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The Bachelorette 10 - Andi

The “Bachelorette” Andi Episode 4 Recap Including My Thought’s on How Eric’s Departure Was Handled

-Marcus’ 1-on-1 is up next and his date card said “Sky’s the limit.” Nah, nah, nah. How about, “Lets join the mile high club.” Seems more appropriate for these two. Andi has a fear of heights, so naturally, they will be rappelling down the side of Mohegan Sun. She claims she requested it because it’s something she wants to conquer in her life. And what better person to conquer that with than the most unassuming guy in the house. Once they start rappelling, it was like an owner barking instructions to his dog. Andi is freaking out, and Marcus just sitting there waiting for her not to freak out and actually listen to a word he’s saying. Andi: “I don’t even know where I am right now.” Ummmm, you’re tied to a rope on top of a tall building in Connecticut about 30 floors up. Are you not aware of this? Have you lost all your brain capacity already even though you haven’t taken a step off the ledge? Look, I’m not adventure seeker myself and scaling the side of a building isn’t very high on my list of things I want to do, but if I had to, I’d do it. People have bungee jumped and scaled buildings on this show for years and nothing bad happens. Just suck it up, listen to Marcus boss you around, and be done with it. Chelsie and her whiny ass before bungee jumping last season thinks you’re being a bit much right now.

-Andi finally starts making her way down the building and Marcus decides to throw in a “You look beautiful by the way” at her. Yes. Totally. In full gear, her face covered, her red nose from how freezing it is, her nasally voice from being congested, and the fact you can’t even see her bundled up in all her clothes. There’s a time and place to compliment your woman for looking beautiful. This is not one of those times. Because if you tell her she looks beautiful now, then later on when she’s in a sexy red dress and heels and you tell her, “Wow, you look beautiful,” isn’t it a tad overkill and lose its luster? Don’t say it just to say it. Say it at times when it’s appropriate. Then again, we’re talking about Marcus here who later on in the date tells her he’s falling in love with her, which completely makes him delusional. It’s your first date Marcus. Slow your roll. Falling in love already? Really? And you felt the need to tell her that on your first date? Stage 5 Clinger alert. Marcus is smitten.

-The best part of their rappelling date is that they did it right in front of the guys’ room while they all stood at the window and watched. Marcus even got in a, “Hey, you wanna kiss so all the guys can see?” Andi’s direct answer: “No.” Well, there goes that idea Marcus. Nice try, though. They’ve done dates in the past where the group left behind could see it from a distance, but I don’t remember a 1-on-1 date thrown in the face of the others so blatantly. However, there was nothing all that sexy about watching Marcus and Andi’s feet walk against the window, so I can’t imagine there was much to be jealous about. When they get to the bottom, even Andi is impressed. “I’ve yet to find a flaw with Marcus.” Then you’ve yet to look hard enough. Everyone has a flaw. Even Mighty Marcus That Can Do No Wrong. Ask Jenna Page from KISS-FM here in Dallas if Marcus has any flaws, Andi. I’m sure she’ll fill you in on a few. The hyperbole on some of these dates is just mind boggling to me. I know it’s for TV, but geez. Can it get more over the top than this?

-They go to the Griswold Inn for dinner. Andi with another history lesson. “This is the oldest working Inn in America.” Well, lookie here. Miss Andi the Wikipedia expert is at it again:


Yep. Very first sentence on the “Griswold Inn” Wikipedia page tells us that. Except she used “Inn” instead of “tavern.” You ain’t fooling anyone here, Dorfman. Over dinner, the two of them made a toast to conquering fears or something. Hell if I know. I couldn’t get over what a surface level relationship these two have. I couldn’t tell you one thing about Marcus based on what they’ve shown. It’s just two people physically attracted to each other throwing compliments back and forth and talking about nothing of any substance. And he’s falling in love with her. Got it.

-At dinner, Marcus covered up the rose since to him it was the elephant in the room. He didn’t want to look at it and Andi found that so endearing. “He has no idea what a catch he is.” Actually Andi, it’s just the opposite. He’s fishing for compliments at this point. Hence the reason he’s pretending he doesn’t care about the rose while he covers it up, yet obviously does since he’s calling it the elephant in the room. Marcus says he hasn’t dated in such a long time, and basically is playing along with the company line. Isn’t it amazing that all these men, supposedly such great catches and potential husbands for Andi, all say it’s been years since they’ve dated? Who do they think they’re kidding. I mean, maybe Marcus hasn’t had a girlfriend in a while, but enough with the, “I don’t really date that much.” Bullsh**. I went on a radio show the morning of the premiere and heard of three girls that you’ve hooked up with within the last 2 years. So if I’ve heard of three, I’m guessing you can probably multiply that by 10.

