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“Reader Emails” & A Confession From Me

Hi Steve! Thanks for another great season of recaps and whatever spoilers you can give us. I was just wondering if you had heard any more rumblings about Nick Viall and Julie Berry?

Comment: Nope. Haven’t heard anything other than they’re friends and hooked up. They are not dating though.

Hi Steve,

Being a virgin today is over rated especially if your definition of sex is the same as President Clinton’s. After seeing how Ashley attempted to swallow Chris’ face, I have no doubt she can make a man happy while still being a “virgin”. Just my opinion.

In Chris’ People blog he mentions Evie interrupting his date with Mackenzie. I assume this is the Evie that didn’t make the final cut.

Comment: Yeah, I did see that in Chris’ episode 2 blog where he mentions that during his alone time with Mackenzie, a girl named Evie interrupted their date and was hitting on them. I have no idea if that was the Evie I reported was originally on the show and was flown out to LA but got cut late. I mean, that date with Mackenzie was only 3 days after Evie would’ve been cut. Is it possible they could’ve kept her around, did that as a stunt, and just decided against using it and left it on the editing floor? Sure. But I don’t know if that’s what happened.

Dear Reality Steve,

Thanks for reducing the amount of apostrophes in your recent posts. Your use of them in plural nouns was getting out of hand (e.g. Monday’s, one’s, episode’s, etc.). You’ve got a million readers (congratulations) that, judged by reader emails, need all the help with English they can get. You might be their only hope.

Comment: I’ll admit I type fast. And I don’t proofread until later on Tuesday night or sometimes not at all. I just want to get my column up as soon as I can. I worry about mistakes later. But I absolutely know with apostrophes I’m wrong a lot. I don’t know why. Maybe I should slow down and concentrate. Or not.

If people are reading my column in hopes to improve their grammar, syntax, and use of pronunciation, we’re screwed as a country.

Hi Steve,

I’ve been reading your site for several years, and this is my first time writing to you only because I felt compelled to point something out.

You frequently mention that it would be impossible for the runner up on the Bachelor to become the next Bachelorette, because of the filming schedule. Didn’t Chantal from Brad’s season originally have the gig before Ashley? They announced Ashley as the Bachelorette on Kimmel that year for that very reason. They obviously couldn’t announce Chantal on ATFR, so they were planning on announcing her on Kimmel before she backed out.

I think if they ever wanted to make the runner up the Bachelorette, they would just announce her on a talk show, DWTS, or something like that. Not saying it’s going to happen this year, seeing as they’re shoving Britt down our throats, just saying it’s not impossible.

Thanks for all you do!

Comment: I don’t remember when Ashley was officially announced, but I do remember I announced it on my live video chat before anyone had it. Can’t remember exact dates of when Brad’s finale aired compared to when Ashley’s started filming, but I can tell you right now it’s impossible for the final 2 girl to be named the “Bachelorette” on their current shooting schedule. They would have to push it back at least a week or two for that to even be possible, and this show hasn’t done that in years.

Something you also have to remember. Lets just say they want Becca. That means that photo shoots, filming of intro videos, etc will all have to be done 2-3 weeks before she’s “officially” named. Well they can’t do that if she’s still on the show, which she will be until the finale airs on March 9th. So you’d basically be giving it away if that got out and they wouldn’t take that chance.

If the shooting schedule doesn’t change, the final 2 girl is not going to be the “Bachelorette.” Can’t happen.

Okay, Seahawks vs Pat’s who do you got? You called it right last year.

Comment: That’s right I did, didn’t I? Last year I wanted the Broncos to win, but felt the Seahawks would. This year it’s different. I want the Seahawks to win and I think they will.

Hi Steve,

I know I’m late to the party, but congrats on a million hits.

Just a few things I wanted to say/ask…

1. dratchelor – hilarious. looking forward to watching it every week. I will do my best to remember to post it each week.

2. i know your rule is to get a wedding gift for any couple that makes it, but what about baby gift when the couple has one? Yes. I bought JP & Ashley and Jason & Molly baby gifts as well. If Sean & Catherine and/or Des & Chris have children, they’ll be getting them too.

