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“Reader Emails” & A Confession From Me

Hi Steve,

Just had to say thank you for your recap today. You had me laughing out loud at my desk! I really need to find restraint and save your recaps for AFTER work.

I also couldn’t agree more with what you said about Juelia. The same exact things were going through my head. Yes she has suffered a tremendous loss but I don’t think it was fair to his family to go into detail about it like that. It WAS disgusting! I don’t get some of these people and what they will do for their 15 minutes. Yes it’s mostly producer driven but I would never throw someone (I supposedly loved and had a child with) under the bus for a lousy TV show. And her daughter may see that one day which is even worse! Thanks for pointing that out. It needed to be said!

Keep the writing coming!!

Comment: I get that she would eventually tell Chris her ex husband committed suicide. Now, you can debate whether or not someone who had an ex who killed themselves 18 months ago should’ve even have been on the show in the first place. That’s a fair argument. But she was on it, so we’ll take it from that point forward. Yes, she can tell Chris since it was a major part of her life. You kinda can’t leave that out. But to go into detail about it? What good did that do?

Hi Steve-

I thought there were three virgins (Becca, Ashley I. and Kaitlyn) on the show? I assumed from the first episode when Kaitlyn said she and her last boyfriend didn’t have sex that she was a virgin. Maybe she was saying they didn’t have ENOUGH sex? I’m confused. Thanks for the recaps. Really enjoy your perspective!

Comment: Kaitlyn wasn’t the one who said in her intro video that she and her last boyfriend didn’t have sex. That was Britt. I posted the video in yesterday’s column. But no, Britt is not a virgin. Just Ashley I. and Becca.

Steve, here is my theory on the couples that actually make it to the altar. Take Ashley and Des. Both of their seasons revolved around sub plots that the girls were in love with guys besides the ones they chose at the end (Bentley and Brooks rather than JP and Chris). My theory is that the girls were actually sure early on that they were going to choose JP and Chris but that would make for super boring TV so producers coaxed them into acting out the Bentley and Brooks sub plots. This is also why JP and Chris aren’t upset when they see on TV how into Bentley and Brooks the girls supposedly are. Thoughts?

Comment: I don’t think that has anything to do with why they got married. I just think the “Bachelorettes” take the process much more seriously than the guys do, therefore it has a better chance of working. The guys just look at it more as an opportunity to meet chicks even if it doesn’t work out. They can always use the “I was the Bachelor” line. 10 seasons of the “Bachelorette” and now three marriages – Trista, Ashley, and Desiree. 19 seasons of the “Bachelor” and only one guy married the girl he chose at the end – Sean. Numbers speak volumes.

A few questions:

1. This season has lots of crazies, but no villain or bitch “character” yet. Does one of the girls emerge later as the bitch? Kelsey starts to not become well liked.
2. Which of these contestants could you see on BiP? About 10 of them.
3. Do you think Nick Viall might show up on BiP? Or Josh? Nick? Maybe. Josh? Possibly.
4. Are there actually people out there stupid enough to believe that wedding crash was not staged? Plenty of them.
5. Jillian and Cody – how’s that for the perfect couple? They could make protein pancakes every morning for each other.

Just letting you know that we have a household of 11 – 2 parents, plus 6 kids, 2 in-laws, and a springer spaniel. We use every last bit of what we buy at Sams and Costco. The giant vat of mayo goes quickly with all the frickin’ ranch dressing this family eats. Of course, we don’t use ketchup to fill the hot tub, but we do dip a lot of french fries in it.

BTW – Thanks for the heads up on Uncrustables. They save me from having to make sandwiches all the time for these bottomless pit appetites around here.

Comment: A family of 11? Well, yes. Then I guess Costco and Sams Club would be a place you shop at every week. Or day.

Here’s the thing with the Uncrustables. They are the most delicious thing ever for someone like me who likes PB&J sandwiches and have my whole life. The flip side is they’re one of the worst nutritious foods on the market. I’m torn. I don’t want to break up with them, but I have to go months in between eating them.