-Andi tells him he’s surpassed every expectation she’s had for him. Wow. Then those must have been set pretty low. Not sure what Marcus’ done at this point to surpass those, but whatever. She gives him the rose and says she has another surprise in store for him. That’s right a private concert from a country singer most people have never heard of in an empty casino on a Tuesday night! Woo hoo! Jon Pardi is in the house ladies and gentleman. No, not John Parr who sang “St. Elmo’s Fire”…

…but Jon Pardi who sings, uhhhhh, errrrrr, ummmmm….maybe they should’ve had John Parr perform. Man, did that song not personify every 80’s movie soundtrack title? Sure did. While Andi and Marcus are dancing, or whatever they call it, up there on the stage, this is when Marcus leans in to tell her that he’s falling in love with her. Andi’s ego just got a huge boost. She basically knows she has this guy wrapped around her finger, there’s no challenge left, and he basically just eliminated himself by telling her that so soon. But she’ll keep him around til hometowns because he’s hot and he lives in Dallas so I could spy on them. So in a roundabout way, thank you Andi!

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  1. rob22

    June 3, 2014 at 11:25 AM

    So, they have a guy who dies and decide to go the “honest” route to portray his exit? It may have been honest, but MF doesn’t care about honesty. He’s got a proven track record of over 10 years in that regard. No, he looked at sagging ratings and decided not to look a gift horse in the mouth. That golden egg was teed up for him. All he had to do was hit it. And so he did. Can you imagine MF avoiding the topic and passing on the ratings potential? That just wasn’t going to happen. Sure, he tried to do it tastefully and avoid any backlash for his ratings grab, but there was no need to be mean spirited in this case.

    As for Eric personally I have no opinion. He’s no worse than a lot of people have been on the show and certainly better than quite a few. But we really can’t know him any better than anyone else. I do take some exception to anyone that goes on the show, rolls around in it for 4 weeks, and then suddenly is outraged that the paid lead is acting. Come on. Like I commented in the prior blog, that’s like Captain Renault, from Casablanca, opining “I’m shocked, shocked that there is gambling going on here”. There was no need to be duplicitous. Andi is being paid to put on her makeup, show her girls and pretend to enjoy her dates. She said as much. She’s “working” her tail off (read acting) and is exhausted after four weeks of being the focal point of the show. Are these guys really that drunk and stupid that they don’t know what this show is all about? Hadn’t we already gotten to the point where pretty much everyone was joining the show to pimp their business or get their 15 minutes? Did we suddenly get a batch of guys that fell off the back of the turnip truck?…. Besides Chris, I mean.

  2. gemma86

    June 3, 2014 at 11:27 AM

    This may come off as mean…but…I hope they don’t dwell on Eric much anymore the rest of the season. Its unfortunate and I feel for him and his family but I think we should move on. He was a part of the show, not the show and I want to get back to THE SHOW. Again condolences RIP but I’m ready to move on.

    AS far as MTA I don’t expect much from the guys because they only knew him like what 2 -3 weeks? I think its unfair to them to have to come up with some deep emotional bond that may have or may not have been there. Sure they’ll be sad but I dont think it will be more than the general “he was a great guy”. If anything I think they should just show a video that pays tribute to his life and what he was doing, no need to draw it out anymore than necessary. And I dont need to see Andi and the F4 reaction to his death. We already know they will be upset and shocked, and will cry so please lets just get back to THE SHOW!

