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Give me an update on your fantasy draft. Who’d you get, outlook for the season.

Comment: Not that any of you care, but Rodgers is my QB, Steven Jackson and Fred Jackson are my RB’s, Megatron, Welker, Amendola, Riley Cooper, Terrence Williams, and Kelvin Benjamin are my receivers, Gronk is my TE, Ravens D, and Blair Walsh is my kicker. 14 team PPR league. I’m the defending champion. Not a bad team if Gronk stays healthy and is anywhere near his old form. But Welker already going down for 4 games sucks.

Hi Steve,

Do you think Jesse’s “dumb blonde” comment was actually directed at Christy or just something taken out of context and then edited in for dramatic effect? He apologized for it in a blog he wrote, although alluding to the fact there was editing involved.

And, what’s the deal with all the headbands on the girls? Are they part of one of the contestant’s product line? As a man, do you find that attractive? I found them very distracting.

Love the blog…keep it up!

Comment: Is that a new look? The only people I see where those are people on TV?

Is having a bad boob job a requirement of Bachelor in Paradise?… Yikes! Lots of saggy bad spaced chesticles there.

Comment: Ok.

These dates are so LAME and who needs them anyway, AshLee? You’re on a beach, there’s a bar, clearly there’s food and Graham is there. Life does not suck. But a “date” seems to be the only way to get him to spend time with her. He’s obviously checked out. Paradise wasted on AshLee.

Was I the only one surprised to hear Christie use the word misogynist? I guess someone at some point tried to make her understand the kind of men she’s choosing. Bless her heart. I bet Lacy couldn’t say it! Bless her heart,too. Pretty sure we covered stalactites by 4th or 5th grade.

Anyway. This show is my favorite train wreck. Thanks for making it fun.

Comment: I will admit, I had to think for about 10 seconds reminding myself the difference between stalactites and stalagmites. For some reason, “mites” makes me think “termites” and I just picture termites crawling on the ground, so that’s how I remember stalagmites are the formations that come out of the ground, and stalactites hang from above.

Watching Bachelor/Bachelorette is not something I’m typically proud of, but man Bachelor in Paradise is a new low. I can’t believe some of the things ( no a LOT of the things) these contestants say and do. Also, did the producers think it through AT ALL. the last couple weeks of new people is just a joke. But I guess everyone who’s been on this is also a joke because I don’t know who would decide to waste 3 weeks of their life basically doing nothing in a crap hole in Mexio.

But you know, for some reason I keep watching it, and enjoy reading your blog. It makes it entertaining for me.

A few random questions I have been meaning to ask and I apologize if you’ve already been asked.

There’s been a lot of recent talk about the new Bachelor being Chris and Arie being pissed about it. If I remember correctly, didn’t Arie originally turn the gig down? And that’s why they gave it to Sean? He released a statement before Sean’s season saying he wasn’t going to be the “Bachelor” so he could concentrate on his racing career. In reality, they had chosen Sean and he was just saving face.

Either way, I’m glad Arie didn’t end up doing it, as boring as Chris may be, I really don’t want to see another Juan Pablo who just wants the attention.

Also I know you have told a lot of people that they are not doing Des and Chris’s wedding on TV. That seems weird to me, but I was wondering if they pay for their wedding still? like is it in their contract or whatever that they will pay for the wedding if they make it that far? If not, and they paid for other’s weddings, that seems pretty unfair to me..No. Yeah, it does suck, but what are they gonna do? If ABC doesn’t want to televise it, there’s nothing they can say or do really.

Last one, I’m just curious on how you get such good sources! I’m impressed by the spoilers that you continue to get right. How do you find all these good sources that even all the many wanna be news websites can’t find? Just seems weird to me that they can never do it on their own and just go off of what you find. Even I’m surprised by the info I get. A lot of it has to do with the reputation and credibility of the site. And that people know they can trust me since I don’t reveal my sources publicly. That’d be career suicide.