Any thoughts about speculation that Andi and Josh were already broken up at the premier? They weren’t officially broken up at the premiere. But did they know they’d be breaking up when they got back home? Of course they did.

Do you think it’s a coincidence that Aaron Murray also broke up with his fiancée?

Thanks so much, Steve!!

Comment: Coincidence? I don’t think so. I have no idea about Aaron and Kacie’s relationship. All this does is give further proof to the notion that you don’t know these people’s relationships just because you see family pictures, or any pictures for that matter, posted to Instagram and Twitter.

Hi Steve! A few comments/questions:

1- although this is VERY insignificant, why wasn’t Tandra’s exit shown last week? She’s just gone with no rose, no goodbye.. I had to google if she left or not! Not every girl every episode gets shown an exit. Look at this past week. The only girl they showed outside after not getting a rose was Amber. Tracy and Trina didn’t get a lick of camera time.

2- can you elaborate anymore on Ashley S. going off on Chris and producers? They keep taking to social media to say she’s not crazy and is very sweet. I follow her on twitter (pathetic I am, I know) and she has had some communication with some of the girls back and forth – mostly Becca. Not saying she didn’t act weird on the show, but she certainly isn’t as crazy as the show made her out to be.

3- who was the most disliked person this season in the house? Kelsey. And towards the end of the show, I’m hearing Britt became quite distant from the rest.

4- I was actually cringing during Juelia’s segment about her deceased husband. My father committed suicide and I would never ever just tell my story like that.. I don’t know- to me it seemed like a cop out/pity party or a “safe” bet he’d keep her around another week bc- who would cut someone after that sad story? Of course I feel horrible for her and her daughter- but after that, she annoys me. You’re preachin’ to the choir sister.

5- I like that you don’t have the episode by episode spoilers!! Usually I read it all- before the show airs- and this time it’s kinda fun NOT knowing each time who goes home and when. But I am glad I have the final 4 breakdown. It’s fine. My biggest thing every season is to get the ending right. Obviously this is the first time in I think 8 seasons where you didn’t have your episode-by-episode spoilers before the season started. However, lets say it was flipped and I had the first 5 ep by ep spoilers, but nothing after that, I think the whole internet would be in a frenzy screaming at me. So yeah, I’d much rather have it the way I have this season, than to have the beginning but not the end.

6- Jades heels at the pool party? Umm no…. Just no. Leave her alone. That was a classy move on her part. All women wear heels to a pool party. You didn’t know this?

Keep up the good work!! 🙂

Hi Steve –

thank you for the column and especially your super funny comments about Jillian and her being scared of herself !!

I can’t believe how dumb Mackenzie Deonigi is…. Did you catch that when 3 of the girls were waiting by the hot tub to talk to Chris while Jillian was with him and checking make up, Megan said do I like “cracky” and Ashley said, no not cracky at all and Mackenzie said : ” are you taking about crack whore” ? I couldn’t believe it….She’s barely removed from her senior prom. Lets cut her a break.

Love reading you! Keep writing, makes watching it so much better !!

p.s. I am from Seattle and listen to KISS FM where Molly now works, she sometimes talk about Bachelor and it fits exactly what you say, she references to you sometimes and apparently loves your spoilers 🙂

Comment: Yes, I believe Molly and Jason have turned to the dark side. I don’t think they read them the second I post it, but they usually seem to give in at some point before the season ends.

Hi Steve,

I was watching the preview and it looks like Chris get angry at Britt and tells her “i don’t want to waste your time.” Is this just to throw us off or is he really mad at her?

Comment: It’s to throw you off.

Did you notice how often Britt & jillian were hugging, snuggling, playing with each other’s hair, holding hands, walking arm & arm. Awkward!

Comment: Yes. It’s erotic. We need more of it.

Hi Steve –

Longggg time reader, first time writer. A few questions for you:

1. Does the lead usually stay somewhere different than Chris’ house at the end of the driveway? Why are they focusing so much on his proximity to the girl’s mansion? Yes. It’s usually in a house on the same street, but about 3 miles up the road. This is the first time since I believe DeAnna’s season that the lead stayed in the adjoining house.

