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Hi Steve,

Sorry if you’ve addressed this, but why do you think Courtney was allowed to write this tell all? I read it in no time and loved it. I was surprised that she was able to say some of the things she did. What did you think of her book?

Keep up the good work.

Comment: This was” target=”_blank”>my review of Courtney’s book that I posted back on May 27th.

Hi RS,

I know you’ve said in the past that Andi will not be appearing on DWTS in Sept. However, some media outlets are saying that both Andi AND Josh may be on this fall’s season. I realize that they’re almost always wrong. But it would be the first time that a couple from the franchise would be appearing. Just curious if this is all still hype and you’re standing by your previous statements or if there may be some truth behind it? Thanks for all you do – you’re hilarious.

Comment: Well, the cast was announced this morning and they’re not on it, as I’ve said for months they wouldn’t be.

Long-time reader and fan with a quick question. I feel like everyone on BIP keeps referencing their โ€œlistโ€ โ€“ did producers have the people they wanted most of the show make a list of people they were most interested in? Is that perhaps how they determined who they would bring in as the season continued?

Comment: All the contestants were asked during the casting process who they’d like to see on the show. No different than girls and guys who go in for casting on the “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette.”

Hey Steve,

I forgot to mention this when I emailed you earlier in the week. I am shamefully addicted to all things Bachelor/Bachelorette/BIP. I hate myself for it.

Anyway-I find it so bizarre that while some people actually are A-holes, a lot of the portrayal comes from editing. So then why are all the contestants so chummy and friendly with the producers on social media. They obviously realize that the producers chose to portray them negatively and still are BFF’s. It makes no sense to me. But neither does this franchise so shame on me!!!

Comment: Because ultimately all they really care about is people are talking about them. And gaining Twitter and Instagram followers. That’s what they really want.

Hi Steve,

When the show eventually ends, will you reveal your sources then? No.

Second, there are cameras in every room of the house on Bachelor/Bachelorette, right? Haven’t they ever caught contestants from BIP or Bachelor Pad hooking up on camera? How come that footage has never been leaked (not that I want to see it but just curious since everything else seems to gets leaked). Unless contestants hook up in places there are no cameras. I’m assuming the bathroom is the only place where there would not be any cameras? Because it’s network television and they’re only allowed to show so much. Of course people have hooked up on camera. Jesse and Christy sure got chummy and I guess they felt that showing his hand sliding around her ass was sufficient enough for the audience to make their own determination what happened afterwards.

Third, pretty sure AshLee’s boobs are fake if anyone cares. Very perceptive.

Thanks for a very entertaining blog!!

Good day Steve,

Love your site and info! My wife is a Survivor and Bachelor junkie so your site gives me great insights into what she enjoys. I was wondering if you have any idea who wins the ABC show “The Quest”.

Keep up the great work!

Comment: Never watched it. No plans to.

I was reading your Reader E-mails and I saw the question about the golden tattoos. They’re all from this website: Production probably gave them those, because most of the women are wearing it. (I hope the reader is happy with this information)

I’m curious about something. At Jason and Molly’s podcast and on their photos from Mexico on instagram we never see Sean and Catherine. Do they not get along? I just think it’s weird since they were all on the same resort.

Thanks again!! Have fun in your trip!

Comment: I didn’t check out their Instagrams but I don’t know. I don’t think that’s the case. Just because they didn’t post any with them doesn’t mean they don’t like them. And vice versa. Just because someone posts pictures with other people in the franchise, doesn’t mean they do like them.

Hi Steve,

So glad you finally released the name of the girl that Arie was hooking up with. Poor Chelsie. She seemed so naive on JP’s season. She probably legitimately thought her & Arie had something. Esss Okayyyyy.

I’m surprised he didn’t tweet out a picture with her, he loves to put every moment of his life on social media. Me too.

Also, I would like to know how the Wilkes-Barre school district would allow Elise back at all? Are the parents of her students not protesting this? I would not let my child anywhere near that nutcase. If my child were at that school, I’d probably say something.

So glad Lucy only lasted one episode on this crazy train-wreck of a show. Watching seemingly normal people go crazy in a boiling pot down in Mexico is one thing. That chick is just next-level whack-job. Can’t handle it.

Wanted to know who you think are the craziest people in the franchise? (minus Lucy, that’s a given) On & Off camera. We all know you’ve got more info on these people’s lives than anyone else. Too many to name.

Hope you’re having a great week! Ready for the A&M/South Carolina game tonight? GIG ‘EM! ๐Ÿ™‚

Comment: Gig ’em is right. That was a good ol’ fashioned curb stomping by A&M.

