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The Bachelorette 10 - Andi

“Reader Emails,” & Fallout from the Finale

Yes, the “make love” comment was inappropriate but I dislike her so much by now I had to laugh. If she had met with him the first two times he’d supposedly tried, would it have been off camera? It felt like he was struggling to put sentences together last night because he knew what he wanted to say was not camera appropriate. So maybe she should’ve given him closure off camera. She knew the camera would keep him from saying some things. She was just pissed that it didn’t stop him completely. I thought it was great. I wish she would’ve picked someone other than Nick to string along till the end. He might be a little too sensitive. If Andi would’ve agreed to meet Nick before the ATFR, you bet your ass it would’ve been on camera. Hence the reason the argument, “Well if she just would’ve met him before the ATFR, maybe he wouldn’t have said that” holds no water. It was gonna be televised regardless. They weren’t gonna pass up that opportunity.

Anyway, thanks for another great season. I hope Chris is the Bachelor. I can’t watch Ariel. Ugh.

Comment: Yeah, I’d hate to see Ariel too. Prince Eric would not be happy with that.

During the season in your column you mentioned Andi’s boobs being out on display in some of her different dresses. Did you notice them at the final roses ceremony last night? She looked much flatter chested, it looked like she was wearing a sports bra with that dress!

Comment: I didn’t notice.

Sorry to hear you got a wedding gift for Jason & Molly. They are NOT a success story from this show so, in mho, didn’t deserve a gift from you. Just sayin’. I didn’t get a wedding gift for them because I considered them a “success story.” I’ve said that many times over the years. I got them a wedding gift because I felt it was the least I could do after I had said some things about their season which weren’t true.

I thought they usually announced the next bachelor on ATFR.
Do you think it’s because they haven’t chosen yet?

Comment: No, they don’t. Juan Pablo getting announced on Des’ ATFR was the exception, not the rule. There was no summer show last season, so they basically had to announce it early.

I’m sure you are over the whole thing now, but I just have to give my 2 cents to someone! To me it sounds like NIck was holding on to hope that Andi might change her mind (ala Jason) and that ATFR finally gave him the closure he needed. Those tapes you released had him referencing Jason’s season and I’ll bet he was holding on the one in a billion chance that the same thing might happen for him. I know you think it’s bizarre that he is still emotional over the whole thing 2 1/2 months later. But if he truly felt like he was going to marry her, I think that it should take some time to get over, especially if you still need closure which I think he got last night and should be able to move on now.

Oh, and I hardly believe Chris Harrison “forgot” to reveal the next Bachelor. I think they did that to create a buzz. But I feel bad for the people in EST that stayed awake for the news.

Comment: Yes you’re right. I can’t believe he’s still emotional about a girl who dumped him 2 ½ months ago.

The next “Bachelor” was never going to be announced on the ATFR. I said that weeks ago.

Hi Steve,

I just had to speak to you about why you feel it is important to constantly vilify what you do and how accurate you are as I would say 95% of the time. I live in NYC with over 8 million people. When you are in the business of dealing with the public on a very large scale do you really think that everyone is going to agree with you? There are so many people out there that just like to write in mean stuff and it isn’t only you it is anyone who deals with the public on such a large scale. I actually think it would be better for you not to keep on writing about how you need to justify your answers because you can’t please everyone. This last and final message was not necessary. Personally, I don’t think people are interested in reading the crazies out there. You have a job that you enjoy immensely so don’t even answer those who don’t believe you. As I said anyone in the public eye is going to get these kind of emails and the best thing to do is ignore it. It will save you a lot of headaches. I read your blog every season and it is entertaining and I do enjoy your spoilers, so I think it is enough that most of your readers do care about you and what you have to say. I hope you give it some thought as to what I said and just keep on doing what you do and I just had a thought, maybe they are angry at you because you actually get paid for a job you like. They are probably unhappy in their lives.

Comment: I disagree. Based on the responses, people are thoroughly entertained by the troll emailers. And yes, I’m sure a lot of it has to do with jealousy.


Thanks for the recap and congrats on being correct again. I never doubted you!

Looks like several of your reader emails are duplicated in the blog, as if they were cut and pasted twice. You’re correct. Had to go back and look. It’s been fixed. Apparently I suck and cutting and pasting.

1. Andi and Josh admitted to regularly seeing each other and traveling in disguise. Why would the producers want them to talk about that when interviewed (only saw ATFR and Jimmy)? Seems like setting the stage of more paparazzi to watch like hawks future contestants. They’ve been doing that for years and outside of JP and Ashley getting caught walking out of the same hotel, they’ve never once caught the final couple. And they would never catch them together, because they are never outside together. So a picture of a female lead in a wig doesn’t prove anything on who she’s with.

