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Reader Email Reaction to How ABC Handled Monday Night’s Episode

Hi Steve,

I usually agree with you about most things. However, I feel as though you were wrong about how they handled Eric’s death. I know they won’t make everyone happy, but I feel that they didn’t talk about Eric as much. All they did was basically talk about Andi and him. I think it would have been better if they had some of Eric’s family talk about him and what he was about and showed photos of him. I do agree that they shouldn’t have done the rose ceremony. And it’s also nice for them to take a week off. It was only 5 minutes. I thought they did the best they could in that little amount of time.

Honestly, the whole time I watched Chris interview Andi I kept on thinking I would much rather hear from his family and I’m really glad that you included an email from his sister. Andi knew him for two weeks, and his sister knew him much longer.

I do have a few questions though. Forgive me of they were asked before.

1) Did you know that Chris and Andi filmed an interview? If so, when was it filmed? Was it a few days ago or a few days after his death? It was after filming of the season was over. My guess was in the last couple weeks. No, I didn’t know that was filmed.

2) Did anyone from the show go to his funeral? Did the show send his family flowers or anything? Yes, there were a few producers and contestants who were there.

Thanks for all you do Steve. I honesty believe if your blog didn’t exist and Eric died the show wouldn’t even do anything about his death. That’s just my personal opinion.

I was curious what your reaction woud be to the show’s handling of Eric’s exit. I was glad that you put into words pretty much exactly how I felt. I was thankful they showed the whole conversation, making it clear that this was just a case of two nice people who look at life and relationships differently. No harm, no foul. She seemed to me to overreact to his comments, but not in any terrible way.I thought the sit down with Andi instead of doing the rose ceremony was classier than I would expect from the folks who run this show. I also hope we get some response in “The Men Tell All” from the other guys.

In the world of “woulda shoulda coulda” I suppose that if Andi hadn’t sent him home at that point and he had stuck around a few weeks longer, well then he wouldnt have been on that hang glider. But as his sister said, she’s been waiting for that call for forever. How could anyone have possibly known what would happen?

So keep up the good work, and we’ll all keep reading. You make this fluffy show much more interesting.

Hi Steve,

I guess I’m in the minority, but I found Andi’s histrionics ridiculous, way over-the-top and embarrassing to watch.

Eric calling Andi out seemed reasonable to me, her implosion did not. She came off as a spoiled, entitled princess whose behavior shall not be questioned, or there’ll be Hell to pay. If that’s how she behaves on national TV, I pity the man who crosses her in private. I forced my husband to watch her performance & he thought she acted like a spoiled brat, too.
I should say, I don’t know her from JPs season, because that season was completely unwatchable. She seemed ok the first episode, not super-likeable like Des, but better than Ashley (my husband couldn’t cope w/her voice).

Thanks for spoiling everything. I really mean that. I’m one of those weirdos who ff’s to the end of competition shows, so I can see who got sent home. Wish you could spoil Survivor. ; )
Keep up the fun work!


You have done a great job in sharing your thoughts on Eric’s death and relaying to readers what you thought about how the show handled it. Eric’s sister was right to commend you. Though you can be crass and crude when you need to be, it is great to see the sensitive side of you as well. I agree with you that the producers have handled this situation well so far. I think a big reason they did not show the rest of the cocktail party or rose ceremony was that other guys may have said things about Eric that were just not necessary to hear. The viewers, and now the contestants, all got to see what went down between Andi and Eric. There is no reason to listen to them speculate during the cocktail party about what happened.

Thank you for your kindness, respect and consideration through this. Kuddos.

I was pretty disgusted with how the show handled Eric’s death. What really bugged me was the entire Chris Harrison spot afterwards. First, I don’t mind that the show decided to show all of the Eric-Andi drama…after all, this is a reality TV show. However, Chris’s reasoning made no sense…why was it appropriate to show all of that, but not appropriate to show the rose ceremony? Second, I thought it was wildly inappropriate that Chris and Andi were discussing how SHE felt about Eric’s death. It is clear that she did not know him that well, and we just saw her kick him out of the hotel. As usual, the Bachelorette made an extremely sad event about the lead and about the show, when that’s not at all what it should have been about.

I think they could have reached a middle ground to keep it about the show, but still really about Eric, by instead having his closest guy friends from the show share a few funny/memorable stories, or show “never seen before” clips of him joking around with the guys (and not of his love affair with Andi).