Are you still going to do daily links after bip?

Comment: Yes. Will probably start the week of Sept. 15th.

This is a very important question.

If Kalon had asked Jesse on his date, would Jesse have said yes?

Comment: No. Kalon doesn’t have a vagina. Although he sure acts like one at times.

The BIP producers seem to have thrown Clare Crawley under the bus in terms of her edit. CH even dissed her in his recent blog and seemed to be defending Zach. The way I see it, Zach is a wimp who is afraid of looking like the bad guy. He clearly wanted to be free to date other women, especially Jackie. I can’t stand passive-aggressive behavior.
The worst part was when he told Clare that he was extremely physically attracted to her and then immediately followed that up with some weird statement about how he didn’t know whether the relationship was going to last in the future. Hmm… where have we heard such a thing before? I seem to recall JP saying something similar to her in a helicopter. Poor Clare. As anyone who watched The Bachelor knows, this “I want you for sex, but not much more” thing hit a sensitive nerve, or insecurity, because Clare has been treated like an object by men in the past.
I don’t blame her for being upset and leaving. Her scenes were edited to make her look absurd – talking to animals and grabbing knives while ominous music played in the background – but I felt for her. I hope she stops doing these reality shows because I get the sense that they will continue to exploit her.
Do you happen to know whether the producers and editors have any higher level human feelings, like empathy and compassion? Were they all raised by abusive narcissists or something? I don’t get what motivates them to do the things they do to the people on these shows. Do you?

Comment: What motivates them? It’s what they’re paid to do. I’ve read articles in the past from reality TV producers who have said they know their job can be sick at times for the things they have to do, but if they don’t do it, they don’t have a job. Not necessarily people that worked on this show, but it’s pretty known in the industry the producers on these shows don’t have the highest moral compass. Their job is produce good television, first and foremost. Not cater to someone’s feelings.


Did you see jamie from bens season on ‘married at first sight’? Hilarious!

Comment: Wait, she was? No way! I hadn’t heard.

Hey Steve,

I was reading last week’s emails from your readers and chuckled at the reader who mentioned that Molly basically took a swipe at Melissa Rycroft and what a great edit she got on the show, as opposed to how she really is in person.

It reminded me to ask you if you’ve seen the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Making The Team show on CMT. The show is actually their longest-running non-music show on that channel, and it’s fun to watch. (Well, it’s fun for middle aged women to watch and try to remember back when we were that thin.)

Evidently, the producers of the show thought it would be a great idea to bring Melissa in for their 9th season, which is running now. I realize Melissa was on the DCC for a couple of years (she was actually on the first and second season of Making the Team, which is how I first recognized her on The Bachelor), but ho-lee crap: her “role” as judge/mentor couldn’t be more contrived and inorganic, and she has zero charisma or likeability. I just can’t put my finger on it, but something’s off.

Anyway, just wondering if you happened to catch her magnificent new role as “DCC Mentor” on Friday nights. Every time she shows up on the screen, I fast-forward the DVR. If I hear any more gushing over Melissa by the other cast members, I’m going to start watching with the volume turned off.

(Actually, I figured a show like this would be right up your alley, for obvious reasons.)

Thanks and keep doing what you do!

Comment: I’m aware of the show, but just have never watched it. I’m aware Melissa was on some early seasons when she was a cheerleader for them but never saw her. Didn’t know they brought her back this season. Never been a fan, as most people know.

Hey Steve!

1. Me and a friend of mine were talking and discussing whether or not Andi’s breasts are real. I know that you said that you can tell almost always between real and not real. I saw some pics of Andi from high school and no way she has the same breasts as she did then……and oh the nose too. It is obvious she had her nose done surgically. In high school she looked like one of those real petite girls with a big nose and small breasts. What do you say about her breasts? Real or not real? 100% not real.

And it is more than obvious that Josh has had some major work on his teeth. He has some huge veneers. No way those are his real choppers.

2. It appears from what you have said that Sean and Catherine do not work. At least they don’t work Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm jobs. Do you think that Andi and Josh and are also going down that same path and will not work and are simply trying to live off the fame, notoriety, attention, and adoration of being the latest couple to get engaged on a reality show and will soak it up as long as possible before becoming working, contributing members to society again? I’m not sure what either of them are doing now. I don’t think they want an entertainment career, but not sure what future plans are.

3. Who do you predict to win the first ever college football playoffs this season for the National Championship? It’s still way too early to know. I need to see them play more.

4. Who do you predict will win the Super Bowl this season? Impossible to know that right now. I have no idea. Any guess is based on what happened last season, and what happened last season doesn’t matter once things kick off tomorrow. But gun to my head, I’ll go with Green Bay.

