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“Reader Emails,” & Fallout from the Finale

Loved your recap and LOVED that you proved all the doubters wrong. I read the hater emails – unbelievable. I completely agree with you – anybody who gets that worked up over a TV show needs help.

Thanks for a wonderful season, as always!!!

Comment: Serious help.

Hey RS,

You are the man once again! You are the king of cool.

Some questions.

1. First off about the book by Courtney. I want to ask you something that doesn’t seem realistic that she said.

She said that her and Ben had sex in the Ocean. As girls and you can confirm as a man, the notion of shrinkage is real! If a man gets wet in the cool ocean down there, it all shrivels up and gets limp and no way he can have any penetration in the water. Shrinkage is real, they even had a Seinfeld episode about it. As a man, isn’t shrinkage in the cool water real? You really think Ben could keep it rock hard in the cool water? I think those waters in Puerto Rico were warm. And they only had it for 20 seconds according because it was too difficult.

I think Courtney fabricated that to increase the attention and her shock value for book sales.

2. Have you ever heard of any of the men having performance anxiety while in the Fantasy Suite? I am sure it has happened before. It is common that even young, healthy guys can have performance anxiety with a girl for the first time and can have issues with not being able to get it up or premature excitement if you know what I mean. I’m sure it’s happened but I have no idea with who. They alluded to it with Ed and Jillian, but that was just editing.

3. Have you been working out more lately Steve? I must admit in your videos you are looking more and more lean and buff and hot. You have a nice set of biceps and triceps! Thanks. Working out more? Not really. I’d say I’ve just been more consistent with it. Although I’ve only worked out once here in NY, so I need to get back on schedule once I’m back in Texas.

4. What was the funnest thing you did in New York with your trip there outside of the viewing party itself? You mean “most fun?” “Funnest” isn’t a word. Sorry. Grammar police.

Going to Magnolia Bakery and stuffing my face with an apple crisp and a cupcake. I’m not much of a sight seeing guy, so it’s not like I did a bunch of touristy stuff. I’ve been here enough in my life that I don’t need to do that. Just seeing friends and family was fun.

5. What do you think of the hair transplant surgery that they guy from Andi’s season had (can’t even remember his name or that he did anything during her season)? If you ever had lots of hair loss would you consider surgery or a rug? What do you think of men who do that stuff?

Comment: No, I would never personally do it. To each their own.

Hi Steve,

I was watching a video the other day, interview with Mike Fleiss – I think it was a Masterclass he was doing for film students – and he said that on the first week or episode the lead has to tell them who their final four will be so the storyline and filming can focus on them; develop their “characters.”

Do you know if this is so? Yes.

I’ve been watching pretty regularly last couple years; off and on before that so forgive me if you’ve answered the question before.

The other thing he said was because their shows are shot over a 9-week period, as opposed to less-successful competitors’ which are shot in 2-3 weeks, their participants are able to get to know each other better, so they’re able to get some relationships that really develop instead of having to script everything. That they also give people latitude to do what they feel; like when Brad didn’t want to pick anyone they didn’t force him to. They altered the storyline.

So it seems they do take advantage of developments among the participants. I think it’s quite possible Nick got the idea to talk to Andi “for closure” – that’s real common among people who have been broken up with due to another person their partner just ‘connects with’ better. Do you think Nick approached Chris Harrison, told him he’d like to talk to Andi again and they jumped at the chance seeing sure-fire drama on the horizon?

Spoiling adds to the experience. Keep it up.

Comment: I’m not sure how everything played out with Nick. Yes, this show films over 8 weeks usually, which is more than other dating shows. However, even if you ask successful couples in the past few seasons (Jason & Molly, Sean & Catherine, Des & Chris), they’ll even admit that you really don’t spend more than 20 hrs total over the course of those 8 weeks with the person you choose. The relationship starts once the show is over. The show is just the lust part and picking someone you like the best to keep dating. Nothing more than that.

Hey Steve,

Thanks for another great season! As long as you keep writing I will keep reading!
My husband is wants me to ask you your thoughts on the 24 season finale.
Keep up the great work!

