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Hi Steve!

Love your site! You are the best!

First off, as many readers, I have started watching Friday Night Lights on Netflix because of you, and I love it! Thanks for always plugging it. After seeing you mention it about 500 times, I finally caved and am so glad I did. Awesome. Add another one to the list. The world would be a better place if more people sat down and ripped through all 5 seasons. The first season is a full 22 episodes, but seasons 2-5 are only 13 each. You’ll get through them in no time.

Also, I know of your love of 90210. Did you know years and years ago they made a game out of it? I actually have mine still! It’s a survey game, and it’s in my moms attic. No joke. If you want it, I will gladly mail it to you! Like, a board game? I need to own that.

Are you watching the World Cup? If yes, who do you like? I watch soccer every 4 years and strictly just for the World Cup. It is awesome. Obviously I cheer for the US, since the only other two players in the world I’ve ever heard of are Messi and Ronaldo.

As for the comment you made in your post this week about being crapped on by a bird, in European culture, that is actually a sign of good luck. My family is from Portugal. When I was about 8 years old, a bird crapped on my head and my grandma spent hours telling me how lucky I was…Ummmm, congrats?

So now here are my questions:

Which is more annoying: The poems from Desi’s season, or the letters from Andi’s? Chris’ poems to Des. They were a bit much.

I’ve watched this show since Jason, and except for JP, no lead has made me dislike them more and more every week. Except Andi. Do you feel like you like her less now as the season goes on and we get to see how demanding she is? Honestly, I’ve never had a lead (who wasn’t JP) of course, irritate me so much. Andi loves to beat a dead horse. Last night, she and Nick seemed to have hashed out his attitude during the day portion, so why did she have to bring it up again? It reminded me of last season and how JP was ready to let her go, and she just kept going and going and going. She has to be my least favorite lead. Who is yours? Least favorite? Jen Schefft. Which is ironic, because going in to her season, I actually thought she would be the best one.

Also, Andi seems very high maintenance to me. How would you rank the lady leads since Jillian in order of most to least in terms of they come off each season regarding that?

High maintenance:

1. (tie) Emily & Andi
2. Ali
3. Jillian
4. Des

LOVE the site! It’s the only reason to watch the show!


Writing to Juliet became a really popular thing, and they made a movie about it with Amanda Seyfried. I enjoyed the movie a lot, but I love cheesy rom-coms. So, I couldn’t give you an accurate review on the movie.

But anyways, here is the trailer for the movie.

The Cody & Andy daytime date was basically a repeat of this movie.

Something I thought that was weird last night, in Cody’s borderline creeper monologue last night he said something along the lines of “I thought you were beautiful the first time I saw you come out of that limo a year ago.”I’m assuming Cody was trying to say he thought she was hot when she came out of the limo in JP’s season. If that’s the case, was Cody just confused, drunk, or just doesn’t understand the concept of time?

Thanks for all you do RS. Can’t wait to see the s**t show that will be Bachelor in Paradise.

Comment: Sweet. I’m guessing I will never see that movie in my life.

Technically, Andi got out of the limo on JP’s season in Sept. of 2013. Cody says that to Andi in April of 2014. So almost a year. But the viewers didn’t “see” Andi get out of the limo until Jan of this year. Sooooooo, yeah. Cody is all scrambled inside his head. I think it’s the protein shakes.

So I’m working in China for the summer, and the TV stations blow. Well actually, my hotel does get some American stations, but there’s still no guide channel so who knows when anything is on. Anyway, I can connect to all my American websites through a US VPN. I, like a million others, have took your advice and decided to watch Friday Night Lights, and thankfully through Amazon Prime I can stream it. Dying over how good it is and I’m only on season 1. My parents loved this show, but I never got into it while it was on (that’s not a dig at your age, I’m 36).

