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A Weekend Recap of Chris’ Dates with Pictures Video. Also Juan Pablo & Nikki Are Done (With Pictures As Well)

A wild weekend in Des Moines, with Chris’ dates all over social media. If you weren’t following me on Twitter, then today will be a good refresher course for what happened Friday through Monday. Three 1-on-1 dates and a group date. The rose ceremony was last night and they left Iowa today. I know for the last three seasons I’ve spoiled the final four before they even started filming them. I don’t want to just guess at this point regarding Chris’ final four. When I have full confirmation of who the final four are, I will post them. I’m definite on two of them, about 95% sure on the third, but I don’t know who the fourth girl is yet. Maybe social media will help me out this week and into the weekend. It’s been a while since we didn’t get at least one hometown spoiled publicly. We’ll see. Last season, we had pics from all four hometown dates, including exclusives I was able to get for three of them. Could happen again, could not. I never know what I’m gonna get. But anything that pops up on social media or that I receive, I’ll be sure to tweet and retweet even though I’ll be out of town.

Lets first start out by mentioning the breakup of Juan Pablo and Nikki, since it seemed to dominate the headlines the last few days after Juan Pablo posted a picture on Sunday in San Francisco with a female friend, as the two of them took a cozy selfie with the Golden Gate Bridge as the backdrop, only to have Nikki 30 minutes later spit some venom at it:


Did Juan Pablo really have to repost that Instagram photo? No. Did Nikki have to respond the way she did? Of course not. For a girl who hated having their relationship so publicly documented, then to take a vicious stab at him publicly for everyone to see, well, that’s about as hypocritical as you can get.

Make no mistake, these two are done and apparently it’s Nikki that broke it off. Don’t be fooled by Juan Pablo’s tweet this morning wishing her a Happy Birthday and hoping for some reconciliation or something. Not sure why it took her so long to realize that he was never going to move for her and never going to marry her (hence the reason he’d never tell her he loved her), but hey, she finally came around and realized what a Grade A douche he is and ended it. Glad she finally listened to what I’ve been saying about the guy from the very beginning. You’re welcome, Nikki. We’ve all had friends in sh**ty relationships where you’ve known their partner wasn’t the right fit, or you knew they’d never last, but that person thinks they’re with the greatest person in the world and they’re just seeing rainbows and butterflies the whole time. No different with Nikki. She was living in a delusional state the whole time she was with him, trying to convince herself that what they had was real, he wasn’t the guy that everyone thought he was, that he really did love her blah blah blah, when in reality, he’s EXACTLY what everyone thought he was. Probably worse. She was blinded by the fairytale. For months she fought for a guy that essentially didn’t care nearly as much about her as she did for him, and it took her 11 months to finally figure it out. Well, better late than never. Maybe now she’ll go running back to ex Ryan McDill.

Anyway, I wanted to show you something that I’ve had since the beginning of August. Juan Pablo and Nikki attended the Hearts of Reality event in Florida from July 31st-Aug. 2nd, which was about a month after “Couples Therapy” was done filming. It’s been going on a few years and reality “stars” from all different shows attend. It’s not a huge event with major coverage, but I remember it did get a little. Anyway, someone who was there one day was passing along info to me about how Juan Pablo barely acknowledged Nikki, and they never held hands or looked happy except when the cameras were around. So they sent me these pictures from Friday, August 1st:


These pictures don’t “prove” anything other than these two are no different than any other couple. But usually anytime JP or Nikki tweeted or Instagrammed photos of themselves, or tabloids have photos of them, they’re purposely posing for a picture, or taking pictures with others looking content. You don’t see pictures like this, so I figured I’d share them. THIS is what their real relationship is like probably more often than not. You might say I’m nitpicking and only are showing times when they weren’t smiling or looking happy, but do you honestly think these 5 pictures were the ONLY 5 times in 11 months where these two were together and not paying attention to the other? The funny thing is, I got pics like these of when Jef & Emily were together as well that I never shared. I think people need to understand that just people you see two people posing a looking happy for a picture on social media doesn’t mean all is right in the relationship. This person essentially told me they saw them all day and these two barely looked like a couple, hardly ever embraced, and only were interested in pictures if it was for media. So, just wanted to give you a little dose of what “reality” really is like in these people’s relationships when the cameras aren’t around.

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  1. shouldbeworking

    October 29, 2014 at 10:58 AM

    Shocking !! Nikki and JP are done.
    I’m surprised it lasted this long.

  2. Athena

    October 29, 2014 at 11:16 AM

    I rarely make a negative comment about anyone onscreen in the franchise, but I must admit that I don’t like the product-laden hairstyle Chris S. is sporting in these photos. I would NOT like to run my hands through hair this gunked up.

  3. shouldbeworking

    October 29, 2014 at 11:37 AM

    It is a little slick looking isn’t it? I think they’re trying to make him look less like a farmer and more like a rock star. He does nothing for me in the looks department.

  4. rob22

    October 29, 2014 at 1:16 PM

    So, you don’t think adding copious amounts of product to the vacant stares and uncomfortable silences are going to, by themselves, endear the ladies to Old MacDonald? Hmmmm. Wonder why Fleiss and his minions didn’t think of that. I dislike Arie’s trust fund baby countenance immensely, but he would have been far more entertaining than this dufus. You would think that, on the heels of Huan Pah-Blow’s epic fail as The Bachelor, they would have been willing to go off formula to get a better lead.

  5. rob22

    October 29, 2014 at 3:26 PM

    Who’s the snaggletoothed woman that JPBlow’s with? Not that Nikki’s b*tchy resting face did anything for me, but that chick he’s with has a little bit of a crack-head look going on there.

  6. Athena

    October 29, 2014 at 9:18 PM

    Just to be clear, I actually think that other than his current hairdo and the excessive amount of product in it, that Chris is cute, and I think we’ll be pleasantly surprised by his wit and hopefully by his personality. And I know for a certainty, as a born and raised midwesterner, that we (the viewers) will love Iowa, if we’re open to it’s beauty.

  7. shauna26

    October 30, 2014 at 12:26 PM

    Disclaimer: I am in no way defending the farce of the JP/Nikki relationship with the following statement.

    If you take a random picture of any couple in their mid 20’s while they are in a busy social atmosphere, there is a high chance that one or both of them will be on their phone, or distracted with what is going on around them. I am incredibly in love with my fiancé, but you will not see me hanging all over him 24/7. If you took a candid photo of us while we were out and about, there’s a chance one of those pictures would look like one you posted of JP/Nikki, so I don’t think pictures like that necessarily mean anything. Just saying.

  8. karynr

    October 30, 2014 at 1:00 PM

    I think Chris is attractive, but he doesn’t do a thing for me either. I, too, would have been much more entertained by Arie.

    Aren’t Chris’s teeth awfully white? Were they that white before?

  9. bigfatwoman

    October 30, 2014 at 4:24 PM

    Let’s not give Juan Pablo all the credit. Although he is the Duke of Douchebaggery…..Nikki may have been blinded , but she is not some sweet victimized innocent. She’s got her own issues.

    I think Chris is charming, looks like a rooster and has good Midwestern values.

    Love from a lifelong Illinoisan.

  10. meredith27

    October 30, 2014 at 7:09 PM

    Chris seems like he’s not that excited in all the pictures you see with Jane and yet that other date with the mural seems to show his body language really into her
    Will be interesting to see

  11. karynr

    October 31, 2014 at 8:06 AM someone born and raised on the north side of Chicago, there’s a lot to be said about those great Midwestern values. Chris seems like he’s a pretty decent guy. As always, time will tell.

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