Actually, one last question. is “the yearofelan” the main producer of Bachelor? I see him come up a lot on twitter but what I can see/read about him, he seems super weird…


Comment: I’d say he’s one of the main ones, yeah. And yes, he’s a little odd to say the least.

Hi Steve,

Just wanted to let you know that I love your blog, I have been reading it for the past few seasons. Each season I try not to but after the first rose ceremony I always do!
Anyways my question was probably asked before so forgive me, but I am curious to know. I know it is your job to spoil each season and make fun of the lead and contestants, but what I am wondering is do you even like the show? I don’t think I’ve ever seen you write that you are enjoying a season, or that a lead is doing a really good job. My favorite season of the Bachelor was Jason’s, and of the Bachelorette was Jillian’s. Which seasons were your favorite and did you enjoy most??

Comment: If writing about this show wasn’t my job, I wouldn’t watch five minutes of it. Granted, I wrote recaps for 6 years on it before ever making a penny, but that’s because I just enjoyed writing. Now if for whatever reason the money part went away, would I go back to just writing about it for fun? Absolutely not. I’d write about something else.

Hey Steve,

LOVE your column. You brighten my week with your columns and recaps. You’re even a household name around here!

Here’s my question. Is it going to become a “thing” now for Bachelor/ette candidates to vie for the position and announce that they are not the Bachelor via blogs and social media (like Marquel and Arie did with this upcoming season)? If I recall correctly, I don’t thing we’ve ever seen anything like this in the past. (I could be wrong on this though.) Most of the time, you tell us they are considering someone certain people, they pick one of them, and that’s it. No commentary from those that were “considered”. I use that term loosely since apparently Bachelor/ette producers do too.

I think Sean Lowe was right on his blog about Marquel not getting the gig in part because he went on BIP. Kiss of death for potential Bachelor. Arie…well, that would have been awesome entertainment for next season! But as you say, it doesn’t matter who the lead is.

Comment: Yeah, I can see more people doing it in the future. Social media has changed this show in more ways than people can imagine, so I definitely see more people writing stuff like that, or just even tweeting about it.

Marquel wasn’t going to be the “Bachelor” because he wouldn’t have been good television and was never even strongly considered.

Hi Steve,

Long time reader of your site- love it! But I have questions on other shows. You seem to know all things 90210. I just watched the pilot today for the 1st time in about 15 years and then turned back on the TV later in the day and the episode where Brandon’s girlfriend from MN came to visit was on. I have super nit-picky, detail oriented questions. So, in the pilot Brandon was driving a little brown VW rabbit type car. Kelly had a black BMW convertible. In the episode where Brandon’s ex gf comes to visit he’s driving a big sedan type brown car and Kelly has a red BMW convertible. Was the change in cars ever explained on the show or do we just have to logically understand that the pilot was taped long before the rest of the season and suspend our knowledge of previous cars? I know, super nit-picky. I don’t remember either since it’s been a few years since I watched those early years. That’s news to me.

2) Did you watch this season of Last Comic Standing? I think I remember you saying in the past seasons you did. If so, what did you think? I personally thought Lochlan should have won and Monroe left too early.

Comment: Yes. I thought the right person won, but I would’ve been fine if Lachlan won as well. Rod Man definitely has a unique style and I think if you look at past winners of that show, it’s usually someone with a little gimmick to them. Josh Blue, Iliza, Felipe Esparza, Dat Phan, etc. Then again, this season was the only season where the winner wasn’t voted on by the fans.

Hi Steve,

I agree with you they will not do a reunion show. I can’t see them putting anymore money into this terrible show.

My guess is what they will do is just at the very end add in writing over each couples photos current updates like they do at the end of a lot of reality shows. Or at the most maybe record a quick Skype interview or send a camera crew to do a quick update with just the two happy couples.