Comment: It was excellent. Didn’t see the Audrey death coming, but in 24 fashion, it made sense. Outside of Chloe and Kim, anyone close to Jack basically dies. That’s just how Jack’s life is. I’m hoping they do another 12 episode series.


Thanks again for another fun season…..been watching sine 2003 with Andrew Firestone…..keep up the good work, will follow you until the franchises end!

BTW, who was the first Bachelor/bachelorette you spoiled…Andy Baldwin?

Take care, hugs and kisses to beautiful Maddie. 🙂

Comment: No. Jason’s switheroo at the end was the first spoiler I ever had. That season aired in 2009. Didn’t have anything for Jillian’s season which followed Jason’s. But every season since I’ve spoiled.

Love your site and could not believe the hatred-spewing emails you get from those out there that want you to be wrong. Bunch of nuts, seriously!

While not much happened last night that was shocking, have to say Nick confirming that they had sex in the fantasy suite was. I wasn’t surprised that they had sex, but hearing it only provided a visual of him in that ridiculous outfit with the cropped pants getting his sexy on with Andi. God knows how she went through with it!

Just curious about something. How is it that your sources can give you episode by episode detail for a season, but not tell you about Nick showing up in Mexico, at the MTA or about the letter? I would think that’s pretty good stuff you’d like to know about.

Comment: I know a lot about every season, but I don’t know everything. There are always things every season that I don’t know. Impossible to get every single detail.


Long time lurker, first time poster. Shout out from Perth, Australia. Great job on another spoiled season!

About the latest season of 24. Despite some classic 24 action packed drama, I found President Heller very irritating for the majority of the season. He’s been the least intelligent and the most weak minded President the series has seen. At least other villainous Presidents were smart enough to have and conceal their agendas. Well, I mean he was suffering from the onset of Alzheimer’s. Played a role in how he led the country.

Anyway, my question is: what did you make of Freddie Prinze Jr and his comments made about working with Kiefer Sutherland? Were you surprised? How did you rate that season overall (season 8)? That was completely out of left field and 4 years after the fact. I don’t get what prompted him to say that now. I have no idea if there’s any truth to it, but, Kiefer’s drinking is well known. Just google “Kiefer drinking Christmas tree.” The guy likes to drink. In all the season of 24, do I expect every actor who worked with him to like him? No. But that was a pretty harsh attack by Freddie. Definitely surprised.

Best of luck for future seasons spoiling the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise!

Please remind the world that the Bachelorette show can only have ONE winner and Nick’s “poor me and I need closure to move ahead in my life…..and YOU’RE a slut and a meanie for sleeping with me” attitude is so RIDICULOUS, childish and self centered. Men have taken advantage of sleeping with as many women that they can for eternity – so why can’t we have the SAME courtesy?? How many of the bachelors slept with their last choices and got secretly applauded. Nick showed a weenie, spineless sniffling man on TV -= exactly why he was not selected – and possibly the sex sucked.

Comment: Your last five words could actually be the answer to everything, but Andi spared him the embarrassment by not mentioning it. We’ll never know.

Hi Steve,

In your episode by episode spoilers, you said that in the first episode when Andi’s sister comes to help her get ready for the first night that you would explain the significance of that later. Would you be able to tell us what that was about?

Comment: It was that Hy showed up to the cocktail party that night to talk to the guys and it was never aired. They only released a part of it in the deleted scenes. I thought showing her dad talk to the guys the first night would’ve been a hell of a lot more important than showing her talking to her sister and showing her dresses.


Congrats on another spoiled season! I’ve been a longtime fan of your site, and I have a question. Do you get “leads” every season that each of the final two is the one who received the final rose? Clearly you follow up on every lead to ensure accurate information, but I’m sure there are people who intentionally attempt to challenge you, right?