Anyway, dying over that long Dr RS email. If it was real that girl needs some new friends and serious therapy. If I had a friend acting like that I’d slap her into reality. And it seemed like she really thought you are a Dr?? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

Have a great weekend

Comment: Yesssssss!!!! Converted another. Maybe I should ride around my neighborhood on a bike, in a white short sleeve shirt, black tie and black pants, but instead of trying to give people flyers about the Church of Latter Day Saints, I should just try to convert them to watching FNL. Seems to be working through my column.

That email last week was a total disaster.

Hey Reality Steve!

I am a regular reader and Bachelor/ette viewer from Melbourne, Australia. We are incredibly behind here and they are only JUST starting JP’s season, however I watch online as it’s the only way to keep in time. Not enjoying Andi’s season as much as usual, but looking forward to the next Bachelor. It’s hard to watch them in Europe, I was there 2 years ago and it makes me so sad and jealous!

Personally, I have been having a hard time with my university and work, and watching the Bachelorette and reading your column every week puts a huge smile on my face and I look forward to reading your blog every single time you post something new. So THANK YOU SO MUCH! You make me happy!

Also, we have the Bachelor Australia starting it’s second season here, and you would find it absolutely hilarious. It’s even more hilarious as the American one. If you have any time on your hands – please look it up. (Cue sarcastic comment ha ha). It would be great if you could start spoiling our Aus season for us! (I’m joking – kind of.)

I’ve been so excited to write to you for so long!

Keep it up!

Comment: Well, I don’t have any Australian television channels on DirecTV, so I don’t know how I’d watch it. Nor would I care to go looking for it online. One “Bachelor” franchise is enough for me. Does the new “Bachelor” say to the girls, “Lets put another shrimp on the Barbie?” I think he should say that at every rose ceremony without fail. Maybe instead of handing out roses at the ceremonies, if he wants to keep a girl, he just stands in front of a BBQ, and if he says their name, they come up and an add a shrimp to it. Ok, I’m reaching here.

Here’s my Cody Look-a-Like:


Comment: I mean, it is never ending with this guy.

Hi there, Steve! Long time, no write. I’m enjoying the column as usual. Makes the show a lot more enjoyable, and ADORE all of your spoilers and snarky commentary.

A couple of things:

1) There’s probably something to that survey that surmised The Bachelor/Bachelorette is most popular with earners of $150,000+. I fall in that category. And when I think about it, of everyone in a women’s group I’m in, it’s the three of us who earn over 150K with nice homes and nice cars that are all obsessed with The Bachelor franchise. I wonder why? Maybe it’s the luxurious locales, exotic dates, fashion parade and seeing real-life drama. Good escapist fare. Who knew?

You should start charging more for your advertising with that nice demographic no doubt showing up on your site – LOL! My sister — also a 150K+ earner — is the one who turned me on to your site back when Jake’s season was on. My advertising doesn’t necessarily work that way, but as I said Tuesday, that survey that came out made advertisers drool. And it’s why this show won’t go anywhere anytime soon.

2) About those hair commmercials. Gawd, I wonder if that reader email you got from a hairstylist during JP’s season influenced those commercials?! Remember your reader critiqued every gal’s hair & made suggestions about what she would do with their manes? You published the email in its entirety. And remember how many emails you got from folks wanting to know who she was. Plus EVERYONE was on Renee’s case for having droopy, flat hair. No wonder they ended up putting her in one of the spots. She needed it (but I’m super glad she’s happy now. She’s a love!)

Perhaps your publishing that letter caused a producer to realize a golden advertising opportunity since everyone was chiming in about hairstyles. No doubt those producers are all over your site. What power you wield, RS!! 🙂 Not saying that was the reason, but I wouldn’t put it past them. You don’t even have to be a hair expert to see that Renee had pretty plain, boring hair. Every episode. So she definitely would be a candidate to get a new do’.