3. i thought there were 5 couples who made it? or does jason and molly not get factored into your count since she technically wasn’t the “winner”? Yes, 5 couples from the show have gotten married: Trista & Ryan, Ashley & JP, Des & Chris, Sean & Catherine, and Jason and Molly. Did I say 4? I didn’t mean to discredit them, and I will count 5 from now on, but lets face it, Jason & Molly’s engagement was completely different than the other four.

4. aside from “don’t go on a reality tv show”, what advice would “dr. steve” give for the bachelor couples if one of them were to email in asking for your relationship tips? If either one of you thinks a career in entertainment is what you want to pursue, your relationship isn’t going to work. Stay out of the limelight, don’t get the Hollywood bug, and go live a normal life. And oh yeah, actually get to know the person before you start spouting off all the lovey dovey stuff on Twitter and Instagram. We’ve come to realize it basically means nothing.

5. last, but not least thank you for curing me of my need to be glued to abc on monday nights. I haven’t actually watched the show since ashley & jp and i only watch the first night and finale of a select few seasons since. I had to look up who andi and josh(?) were and marcus and who ever he is with. however i am more than glued to my computer on tuesdays for your fabulous take on he franchise.

have a fabulous week and season!!

Comment: Thanks. Glad you found the site and my wonderful writings. Stick around. Stay a while.

When I got to the part of this week’s episode when Whit and Chris “crashed” the party, I cringed, thinking of all the B.S. you’re now going to get from the naysayers:

“Steve was wrong! He got that info from people at the wedding that night! Chris doesn’t really pick Whitney! He was set up by Fleiss!” Blah blah blah…

I’d LOVE to know the final count of emails from all your “Haters” and the general Skeptics after that nonsense.

Glad I’m not you, dude.

Comment: If people actually think that I got the “Chris & Whitney are engaged” spoiler because of a mix up from thinking what happened on Monday is what happened Saturday, November 22nd in Dubuque, Iowa in a barn on a farm owned by Chris’ family, well, then they’re idiots.

Can you please comment on the fact that the black censor box is hiding Jillian’s obvious penis?

Comment: Ouch.

Reality Steve,

Thank you for all of the work you put into your spoilers- I look forward to reading your columns each week.

I agree with your tweet and can’t believe Juelia shared so many details of her husband’s suicide. Or that the producers actually aired it on national tv. If your spouse shared with you a suicide note and you knew he/she had access to a gun, would you leave him/her alone overnight? The fact that Juelia did raises a lot of red flags for me. I can’t believe she would not have called 911 or taken him to an emergency room. And where was ABC’s paragraph about what to do if someone tells you they are suicidal?

Chris made a mistake in keeping her around- she needs to go home and take care of her daughter.

Comment: The whole thing was disgusting.

One correction from yesterdays column that I was made aware of. Chris Harrison did reference Juelia in his weekly blog. I must’ve missed that. My bad.

Hi Steve!

[Insert disclaimer about loving your column and believing all the spoilers here].

I know you said that they’re grooming Britt to be the next Bachelorette (and I totally see that too, by the way), but what do you think Kaitlin’s chances are now that you’ve seen her on the show? She seems a lot less bizarre and much more likable after watching her than the minimal intel you were able to gather on her before the show, and Britt seems pretty fake. Plus she dropped everything to move for that other guy, so she seems like she could play the hopeless romantic, fun-loving-gal card (a la Jillian). Since the Bachelorette is normally the Top 3 girl (and that’s Kaitlin) and she’s been getting such a major edit this season, do you think they’d pick her over Britt if she were interested in the gig?

Also, I loved being able to gleefully inform my non-spoiler-reading friends last night that Jade has done Playboy. Knowing that made the “bed scene” a lot funnier.

Thanks so much for all the hard work you do!

Comment: I think Kaitlyn absolutely would be interested in it. I think every girl that applies for this show is interested in some day becoming the “Bachelorette.” I just don’t think Kaitlyn will get it.