2. I’m pulling for Chris as the next Bachelor. I’ll watch no matter who it is but Arie likes the camera too much and Chris is more genuine. Why do you think Chris would WANT to be the Bachelor, other than the obvious? He is a successful farmer who wants to take a gal back to Iowa. Or is he interested in the fame route for a change of scenery? Who is running his farm while he’s finding love? I’m sure that’s already been discussed. I’m pretty sure all this has been worked out beforehand.

3. When will they start finalizing the cast for The Bachelor? Do they start confirming contracts with the lady contestants before the finalize the lead? Final casting weekend is this weekend and next weekend based on past seasons schedules.

Thanks in advance. You are good at your job – and very patient with the haters.

Just insane. I can’t believe the number of people who (a) think they have some great insight into Andi’s feelings based on watching this heavily produced TV show and (b) seem to wish great harm upon you.

Also: it would be great if one season you posted fake spoilers and then, the day after Jimmy Kimmel aired his “predictions,” updated your site with the real ones. Mass chaos.

Glad to see your success this season, as per usual. Because Kimmel is an ABC show, if I actually did wait until after that first episode aired to post all the spoilers, I’m sure he’d still just get it from people within the show. All he’s doing is promoting it for them. They love it.

P.S. I thought it was pretty annoying how Nick kept talking to Andi about how she led him on, etc. He’s not a dumb guy; he clearly knows that they’re making a show and that Andi is contractually obligated to have a final 4, 3, 2 even when she’s probably known since day one who her final choice would be. It’s the same every season, and he’s watched those seasons. What exactly did he want her to say?

Comment: Exactly.

Do you think Andi was tipped off that Nick may mention that they slept together? I thought she handled it well. And so did Josh.

Ps-I hope when the bachelor franchise is all over you write a book revealing all of your secrets.

Comment: Ha ha, you say Andi and Josh both handled it well, yet there’s plenty out there who watched the exact same show you did and are screaming for their heads for how they handled it. It’s what makes the world go round.

That book is not coming.

First, I’ll say this, I’ve watched a total of one and a half episodes this season. I read your blog, see what’s going to happen and if nothing else is on tv, I’ll watch the show or put it on for background noise while I’m working. It’s been that way for a few years now. As you say, wash rinse repeat. I don’t really have a question but wanted to say a few things.

One who are these crazy people who email you excited for you to be wrong? who wishes that stuff on someone? They want you to be humiliated? Seriously? has to be a bunch of college kids who have nothing better to do with their time, or a bunch of housewives that are bored, either way, wow. I actually watch the last ten minutes or so of every season finale just so I can smile and say yep, he was right AGAIN! I seriously don’t get the concept of looking for ways to humiliate someone. insane. I don’t get it either. Some serious jealousy issues I would assume because if they had the info that I did, they’d be doing the exact same thing. People always like to tear down the ones on top. It’s part of today’s culture. Let them. Doesn’t bother me. I’ll keep doing what I’m doing every season and they can say whatever they want. I’ve said numerous times that other people’s opinions don’t pay my bills.

Two, you mentioned you don’t understand (something to that effect) why Nick would bring up they had sex and no one ever says they made love. We’ll have to agree to disagree on this one. I think it’s good that he brought it up, none of the others in the past that I can remember have ever brought it up on live television. We both know he didn’t think of it on his own though. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a Nick fan – nor am I a Josh fan. Just think that part was pretty funny and she had nerve to say that was below the belt? Well some men – yes there are a few out there I’m told – that think of that type of thing as special. Nick acted like a jerk during the season from what I read in your blog, but he also seemed to really care for her. In the real world in a break up, it takes more than a few weeks to get over a broken heart. Now did he really have a broken heart? or was his ego hurt more than anything? I don’t know, we probably won’t ever know. BUT he did act like a gentleman and didn’t say anything nasty about Josh, when he probably could have. He wasn’t very complimentary of Josh in the plane videos, and in Josh’s interviews since the show ended Monday, he’s made it very clear Nick wasn’t well liked in the house, especially by him.

Third, on to Josh and Andi. Maybe it’s just me, but they certainly didn’t act like a couple in love. It looks forced to me. (it most likely would have looked that way with Nick as well!) He just seemed to be the type to be there for the fame. I certainly hope I’m wrong and they disappear into the sunset and enjoy thier lives together and actually have a lasting relationship. Good luck to the couple.