3) Now, for my question. When do you think Andi found out about Josh’s brother? Are they going to show the moment she found out or not? It would just seem weird not to have that come up at some point. It had to have been a turning point for their relationship in terms of her realizing he’s “from a good family.” I cannot fathom the editors leaving out that footage. Unless they’re trying to make it seem like a more even playing field, which is ridiculous considering your spoilers and the common knowledge of who Josh is. Do you know anything about that? I just wonder if they will reveal that info at any point considering he will meet her dad (Hy will no doubt be drooling over him) and she meets his bro, too. Seems like good drama potential, so I can’t imagine them NOT showing it though you said that Hy was at the arrival cocktail party and probably figured it out then, right? Do tell what you know about this.

Thanks again for the entertainment, and way to go in handling Eric’s death with such grace!

Comment: She knew the first night.

Hi Steve,

This is more of a statement than a question – but boy oh boy, Andi’s overuse of the word “like” is driving me crazy! She says it more than Desiree, who was the Bachelorette Like Champion of All Time. Guess Andi stole the Like Crown from Desiree. Guess that’s better than stealing her man.

It’s difficult to imagine Andi as an ADA, since she isn’t very articulate. I know, I know – the cameras are rolling, and I’m sure she feels a bit self conscious. Still, her overuse of “like” (which is generously sprinkled into her speech, sometimes making an appearance four times in one sentence) must make its way into the court room, and drive the judges nuts. Bet they were glad to get that letter of resignation.

Other than that, I guess she’s not the worst Bachelorette – but she certainly isn’t the best. I can’t remember who your pick is for Bachelor from this crowd… you don’t have to tell me – I will find it in your spoilers!

Thanks for your spoilers – you’re the main reason Bachelorette is fun!

Comment: Go to the episode-by-episode spoilers. Before this season even aired their first preview for the season, I said who the next “Bachelor” would be.

Looking at the guys’ Instagram and Twitter accounts, many of them (JJ, Nick, Brian, Chris, Dylan, even Nick S….) remain buddies, tweeting each other and posting pictures with each other in them. With that being said, there are no interactions anyone has with or about Josh. Thoughts behind that? Does he not have any friends from the season?

Comment: I don’t remember any final 1 in the history of this show being a chatter box on Twitter or Instagram while the season was airing. Maybe a few tweets and pictures here or there, but nothing like the other people who wasn’t the final choice. Nor will they ever.


I’m back again. I’m sorry, but I think it’s so hilarious how message board people always want to discredit you, yet all they do is talk about the spoilers you put out long before they do. If it weren’t for your spoilers, what would they even talk about? There’s this real weirdo over there named “JBF” who literally seems like they spend multiple hours a day breaking down fram by frame what happens on this show. If I ever sent you one of there long “posts” you’d probably kill yourself. But here’s one they wrote the other day relating directly to you. This “JBF” person is convinced Chris is Andi’s final 1. It’s so ridiculous. Not joking Steve, they have PAGES of “easter eggs” they claim the show is throwing at us that point towards Chris. Last time I checked, they had listed at least 35 things that they think point to Chris as the final 1. So when the season is over, assuming your spoilers are correct (which I believe they are), they spent two months finding “easter eggs” that were never even “easter eggs?” Get ready to laugh. Here was something from recently:

I am not going to be jack-ass (hee haw) and say that I am 100% confident like “RS” always is, but… I’m pretty confident she is moving to Iowa (instead of Hollywood) at the end of this. There are just too-too many “signs”.

If I had to pick a second choice for F1, it would be Marcus. Why? Because he was edited first out of the limos… even though Chris was in reality. Both guys made the 10-15 minute mark as indicated in her repeated line “The thought that my husband could be in one of those limos and the fact that I could be meeting him in the next, y’know, ten or fifteen minutes is just crazy.” This line was emphasized again in the recap show. If it wasn’t true, they would have edited it out.