Did chris know that jimmy kimmel was coming because he looked surprised but appeared to be miked up when jimmy left the room and he got out of bed?

Comment: Only the people involved truly know. Both Chris’ said Chris Soules had no idea Jimmy was coming. Then again, both Chris’ also swore that the show did not stage the wedding crashing either, so believe what you want to believe from them.

They go and change the questions……..

Personally Steve,

I think that the producers should be paying you…….I record this clusterf**k, then watch it after reading your recaps. It makes it so much more interesting to watch this bullpucky, but after week 3, I screwed up and watched it before your recap came online. That’s one mistake that I will never make again.

Of all the seasons of the Bachelor / ette series, this is definitely shaping to be one of, if not the absolute worst. Soules is about as exciting as watching alfalfa grow, Jimmy Kimmel wasn’t even, nor was he ever, funny. Even my wife commented on how staged, phony and hokey this particular installment was, and she is a fan of the show……


Cutting thru all the bulls**t concerning the “storyline” that they allegedly follow, can you answer roughly how much input that the Bachelor / Bachelorette has as to who they want to stay, or go, for that matter on a week to week basis? It appears to me that there are at least 3 or 4 bimbos that should be gone by now, and I would be hard pressed to think that Chris Soules is stupid enough to deliberately keep them around week after week. I understand the need for First week fillers and eight or so are going home after the first episode, but after that, women like Ashley S and Juelia should be working on their next claim to fame and not letting the door hit them in the ass on their way out.

I understand that “Rolling the cob” seems to be important to Jethro (aka Soules), but I suspect that it’s a matter of who would be best to “Gob the cob.” This hick just isn’t as convincing as he pretends to be.

Lastly….. It seems to me that although, the public seems to start out liking the Bachelors, by the end of the season, they seem to be more hated than liked. Ben and Juan Pablo are two examples that come to mind. Where do you think that Soules will end up on that scale?

Anyways, keep up the good work, and thanx for all the voodoo that you do!

Comment: It’s because they have an 11 episode show to put on. If the lead knows on night one beyond a shadow of a doubt the person they know they’re going to pick, they can’t stop filming and just date that person. You have to go on 1-on-1 dates, you have to go on group dates, you have to make out with people, you have to have rose ceremonies. It’s all what being on the show constitutes. Nothing they can do to change that.

I think Chris will be liked at the end of this because he’ll be engaged. No matter if people dislike him or not, most fans of the show want to see a happy ending. So as long as there’s no major scandal or anything outside of the show, I think he’ll be liked because he picked a girl that people seem to like. Sure, they might replace Marcus and Lacy as America’s Most Boring Couple, but hey, I think they’ll still be liked.

Hey Steve,

I was wondering if you planned to read Sean Lowe’s new book? (Insert laughter here) I am willing to bet it is the exact opposite kind of book when compared to Courtney’s. I am also pretty sure it won’t be nearly as fun to read. Sean and Catharine won’t go away, will they? No, I don’t. I’m sure it’s a lot more in depth read than Courtney’s and basically 180 degrees different, but that’s exactly why I probably won’t. I enjoyed Courtney’s because it was smut. I’d much rather read that than how this show and this experience changed Sean’s life. Good for him. I just don’t care to read it. No hard feelings.

Also, I was wondering what you think about Kaitlyn’s arm tattoos on the back of her arms? Do guys find those attractive cause I grimace every time I see them? I think she may be in the running for bachelorette over Brit since she would be more entertaining. She’s in the running for the sole fact she finished 3rd. That automatically makes her “in the running.” I just don’t think she’ll get it.

As for her back of the elbow tattoos, not necessarily my cup of tea. But hey, to each their own.

Can we start making Bachelor in Paradise predictions now?

I predict….
Ashley I. will be there, but leave broken hearted.
Tara will be drunk, leave alone and rejected.
Jade will have at least three dates with three different guys (one being someone Ashley had eyes on).
Jillian will for sure be there and really should be paired with Cody. They can lift boulders together and live happily ever after buying bulk protein powder.