Thank you for yet another great season of spoilers, keep up the great work and looking forward to reading next season’s The Bachelor. (I won’t watch that one either I’m guessing, unless of course there is absolutely nothing else on tv – your blog is much funnier to read than to watch the show)

Comment: Great. As long as you read, we can be BFF’s forever.

I just want to let you know that your spoilers made this past season’s Bachelorette a pleasure to watch & follow for me! I printed out your projected spoilers & watched the show, using it as a blueprint of what was to happen each week. It made it so much fun!

Thanks for giving me an enjoyable way to watch this sappy (at times) show. It’s hard to believe that I’ve been watching this program for 10 years! Only your website has made it palletable (sorry spelling)–I look forward to the next one!

Comment: Next season, join fantasy pools and try and win some money off of the spoilers. Might as well. Find a group of people to do a bracket with and make sure they’re completely gullible to the spoilers being out there.

RS- reading your recap and I love it!!!! People need to get a life and I love the ones that get the names confused and in the wrong order…..I know that you don’t reply the haters but on this one I would have to-

1) Nick is a man’s man. He’ll always be there for her. He will protect her heart at all times, and will never stray. Yea that is why he ousted her on national TV for sleeping with him…that’s a man’s man alright.

Nick was so painful to watch last night and not because he was so heartbroken it was because he was battling with himself as to come out with the fact or not that they had slept together… soon as he said it I knew that is what he wanted to say all along. He acted as if that was his first sexual experience, people get physical sometimes and it doesn’t mean that they love you. I think she handle herself well because I would have told him, yea I had the hot’s for you but I didn’t love you, I love Josh deal with it! I might have even gone so far as to say well the sex just wasn’t good enough for me. And to be honest in my opinion he is lucky that Josh didn’t have a little talk with him and not because she slept with Nick and she is his women but because I think certain things should remain private and now it’s out there to be discussed and it will be. Read Nick’s letter on your site….funny how the fantasy suite encounter isn’t mentioned…I think there was some prodding going on here.

Comment: Yes Nick, not every woman you sleep with is going to marry you. Novel concept, I know.

Hi Steve,

What a fun season huh? Congrats on being right as usual. You nailed it! Speaking of which, I’d like your thoughts on this flash round..

1) Don’t you think its funny that when Nick called Andi out on “making love” (barf!), that she responded with “that was below the belt.” Oh how I wish he’d then said, “No pun intended.” Hahaha I’m still trying to find one person who still uses that phrase.

2) Is Josh watching all of that from back stage, as it happens? In other words, did he see Nick say that? If so, he’s either a great actor or totally fine with his “fiancee” sleeping with he and another guy in 2 days. Any thoughts? Usually they don’t. It was more than 2 days later, but I see your point. Josh and Andi have addressed it and to them, it’s a thing of the past, so apparently it’s not an issue.

3) I can’t believe how Andi told Josh that she knew from the moment she set eyes on him that he was the one. Well, in a way you can see how Nick called her out for being insincere. I know, he totally knew what he was getting into but still. I say it was a wash. I don’t really see him as the jerk for calling her on it. He just said what everyone else was thinking. There were plenty of people NOT thinking he should’ve said that.

4) I can’t remember which of the final 2 she said this too, but she said to one of them that they “always have a way of calming her down.” So funny bc I remember he telling JP exactly that on one of their dates. Don’t remember.

5) Why do you think they never addressed Josh playing football? It was like it never existed. He did finally mention it during the last show, but it was almost mumbled as an afterthought. Also, Andi’s dad was so insincere by saying he didn’t know anything about Josh, when Josh was asking for his blessing. COME ON! Then, in the same conversation he suddenly learns so much about him that he can give said blessing. Such BS.

Comment: Because I believe he only played for one year.

As for the parents giving blessings in one day to someone they don’t know…it happens every season. Nothing new.

Not much surprises me on this show anymore, but Nick on the ATFR saying that he and Andi had sex was a real surprise to me. What a douchebag move that was. No doubt the producers nudged him that way, but he had to have been pretty far along towards doing that to begin with.

Basically, he got rejected, and decided he was more than hurt, he was pissed about it, so he decided he wanted to make her pay.

It’s funny, but up until that moment you sensed that Andi felt guilt over how hurt Nick was. After all, she didn’t choose him, but she obviously cared about him quite a bit. It was like that moment actually made things way easier for Andi, because it liberated her. She doesn’t have to look back with any misgivings now, because look what that jackass was willing to do to her on national TV.

