you want any sort of reference as to what type of questions to ask them. I don’t think you’ll have any trouble since last time we didn’t even get to all the questions for them because there were a lot. Maybe I’ll just bring them on the last 15 minutes. We’ll see how it goes. And how much sugar they have in them at the time. But hey, enjoy what’s coming because you never know when they’ll appear again. Or ever. Will see you back here tonight for all the fun and hijinx that show will have to offer.

So remember when Juan Pablo and Nikki went on media silence right after the finale aired because they wanted to stay out of the spotlight, Juan Pablo didn’t like how ABC treated him, and he says they just wanted to focus on their life in private? Yeah, that lasted a whole two months. I can exclusively report to you today that Juan Pablo & Nikki are currently filming the next season “Couples Therapy” on VH1. Now, if you think they’re doing this because they’re so in love, but really struggling in their relationship and need to dig deep to find that inner peace so that both can continue on to keep this strong, loving, solid relationship together – you’d be on drugs. Juan Pablo is doing this show because he needs the money. He has none. And Nikki basically is doing it to follow along – and for the pay obviously.

Courtney actually addresses this in her book. Some time after their finale aired, she was offered to appear on “Couples Therapy” with Ben. Courtney never even brought it up to Ben because she knew he’d never go for it, so it never happened. Say what you want about the show, and readers of this site will know it’s one of my favorite shows out there, but those people get a decent chunk of money to film for 3 weeks. Courtney says in her book they were offered $40k each to do the show. I’m guessing that’s roughly the same amount JP & Nikki are getting, so yeah, they’re not gonna turn that down. Nice. Just remember though, Juan Pablo wants to handle his relationship with Nikki in private and it’s no one else’s business, ok? And it’s strictly about love and improving their relationship. Leave them alone. Ha ha…what a disaster these two will be to watch. Actually pretending to care to do that show for their relationship when it’s strictly a cash grab.

Oh, funny Juan Pablo story that I was recently told which I can confirm to be 100% true. A charity event contacted him to make an appearance with Nikki at their function later this summer. In return for appearing at this event, Juan Pablo first asked who else would be there, then wanted 3 first class tickets to the event (it was in another city), accommodations at a 5 star hotel, and an appearance fee to show up. The event came back with offering 2 coach tickets, a 3 star hotel, and no appearance fee because, hello dumb ass, it’s a charity event. After not getting back to the event in a timely manner, the event decided to proceed without them so they won’t be going. Good. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it 1,000 times, this show completely changes people and they start believing they’re way more important than they are. But to ask that of a charity event when they reached out to you is f***ing absurd. But that’s the world he thinks he lives in now.

Don’t forget, back-to-back episodes of the “Bachelorette” this Sunday & Monday night. Santa Barbara & Connecticut. Very interested in seeing how they portray Eric’s exit on Monday night. Like I’ve mentioned, it’s certainly nothing horrible, or makes him any different of person, but because of the unfortunate circumstances surrounding his death, makes me think they won’t show the fully story.

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