    Finally as far as their “argument” I will side with Andi. Obviously her intentions are not to seriously hurt anyones feelings so I get where she felt attacked by being called fake when fro what I’ve seen she does care about the guys and is trying and it is a sensitive predicament to be in. I just think the writing was on the wall with even Andi foreshadowing to there being a “stall” in their relationship. IMO it would have been acting for her to be all gushy gushy if its not there. I think it was a hard pill for Eric to swallow that “Shes just not that into you”. And by dammit she has that right to be 🙂

  3. rob22

    June 3, 2014 at 11:38 AM

    Gemma, do you really think MF is going to pass on the ratings opportunity presented by the filmed responses of the F4 being told of Eric’s death? If you wondered how that was going to be handled, last night was your answer. We’re going to see every moment of every tear shed that day. Cynical, yes. But it’s a cynical show. They’re just not going to pass on an opportunity like this. The Bachelor was getting a little long in the tooth, with a lot of phonies populating recent shows…. And then THIS happens. Oh, they’ll milk this puppy for all it’s worth, while trying not to offend too many people. If there is any backlash, expect the show to respond that they wanted to be honest and true to Eric’s memory, and that editing out the responses would have been dishonest. Like it, or not, the major subplot this season is Eric.

  4. oyoung1117

    June 3, 2014 at 12:12 PM

    As far as the way the show handled it–I think it could have been handled a little better. Mostly, I feel like if Andi had said anything slightly regretful about the argument like “Watching it back I think he was just using the wrong words to describe how he felt and I just misunderstood, because he was a great person and wasn’t trying to offend me” it would have made her part better and seem less like she thinks she can do no wrong which she had just exemplified during the argument itself. And also it would have been nice if they maybe had a producer or guy who had gotten closer to him also on to share what a great guy he was.
    As for the argument–I think he really just wasn’t articulating what he meant very well and she was too tired and just not into him enough to even try to understand what he meant.
    I feel like her whole break down about being so tired was kind of what he meant. She kept saying “How can you say that when I have been working my ass off and trying so hard for you guys?” and I think he sensed that she was trying so hard and that is what he wanted her to stop doing. I think he wanted her to say, “Oh my gosh I am just so tired!” And have a real conversation with her instead of feeling the need to be bright and charming with him.
    So honestly, I really take his side. I can’t stand people who feel the need to fake it and paste on a smile all of the time, but I do recognize that many people prize that quality in themselves so it is just a personal pet peeve. Ashley was a bachelorette who immediately jumps to mind who was a little more “open” with the guys about what she was feeling rather than just keeping up the act all of the time. Also, another reason I take his side is because she kept (even in his memorial interview) saying he wasn’t really opening up to her. I think telling her how he walked away from his faith was pretty open myself. And to be honest, maybe it was edited it out, but she seemed like she listened to his story, digested it, and moved on, rather than starting a deep conversation about it. That’s what being open would have looked like on her side. You know, confession and mirroring? The basis of all deep friendships?
    I don’t really dislike her for the fight though because it probably boiled down to the fact that she wasn’t interested enough in him to make it work.
    But I do blame her for freaking the eff out that he confronted her for having the audacity to criticize her. It just seemed like a spoiled brat thing to do.

  5. angelfish

    June 3, 2014 at 12:43 PM

    All the harping on Eric being a bad communicator is ridiculous. The man went to foreign countries where he DID NOT speak the language and communicated.

    His entire travel epic or odyssey or boondoggle or whatever was about COMMUNICATING! With other people. About their lives. It was all over his photos and blogs and videos.

    His “mission” was to communicate.

    But all of the sudden, with Andi, he was incapable of any coherence? Sorry, just not buying that. She didn’t want him for keeps and it bruised his ego enough to go on the offensive. He’s not bad, she’s not bad but together they would be bad.

    I know what I saw on my TV screen and how I interpret those words & actions.


  6. karynr

    June 3, 2014 at 12:54 PM

    Well put, Angelfish. No one did any wrong.

    Rob, I agree completely. MF, aka the MF, cares about ratings, not people.

    RS has handled this beautifully.

  7. LynnMJ

    June 3, 2014 at 1:04 PM

    Steve, on the topic of air travel and your comment. Maybe the person beside you sighed because he/she wondered why the plane wasn’t ‘fixed’ BEFORE they boarded passengers??….Just sayin’. As far as how the Eric situation was handled, I have one word…..tasteless. And, Steve, I agree 100% regarding Dylan. It’s his choice, but why he’d choose to come on a show like this so soon after tragedy is beyond me.

  8. bigfatwoman

    June 3, 2014 at 1:47 PM

    As for the heavy sighing woman on the plane —there could be a hundred different reasons she was exasperated. Maybe her husband just told her their kid wrecked the car again, she was just fired — the list goes on.

    oyoung….I agree 100% with your view.