And the gal isn’t joking. She said at the very start: “I came onto the Bachelor to find my husband and the love of my life, but I found out that I was not meant to be with Juan Pablo.” In Santa Anita, she said “I want that love and that marriage that lasts a lifetime. This is exactly why I wanted to be Bachelorette.” Not to be a TV actress apparently.

Yes… I know. Everybody is having a hissy fit because he isn’t getting TWO solo dates before hometowns. Oh NO!!!!!!! There is NO way he will survive this show without them!!!! She is kissing up a storm with the other three!!!!

However, the editors have established two guys as “competitive”. This not only includes hilarious Nick, who is play-acting a bit as a “villain” like Tierra with an impish grin. In the basketball game, this forum’s favorite stud muffin was put on the spot by Andi herself. The one WNBA lady (forget who) declares “There you go Josh, there you go”, then looks over to Andi “He wants to win”. Andi’s response: “Does he want to win it for himself or me, y’know?” Response: “That’s a very good question.” So you just know she wasn’t “in love” with him in Connecticut at least. Yet she may have been in love with Chris since day #1, but needed this reassurance in letters.

I think I just got dumber for reading that. Trust me when I say you do not want to venture over there. Those people are cray-zay and claim to not be obsessed with the show, but all they do is comment back and forth to each other all day long. I’m scared!!!!!

Comment: So what you’re saying is a nameless, faceless person is talking about me and my site all day long? Shocking.

And yes, you did get dumber for reading that. Holy crap there are some stupid people out there. Andi is moving to Iowa? Marcus is final 2? Idiot. Let them write whatever they want. It’s nonsense, they’re irrelevant, and no one cares.

Hi Steve,

Hopefully this question makes it just in time.

I have a couple questions for you:

1) I know you’ve already made your verdict about Marquel as a potential “Bachelor” very clear, and according to you it’s not going to happen. I understand that Chris is the more likely pick, but with more and more people joining the “Marquel for Bachelor” campaign do you think the powers that be will cave in and may bring back the double “Bachelor” edition– i.e as in Byron’s season, except this time there are two leads the entire season. This way the producers could 1)test the waters with an African American co-lead and still 2) keep everybody happy by having Chris as well? Two leads the entire season? No. People already complain that the contestants barely get to know the lead in such short time. It’d be even worse with two leads.

2) How come the vast majority of the “big names”/controversial people in the Bachelor(ette) franchise either backed out of, or flat out declined being part of “Bachelor Paradise”, when about 99% of the people going on this show do so to get their name out there, and are desperate to extend their 15 minutes of fame the moment their time on the show ends? If the producers had to make do with a bunch of nobodies this year, do you think the show will be back next summer?

Thanks for making your blog a great read.

Comment: Well, at least they made sure to mix a lot of their “nobodies” with “somebodies.” It’s not like everyone on BIP last two episodes or less. Graham, Michelle, Clare, AshLee, and any of Andi’s guys I would consider relevant people.

Hi Steve,

Sorry if this question has been asked before. I was wondering, are the guys allowed to explore the city they’re in, or is there some requirement that they stay in/near their hotel? I mean, if I were in Venice, I’d be out seeing the sights and eating pasta, whether or not I had a date, but the guys are always shown just sitting around in the hotel. Seems like a wasted opportunity.

Comment: Yes, it’s been answered a lot. The contestants are pretty much confined to their hotel room when they travel, except for certain days when they’re taken out to shoot ITM’s. But in terms of all day trips during their “off day” to explore? No. Doesn’t happen.


It seems to me that this season’s villain is Nick. But he is the F2 so he won’t be at the men tell all. I am surprised they didn’t make Andi let him go sooner so they have “drama” at the tell all. Doesn’t seem like there was much else besides the Marquel thing (which is a he said/she said and will never be resolved due to no camera catching it). What do you think they will focus on during that show?

