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The “Bachelorette” Finale Recap

What a great time last night at the finale viewing party. I may have to make this a regular appearance. Maybe every season open it up to anyone who wants to throw a viewing party for the premiere and/or finale (although to do both every season might be tough), and I’ll show up. Granted, it was a little tough to hear with that many people in the room as over 90 people showed up, but it was fun nonetheless. Thanks to everyone who came out to Fortina’s in Armonk last night to watch the show with me. Never expected that type of turn out. The food was great, I’m glad I got to meet everyone, and I’m glad some of you got to meet my aunt and cousin. A special shout out to Melissa Greenstein who the day after I put up the link back at the beginning of the season, she emailed me and showed interest in throwing the party. She busted her ass putting this all together and wanted to make sure some of the proceeds went to Eric Hill’s foundation. We were able to raise $1300 for his foundation. Very cool of Melissa to do that and I’m very appreciative. Great times all around last night and I’m thankful to everyone who showed up.

As you know, “Bachelor in Paradise” starts next Monday night. In case you haven’t already, check out the episode-by-episode spoilers that have been posted for the last month to give you an idea of what to expect. AshLee Frazier is actually holding a viewing party next Monday night in Dallas of all places, where people can attend by purchasing a ticket. Man, what I would do to crash that thing. Then again, I couldn’t be caught dead at some contestants viewing party. Never know what the show would think of that, so I better stay away. But hey, anyone else wanna go there’s your chance.

Now I’m going to be honest, with the crowd we had last night, I didn’t really pay much attention to what went on during the 2 hour show. The finale column is never a normal recap just because the only important thing is how it ended up and anything to note from the ATFR show. This column I will be more of a recap of the season in general, I’ll post the Nick plane videos and Josh’s Snapchat screen shots from earlier this season, share with you some emails I saved all season of people who doubted the spoilers, doubted the video, doubted the Snapchat, and just give you a little glimpse into the kind of people I deal with on a somewhat seasonal basis. Usually it’s not this bad. Yeah, of course I’ll have my doubters every season, but this season there seemed to be more than usual. Maybe it’s because the video of Nick on the plane was so simple and clear and essentially ruined the whole thing before you even saw the first episode. I know it upsets people that I’m the site that spoils the show every season, but that video was pretty polarizing. People tried so hard to not believe it was accurate and I’m still not sure why. By reading some of these emails on the next page, you’ll see HOW bad people wanted me to be wrong. Those people need help I tell ya.

Look, I’m very well aware that people are going to doubt me every single season. I get that. But this season was a tad different. Normally when I give you the spoilers before the season starts, I just lay it all out there and say, “Here’s what happens. Believe me or not.” This season, I obviously had two major pieces of evidence that backed up the Josh/Andi spoiler, which was the Nick plane videos, and the Josh Snapchat screen shots. So you’d think that’d at least ease some people’s minds. Nope. In fact, it’s almost like it worked in the opposite fashion. At least in the past when I couldn’t present any evidence about the ending, people could still draw their own conclusions, watch the show and the see the interactions, still hang out to the fact I was wrong about Des and Chris’ ending, and still doubt things. It’s almost like because of the evidence I gave, it became too easy for them to accept, therefore, they turned the other way. And obviously I’m not talking about everybody. Of course I know there are plenty that believe the spoilers. But the haters usually end up being more loud and obnoxious about it (as you’ll see on the next page), that it’s comical to point out. I mean, how can you not laugh at some of these emails that have been sent to me throughout the course of the season? It just goes to show how wrapped up in this show some people can get where they essentially lose all sense of reality. It really is mind boggling to me, which is why I like to share it. People who don’t take this show as life or death need to see the lunacy that runs rampant throughout this franchise, and these emails are a prime example.

With that said though, I think this is season unlike any other. There is no way I’ll ever have evidence supporting the final spoiler like I did this season. Absolutely not. I’d be stunned beyond stunned if I did. So when next season rolls around, and it’s back to, “Here are your episode-by-episode spoilers along with what happens at the end,” lets hope people are sane enough not to say, “Yeah, but how do you know this is true? Do you have any plane videos or Snapchat screen shots?” Yeah, not gonna happen. Caught lightning in a bottle this season. I’ve said it since the day I got those videos are reiterated it for the last 2 ½ months. Complete luck. Will never happen again. Next season will be back to just having faith that my sources gave me the right info, which they usually do. Remember what others said once I got the Des ending wrong? Well I’ve been able to follow that season up with back-to-back seasons where every date, rose, and elimination was correct before the season started. As I’ve always said, each season is completely independent of each other. One season has nothing to do with the next season in terms of spoilers. I think people forget that.

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  1. Scout

    July 31, 2014 at 9:46 AM

    @vessel and @karynr I’m with you guys too! This is the first I actually watched all the way through since Ashley H. I only watched the hometowns through final on Emily and only the last two episodes of Des.

  2. vessel

    July 31, 2014 at 4:55 PM

    @karynr, I feel like I always agree with you. Yeah Andi, imo, was definitely the best Bachelorette since Ashley. Maybe best of all of the past leads. I loved Ashley’s season mainly because I found it hilarious, and I loved all the drama, Bentley, etc. But when I think about it she was kind of an emotional wreck and several of her guys walked out before the finale, although I kinda hate to criticize her because she and JP are so cute, and I feel like if I knew her in real life we’d be friends. In any case I think Andi handled herself with maturity, kindness, class, and graciousness and the haters just boggle my mind. Like I said, I think a lot of people didn’t like her outburst toward Juan Pablo (not me, I loved it) and made up their minds then and there they were going to hate her, and proceeded to look for any fault and flaw they could find all season. @Scout I’m with ya on the last 2 seasons. Desiree and Emily bored me nearly to tears. zzzzzzzz

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