I also don’t think they showed him discussing the Sudan because they were trying to be great people; rather, I think they showed it because he mentioned it to Andi when they were standing at the bar and he was explaining how he opened up to her. If they never showed it to the viewers, we would have had no idea what he was referring to.

I totally agree with everything you said about Eric. I was thinking the same things last night after watching the show.

I felt really sad watching their argument. I didn’t think what Eric said was bad at all. I think he was being honest and thats good! I do think Andi over reacted a little bit and took what he was saying the wrong way but that happens all the time in relationships. I dont think Andi is a bad person for that. She even said she was so exhausted from staying up really late at night. I know when Im really tired I am more sensitive too.

Like I said, I felt sad watching it knowing he is gone now but that had nothing to do with the argument or him leaving. I also felt sad for him because I thought she was a little rough on him when I think he was just trying to tell her he wanted her to be more real and open. The conversation started with Eric saying that he disagreed with what Andi was saying before, that He wasnt being open. He thought it was the opposite and she wasnt open.

I think the show handled it fine and Eric didnt come across bad at all. He seemed like a really great person. Lot of love for Eric!

Hi Steve,

A couple thoughts on last night’s episode:

I think Eric was genuinely confused as to why his relationship was not progressing the way others were at that point. He was very open with Andi on their first date (despite what she argued later). I believe he felt that they had a connection and things were progressing as they normally would, in the real world. The difference here, is that everything on this show is in fast-forward mode. The fact that they didn’t have any physical chemistry (aka no kiss) on their first date, automatically put Eric behind…and I don’t think he realized that.

Things with Eric were more complex than with the other guys. He was not googly eyed with her, just wanting to makeout and tell her how much he likes her. He wanted to get to know her and she was already in a different mode at that point.

I really think that’s what he was calling her out on last night. That he was talking about life and reality, and she was living in a fantasy. He was never cut out to play the role of the “courting bachelor”.

Honestly, I thought the show handled it as well as could be. I appreciated that they cut the episode short and had the conversation between Chris and Andi. What I didn’t like is how trivial Andi made things. She should have come out and said that she hated that the last conversation between them was so contentious. That she overreacted, etc. Even if she didn’t feel that way, it would have made her come across as much more genuine. Instead she just talked about him as though he was a cast member. Not really someone she got to spend time with or someone she had a connection to.

And all things aside, I think if Andi had reacted that way (to a guy that most viewers would have liked anyway), I think she would have caught flack for that departure. It was just so out of left field. I know I would have been super confused if he just walked out, just like that, with no real explanation.

Anyway. that’s my (long and rambling) two-cents!

What struck me about Eric’s exit last night was how true and genuine he came across. I’m not surprised ABC showed everything because in no way was he out of line. Here is a man that by all accounts spent his like seeking adventure in the world. I can see how he was drawn to a reality show as something exciting and out of the ordinary. When he told Andi how he felt at the cocktail party, I didn’t hear insults. I heard him trying to dig to the bottom of something, calling out what I bet half of the guys on the show felt. He had spent his life getting to know people in crazy circumstances all across the world. He wanted something real and honest, and he couldn’t justify that simply because he was on a “reality” TV show people acted fake. I thought Andi overreacted, but what turned me off was when her and Chris Harrison were talking at the end of the show, and he asks her if she sees things differently now, and she more or less said no. She spends each episode talking about how she just wants people to be “real,” but the second they are, she freaks out. I was on the fence before about whether or not I liked her as the bachelorette, but this sealed the deal for me. Next!

Eric was one of the most stand out guys this season. I tried to look at him through a lens in which I did not know he had died before I ever saw him on screen. And each time I saw him, it was all the more sadder that he is gone……because he struck me as a truly remarkable man. I do not think he was the right man for Andi. Eric’s spirit was more free, and in spite of how Andi saw him, I thought he was very open…….and I agree that Andi is very much a poker face. She does not react in a genuine manner when face-to-face with the guys. The face time she does with the camera seems a little more genuine, but it is likely from the prompting she receives from the show producers……ergo, she is exhausted and tired from trying so hard.

With regards to how the show handled things, I guess they honored Eric as best they could. Andi however looked pretty bad in my opinion. She looked bad in the fight she had with Eric, and she looked bad in the one-on-one conversation she had with Chris. Eric was open and honest, and Andi was fake……and she clung to her false beliefs as though they were facts. Andi cannot admit she is even a little wrong or might have been the one who misunderstood.

Comment: I’d say it’s running about 90/10 in favor of Eric of who came out better after last night’s show.