Thanks again Steve and keep up the great work!

Hi Steve,

Well this really is a SH*T SHOW of a show. I think it’s pretty funny how the producers make fun of it themselves, with all the footage of animals, Clare talking to a raccoon, putting silly or overly dramatic music in the background etc

BUT… ohmygod, these people. Not even talking about Elise or AshLee who really belong in a crazy house (but like really) or Chris B or Jesse or Kalon who are just having a good time not giving a crap…

But all the “normal” ones. So, Jackie has said to all guys she’s been on a date with that she does not kiss on first dates… ok, yea… right before you kiss them. Pretty much as true as her saying she is good at foossball (and then spinning).

Zack K, who I KNEW was a manwhore the minute he started showing up in EVERY bachelor event, even though he was barely visible on his season of the Bachelorette. If I were Clare, I’d be so, so offended by his words after seeing episode 6.

And then Lacy and Marcus, who LOVE EACH OTHER after 2 weeks.

And Michelle. who might be relatively nice, but is just SO sad to watch. And really? You couldn’t find a guy to date just where you live? The ONLY way for you is to do bachelor shows and leave your child at home? Really?

I know, I know. It’s a show. And most of them do it for money and a free vacation. And even more of them do it, because they think they’re super hot and SHOULD HAVE BEEN famous, but never got the chance and now here it is. I get that it’s not worth getting worked up about it, but I’m just blown away by the stupidity on this show. Are none of them worried about how they will be percieved in the real life after this? I guess not because I’m sure there will be plenty of idiots wanting to date these “celebrities”.


Oh, and just one question. Do you know/have seen that AshLee lunatic is friends with Kalon in real life? Do you know much about that? Not that there is much to know, but what an ODD pair.

Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

Comment: Yes, you do seem to be getting pretty worked up over there. It’s ok. Breathe. Very important. In the nose, out the mouth.

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  1. rob22

    September 4, 2014 at 8:22 AM

    RS: your fantasy team picks are not going to win you a repeat on your championship. Welker got a four game PED suspension. Steven Jackson hasn’t been healthy for a full year (I realize he “came back” for the last game or two last season) & had a hamstring during preseason. 31 year old running backs are ready for the glue factory, not productive seasons. That said, Fred Jackson is 33!!! Gronk hasn’t been fully healthy in about two years. So, that’s four of your main contributors. Better scour the waiver wire hard for “surprise” stars who nobody had on their radar. That does happen every year. You’ve still got a shot if you can pickup good replacements quickly. I predict a long season for you otherwise.

  2. Jman123

    September 4, 2014 at 8:25 AM

    People will know if Jamie Otis stayed married on Married at First Sight on Tuesday when they have the 2 hour finale. While the guy is not physically attractive and seems not to have much financial success, I think he should opt for the divorce. She has too many issues. He seems blinded by her looks though. 90210 question made me think of the new Jennie Garth Project commercials on HGTV. I only recognize her when they show a view of the left side of her face (her left/my right). Chris must have realized they will want pictures of him without a shirt and somebody thought it would be fun to have video of him with Cody. Hopefully, Cody does not give him any pointers on hair. As Michelle was doing hair on BIP, I cannot believe she did not cut that Dairy Queen dollop off the top of Cody’ hair.

  3. rob22

    September 4, 2014 at 8:30 AM

    As for Cody training Chris, unless he knows how to transplant a personality, he’s not going to be of much help. Chris never struck me as out of shape. So yeah, I’m sure Chris will show up uber-ripped so he can prance around with overalls, no shirt & a pitchfork. But staring vacantly whenever anything is going on isn’t going to keep fans around.

    If they really wanted to spice up Chris’ season, they should really scour the trailer parks for contestants. That would make for some gooo-ooood country fun!! Seriously, the redneck based reality shows like Honey Boo-Boo and Duck Dynasty have done really well. They could go huntin and fishin, drinkin and driving. All good fun!

  4. karynr

    September 4, 2014 at 8:55 AM

    Elizabeth Kitt Brown must be saying to herself “what did Iever see in that sleazy douchebag” She sure traded up!

  5. rolltideroll

    September 4, 2014 at 12:26 PM

    Bizarre that Kelly-what’s-her-name would have Melissa back as a mentor on DCC, considering that in her last season on the team Melissa quit not once, but twice. She tells all about this in the book she wrote, and it due to the drama she was having with her then boyfriend / current husband Ty.

    College football:

    Surprised that A&M spanked SC with such a vengeance. Was hoping after Johnny DoucheSprinkler left A&M would settle down but no go — their QB is on fire. As for the Cocks, it’s always a good time to see Spurrier turn beet red and toss around his headset, visor, or whatever else is in reach.

