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Probably safe to assume that never again will this show run a recap episode 4 weeks into the season. Granted, it was out of their hands since ABC landed the exclusive with Hilary and had to air it on Monday night, the day before the release of her book, but what a bomb. The “Bachelorette” basically drew the same amount of viewers as it did when they put the show on last Sunday night – less than 5 million watched. The only time in recent memory I can remember the “Bachelorette” not airing an original episode on a Monday is when July 4th happened to fall on a Monday. I believe it was Ashley’s season. It’s one thing to run a new episode on Memorial Day (which they do every season) because it’s more of an “afternoon” holiday. Most people take advantage of Memorial Day by doing whatever it is they do during the day. July 4th is different since a lot of people like to watch fireworks, and that happens at night, which would coincide with the “Bachelorette” airing – hence the reason they’ll never air an original episode if July 4th happens to fall on a Monday. Four weeks in to the season and they’ve only had 1 episode that aired in its normal time slot and not on a holiday. That was episode 3 which drew 6.5 million people. So I would expect numbers like those pretty much for the remainder of the season with the finale reaching 7.5-8 million.

Don’t forget live video chat tonight at 9:00pm EST/6:00pm PST. I’m sure we’ll be talking about snapchat a lot.

And because it was a recap this week, that means the “Reader Email” and “Dr. Reality Steve” column is a little bit lighter. However, the trolls are out in full force this week. Enjoy…

Hi Steve,

Two questions for you:

1. You mentioned that producers attended Eric’s funeral. Do you think they went because of backlash from not attending Gia’s or was there some other reason given they didn’t go to Gia’s? I have no idea why no one from that franchise didn’t appear at Gia’s funeral, nor bother to send flowers. Filming wasn’t even happening, so there’s really no excuse.

2. I didn’t see this referenced before but wanted to know if you have seen Prince Lorenzo on the reality series Lucky Bastards and if so, what you thought of him on that show?
In my opinion, he is still the same Douche Lord that he was on the Bachelor! Haven’t seen the show, nor will I. Doesn’t interest me in the least bit.

Hello Steve. Love your website and always enjoy reading your new posts about the Bachelor/Bachelorette. I heard that Josh Murray wins. And I was wondering if you know that they are still together or not?? They are such a cute couple. I hope they last.
Please respond back it would mean a lot.

Comment: You heard that? Where? That’s news to me. Let me know exactly how and when you heard this and get back to me. It’d be great if I could break that on my site some time. Please get back to me ASAP.

Hi Steve!

During Juan Pablo’s season you mentioned that there was a show that would come out this year showing what happens with producers behind the scenes on a “dating” show. I can’t remember the name of the show or the channel you said it would air on.

Has it begun? Can you refresh my memory about what it’s called/what channel?

Comment: It’s a scripted show on “Lifetime” that I believe got picked up for 10 episodes. Forgot the name of it, or when it’s supposed to begin.

Hey Steve, I’m an avid reader of your blog and on it twice a week. I was on your blog when you first announced a couple contestants before filming even started. Eric stood out to me and I immediately followed him on instagram and looked through his photos. He was my favorite since production. I’m not just saying this because he passed away, but because I loved his Global Odyssey documentary of visiting every country. I was just fan, so I cant imagine how his family is feeling. I have two questions.

1. do you think if Eric hadn’t passed away, they would of made him the “villain” this season. Not to say that he was mean or anything, but the show takes any opportunity they can to twist certain things, and his exist could of been one. Villain is a strong word, because when it comes to this show and that word, you think of the likes of Courtney, Wes, Vienna, and Rated R Rego, who all lasted very long. Eric was on 4 episodes. I can’t consider someone who doesn’t even last half the season a villain.

2. Did he have any close relationships with the other guys in the house? it would have been nice to see that. I know Patrick went to his funeral, so I’m guessing he was close to him. As did a couple of producers.

Overall I think ABC handled it the best they could. It was a tough and unique situation

Comment: I agree. It was the first time they ever had to deal with something like this in the 28 seasons of the show, and they paid their respects as well as they could. And this won’t be the last of it I’m sure.

Hi Steve,

I know you won’t have any spoilers of Bachelor in Paradise… but based on what you know about the contestants who are filming the show, who would be your “hook-up” guesses? You’ve already mentioned Clare and Dylan. Any others you could see hitting it off?

Thanks from Canada! Love the blog.

Comment: Too hard to say since there’s so many interchanging parts of who’s going to be on the show and what the concept of the show even is. Outside of Danielle and Marquel, and AshLee with, well, anybody – it’s tough to say. AshLee is obsessed with dating someone from this franchise. Ob-sessed.

Hey RS,

I know you say that Andi is engaged to Josh, but are you sure about this? This just seems like everything that’s been sent to you is too easy and I have a feeling you’re being fooled. You’ve never had this much evidence of the final couple before, and it makes me think, to quote a previous “Reader Email,” that there’s something fishy in Denmark.

I’d love for you to be right because I love Josh and Andi together but I have a strange sense you’re being played. It’s like the more evidence you get, the less confident I feel. Please tell me I’m wrong. Thanks!

Comment: You’re wrong.

Here is my contribution to who Cody looks like! This character is all I think of when I see him!!


Comment: Amazing how many different look-a-likes I’ve gotten for Cody this season.

His name was Anthony Luca… their wedding website doesn’t mean it was actually real, but she got some guy to play the part for the time being!

Comment: Whoa. So Tierra’s wedding was actually supposed to be in 2 days. According to that, she got engaged 5 days after her season with Sean started airing, and they scheduled their wedding 18 months later. Then that whole “Our proposal” story sounded like an 8th grader wrote it.