I thought the show handled Eric’s story well. I am not sure if they ever did kiss… but I thought it was respectful to not show any kissing between them. I like that they included his discussion on family. They couldn’t really chop much of his last moments on the show. If he had left during a rose ceremony, they could have kept it out. Not their fault. As for Andi, I do think she was a little immature in her handling of it. Considering her profession.. I don’t find her a very good at arguing. I do feel bad for her. I have only seen the backlash on instagram, but people aren’t loving her. It could have a little bit to do with the fact that some of her quirks (which I also find a little fake) are starting to get annoying. However, the girl is still kind of young and just simply got too defensive. Had it not been an argument with someone that ended up with such a tragic story.. people would still not be thrilled with her, but the backlash is now a little too harsh. I also agree that Eric didn’t exactly articulate his feelings the right way. I honestly think what he was trying to say was nice. That he liked the “real Andi” he saw.. not the one trying to make everyone happy for TV. She was contradicting herself by talking about how she stays up all night and is exhausted from this. Welp.. sounds kind of unnatural to me. Lastly… I could totally handle hearing Juan Pablo say “eess ok” again over hearing Andi say “stop” or “stawwwwppp” one more time.

Hi Steve,

Really enjoy your site and all the spoilers/commentary. Was also touched by Eric’s sister note to you. What a kind gesture for her to make at such a painful time.

Here are my thoughts on the show’s handling of Eric Hill’s death:

I’m glad they showed the full context of his exit. I didn’t think it was exploitative at all. I’m also surprised the producers chose this route because on the whole, I feel like Eric came off much more sympathetically, the tragic issue of his death notwithstanding. Andi struck me–in this particular exchange–as defensive, emotionally dishonest, and brattish. So following a season where Juan Pablo was such a polarizing figure, I was stunned they used this footage when they could have put it in the vault in the interest of “good taste.”

I was not happy with Chris Harrison’s closing interview with Andi, however. It would have been nice, classy, respectful and poignant to see some photographs of Eric over the course of his life and some video footage of his incredible travels. This was a two-hour broadcast with a lot of padded segments (the train date, the basketball game, the rappelling) that could easily have been trimmed a bit to accommodate this. I also felt like Andi’s observations in this interview came off as myopic and almost a little cold. It seemed as if she still held a great deal of resentment about Eric’s exit. All in all, I thought this final segment was lacking in emotion. This issue deserved more of the heart and sensitivity the show displayed when dealing with Gia Allemand’s death.

Just want to start off by extending my condolences to Eric’s family and friends. This was a tragic situation, and there is no way they could have shown it to please everyone. Having said that, I was cringing the entire time watching the scene. I understand that from the show’s perspective they just wanted to show what happened for drama sake. But I really wish they would have just cut the entire cocktail party out, and just had Chris and Andi come out and explain that Eric went home this Rose Ceremony, and that Andi and Eric just weren’t a good fit. The earlier scenes where Andi and Eric talked about feeling “stalled” from the first date would have foreshadowed this, and explained how they weren’t a good fit. They could’ve added a video montage of clips of Eric from the season (something I’m sure they may do for the MTA).I know that if they’d done this many would probably just feel confused, and would have wanted to see the entire scene. But I just feel a little sad that this ending scene is how many viewers are going to remember him. I also think that though the conversation of Chris and Andi talking was fine, I just wish they wouldn’t have aired the earlier fight at all. I think cutting that whole cocktail party out would’ve had so many people asking so many more questions about the whole thing. People would complain about how they had no problem showing Eric in the first three episodes, but then we can’t even see him leave? They had to show it.

I also feel sad that Andi is getting crucified for this. We all say things we regret, and I wish the show would have realized that by showing the scene, Andi would be getting slammed for something that wouldn’t be as bad if Eric hadn’t passed. The scene itself shown wasn’t THAT bad, but because Eric passed, I feel that causes people to view it so much differently. Andi may have overreacted and could have handled it better, but I feel bad for her. To have people tweeting her saying that if she hadn’t yelled at him, he would still be alive is disgusting. People are saying she was cruel, a bitc*, a heartless wench, etc, and I feel like the scene itself wasn’t even reflective of that. It seemed like they mutually agreed that they weren’t going to work together as a couple. I’m hoping that since they chose to show this, that they will air the cast’s reactions to finding out that he passed, and that seeing how upset I’m sure Andi was, people might cut her some slack and “forgive” her. I also am sure that they’ll appropriately remember him at the MTA: getting the other guy’s reactions, and maybe having friends or family saying something if they so choose to. I am glad that there is a two week wait for the next episode so that people can process this, and hopefully be able to look past it because Eric was so much more than just this show. His life was so much more than the two weeks on this show. And this show shouldn’t be defined solely by his death. Yes, he was a very important part, and I hope they honor him properly at MTA, BUT I also hope that people can move forward because the show does go on, and there is so much more to this season than just this. There was so much tragedy that has happened so early on, that I hope people can watch on and feel a little bit of hope at the end of this silly show that life goes on, and love goes on. No matter how cheesy and fake this show is, it’d be nice to see it end with a bit of hope given the circumstances. I agree. People are having a hard time separating Eric and Andi’s argument from his death. They were totally separate entities, but she is definitely taking some major backlash on social media for it. As huge as social media is most people’s everyday lives, it’s times like this where it’s best just to stay off it.