Comment: Nick saying in his conference call Tuesday that “100% the producers didn’t put him up to that” makes it even worse. Hell, if I were him I would’ve at least gone with, “I was given some bad advice, I take full responsibility for saying it, but I should’ve listened to reason and not done it. Ultimately I said it, but there’s more to it than that.” But to say he had no intention of ever bringing it up and only did because Andi was acting cold to him on stage, well yeah, complete d**k move and basically only done because he was mad and wanted to embarrass her.

My take is at some point, he wants to be in the running to be The Bachelor. It can’t happen for this next season, but if he acts pitiful enough and pours on the “poor rejected me” attitude, it may win him some big sympathy points from the public garnering him brownie points to be in the running.

Comment: Never going to happen.

Does Andi EVER wear a bra?

Comment: I think she’s allergic to them.

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  1. sammydaave

    July 31, 2014 at 7:00 AM

    Hi Steve, can you elaborate on what you said about Nikki getting special treatment by producers? This is the first time I’ve heard that mentioned. Also, any thoughts on Nick being considered for Bachelor? You mentioned Arie and Chris are working with PTs already. What about Chris? This is most attention paid to #2 in a while.

  2. jessicat

    July 31, 2014 at 8:08 AM

    Regarding Jimmy Kimmel’s “predictions”: I don’t believe ABC would fill him in if Steve posted incorrect spoilers. Looking back to Desiree’s season, Jimmy “predicted” that Brooks was the winner, which was in line with Steve’s erroneous spoiler.

  3. goosiegirl

    July 31, 2014 at 10:45 AM

    I wish people would realize that there is absolutely no way Andi could have met with Nick in private. She was still contractually obligated to the show. Also, why would she? She is engaged to another man. Any private meeting with a man she had previously been intimate with, whether emotionally or physically, is not respectful to her current relationship.

  4. tia89

    July 31, 2014 at 11:02 AM

    If Andi didn’t want anyone to know she had sex with Nick, she shouldn’t have gone there…problem solved.

  5. adriegirl2

    July 31, 2014 at 11:48 AM

    steve, sorry but why would the producers do all that extra for Nikki . Are you saying that she was the “winner” from the start? And if so, did JP just tell the producers this and that was it?

  6. maddie86

    July 31, 2014 at 12:45 PM

    I do agree with Steve that she can sleep with whomever she pleases; however, Nick clearly didn’t see it as just sex, it was deeper and more meaningful. So he shouldn’t have been public about it but he truly cared for the girl and I don’t think he intended to embarrass her. My friend made a post about it:

  7. JovisMom

    July 31, 2014 at 1:07 PM

    I just wanted to say that I started Courtney’s book last night. It is a RIOT!!!! Anyone on the fence about it just read it! I

  8. penguinfan01

    July 31, 2014 at 2:06 PM

    I am thinking that Nick has some serious problems he needs to deal with. He was stalking Andi, pining away for her, acts like he can’t deal with life, and deliberately hurt her with his words. We haven’t seen this from any number 2 yet in this shows history, even from the crazy girls they have had on in the past. I think he’s a little bit psycho. I hope he gets the help he needs before he destroys himself. This does not seem normal to me.

  9. Athena

    July 31, 2014 at 4:12 PM

    @penguinfan01, Good point about Nick being the only contestant we know of that pined for 2.5 months after the finale when not being chosen. On the basis of what we’ve seen before it’s definitely not in the range of what appears to be usual/normal. Just a couple of thoughts about that: 1) while he has pined publicly, he may or may not be the only one who has felt heartbroken and confused. and 2) can we really use the word “normal” for anything related to this show? I’m not ready to slap a label on him or to support anyone else doing so based on what we’ve seen to date. He admitted he takes rejection hard. You could certainly be right about it being a red flag but he could just be a person who wears his heart on his sleeve.

    About Andi and the two “rejection” interactions between them – what I’m curious about is why she clearly seemed so detached during both of them. I just can’t help wondering (obviously I’m guilty of reading into stuff too) what may have happened between them from the time of their hometown date to the final scene in the D.R. Doesn’t it just seem like something really changed for her? Either in terms of her feelings (friendship or otherwise), or something about Josh that just closed her off to anyone else… That’s the most perplexing thing about all of this to me. Her sending him home and how she responded to him on the show just seemed “off” in comparison to how she handled all the other send-offs.

    What do others think?

  10. angelfish

    July 31, 2014 at 4:18 PM

    While I really like Chris, I totally agree with Steve that Arie as Bachelor would be TV gold!