Comment: What does any “Tell All” show focus on? Nothing good ever happens on that show. Guys will get called up to the hot seat, they’ll recap their time, Chris will get some of the guys to attack each other, they’ll show bloopers, Andi will come out to face the guys, and that’ll be it. That show is rarely ever interesting. That time where they brought Courtney in was the best one they had.

Hi Steve,

I have questions regarding the lie detector date.

First, do you know what all the questions where? I’m curious to know what they asked them. No idea.

Second, I’m guessing that they asked Josh questions regarding his dating past like did he really not date anyone the past 5 years, or did he ever cheat on a girlfriend. That to me seems the only explanation as to why he would have gotten so upset. He would have seen it as Andi not believing him on their one-on-one date by being asked questions of that nature. Do you have any incite on why it was so upsetting to Josh? Am I way off? Do you even know? No idea.

Finally, how much say did Andi have on this date? Did she have to okay the date? Did she come up with the concept? Did she have any say on the questions? No.

Hi Steve,

Quick question (and if you already answered this in Tuesday’s column, please ignore me. I work nights and I’m always a little out of it), did you happen to catch the extra, end credits scene at the end of Monday’s episode? The guys were sitting around discussing their questions after the lie detector test and long story short, Brian thought that when the inquisitor asked him if he’d ever “fought in public”, Brian had thought he’d said “f**k in public.” And I swear to god, I heard him actually say “fuck” before it cut back to a scene of all the guys answering the question during the test. Now, maybe it’s wishful thinking, but I listened to it four times, and I felt it was perfectly well enunciated. So yeah, just wanted to see if you’d watched it and heard that part. That is all. Thanks again for giving me something to read at work twice a week!

Comment: It definitely sounded like he said that, but the network would be fined a hefty amount if that word ever slipped out. Especially on a show that’s pre-taped, so no, he didn’t say that.

Couple of things, I’ve noticed I have been become increasingly bored with the show. Same thing, over and over… blah blah blah. Maybe its because guy drama is so much less amusing then girl drama. I wonder if ABC would show it if the guys came to blows… and I really hope they would show it if a good old fashion chick fight broke out. Girls pulling hair, biting, clawing, and oh yeah, clothes being ripped off. Ratings heaven! Throw in them in lingerie and beating each other with pillows and I’m in.

I was always confused by your comments about the Salon Hair Confidential commercials, because I have never seen one! Then I realized I am always watching it on DVR and fast forwarding through them. Dreadful… I will continue to zip through them. Oh check out Salon Hair Confidential. You’ll sure get a good laugh.

I also think ABC is making up for the lack of bikini time for Andi with a massive amount of cleavage shots and even the very rare side boob shot. Do you think ABC has a clip of Andi saying about Cody’s departure, “I had to let him go. Its very deflating to be dating a guy with bigger boobs than me.”? His chest might be more waxed as well.

Ok, who wins a one on one game to 21? Graham Bunn or Brian Osborne?

Comment: Graham 21 to 6. It wouldn’t even be close. Graham played professionally overseas. Brian was a high school player who coaches now. I’d take Graham in a landslide.

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  1. Dianne

    June 26, 2014 at 10:40 AM

    Regarding the “Blind Items” from Courtney’s book, I, without a doubt, would say Bachelor #2 would be Bob Gainey. He was that sleezy that I could totally see that being him.

  2. shouldbeworking

    June 26, 2014 at 11:06 AM

    I read the book and I liked it. I think it took me about 3 hours to read.
    Dianne…totally who I thought of first for Bachelor #2.

  3. kaybaby

    June 26, 2014 at 11:15 AM

    For the woman whose Husband wants permission to have sex with another woman while she is away, the correct answer is “You’ll have to decide that on your own. You’ve already done damage and created doubt to our marriage by asking me.”

  4. arco5986

    June 26, 2014 at 11:16 AM

    Just wanted to mention that in the extra scenes after the episodes, Brian didn’t say f*ck in public, he said fart in public. That’s why the boys were all giggling like little girls while they answered the question. I have to admit, I was giggling pretty hard too. Re-watch the scene if you haven’t, best extra scene they’ve had in awhile.