I actually thought they did a good job with Eric’s departure last night. There was no way around showing how and why he left the show. He did come across a little harsh IMO just in that he just kept on Andi when i felt that he had made his point. I actually think she has kept it pretty real and engaged in intelligent conversations so far. You can definitely tell that she is well educated compared to some other bachelors/bachelorettes. I did like how they ended with talking to Andi because she did a good job of making the point that although he hurt her feelings and wasn’t the one for her, if she had had the opportunity to see him again, it would have been water under the bridge (which I agree with).

Hi Steve,

I personally liked the way they edited Eric’s exit and agree with you – it was handled tastefully and as expected.

I think the sentiment behind showing Chris and Andi talking about him afterwards was nice, but I would have preferred to see a video or photo montage, or maybe an interview with his family? Something to highlight the charity they set up in his memory (Live Like Eric), instead of showing us the opinion of a woman who had such a small part in his life. I understand she is the ‘star’ of the show, but it wouldn’t been more thoughtful, in my opinion.

Reality Steve: I agree with Eric’s sister in the remarkable and compassionate way you handled Eric’s death. You easily could have exploited it to the fullest for your own monetary gain and get more readers to your site weeks ago by playing up the spoiler you had for his emotional exit. But you did not; you waited to see what ABC would air before you let the readers know. You also used your forum to honor Eric and to remind readers to keep everything in perspective. Bravo.

My questions:

1) I believe in the first episode they showed Andi’s little tantrum about being tired, etc. But at that time, you said you did not want to release the spoilers until you saw what they would show. They essentially showed the same tantrum on Sunday night’s breakdown of the next episode. What made you extra convinced on Sunday that they were going to show the whole meltdown and thus prompt you to release the spoiler? It did not seem like they showed much more than they did previously. It was a culmination of the first three episodes where they didn’t treat Eric with kid gloves in regards to his edit. And they kept hyping her meltdown at the rose ceremony, so I knew they were gonna show the full confrontation. I always kind of thought they would when it aired in the first promo of the season, but I guess I was still in shock at that point. As the show went on, it was obvious they weren’t backing away from it.

2) don’t you think they kinda had to show the whole dispute? How else could they have handled the situation and what would you have done in response? Just say Eric decided to leave or say they did not want to show his exit out of respect? Given that it was Andi that gave him the boot, I don’t see how they could not have shown it without it being really obvious that they were hiding something. A shortened down version of that conversation would have made Eric look like a jerk because they would just have shown him saying she was a poker face or an actress without giving the full context of what he said. Besides, even if you did not release the spoiler, wouldn’t it have been released anyway by someone? Yes. They had to show it. You either don’t show anything of Eric for four episodes, or you show it all. You can’t half ass it. I’m sure the basis of the spoiler might’ve gotten out like, “Andi’s meltdown has to do with Eric,” but I don’t know if anyone major outlet would’ve reported it was because of what he said to her. In fact I can pretty much guarantee that wouldn’t be the case because major news/entertainment outlets don’t release spoilers. Hence the reason I have no competition when it comes to doing what I do.

3) do you think it would have been edited differently if he had lived, ie., maybe just give a snippet which would have put him in a more negative light? I think the conversation showed what a hothead Andi is. It is consistent with what Nick said about her being stubborn and set in her ways. I think she is the kind of person that reacts negatively if you challenge her in any way or if she does not get what she wants. She did the same thing with JP. She is probably a good lawyer because she seems like a fighter. I am not sure how long it will last with Josh because I think you almost have to be a very laid back kind of guy to deal with a women like Andi. Hard to say how differently it would’ve been handled other than I’m sure more people probably would’ve been a little harsher on Eric. Not because anything he did was horrible, but his death is really clouding a lot of people’s negativity towards Andi. She’s not perfect, but I think she’s taking way more heat than she should be.