Comment: Pretty much. But once I know for a fact who the “winner” is, I don’t pay much attention to all the others who try and tell me I’m wrong. They don’t know what I know. It burned me on Des’ season bc there were leads that I didn’t pay attention to. However, I honestly don’t think I’m ever going to be wrong about the ending again. I’d be surprised. I’m much more thorough now.

Hi RS!

I’ve been reading you for quite a few years and have never emailed before but I happened to disagree with you so here it is.

I thought Nick calling Andi out for having sex with him was hilarious and so did my boyfriend. I know how the show works so I don’t actually have any issue with how Andi acted throughout her season and it was nice of her to let Nick go before he proposed however she should have just had a phone call with the guy before they were on camera again. I doubt Nick would have felt pressured to bring that up if she had just spoken to him privately.

Also what caught my boyfriend by surprise was that Josh seemed to be quite happy and had no problem with this. There’s no way he would have been happy if he heard about me sleeping with someone else before we decided to be monogamous. There would have been some fireworks. It’s interesting how the show can set people up to just accept their loved one is sleeping with others.

Anyway my whole point was I like Nick and I liked him even more for calling Andi out. She should have just talked to him privately before. She didn’t have to have sex with him in the fantasy suite and didn’t with Chris. There was no reason to put Nick through it as the viewers wouldn’t know either way.

And to the point where Nick is still cut up about this 2.5 months later I don’t think being a guy or a girl has anything to do with it. He obviously developed real feelings for her. I know some guys who take well over a year to get over girls they barely know. He’s hurt and that’s ok. I’m sure in a few more weeks he’ll be over it and hopefully dating some normal.

Thanks for the awesome blog! You definitely make the show for me and my guy.

Comment: Your guy probably did have sex with someone before you became monogamous. He just never told you about it for the exact reasons you stated ha ha.

Hi RS,

Ive started following the past three seasons and have read back about some of the lawsuit things with abc, but not all of it. As im watching entertainment tonight the day after the finale they are interviewing andi about the season. They then Show the cell phone video of Nick from your site, your friend, your personal evidence. Is it not possible to get these other sites for not stating their sources? Not sure why the video evidence makes this come to mind more than other tabloids, just seems more personal.

Comment: I can’t control what other sites or shows do. Not my concern. Is what it is. People know where to come to get their spoilers.

Jobe well done with the spoilers! Is it just me or do all the bachelorettes look like they gained weight at the proposal? Usweekly had a write up of all the past proposals and it was just something I noticed lol.

Comment: When you film for 8 weeks, get zero sleep, have no time to work out, and eat a lot – it’ll happen.

Good Lord, dude. Those emails are hard core.

You’re absolutely right about every point you made, though. These folks sound so absurd, for so many reasons. Apparently logic and perspective aren’t their strong suits (nor are grammar and spelling, for that matter):

“Dere Steeve,

U R a compleat jerk i read youre column very rarely. just enouf to read all the spoilers at the begining of the season, then i come back at the end and im reeeeeaaalllllly mad b/c you picked the guy thats SO WRONG for Andi. I know b/c my moms friends housekeeper knows the Vialls (so what if she doesn’t speak english) and she has no reasons too lie to me, besides anyone with one eye can see that josh is a playa and thinks hes black. (Well i don’t know what that meens for sure but somebody said that and i think its funny and true.)

So u better go get a day jobs at burger king and go live under a rock b/c nobody beleeves you anymore. and youll go to jail to, and so will that butthole that recorded nicks PRIVATE conversaton on the plane, and youtube will be prosecuet too except it was really a fake video planted by god, cupid, and mike fleiss so jokes on u HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA so get a life!!!!

Andi and Nick forever and ever and ever!!! You suck”

You know what’s really frightening? These folks have the right to vote.

Comment: And the ability to reproduce. Don’t forget that.

Send all links and emails to: To follow me on Twitter, it’s: Instagram name is “RealitySteve,” or join my Reality Steve Facebook Fan Page. Talk to you tonight.

