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Back with another live video chat tonight at 9:00pm EST/6:00pm PST taking your questions on all things “Bachelor” related. Of course if you wanna go off board and ask anything about what else is happening in the TV/entertainment world, that works as well. I’m a little behind on a few of my shows right now. Almost caught up, but for the record, let me just say I’m thoroughly enjoying “Real World: Skeletons” and “The Challenge.” I took about a 4-5 year hiatus on those shows until last year when I got hooked again and watched both. Now I’m in until they decide to stop making them. You know why I love both of those shows? It boosts my ego. Makes me realize that even though I did some pretty stupid things in my 20’s, what I did and how I acted wasn’t nearly as ridiculous and over-the-top as some of those lunatics. So thanks for making me feel better about myself “Real World” and “Challenge” cast. I think you’ll come to realize when you look back 10 years from now that the things you think are important in life (drinking, hooking up, and fighting on camera) are not all they’re cracked up to be and you will hang your head in shame for your behavior. Trust me.

At the 2015 Winter TCA Press Tour, it was announced yesterday that “Dancing with the Stars” spring season premiere is March 16th. Why is that relevant to the “Bachelor?” Because that means the “Bachelor” finale will be the week before, March 9th. And if you carry out the math for every Monday from now until March 9th, there’s one more episode than there is Monday’s. So expect them to double up at some point this season and air back-to-back episodes on a Mon./Tues. They’ve done it a few times now and they’re gonna have to do it again. They’ve usually done it mid season, so expect that announcement to come shortly.

I missed this after the premiere episode, but former SNL cast member Rachel Dratch, most well known for her “Debbie Downer” recurring character, has decided to do a vlog recapping the “Bachelor” episodes on Good stuff. She claims she’s never seen the “Bachelor” until this year, so you’ll have to get through all her naivete when it comes to what happens. But nonetheless, still very funny.

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  1. rob22

    January 15, 2015 at 10:56 AM

    Good advice RS. You really do a pretty good job of giving advice. I guess, to some extent, when you’re not emotionally involved, it’s just common sense most of the time. But for the person involved, it’s an emotional issue & rational decisions are just impossible to make. Take note letter writers. The answers to your questions are easy. The reason you’re asking is because you are emotionally invested in making bad decisions. If you don’t want to listen to advice, don’t ask. Just continue to live your drama filled life and shut up. Everyone else knows you’re screwing up big time.

    Not counting the lunatic who’s upset about Josh & Andi, here are my thoughts:

    Dating two people at a time: I agree that there is not today, and never has been, an obligation to tell another person about “others” until you have the “exclusive talk”. But I know it can be difficult to date multiple people. It takes up a lot of physical and emotional energy. It can be exhausting. It sounds like this person is already using up a lot of emotional energy, so I’d add the suggestion to speed up the process of making a decision. It might also help to see where the guys are at. Are they interested in exclusivity or are they just hanging out? That’s one way to narrow the field. You don’t want to make a decision only to find out that the chosen guy has no interest in exclusivity. A lot of guys just hang out these days with no interest in anything more. Try to figure out if either guy (or both) is one of those.

    Drug addict vs. no physical chemistry. Good point about the girl maybe blocking chemistry with the guy she’s been dating. But, I’ll say this. I’ve never had physical chemistry increase with time. Usually it’s at it’s highest early on & may decrease with familiarity (which is OK… nobody should say that you don’t have to work on these things). So, if you don’t have physical chemistry after two weeks, dump it! It’s not going to happen. Ever. Now the drug addict. Dump!! Who needs that? Obviously this girl is a drama queen if she’s even entertaining it. You just know she’s going right back to that well as many times as it happens. The drug addict will just string her along. If he was truly interested, he would have fired things up right after rehab…. or at least explained why he might need a little more time before re-engaging. It would be legit if he said something like “hey, I’d like to see you again, but post rehab, I really need to get my act together, get a job, finish college, etc”. But he didn’t do that. Odds are he’s using again since his behavior seems pretty erratic. Stupid female tricks. Females often put up with the stuff. Stop it! Move on. You don’t need either of these scenarios. It’s just a waste of your life. Every minute spent with either of these guys is a complete waste & adds nothing to your life.

    I’m not sure if I can improve on the virgin advice. Definitely she should seek guys in places where you’d find guys who would appreciate her virginity. They absolutely do exist. Some guys still do sleep around and then look for a “girl I can marry” with limited to zero sexual history. Church is a good place, or a dating site that tilts that direction. I mean you won’t find guys who will appreciate a virgin on Tinder or Increase the odds by looking in likely places. You don’t fish in a trash can filled with water. You fish in a nice clean lake in the mountains. No, you won’t always catch fish in the lake, but you have a heckuva a lot better chance than fishing in a trash can.

  2. cjscjs711

    January 18, 2015 at 12:17 AM

    “The Drachelor” was hilarious! Thanks so !much for turning us on to it.

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