  5. JovisMom

    June 26, 2014 at 1:18 PM

    How many pages is Courtney’s book?

  6. angelfish

    June 26, 2014 at 1:29 PM

    According to Amazon, Courtney’s book is 272 pages. Most of the customer reviews thus far say it’s very entertaining.

  7. addicted2rs

    June 26, 2014 at 1:44 PM

    I bought Courtney’s book and am about half way through it. I’m pleasantly surprised by how detailed she is about what casting was like, her experience during the Bachelor, her sex life. She is not vague. 🙂 I almost feel sorry for Jesse Metcalf etc… who are probably pretty mortified.

  8. bigfatwoman

    June 26, 2014 at 6:31 PM

    I’m sure Courtney’s book is entertaining but it would be hard for me to give my money to someone who seems to clearly be desperate for attention.

    From the ridiculous way she acted on Bach to over sharing in a book, I think this woman has a personality disorder and is nothing more than a pretty face.

    Sharleen’s blog is wonderful. I wasn’t much of a fan of her deer in the headlights persona with Juan Pebbles….but I thoroughly enjoy her witty blog.

  9. shouldbeworking

    June 27, 2014 at 7:01 AM

    I think I got my 12 bucks worth of entertainment from Courtneys book. I really wanted to know how the whole process works first hand. Steve calls her stories of touching herself exhilarating….I call it TMI. That didn’t need to be in the book. I know there are two sides to every story, but the way Ben acted in their relationship made me like him even less. I didn’t like him as the Bachelor, and she confirmed to me how he really is. Again, I know there are two sides to every story. I’m sure she’s no angel either.

  10. amyrn22

    June 27, 2014 at 7:17 AM

    No offense to Steve at all, but does anyone else think it’s weird how many women write in the reader emails or in the video blog about how good-looking Steve is or how “hot he looks tonight” in the live chat? It seems like it’s more and more women writing in and mentioning that every week, and there’s always 3 or 4 people who mention his looks on the video blog. He’s not ugly, but I’d say he’s completely average (not my type AT ALL). The way women fawn over him sometimes makes me think either there are some desperate women on this site or women just looking for attention from him. Like they want “unattainable reality steve” to like them. He seems really, really uncomfortable whenever he reads a comment like that- at least on the video blog. Maybe he’s flattered when he reads the emails alone but I always find it so awkward when someone comments about his looks or why doesn’t he have a girlfriend, etc. Am I missing something or do you guys see something in him I don’t?

  11. Dianne

    June 27, 2014 at 7:19 AM

    Oh, come on BFW! Give the girl a break. She was a victim to very bad editing on the producer’s part. I don’t believe for one second she’s “desperate” for attention. She had the opportunity to put it all out there with her book..and she did, and power to her. Nobody else has ever done this in the history of I give her credit where credit is due. So, tell me, BFW, if you were given such a bad rap, wouldn’t you want to do something to prove it’s not all true? Given the opportunity, I know I would.

  12. rob22

    June 27, 2014 at 8:19 AM

    Courtney wrote the book for money and attention. I’m sure the opportunity to put her own spin on things was a nice side benefit too. Bad edit or no bad edit, who knows? But remember, it was Ben Flatdicks season. He chose Courtney, otherwise she wouldn’t have had the opportunity to be the villain and make money on a book. I wouldn’t pity her too much. In TV Land the only bad publicity is no publicity. The media and fan “hate” only fueled her notriety. Otherwise, no attention, no book, no money. Most of the lunatics that appear on this show have early exits and are never heard from again. Courtney is fully captializing on her 15 minutes.