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  1. sammydaave

    July 31, 2014 at 7:00 AM

    Hi Steve, can you elaborate on what you said about Nikki getting special treatment by producers? This is the first time I’ve heard that mentioned. Also, any thoughts on Nick being considered for Bachelor? You mentioned Arie and Chris are working with PTs already. What about Chris? This is most attention paid to #2 in a while.

  2. jessicat

    July 31, 2014 at 8:08 AM

    Regarding Jimmy Kimmel’s “predictions”: I don’t believe ABC would fill him in if Steve posted incorrect spoilers. Looking back to Desiree’s season, Jimmy “predicted” that Brooks was the winner, which was in line with Steve’s erroneous spoiler.

  3. goosiegirl

    July 31, 2014 at 10:45 AM

    I wish people would realize that there is absolutely no way Andi could have met with Nick in private. She was still contractually obligated to the show. Also, why would she? She is engaged to another man. Any private meeting with a man she had previously been intimate with, whether emotionally or physically, is not respectful to her current relationship.

  4. tia89

    July 31, 2014 at 11:02 AM

    If Andi didn’t want anyone to know she had sex with Nick, she shouldn’t have gone there…problem solved.

  5. adriegirl2

    July 31, 2014 at 11:48 AM

    steve, sorry but why would the producers do all that extra for Nikki . Are you saying that she was the “winner” from the start? And if so, did JP just tell the producers this and that was it?

  6. maddie86

    July 31, 2014 at 12:45 PM

    I do agree with Steve that she can sleep with whomever she pleases; however, Nick clearly didn’t see it as just sex, it was deeper and more meaningful. So he shouldn’t have been public about it but he truly cared for the girl and I don’t think he intended to embarrass her. My friend made a post about it:

  7. JovisMom

    July 31, 2014 at 1:07 PM

    I just wanted to say that I started Courtney’s book last night. It is a RIOT!!!! Anyone on the fence about it just read it! I

  8. penguinfan01

    July 31, 2014 at 2:06 PM

    I am thinking that Nick has some serious problems he needs to deal with. He was stalking Andi, pining away for her, acts like he can’t deal with life, and deliberately hurt her with his words. We haven’t seen this from any number 2 yet in this shows history, even from the crazy girls they have had on in the past. I think he’s a little bit psycho. I hope he gets the help he needs before he destroys himself. This does not seem normal to me.

  9. Athena

    July 31, 2014 at 4:12 PM

    @penguinfan01, Good point about Nick being the only contestant we know of that pined for 2.5 months after the finale when not being chosen. On the basis of what we’ve seen before it’s definitely not in the range of what appears to be usual/normal. Just a couple of thoughts about that: 1) while he has pined publicly, he may or may not be the only one who has felt heartbroken and confused. and 2) can we really use the word “normal” for anything related to this show? I’m not ready to slap a label on him or to support anyone else doing so based on what we’ve seen to date. He admitted he takes rejection hard. You could certainly be right about it being a red flag but he could just be a person who wears his heart on his sleeve.

    About Andi and the two “rejection” interactions between them – what I’m curious about is why she clearly seemed so detached during both of them. I just can’t help wondering (obviously I’m guilty of reading into stuff too) what may have happened between them from the time of their hometown date to the final scene in the D.R. Doesn’t it just seem like something really changed for her? Either in terms of her feelings (friendship or otherwise), or something about Josh that just closed her off to anyone else… That’s the most perplexing thing about all of this to me. Her sending him home and how she responded to him on the show just seemed “off” in comparison to how she handled all the other send-offs.

    What do others think?

  10. angelfish

    July 31, 2014 at 4:18 PM

    While I really like Chris, I totally agree with Steve that Arie as Bachelor would be TV gold!

    Can you imagine all the girls they cast being convinced that they could “change” his horn dog ways? That all he really needs is the love of a good woman, and he’ll change! Really, he will! He just needs REAL love and compassion, and understanding and someone to listen to him, to hold him, to cry with him, who lets him be vulnerable, and….and….and….

    Ahhh hahahahah!!!!!

    Seriously, the ladies will be lining up to prove that THEY have what it takes. We ALL know women like that, and I guarantee that the producers can easily find 25 women desperate to prove it on National TV.