I don’t see how this show was anything like temptation island as it was hinted a mix of that and paradise hotel. It had similar things as paradise hotel but with no suspense or drama that paradise hotel had. They made the “couples” room together and there was a prize and strategy. New girls coming in one week or guys the next taking turns choosing their roommate was similar. However paradise hotel is up there with temptation island with how good it was. I thought bachelor in paradise was a big flop. Even the dates were the same boring thing over and over and over. Dinner out or swimming in a cave with dinner. Lol

With all the cast being paid upfront a flat fee and not by how long they stayed was dumb because it made people not care and leave. Just as no prize did. Do you think they will give up on this show next year and bring bachelor pad back that was at least entertaining?

Have fun in Vegas!

Oops as soon as I sent my question I continued reading…they are renewing it. Well since the producers read your column you guys need to copy paradise hotel because that was such a GREAT show!! 🙂 plus throwing in casts mates hoping for other cast mates they have a crush on could only make it better! Buy the rights from FOX and just steal it properly instead of doing the horrible half a$$ job you did last time.

Comment: A reunion show really doesn’t look like it’s happening at any point. Too late.

Yeah, this show wasn’t nearly as good as “Temptation Island.” Not even close.

Based on what Chris Harrison has said, “Bachelor Pad” is never coming back. I think BIP comes back and they tweak it somehow.

Sorry if you already covered this but with the start of school, I am a teacher, I haven’t had much time to dedicate to your blog. BIP plays on my TV as background noise. It’s such a boring mess I don’t care that I’m really not watching it.

Did you ever find out anything about Jamie Otis from Ben’s season who is on Married at First Sight? I know you said you don’t follow any other reality shows but I thought I remembered you mentioning that you would try to find out if she is still married to Doug.

I have to admit that I’ve been addicted to Married at First Sight so I’m just curious. Thanks for your time!

Comment: No. Don’t know what happens.

Hi Steve,

You’ve mentioned several times how baffled you are at the guys on this show who ask women if it’s ok to kiss them before making their move. At one point you (rhetorically? oops) asked women how they felt about that–so here you go…

Let’s look at the options here:

1. A guy you like just goes for the kiss. Smooch, everybody wins.
2. A guy you like asks to kiss you, and you get over the Awkward because you want to kiss him too.
3. A guy you’re not into asks to kiss you. You say no. Sa-winnngg and a miss.
Glad he asked, because-
4. A guy you’re not into just goes for the kiss. Hell no.

I would ALWAYS prefer that a guy ask rather than just assume that I’m into him and go for it. Yes, a great first date would involve some serious chemistry, and sure, if I’m into him I’m going to be giving off signals that I’d hope he’d pick up on. But even when you’re really vibing in a new relationship, there are awkward moments. It’s new, you’re figuring each other out, and signals get missed or misread. It doesn’t mean the kiss isn’t fun when you finally get there.

The guys on this show do so many stupid things, and you’re great at writing hilarious commentary. With all those awkward moments to choose from, I wish you’d make fun of them for something else. Having game and trying to be respectful are not mutually exclusive.

Comment: Hmmmm, I think you’re in the minority. I can’t remember the last time I asked.

Hi, Reality Steve,

You had mentioned you were off this week and that you would be writing a wrap-up column after the BIP finale, so I didn’t think you were writing this week. What a treat to log in yesterday and see your recap column! Loved it!

OK, did you catch Michelle’s comment to Cody right after she spoke with Tasos? She walked over to a sitting Cody, gave him a kiss and said, “I’m gonna tear you up.” Oh my goodness……

(She seemed to be really psyched about Cody after hearing Tasos speak so well of him.)

Was that a bedroom-related, super-hot phrase, or am I imagining things? I had to hit rewind and hear that again. Her face was away from the camera, but they even had her words written out on the screen. Don’t think I know a single guy who wouldn’t love to hear THAT from a woman….ha!

Maybe I’ll steal Michelle’s line sometime……….or maybe I just need to get my mind out of the gutter……I missed that.

In any event, thanks for all you do, Reality Steve. I know you hear it all the time, but your writings add immeasurably to the enjoyment of this show.

P.S. Gotta be a little tough on Claire, to watch Zack seem to be so singularly interested in Jackie, after being so wishy-washy while he was with her.