    Can you imagine all the girls they cast being convinced that they could “change” his horn dog ways? That all he really needs is the love of a good woman, and he’ll change! Really, he will! He just needs REAL love and compassion, and understanding and someone to listen to him, to hold him, to cry with him, who lets him be vulnerable, and….and….and….

    Ahhh hahahahah!!!!!

    Seriously, the ladies will be lining up to prove that THEY have what it takes. We ALL know women like that, and I guarantee that the producers can easily find 25 women desperate to prove it on National TV.

    If it’s Arie, it’s gonna be a hell of a ride, and I can’t wait!!!

  11. rob22

    July 31, 2014 at 11:12 PM

    There was another similar situation as Nick outing Andi. In Jessie Palmers season, Tara Huckeby finished second, and accused Jessie of “inappropriate behavior” in the fantasy suite. I may be confusing her with someone else, but I think she also said something like “things were said….things were done”. If it wasn’t Tara, it was someone else in another season, but I’m pretty sure it was her. So, now role reversal. Yes, Jessie like Andi, had a right to sleep with her if he wanted. But Jessie pretty unanimously was viewed as a creep for taking advantage of Tara’s feelings for him. It’s kind of amazing that it’s so split on Andi. I guess guys are just supposed to tough it out and be happy that the girl gave it up? RS loves to talk about double standards…. But apparently not in this case.

  12. tinalee

    July 31, 2014 at 11:50 PM

    Wasn’t it Andi herself that talked about spending the night with Juan Pablo in the fantasy suite and how he treated her poorly afterwards? She had no problem talking about it on national tv. Why is everyone giving Nick such a hard time? He didn’t say it in a disrespectful way.

  13. oyoung1117

    August 1, 2014 at 8:53 AM

    I hate when RS acts like he simply doesn’t care enough to analyze a situation that is what everyone is analyzing right now about this franchise considering how he makes his living. It just seems so pretentious and lazy.
    Also, does anyone else notice he has always really had it out for Nikki? And after that big rant on her hypocrisy over the producers I feel like he tipped his hand a bit on his sources.
    As for Andi and Nick. I agree with Nick, should he have said it? Maybe it wasn’t especially gentlemanly but she was treating him so coldly I can understand why he might have had a “screw you” moment and just decide to quit dancing around the subject that had truly hurt him and just call her out on it. Most likely in the fantasy suite they did and said things that made him feel like it was love.
    I get that sex is “private” but after putting your entire dating life in front of the world to see, complete with lots of groping and kissing and the fantasy suite, c’mon did it really ruin her life that he shared that on any level. We all knew already, ya know? There is no virtue in decorum for the sake of decorum.
    Maybe it is just because I don’t care for Andi, I did at the start of her season, but starting with the night when she freaked out on all of them for one guys drunken behavior, then the whole Eric Hill situation, and several other occasions when you can tell she can’t handle being treated like anything other than a goddess and won’t stand for being called out on anything other, I sort of was glad Nick just did it.

  14. Sunnyside422

    August 1, 2014 at 10:24 AM

    Amen to the comments above!

    I wish Andi would just stop trying to be this little sweetheart princess. This woman has an iron will and poor wussy Josh will see plenty of her pouty face.

    I just don’t care who the next bachelor is. Chris seems nice enough at this time. Arie seems smarmy but probably watching various vapid women trying to get into his pants could be entertaining. We shall see if smarmy or nice win out.

  15. angelfish

    August 1, 2014 at 5:16 PM

    Andi got upset with Juan Pablo because:
    1. He never asked her anything about herself in the Fantasy Suite. Andi CONSTANTLY asked Nick about himself = Not the same.
    2. JP told Andi about his time in the Fantasy Suite with the other women. Andi NEVER said a word to Nick about any of the other guys = Not the same.
    3. Andi left and NEVER attempted to contact JP again, for any reason. She never asked him for any “closure” or tried to talk him out of anything. Nick repeatedly tried to contact Andi, tried to talk her out of letting him go and DEMANDED “closure” = Not the same.

    How anybody could even remotely connect Andi’s situation with JP to her situation with Nick is mind-boggling unbelievable.

  16. mush

    August 1, 2014 at 10:15 PM

    the producers gave nikki special treatment just to create drama in the house. they wanted to make her feel cocky and have it affect the other girls. it worked.
    the only possible problem with chris is if he’s selling his soy beans to Monsanto. could be controversy. anyone know if he is? then again, maybe no one will care.

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