    GA came back on Clemson pretty hard, which is a game I would have been happy about either way. GA wins, the SEC wins. Clemson wins, I don’t have to hear about a GA win from all my neighbors here in good ‘ole Jo-Ja. Now it’s “Gurley this, Gurley that.”

    WVA gave my Tide a run for their money. I was at that game and did NOT like the punt return for a TD. Much too reminiscent of the Iron Bowl last year — yes, the one second. But on the plus side, I met AJ McCarron walking down the street in ATL at 3am and got a pic with him and his new wife.

    Our biggest rival, the Barn, pulled it out on the Pigs after staying tied for what, half the game or so? Dammit Arkansas! You only had ONE job …

    Vandy got trampled, spit on, and shut down at the front door by Temple of all teams. TEMPLE! Can we just go on and kick Vandy outta the SEC? They’re the nagging little sibling that nobody wants to play with, let alone recognize.

    Ole Miss looked good against the guys in blue, and they are a team to watch this year.

    Kentucky scored some mad points for a win, what? When did the Wildcats get so frisky?

    Mizzou was looking good, glad we have them as part of the SEC but don’t wanna play ’em if we don’t have to.

    MS State and TN both kicked some @ss and were playing like rock stars.

    Last but not least, LSU just did pull out that win over Wisconsin. Just barely. You know LM about had a stroke on the sidelines. Mad Hatter best freshen up his bag of tricks before he gets to inner conference games!

    See y’all! Roll Tide!

    — Bama Girl

  6. rob22

    September 4, 2014 at 2:12 PM

    Hey Bama girl. As far as the SEC goes, it’s a strong conference, but every year there are teams that disappoint. Last year it was Tennessee, Arkansas, Kentucky, Vandy, Miss St. , Georgia (7-5 with that talent?), Florida (wow!). So, the thing about the SEC is that the Top two teams have always been VERY strong. But, it’s a myth that top to bottom the SEC is awesome & every week is a battle.

    So, the question is this…. with Arkansas looking up, Mississipi maybe ready to take a step up, Georgia looking powerful and Florida trying hard not to embarrass themself again…. who’s going to flop? Certainly South Carolina looked terrible, it’s only one week but really? ‘Bama will be good…. but that defense… only a mother could love it. With a new QB, this could be a bit of a reload type year (not a complete rebuild, of course). LSU…. iffy, but they’ll still be good. Looks like most of the usual suspects for sucktitude…. Vandy, Kentucky, Miss St and I don’t think Tennessee is going to be much more than a six win team, though they look better. I don’t think Arkansas is really going to be that good either. I think South Carolina is underestimating how much losing Clowney and Connor Shaw will hurt them. They could be a 7 win team. If they get spanked by GA, it could be 0-2 and looking straight on at a long season.

    Meanwhile, prognosticators are talking Pac 12. Oregon, Stanford and UCLA look strong. USC looks better. Washington State was supposed to be better, but that loss to Rutgers puts a lid on expectations. AZ and AZ state look to be pretty good too… but they don’t play anyone good for a few weeks.

    Should be an interesting year!!

  7. mush

    September 5, 2014 at 10:19 AM

    chris soules will surprise us and show us a fun personality. didn’t you guys see the deleted scene steve posted during andis season of him dancing around to the song from night at the Roxbury. very funny. cool, actually.

  8. caffeinequeen

    September 6, 2014 at 4:17 PM

    I’ve enjoyed Married at First Sight. It’s a reality show where everyone could “win” if they end up with a successful relationship. And if they don’t, hopefully they have learned something about themselves in the process– still a win.

    Re: Jamie Otis – She did the Bachelor when she was 25. She’s now, what? 27? Having learned a little bit more about her very difficult, chaotic childhood, I have a new appreciation for the strength it took her to overcome it. It’s not surprising, with zero models of a healthy relationship, that Jamie hasn’t made great choices for herself in the past. I hope she and Doug make a go of it. He seems like a really solid guy, and they could be really good together.

  9. karynr

    September 7, 2014 at 5:26 AM

    mush, I suspect you might be right, but am reserving judgment. I saw flashes of a lively personality during Andi’s season. He’s attractive, but doesn’t do a thing for me in the looks department. I’m so ready for a fun, bright Bachelor after Juan Pabs, Sean and Ben.

  10. Scout

    September 9, 2014 at 7:30 AM

    “Go Pack Go! And please, you can all feel my pain tonight when it ends up being a 30-14 Seattle final or something like that.”
    Just too funny when the final ended up being 36-16 seattle. HAHA

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