Hope you’re having a great time in Vegas!

Comment: I’ll be leaving shortly. Maybe on Tuesday I’ll give a quick recap as to how things went.

Hi Steve,

So, is there sex on ‘Bachelor in Paradise?’ We saw some footage of Jesse Kovacs, Christy an Lucy in someone’s bed, but thats just about the only “steamy” hookup that has been televised.

I can’t imagine Marcus and Lacy, for example, did not sleep together. What do you think?

Thanks for your feedback!

Comment: I’m guessing at some point, there were people who had sex on this show.

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  1. rob22

    September 4, 2014 at 8:22 AM

    RS: your fantasy team picks are not going to win you a repeat on your championship. Welker got a four game PED suspension. Steven Jackson hasn’t been healthy for a full year (I realize he “came back” for the last game or two last season) & had a hamstring during preseason. 31 year old running backs are ready for the glue factory, not productive seasons. That said, Fred Jackson is 33!!! Gronk hasn’t been fully healthy in about two years. So, that’s four of your main contributors. Better scour the waiver wire hard for “surprise” stars who nobody had on their radar. That does happen every year. You’ve still got a shot if you can pickup good replacements quickly. I predict a long season for you otherwise.

  2. Jman123

    September 4, 2014 at 8:25 AM

    People will know if Jamie Otis stayed married on Married at First Sight on Tuesday when they have the 2 hour finale. While the guy is not physically attractive and seems not to have much financial success, I think he should opt for the divorce. She has too many issues. He seems blinded by her looks though. 90210 question made me think of the new Jennie Garth Project commercials on HGTV. I only recognize her when they show a view of the left side of her face (her left/my right). Chris must have realized they will want pictures of him without a shirt and somebody thought it would be fun to have video of him with Cody. Hopefully, Cody does not give him any pointers on hair. As Michelle was doing hair on BIP, I cannot believe she did not cut that Dairy Queen dollop off the top of Cody’ hair.

  3. rob22

    September 4, 2014 at 8:30 AM

    As for Cody training Chris, unless he knows how to transplant a personality, he’s not going to be of much help. Chris never struck me as out of shape. So yeah, I’m sure Chris will show up uber-ripped so he can prance around with overalls, no shirt & a pitchfork. But staring vacantly whenever anything is going on isn’t going to keep fans around.

    If they really wanted to spice up Chris’ season, they should really scour the trailer parks for contestants. That would make for some gooo-ooood country fun!! Seriously, the redneck based reality shows like Honey Boo-Boo and Duck Dynasty have done really well. They could go huntin and fishin, drinkin and driving. All good fun!

  4. karynr

    September 4, 2014 at 8:55 AM

    Elizabeth Kitt Brown must be saying to herself “what did Iever see in that sleazy douchebag” She sure traded up!

  5. rolltideroll

    September 4, 2014 at 12:26 PM

    Bizarre that Kelly-what’s-her-name would have Melissa back as a mentor on DCC, considering that in her last season on the team Melissa quit not once, but twice. She tells all about this in the book she wrote, and it due to the drama she was having with her then boyfriend / current husband Ty.

    College football:

    Surprised that A&M spanked SC with such a vengeance. Was hoping after Johnny DoucheSprinkler left A&M would settle down but no go — their QB is on fire. As for the Cocks, it’s always a good time to see Spurrier turn beet red and toss around his headset, visor, or whatever else is in reach.

    GA came back on Clemson pretty hard, which is a game I would have been happy about either way. GA wins, the SEC wins. Clemson wins, I don’t have to hear about a GA win from all my neighbors here in good ‘ole Jo-Ja. Now it’s “Gurley this, Gurley that.”

    WVA gave my Tide a run for their money. I was at that game and did NOT like the punt return for a TD. Much too reminiscent of the Iron Bowl last year — yes, the one second. But on the plus side, I met AJ McCarron walking down the street in ATL at 3am and got a pic with him and his new wife.