Chris H said in his blog that Andi was tired plus she was a little annoyed by the bromances going on and she felt like the guys were ignoring her that night. So she might have been frustrated with other things and just happened to take it out on Eric who made himself an easy mark by being the only one who was not all kissy kissy buttering her up. He was being real. Eric did not want to stick around for weeks on end if Andi did not have any interest so I don’t blame him for trying to see where he stood. What we saw might have had less to do with Eric and more to do with Andi’s own stress about being bachelorette and her own securities, which is understandable.

First of all, belated Happy Birthday – we share the same birthday. Long time since I’ve written, but I have strong feelings on this topic (who doesn’t). I think The Bachelorette tried (tried being the key word) to do a tribute to Eric, but it came across to me as being more about Andi. I watched their last scene together closely and Eric had such sincerity in his eyes and Andi was posturing the entire time. Eric even gave examples for her thinking the light might go off in her head but ain’t nobody gonna call her out or they are OUT. She could not even summon up a tear all the while pretending she was so upset and exhausted. It was okay for her to call out JuannyP but she couldn’t handle the truth when it was told to her. Anyway, I felt a tribute would have included footage of Eric from the show and perhaps some footage of his life outside the show. It turned out to be all about Andi.

Hi Steve,

My two cents on the Eric departure episode:

The fight: Eric was 100% fine for saying how he felt he was being treated by Andi & for commenting on what appeared to be happening to him. Andi was 100% fine in her reaction – as a female, I completely understand that you’re going to get a bit emotional if someone calls you out for appearing to be “acting” when you know in the back of your head that you are in fact “acting”. She was probably more upset that it was noticeable to someone than actually being called out on it.

What really left sour grapes in my mouth was the final scene with Chris & Andi talking about Eric. This was completely unnecessary & I really feel that if they wanted to honor the memory of Eric, they should have had his family on to talk about his life – or at least stories from the guys about their time in the house. Going straight from the Eric/Andi fight scene to Andi talking about “what a great guy he was” in memory & “sad we’ll never have that final conversation”, just seemed so inappropriate in the way they did that. I think that’s where a lot of the [misguided] criticism of Andi has been coming from.

ABC Producers fail in my opinion, as they could have done so much more to honor him in that episode:

Pictures of his world travels
Interview with close family/friends
Even interviews with the guys

What are your thoughts on showing Andi talking about him “in memoriam” right after the fight scene? (understanding that the two were filmed at completely different times, but showing them back to back like that)

Comment: I had no problem with the Chris/Andi chat after Eric was shown to be going home. Could it have been executed a little better? Probably. But I’m fine with what they did.


When you travel the world meeting all kinds of third world children and families, the show has got to rub Eric the wrong way. So pretentious, I don’t see how Eric could have tolerated it any other way. I thought he was respectful, apologetic and sincere. Andi, of course has a right to be hurt, she is NOT an actress, so there is no side to take here, just two people from different places coming head to head. Lastly, will you marry me?

Comment: Only if your emails aren’t written in pink font like this one was.


I agree with Eric’s sister’s comments. Your coverage of Eric’s passing and Eric’s time on the show has been very classy and respectful.

I think Eric handled himself very well in his final conversation with Andi. He seemed like a very caring guy, trying to let Andi know that it was okay to be herself and let her guard down, as he had been doing with her. Eric came across as a very loving and sincere guy, and I think he had too much respect for himself to continue on in such a contrived setting. I think he wanted their connection to be genuine and authentic, and he tried to convey that to her. I don’t think he meant any offense at all, and I think he would have stayed on the show had she not sent him home.

No criticism of Andi’s response either – what girl wouldn’t get at least a little defensive after feeling criticized? I’m sure later on, she saw where Eric was coming from and that he meant no harm or disrespect.

My regards to Eric’s family and friends.

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  1. bigfatwoman

    June 4, 2014 at 8:14 AM

    Wowza. Lots of opinions. I read most of them and come away with the basic impression that everyone loves Eric, most people think Andi overreacted to their argument and everyone is divided on how ABC handled the last 10 minutes of Eric’s final show.

    I’m not really sure how I feel about Andi. I will say that her argument with Eric and her follow-up interview has made me question whether there is a coldness to her. She sometimes comes off as rather detached and a bit aloof. Unless they start showing Josh in a better light, he comes off as arrogant and just another pretty face — so I don’t think Andi’s choice reflects too well on her. I think Nick’s airplane thoughts on Josh were probably right on the money.