    If it’s Arie, it’s gonna be a hell of a ride, and I can’t wait!!!

  11. rob22

    July 31, 2014 at 11:12 PM

    There was another similar situation as Nick outing Andi. In Jessie Palmers season, Tara Huckeby finished second, and accused Jessie of “inappropriate behavior” in the fantasy suite. I may be confusing her with someone else, but I think she also said something like “things were said….things were done”. If it wasn’t Tara, it was someone else in another season, but I’m pretty sure it was her. So, now role reversal. Yes, Jessie like Andi, had a right to sleep with her if he wanted. But Jessie pretty unanimously was viewed as a creep for taking advantage of Tara’s feelings for him. It’s kind of amazing that it’s so split on Andi. I guess guys are just supposed to tough it out and be happy that the girl gave it up? RS loves to talk about double standards…. But apparently not in this case.

  12. tinalee

    July 31, 2014 at 11:50 PM

    Wasn’t it Andi herself that talked about spending the night with Juan Pablo in the fantasy suite and how he treated her poorly afterwards? She had no problem talking about it on national tv. Why is everyone giving Nick such a hard time? He didn’t say it in a disrespectful way.

  13. oyoung1117

    August 1, 2014 at 8:53 AM

    I hate when RS acts like he simply doesn’t care enough to analyze a situation that is what everyone is analyzing right now about this franchise considering how he makes his living. It just seems so pretentious and lazy.
    Also, does anyone else notice he has always really had it out for Nikki? And after that big rant on her hypocrisy over the producers I feel like he tipped his hand a bit on his sources.
    As for Andi and Nick. I agree with Nick, should he have said it? Maybe it wasn’t especially gentlemanly but she was treating him so coldly I can understand why he might have had a “screw you” moment and just decide to quit dancing around the subject that had truly hurt him and just call her out on it. Most likely in the fantasy suite they did and said things that made him feel like it was love.
    I get that sex is “private” but after putting your entire dating life in front of the world to see, complete with lots of groping and kissing and the fantasy suite, c’mon did it really ruin her life that he shared that on any level. We all knew already, ya know? There is no virtue in decorum for the sake of decorum.
    Maybe it is just because I don’t care for Andi, I did at the start of her season, but starting with the night when she freaked out on all of them for one guys drunken behavior, then the whole Eric Hill situation, and several other occasions when you can tell she can’t handle being treated like anything other than a goddess and won’t stand for being called out on anything other, I sort of was glad Nick just did it.

  14. Sunnyside422

    August 1, 2014 at 10:24 AM

    Amen to the comments above!

    I wish Andi would just stop trying to be this little sweetheart princess. This woman has an iron will and poor wussy Josh will see plenty of her pouty face.

    I just don’t care who the next bachelor is. Chris seems nice enough at this time. Arie seems smarmy but probably watching various vapid women trying to get into his pants could be entertaining. We shall see if smarmy or nice win out.

  15. angelfish

    August 1, 2014 at 5:16 PM

    Andi got upset with Juan Pablo because:
    1. He never asked her anything about herself in the Fantasy Suite. Andi CONSTANTLY asked Nick about himself = Not the same.
    2. JP told Andi about his time in the Fantasy Suite with the other women. Andi NEVER said a word to Nick about any of the other guys = Not the same.
    3. Andi left and NEVER attempted to contact JP again, for any reason. She never asked him for any “closure” or tried to talk him out of anything. Nick repeatedly tried to contact Andi, tried to talk her out of letting him go and DEMANDED “closure” = Not the same.

    How anybody could even remotely connect Andi’s situation with JP to her situation with Nick is mind-boggling unbelievable.

  16. mush

    August 1, 2014 at 10:15 PM

    the producers gave nikki special treatment just to create drama in the house. they wanted to make her feel cocky and have it affect the other girls. it worked.
    the only possible problem with chris is if he’s selling his soy beans to Monsanto. could be controversy. anyone know if he is? then again, maybe no one will care.

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