    As far as Dylan going on the show, you’d have to ask him his reasons. Everyone deals with obstacles in their own way.

  9. angelfish

    June 3, 2014 at 5:32 PM

    Thanks Karynr,

    I just watched an interview with Eric’s brother,Scott on “Entertainment Tonight”. He was very gracious and said the whole family was fine with how the show went. He also said he’d like to sit down & chat with Andi.

    Chris Harrison did a phone in and said that since Eric’s exit interview was brief & a little tense, they subbed in his little interview with Andi.

    So if the family is fine with what went down, that should be the end of all the huffing & puffing! *LOL*

  10. dulcinea14

    June 3, 2014 at 5:57 PM

    I became a fan of Andi’s when she told JP off for being fake. She wasn’t happy that JP dismissed her feelings. So when Eric approached her with sincerity and kindness and she flipped out, my opinion of her took a nose dive. She absolutely overreacted and didn’t even attempt to listen to what he had to say and take it to heart. She is a hypocritical spoiled brat. The interview at the end? Could she seem any more glib? Screw her.

  11. ashleigh11

    June 4, 2014 at 7:29 AM

    I work in pharma sales and most of the Bachelor/Bachelorette group dates and cocktail parties remind me a lot of the happy, sometimes mindless fakery that is just part of the required social scene. Andi is good at this. Eric is not. Eric has traveled the world and is savvy to the hardships and political struggles in countries where dressing up to drink champagne and have cursory “I so want to find love, this is so great, best day ever, omg, isn’t this hotel amazing!” conversation feels stilted and disingenuous at best.

    After a solid first date, he was probably getting fed up with trying to find a few minutes to re-establish that connection with Andi, only to find her being formal and nice with him and maybe brushing him off or not really opening up to him. I get that this is part of the game, but Eric probably realized he wasn’t cut out for it. He opened up to her on several occasions but all I really heard from Andi was “hmm… interesting.” When he pulled her aside and calmly and rationally explained how he was feeling about her being detached or having a ‘poker face’ or just playing things up for the camera, he had every right to. He wasn’t yelling at her or insulting her. Andi chose to take it that any guy who was not fawning over her and telling her how fabulous she is = an insult. Instead of having a normal conversation about the frustrations of being tired, or just not feeling the right connection or whatever she wanted to say about it – she flew off the handle and went into tears and hysterics and blew everything he was saying wayyyy out of proportion.

    I was watching that scene and just thinking – wow, this girl is sooo high maintenance and cannot *listen* properly. Eric is a good communicator – he tried to be real and tell her how he felt – in the moment. She just didn’t want to hear it and the melodrama that ensued is allll on her, as far as I’m concerned. My feelings have nothing to do with Eric’s tragic accident either. I would have felt the same, even if he was still around. Andi seriously needs to learn some interpersonal skills that go beyond small-talk and social-acting. I thought this during her over-dramatic Juan-Pablo explosion and this was just another (worse) example. She always needs to be right and if the guy doesn’t retract his statements, out come the tears and overblown fury. If Josh ever stops stroking her ego – watch out! So yeah, I was Team Eric all the way. He cut through the BS, trying to see if there was something there and what needed to happen to have a meaningful connection and she just didn’t ‘get it’. It’s like they were having two different conversations. All she heard was “how dare you criticize me!” Ugh. Girl, you did the same to JP. I half-wish, last season that instead of calmly saying “eees ok” – JP had just burst into hysterical sobbing and told her how tired he was and to just get out. On this show (AND last season!) Andi cries about something every 20 minutes – I hope Eric didn’t feel too badly about it. For a lawyer, she doesn’t seem able to hold it together very well.

    Re – the aftermath – I wish they’d just chosen to show maybe 10 min about Eric’s life – maybe some video clips from his travels. I would love to have seen that instead of Andi fake-crying about how she can’t believe he won’t be at Men Tell All. God – this woman needs to stop being so self-involved!

  12. serapa

    June 6, 2014 at 9:54 AM

    Dear Eric’s Sister,

    I wish your family healing from this tragedy. What I saw of Eric was a very sincere person who was very different from Andi. He was well travelled and very street smart. Because of his travels, he had little time for formal “small talk”. It was as simple as that with Andi. He probably wasn’t a good fit for the show b/c of his sincere nature.

    I am sad for your loss…Prayers to your family,


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