    Andi and Josh will go down as another Bach couple that doesn’t interest me. The only couple that I truly like that has come out of this franchise is Ashley and JP. Hands down the most real, normal and grounded. Love them.

  2. realdeal

    June 4, 2014 at 10:04 AM

    Andi is going for pure physical attraction, and Josh is “her type”. Josh doesn’t seem to have much substance compared to some of the other guys, but she’s already made up her mind of who she wants after the first episode and no guy has a shot.

    The cameras can’t hide that she’s not giving any of the other guys much of a chance. Eric called her out and she got flustered and upset. She’s got to have a final four and Marcus, Chris, and Nick fill those 3 slots.

    It’s clear who the front runners is and it’s Josh without a doubt. It makes you wonder if Josh and Andi were introduced and knew each other as acquaintenances before the show.

    How do Patrick and Andrew keep getting a rose as of Episode 4 when she seems to show no interest in either of them?

  3. realdeal

    June 4, 2014 at 10:31 AM

    As for Eric’s exit. I am glad they showed Eric and Andi’s conversation. It gave more of an insight to the person that Eric is and made the audience respect an honest guy who stood up for what he believed in and wasn’t afraid have an open dialogue about it. He left the show with dignity and said he wanted to find love and love leads to family which was sad to watch.

    During the post-interview, Andi kept avoiding and side-stepping the real issue at hand. It seemed like she was more concerned about the potential fallout and damage to her reputation in the fans and media’s eyes. She was sad but there wasn’t anything she said that was too convincing. Andi is in hard spot and do feel for her. But a more appropriate tribute would have been for the guys to reflect and talk about Eric and getting to know him because they spent more time with him than Andi did.

  4. rob22

    June 4, 2014 at 11:02 AM

    I was starting to like Andi better this last episode. She wasn’t as dim witted and boring as Desiree and not insecure and clingy like Ashley. She seemed brighter, more interesting and engaging. Basically, I was falling for the act Andi was putting on, which Eric brought to light. No, she’s not really “that way”, she’s just working her tail off, and acting, to put on a good show for the cameras. The JJ date really showed that. They pulled in the goofiest guy to rip off Jacka**: Bad Grandpa with Andi. Why? Because Andi liked him? No, because JJ was the best Johnny Knoxville stand in that they had. She gave him the rose for his performance, but he’ll soon be gone. Just like with Eric, she has no real interest in him.

    Bottom line, she’s a lawyer. We can’t expect any real integrity from her. She picked Josh, and will cash in on DWTS and maybe a televised wedding and all the appearances. I wonder if the show will start televising the inevitable divorces that will occur once the gravy train stops rolling. Shades of the Jake / Vienna meltdown. TV Ratings Gold. MF will be all over that.

  5. serapa

    June 6, 2014 at 12:03 PM

    People are blaming Andi for Eric’s death??? REALLY???? REALLY???

    FOR REAL???

    Man, I’m glad I’m a busy mother of 2 young kids…have no time to read about idiots posting on media.

  6. serapa

    June 6, 2014 at 12:04 PM


    I don’t see a lot of divorces coming from this show b/c the ppl that are married are staying the heck away from L.A. They are living humble lives near their families. They seem like pretty normal people.

  7. kimieaw

    June 8, 2014 at 12:31 AM

    Yes, I believe that Andi’s actions toward Eric contributed to his accident. He was distracted, his work requires total concentration and mindset. Eric Hill was already in a Reality Show of his own, so his image was very important to him. I believe he was concerned about the bachlorette show airing the footage of his last night. He was humiliated by her on his last night and he was just trying to communicate to her. He didn’t even get to say goodbye to anyone. Andy led him on and then perhaps because of her concerns about his career gave him the cold shoulder after their wonderful first date and after him discussing his career. She has to carry this with her, I don’t care how she tries to justify herself or cope, she needs to own her part. If things don’t go Andi’s way its the highway. I don’t see anyone would want her on their law team or DA team she is very immature. Andi take constructive criticism, NO. My daughter has a friend that was in law school with Andi and said she was self centered and stuck up before the show aired. I liked Andi and wanted to give her the benefit of a doubt, but NOW after the way she treated Eric, she needs to be made accountable for her part in his death. Now, I am Anti-Andi. Also, I am sure that the real reason the rose ceremony was not aired is because they trashed Eric, another thing he was pre-occupied about how his departure was going to be aired and how would be protrayed. He had his own career and life work to think about and he had a right to be concerned how this would ultimately effect that.

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