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“Bachelor in Paradise” Episode 1 Recap Including Ratings, Arie’s Column, & More

For those that haven’t viewed the “Bachelor in Paradise” episode-by-episode spoilers, you may do so now. Once the season gets going I’ll fill in any missing dates that I have, but ultimately, the ending is correct. Only 2 couples made it: Marcus and Lacy got engaged, and Michelle and Cody are still dating. The other four couples at the end broke up and none have gotten back together since filming ended. A lot of you have asked if there’s going to be a “live” finale where they all come back and shoot something. For “Bachelor Pad” they had to, because everyone had to come back and vote on the winner. They don’t have to do that on this show because there is no prize. As of now, there hasn’t been a live show added but I can see them doing one since I’m guessing America will want to get an update on the couples that broke up, or at least see them talk about their break up. The last “Bachelor Pad” finale was 90 minutes of the taped show, then 90 minutes of when they taped everyone coming back to vote. I can see them doing that again. The “Bachelor in Paradise” finale is Sept. 8th (I incorrectly said it was the 15th on last Thursday’s chat. DWTS premiere is the 15th) so they wouldn’t give a “reunion” show it’s own week. They’d have to combine it with the finale, if they even do one.

The other thing I’m curious about is the spoilers cover 7 episodes. The initial press release said the show is 7 episodes. From yesterday until Sept. 8th, there are only 6 Mondays. So they’re either gonna have to double up one week, or maybe that final episode on Sept. 8th, will combine episodes 6 & 7. I’m not sure but I’ll let you know as we move along in the season. Right now on the schedule, “Bachelor in Paradise” is in there every Monday for 2 hours until the 8th, but that schedule can always change pretty quickly. If I had to guess right now, I’d say the finale on the 8th will combine episodes 6 & 7. Either they extend that episode to 3 hours, or they just keep it at 2 hours and condense it.

Ratings are in from last night, and “Paradise” did better in overall viewers compared to “Bachelor Pad 3’s” premiere two summers ago, but down a bit in the 18-49 demo. Here are all of “Bachelor Pad 3” ratings in case you want to compare them all season:

Episode 1: 4.69 million
Episode 2: 3.46 million
Episode 3: 3.41 million
Episode 4: 4.01 million
Episode 5: 3.85 million
Episode 6: 4.38 million
Episode 7: 4.46 million
Episode 8: 4.52 million

I fully expect “Bachelor in Paradise” ratings to go down every week until the finale where they’ll be a small up tick in the numbers just because people wanna see the ending as to what happens.

In case you hadn’t seen, Arie wrote a guest blog for Sean Lowe’s blog, which was basically a self promotion to be the next “Bachelor.” He wants it BAD. He’s always wanted it, despite what he’s said in the past. I mean, if you believe this load of crap I’ve got some land to sell you. You think Arie would’ve used Sean if he wasn’t up for the next “Bachelor?” Of course not. This is strictly him going to “friends” and asking if they’ll help out. But I’m supposed to believe that because he met some Cracker Barrel waitress and a Baptist minister he’s a changed man? Please. That column is never written if he wasn’t up for the “Bachelor” gig. We all know that. It’s damage control trying to repair his image and I don’t buy a word of it. Imagine if he gets passed over AGAIN for the lead role? Put it this way, if you have to tell people you’re a changed man because you talked to some waitress, you’re not a changed man. This whole column is about as insincere as you can get and was completely done as a means to an end. Laughable.

As for the next “Bachelor” announcement, from the very beginning I’ve said I don’t think we’re going to get it until the “Bachelor in Paradise” finale, and it’s looking more and more like that. I’m sure it be spoiled before then, but I’m talking about the “official” ABC announcement on who it is. There are no other candidates besides Chris and Arie. No matter what Mike Fleiss tweets, or anything else you hear on social media, they are decided between those two. Marquel was never in the running, and neither was/is Nick. It was always Chris, they added Arie for God knows what reason, and that’s who it’s between. Don’t expect an official announcement this month. But do expect it to be spoiled.

This morning I appeared on the “Kidd Kraddick in the Morning” show here in Dallas to talk all things “Bachelor in Paradise.” Here you go:

I’m keeping the same schedule all throughout “Bachelor in Paradise.” Recaps will be up on Tuesday, with your “Reader Emails” and “Dr. Reality Steve” on Thursdays, along with the live video chat Thursday nights (except for Sept. 4th when I’ll be in Vegas that weekend for a opening NFL weekend/Bachelor party combo). I will occasionally throw in a Wednesday column during the season. Maybe even a “Daily Links” roundup for the previous week since that will start up once the season is over. Get your emails in the next 48 hours to appear in Thursday’s column.

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  1. bigfatwoman

    August 5, 2014 at 4:13 PM

    Forgive me Father for I have sinned….I watched this train wreck from beginning to end last night. I am so ashamed.

    All I have to say is Sarah……why oh why are you on this show????? You are way too good for this sheet. Run….save yourself while there’s still time.

  2. freeasabird

    August 5, 2014 at 5:36 PM

    I’m half way through watching BIP. I just can’t finish it. Bring back Trashelor Pad!

  3. purplesunsets

    August 6, 2014 at 2:29 AM

    Best part this was the live tweets, cant stomach the actual. Some from other Bach alum too, so much sarcasm and snark is win. Less confused but still train wreck. Im curious too see how the Marcus lovers would view him after this show or during, I know everyone is like he is so not over Andi yada yada but I don’t know how to take that to this.

  4. freeasabird

    August 6, 2014 at 7:47 PM

    I was reading the tweets as I watched half of it. Have to check the spoilers for when Kaylon gets rejected. That’s a can’t miss!

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