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“Reader Emails” & A Confession From Me

I have a confession to make. So I’ve been watching “Celebrity Apprentice.” No, that’s not the confession. I’ve seen every season of that show. I’m well aware of Brandi Glanville’s past with the whole Eddie Cibrian/Leann Rimes stuff. Just reading the entertainment sites that I do every day, it seemed like they were always bitching at each other for something. I’m aware of it, but don’t really know all the details behind it. I don’t watch any of the “Real Housewives” shows nor have I read either of her books, so I don’t know much about Brandi from that. Here’s my confession: I kinda like Brandi. I’m sure I’ll get flooded with emails about what a hot mess, alcoholic, pill popping, slut of a mom she is, but hey, let me just enjoy the Brandi I’m seeing on “Celebrity Apprentice.” That show does wonders for people looking to rehab their image, and Brandi has been somewhat normal on it so far, outside of one anxiety attack that was probably brought on by wine. All I’m saying is I’m kinda digging Brandi Glanville on “Celebrity Apprentice” and if this act is 180 degrees different from how she really is, so be it. Her face may melt off if ever exposed to copious amounts of sun, but hey, I think she’s funny. Just call me #TeamBrandi from now on. And speaking of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” our new writer Nell Kalter’s recap from last night’s episode can be read right here. Check it out.

Lets talk about Jade a little more. My favorite person. Look, anyone that goes on this show or any reality show for that matter, has to know by now that your past is going to be exposed. So no one should feel sorry for Jade that all her Playboy stuff is getting out. The show knew it would, she knew it would, and it was probably all part of her plan. It’s not like Jade did Playboy right out of high school when she was young and dumb. She did it in Spring of 2013 right after she moved to LA. So yeah, being on this show is all about marketing for her and getting her brand out there. You know, because Jade has a cosmetics line that she’s opened called And for just $17.99, you can buy her lip gloss among other things. Look, I don’t know a ton about women’s accessories, but $17.99 for lip gloss seems totally ridiculous. I’m sure there are high end ones out there even more expensive, but for someone just opening a cosmetic line, is that a price point you want to be at? Whatever. Not my concern. I’m sure once Jade is eliminated and allowed to talk to the media she’ll try and convince everyone she was there for love. That’s where I have a problem with most of these people. Just admit you went on the show to further your career. When all the signs are there that you didn’t (especially in Jade’s case), you come across as completely fake and phony. Is it any surprise Jade just launched her cosmetic line right after the “Bachelor” starts airing? Of course not. Just admit it. We’d probably all like you better if you did.

As we know, Des & Chris got married this past weekend. They’re wedding photo is the cover on US Weekly today. But on Des’ blog, I thought she posted an interesting interview last week with with Cassie Scalettar, a major producer on the show who was the leads producer for 9 seasons. Not that Cassie shares anything earth shattering, but fans of the show like hearing about some behind the scenes stuff, and it’s a good read to hear all the places Cassie has been and what’s she’s experienced.

“Dr. Reality Steve” returns tomorrow, so get your emails in some time before the end of the day and I can guarantee you they’ll make tomorrow’s column.

Here are your deleted scenes from last week:

The girls did a mock rose ceremony, only instead they used a sunflower. Foreshadowing maybe? Whitney received the final one:

This is awesome. Carly has “carnie” hands:

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  1. kikikisses

    January 21, 2015 at 9:58 AM

    Did you notice when Jimmy came in to wake Chris up he had a single dead sunflower hanging off of his lamp? I thought it odd when I saw it, but maybe Whiney gave it to him after she got the “final sunflower”.

  2. angelfish

    January 21, 2015 at 11:52 AM

    Oh good grief! Too many amateur psychologists out there. This is directly from Sharleen’s blog, regarding Ashley S.

    “Fun Fact #5: Every contestant on this show goes through fairly rigorous psychological testing in the final round of casting. Seriously, the psych section alone consists of two separate true/false tests, one of which is Scantron-style and over 500 questions. It took me 3-4 hours to complete. That’s followed by time with the (wonderful—I seriously loved her) psychologist. My point? I doubt Ashley S is legitimately nuts. She might be “out there” but she’s not a threat to others or herself. They do want crazy—don’t we all?—but no one wants real harm.”

    Seriously people, get some perspective!

    Jade ONLY has lipgloss on her site so far, so I’m going to pass on adding to her bank account.

  3. sarahe

    January 21, 2015 at 1:20 PM

    Steve–don’t sweat it about liking Brandi. I do too. I’ve watched Real Housewives since she came on it, including this season, and have seen good and bad sides of her. Truth is, yes, she does and says questionable things, particularly under the influence of alcohol, and she does act without thinking a lot, mostly inappropriately. But I’ll be honest, I find it refreshing. She puts herself out there, she speaks her mind, and she is who she is. She’s real. Too many Real Housewives try to present themselves as classy and like such great human beings in a way that seems fake. At least Brandi acknowledges that she’s a train wreck. I dig her. I’m #TeamBrandi too 🙂

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