  13. karynr

    June 27, 2014 at 8:19 AM

    I just finished the book and also feel like I got my money’s worth. It was entertaining and a very quick read. I was never a fan of Ben, but now know for a fact that he’s just a d***. I was never a fan of Courtney either, but really felt for her while reading the book. It’s so easy for all of us to sit behind our technology and say terrible things. When you read firsthand how it affects someone, it kind of makes you feel bad about being one of many judging someone I don’t know so harshly.

  14. karynr

    June 27, 2014 at 8:20 AM

    Grammar police….I know that last sentence is awful!

  15. strick432

    June 27, 2014 at 8:22 AM

    anybody that has the book wanna mail it to me and let me read it and I’ll mail it back? I don’t wanna buy it. I’m cheap.

  16. Dianne

    June 27, 2014 at 8:42 AM

    oh, I dunno rob22..I say that even if Ben hadn’t chosen Courtney, she still would have been give the opportunity to put it all in writing. She was pegged the villain from day one.

  17. grace6

    June 27, 2014 at 9:34 AM

    I don’t think Chris is the winner this season, but don’t dismiss that “idiot” JBF quite so quickly. You have to stop relying only of your “sources. Why was Chris S. handing out roses in Seattle weeks before the finale of Des’s season? Because there are now foilers! JBF had Chris as Des’s pick for most of the season! You were mocking the long list of clues/hints on that website during her season. You were wrong. They were right! Perhaps you should tone down your arrogance after that failure.

  18. karynr

    June 27, 2014 at 9:53 AM

    strick…I only have the Kindle edition or else I’d mail it to you.

  19. strick432

    June 27, 2014 at 10:48 AM

    Thanks karyn. I thought about asking Steve, but didn’t want to get my feelings hurt when he got mean with me and said no. I just can’t see buying it. My Kindle is broken. Any other takers wanna mail me the book?

  20. rob22

    June 27, 2014 at 11:52 AM

    Dianne, oh maybe, but her profile was raised significantly (and not in a positive way) when that idiot Ben Flatdick picked her. Remember the outrage and seeminingly weeks of tabloid and blog publicity that followed? Even people who never watched the show knew who Courtney was. I’m not sure someone like Tiarra would write a book and generate any interest. Maybe, but probably not.

  21. karynr

    June 28, 2014 at 6:28 AM

    It’s been bugging me all season, but I just realized who Nick resembles…IMO. I think he strongly resembles Peter MacNichol from Ally McBeal!

  22. sandy

    June 28, 2014 at 10:25 AM

    Well that didn’t take long. Rumor has it, that Andi and Josh will be competing against each other on next seasons Dancing with the Stars. Don’t they always plug a Bachette contestant each season.

    If so, then RS assumption that they are both hungry to stay in the media world would be correct.

  23. purplesunsets

    June 29, 2014 at 12:52 AM

    @karynr I see the resemblance! I loved that show.

    Ive read a rumor its The view is considering Andi after the two girls left. Its from a gossip sight though.

    Does anyone follow the other remaining guys from this season? I see their posts on IG popular page and it seems there’s a rivalry/sides of sorts going on? Like my bros and genuine people I love these guys but exclude certain people obviously in the picture. Well I see its mostly Nick, JJ and Brian who does it. Just found it weird

  24. andismouth

    June 29, 2014 at 7:03 AM

    To the reader who wrote that Andi’s mouth should have a Twitter account— it’s been actively yapping since the end of JuPa’s season.

  25. Sunnyside422

    June 29, 2014 at 10:13 AM

    Don’t intent to actually purchase Courtney’s book but if my local library can get it, I will read it that way. She deftly is over sharing her life…sad that she needs to basically trash herself and everyone in her life.

    Since Ben is butt ugly, he should have been very grateful that someone like her wanted to be with him! Always thought he was a twit and nothing he says or does now changes my opinion.

    Notice how he so wants to distance himself from Courtney and trashes her…hey stupid, you picked her so live with your huge mistake and shut up! I hope they both slither under those rocks they emerged from all those months ago.

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