I don’t know. The whole thing is just weird because for months she never showed a picture of the guy or mentioned his name.

Whatever the case, she’s not marrying him this Saturday so I guess none of it matters.

Hi Reality Steve,

Longtime reader, first time emailer. By the way, that’s a very handsome photo of you on your “Contact Me” page. And a cute picture of Maddie.

So I know Chris is going to be the next Bachelor, but I really think Marquel would be much better! I think you’ve said America isn’t ready for a black Bachelor, and I thought I agreed, but is America more ready for a farmer Bachelor? Are they really going to find 25 women who can’t wait to live on a farm in Iowa the rest of their lives? Of course not. And it will be clear to the audience.

Marquel is so cute and smart and funny. I must have rewound 3 or 4 times to hear him say the thing about the basketball game losers going back to the hotel to “eat cereal, or whatever it is losers eat.” LOL! And that was so cute at the cocktail party when he gave Andi those self defense tips in case one of the contestants touched her shoulder too long.

Comment: Thanks for the compliments on the photo that’s at least 5 years old. Guess I’ll keep it on there.

I don’t know if America is ready for it, but that’s what they’re gonna get.

Marquel is not going to be the “Bachelor.” Don’t know how I can be any clearer about that.

Hey Steve!

Ok forgive me if someone has already asked this but WHY did they get to go out to eat if they are on lockdown?? That makes no sense…

Also, if a waitress is going to give someone her number….WHY would she give it to Andrew? He’s one of the less fortunate looking ones. I’d be all up in Josh’s grill but THAT Chud????

Comment: Because they were one week into filming and it’s not like anybody at a restaurant would even know who these guys are. It’s not that uncommon.

Who knows the reasoning for why a waitress was attracted to Andrew? Maybe they had a Pacey Witter infatuation and acted on that?

Have you noticed that Nick has a lisp…..And… Why do you think Trista and Ryan and Molly and Jason and Ashley and JP were successful at finding love with each other?

Comment: I haven’t noticed.

Probably were successful because they moved out of LA and started their lives out of the spotlight of Hollywood. Certainly helped.

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  1. angelfish

    June 12, 2014 at 11:06 AM

    The next July 4th Monday is in 2016, according to my calendar.

  2. ashleysmile

    June 13, 2014 at 3:54 PM

    Team Todd. Why should he have to pay more than his share for gas because the couple has debt? We all have bills. The driving should be split evenly by person, so 2/3 done by the couple and 1/3 by Todd. That emailer sounds entitled.

  3. amyrn22

    June 17, 2014 at 4:16 AM

    This comment has to do with last night’s show… just couldn’t wait til Steve posts his blog today to comment so I’m doing it here. Maybe I’m completely alone in this, and it sounds like I am, but I just cannot stand Josh. Or Andi really that for that matter. Both just seem SO disingenuous. She knows exactly what to do and say in front of the cameras and he knows exactly what to say to her. And she eats it up with a spoon. Ugh these two make me ill. Nothing he’s saying is really different than any other F1 or F2 has said in the past, but that fake tan and weird hair and waxed eyebrows…. he’s been “ready for camera” for years. I don’t buy his ‘I got cheated on” story for a millisecond. Please. If that story wasn’t completely made up, it was the opposite- he cheated on her. These two are the next Sean and Catherine- DWTS is next, then their TV wedding, then her clothing or stationary line. Actually, I don’t foresee either of these two ever returning to a normal job, so he’ll be endorsing Hydroxycut with Sean while she auditions for Judge Judy. As much as I’ve never liked Sean and Catherine, their love at least seems somewhat real, however codependent. I like Molly and Jason and their podcast, but I’m starting to get a little sick of their fawning all over Josh. Jason especially. He cannot stop talking about how perfect and good-looking Josh is. Ugh okay, sorry. Done venting. Just had to get that off my chest. I literally feel like I’m the only person in America who isn’t obsessed with this creep. PS. Josh, no one believes you CHOSE to leave MLB at 22 because you “wanted to start a family” despite not having a girlfriend and being a total man whore. Let’s be honest. You weren’t that good, you weren’t doing that well or getting anywhere and you knew you needed an education and some job skills. Smart move, but please don’t say it was because you wanted to start a family.

  4. Dianne

    June 17, 2014 at 8:10 AM

    I neither like or dislike Josh, but holy Dylan Downer!! Okay, I understand that he’s lost some family members not long ago, but he’s just sooooooo depressing! Andi showed her true biotch colours on her date with Josh last evening, that’s for sure. It’s all her way, or no way. I don’t like her one bit…she’s snotty, and comes off as thinking she’s so much better than everyone. If I were Josh, I’d run for the hills!

  5. iheartvino

    June 17, 2014 at 9:23 AM

    I haven’t watched last night’s show yet (’24’ trumps all my other shows) but amyrn22, your comment made me laugh and I can’t wait to watch it and see if I notice the same things about Josh. His weird hair has bothered me since week 1 and it does sound like he’s always telling her what she wants to hear.

  6. anonime

    June 17, 2014 at 10:14 AM

    amyrn22, you are not alone. and let’s not forget his glow-in-the-dark teeth.

  7. vessel

    June 17, 2014 at 10:52 AM

    I think Josh and Andi look weirdly alike, but I really like ’em both.

  8. springgirl

    June 18, 2014 at 4:19 AM

    You know just because the producers thought they wanted Chris to be the Bachelor doesn’t mean they can’t change their minds and pick Marquel. Especially with the huge following he has now as well as celebrity endorsements and Time Magazine on the bandwagon.

    RS maybe you could admit that it’s possible you could make a mistake or not be 100% sure about something. It would be refreshing.

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