Have a great week! Thanks for all you do!

Comment: I don’t think they’ll cast Tara. But Ashley I., Jade, and Jillian I could see. Along with about 7 others from this season. I have no idea who’s gonna end up making the final cut.

I am thinking Whitney is making it a little obvious she is the winner on social media. . . For instance, Lindsay Liles posted a few pics of Whitney with production crew & Chris. Also, Whitney has posted a few pics from during filming with Chris, that I am sure the producers only send to the person who wins. A girl who doesn’t win is not going to be posting kissing pics with the Bachelor, etc. Also, Jaclyn Swartz & other Chicago gals have made tweets like “the suspense is killing me”… just further proves you are right. I did think Chris was totally smitten by her though. It was cute. I mean, whatever Whitney chooses to do on social media is up to her. Nothing she does on social media means anything in terms of whether or not she’s engaged. Whether she’s engaged or not has everything to do with what went down on November 22nd in Dubuque, Iowa. Anything done after that is all fun and games.

What are the regulations for contestants on social media/interviews etc? Obviously after the Nick issue last year you would think they would crack down even more. Have you ever received info on the winning couples secret house locations or sightings? I can imagine it is a little easier with Chris being in Iowa & Whit in Chicago, they likely arent even travelling via plane while the show is airing. Yes, I have. Some couples in the past I have known about their meet ups. Some I haven’t. I don’t really like to disclose that stuff all that much though.

Also, supposedly Andi did an interview with HLN The Daily Share today at noon, I havent found the clip of it, but it was promoted on twitter last night while the show was airing… if you find the clip include in your blog tomorrow, please.

Comment: Haven’t seen it.

Hey Steve,

Thanks for showing the wedding was staged, I knew I couldn’t trust them but once again I wanted to. Anyway, this is just a random question about your column/tweets. I’ve noticed over the past several seasons that sentences you tweet live during the show end up woven seamlessly into your blog. Do you write while watching, use your tweets as an outline, combination of the two?

Comment: I’m tweeting and taking notes at the same time. But way more people read my column on Tuesday than follow me on Twitter, so yes, I will absolutely incorporate what I tweet into my column for the many that don’t follow me.

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  1. kikikisses

    January 21, 2015 at 9:58 AM

    Did you notice when Jimmy came in to wake Chris up he had a single dead sunflower hanging off of his lamp? I thought it odd when I saw it, but maybe Whiney gave it to him after she got the “final sunflower”.

  2. angelfish

    January 21, 2015 at 11:52 AM

    Oh good grief! Too many amateur psychologists out there. This is directly from Sharleen’s blog, regarding Ashley S.

    “Fun Fact #5: Every contestant on this show goes through fairly rigorous psychological testing in the final round of casting. Seriously, the psych section alone consists of two separate true/false tests, one of which is Scantron-style and over 500 questions. It took me 3-4 hours to complete. That’s followed by time with the (wonderful—I seriously loved her) psychologist. My point? I doubt Ashley S is legitimately nuts. She might be “out there” but she’s not a threat to others or herself. They do want crazy—don’t we all?—but no one wants real harm.”

    Seriously people, get some perspective!

    Jade ONLY has lipgloss on her site so far, so I’m going to pass on adding to her bank account.

  3. sarahe

    January 21, 2015 at 1:20 PM

    Steve–don’t sweat it about liking Brandi. I do too. I’ve watched Real Housewives since she came on it, including this season, and have seen good and bad sides of her. Truth is, yes, she does and says questionable things, particularly under the influence of alcohol, and she does act without thinking a lot, mostly inappropriately. But I’ll be honest, I find it refreshing. She puts herself out there, she speaks her mind, and she is who she is. She’s real. Too many Real Housewives try to present themselves as classy and like such great human beings in a way that seems fake. At least Brandi acknowledges that she’s a train wreck. I dig her. I’m #TeamBrandi too 🙂

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