    Our biggest rival, the Barn, pulled it out on the Pigs after staying tied for what, half the game or so? Dammit Arkansas! You only had ONE job …

    Vandy got trampled, spit on, and shut down at the front door by Temple of all teams. TEMPLE! Can we just go on and kick Vandy outta the SEC? They’re the nagging little sibling that nobody wants to play with, let alone recognize.

    Ole Miss looked good against the guys in blue, and they are a team to watch this year.

    Kentucky scored some mad points for a win, what? When did the Wildcats get so frisky?

    Mizzou was looking good, glad we have them as part of the SEC but don’t wanna play ’em if we don’t have to.

    MS State and TN both kicked some @ss and were playing like rock stars.

    Last but not least, LSU just did pull out that win over Wisconsin. Just barely. You know LM about had a stroke on the sidelines. Mad Hatter best freshen up his bag of tricks before he gets to inner conference games!

    See y’all! Roll Tide!

    — Bama Girl

  6. rob22

    September 4, 2014 at 2:12 PM

    Hey Bama girl. As far as the SEC goes, it’s a strong conference, but every year there are teams that disappoint. Last year it was Tennessee, Arkansas, Kentucky, Vandy, Miss St. , Georgia (7-5 with that talent?), Florida (wow!). So, the thing about the SEC is that the Top two teams have always been VERY strong. But, it’s a myth that top to bottom the SEC is awesome & every week is a battle.

    So, the question is this…. with Arkansas looking up, Mississipi maybe ready to take a step up, Georgia looking powerful and Florida trying hard not to embarrass themself again…. who’s going to flop? Certainly South Carolina looked terrible, it’s only one week but really? ‘Bama will be good…. but that defense… only a mother could love it. With a new QB, this could be a bit of a reload type year (not a complete rebuild, of course). LSU…. iffy, but they’ll still be good. Looks like most of the usual suspects for sucktitude…. Vandy, Kentucky, Miss St and I don’t think Tennessee is going to be much more than a six win team, though they look better. I don’t think Arkansas is really going to be that good either. I think South Carolina is underestimating how much losing Clowney and Connor Shaw will hurt them. They could be a 7 win team. If they get spanked by GA, it could be 0-2 and looking straight on at a long season.

    Meanwhile, prognosticators are talking Pac 12. Oregon, Stanford and UCLA look strong. USC looks better. Washington State was supposed to be better, but that loss to Rutgers puts a lid on expectations. AZ and AZ state look to be pretty good too… but they don’t play anyone good for a few weeks.

    Should be an interesting year!!

  7. mush

    September 5, 2014 at 10:19 AM

    chris soules will surprise us and show us a fun personality. didn’t you guys see the deleted scene steve posted during andis season of him dancing around to the song from night at the Roxbury. very funny. cool, actually.

  8. caffeinequeen

    September 6, 2014 at 4:17 PM

    I’ve enjoyed Married at First Sight. It’s a reality show where everyone could “win” if they end up with a successful relationship. And if they don’t, hopefully they have learned something about themselves in the process– still a win.

    Re: Jamie Otis – She did the Bachelor when she was 25. She’s now, what? 27? Having learned a little bit more about her very difficult, chaotic childhood, I have a new appreciation for the strength it took her to overcome it. It’s not surprising, with zero models of a healthy relationship, that Jamie hasn’t made great choices for herself in the past. I hope she and Doug make a go of it. He seems like a really solid guy, and they could be really good together.

  9. karynr

    September 7, 2014 at 5:26 AM

    mush, I suspect you might be right, but am reserving judgment. I saw flashes of a lively personality during Andi’s season. He’s attractive, but doesn’t do a thing for me in the looks department. I’m so ready for a fun, bright Bachelor after Juan Pabs, Sean and Ben.

  10. Scout

    September 9, 2014 at 7:30 AM

    “Go Pack Go! And please, you can all feel my pain tonight when it ends up being a 30-14 Seattle final or something like that.”
    Just too funny when the final ended up being 36-16 seattle. HAHA

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