2. I think Chris’ laugh is as annoying as Whitney’s voice. They are perfect for each other. Can’t disagree with you there.

3. Why do you think Des and Chris’ wedding wasn’t televised? I mean, the franchise has a crazy low success rate, why wouldn’t they promote the heck out of this? Because ABC is pretty much done televising weddings. Too much work for very little pay off.

Thanks so much! Please please keep doing what you do!

No questions just a couple of comments:

I have been watching the show since Emily’s season and I will say of all episodes of any season I have ever watched this weeks was the most entertaining ever. Generally, I just laugh at how fake it is and how they their comments sound somewhat like Stockholm syndrome. I have found that the girls this season I think are just more crazy then ever and some just lack understanding of how the show and basic things work especially Mackenzie. You’ve mentioned already her “why is Chris kissing other girls” perhaps because this is the bachelor! Duh! Anyway, I wonder if anyone missed her mention of “crack whores” when Ashley I and Megan we’re talking about whether they have cracky make-up! She’s one girl I don’t understand 21 with a kid and brainless. Yes, it’s very similar to Stockholm Syndrome. That’s well known. When your focus every day is on one person, and producers are drilling into your head every single day that this person is the most important person in the world at this very moment, and all conversations revolve around love and marriage, yes, you begin to believe everything you’re hearing.

Another point, when Jimmy Kimmel was was leaving in the limo he mentioned “we spent four days together” so for all those who question the timing of the episodes and the weeks comments the contestants say, they should pay attention not only to your word of course that is consistently right but perhaps to those who were there and they may learn a thing or two.

Watching the episode once again was a lot more pleasurable after reading your column as I always do.

Comment: So basically what you’re saying is more people should listen to me and I’m brilliant? Couldn’t agree more. Thank you.

Hi Steve,

I’ve been reading your blog since Brad 2.0, but I took a break from all things Bachelor during JP and Andi’s season. I’m back for Chris’ season and I’ve been enjoying what you’ve been writing so far!

Having Jimmy Kimmel on The Bachelor this week was the best part of the show (in my opinion) and I hope that they bring him back in the future.
It never ceases to amaze me to see what the contestants on this show are willing to do out of desperation to get the lead to want them or the insane self promotion (Kelsey).
I’ve been able to get my husband to watch, but only if he can make it into a drinking game. I wanted to ask you to give him the word or phrase for next week. Week 1 was “amazing” and this week was “love”. Apparently this week, the word should have been “amazing”…

Ok, sorry if you’ve answered any of these question several times…my memory sucks…

I’m curious which girl you you like the best overall this season? Nikki (even though she gets zero camera time), Britt, and Kaitlyn.

Which bachelor and Bachelorette are your favorites? Leads or contestants? A broad question.

Do you still live in (Austin?) Texas? Have you ever been to the Kerby Lane Cafe? Their white queso is soo good! I’ve never lived in Austin.
Seahawks or Patriots?

Comment: Seahawks.

Hi Steve,

If producers are going to give Britt a Bachelorette edit, why hasn’t she had much screen time in episode 3? I remember Andi getting a good amount of screen time in each episode. Are the producers still searching for the public’s opinion on other girls for Bachelorette?

Comment: Just because Britt didn’t get a lot of camera time in an episode doesn’t mean she’s completely out of the running. It’s tough to focus on someone if they’re on a group date and don’t end up getting the rose. Of course you can say that after episode 3. But after episode 1, you could say: she got the first intro video, she was first out of the limo, she was first to talk to him, she got the first impression, and she got the first kiss. It’s all a matter of what you choose to focus on.

Hi Steve,

I wanted to thank you in the name of all Bachelor viewers for proving that we are not moron idiots!! My husband and I were watching the wedding “crashing” on Monday night and never believed for a minute that it was for real. It’s annoying how they really worked it up with Chris gushing on how spontaneous Whitney is and blah blah. Also, when they showed up for the reception in the limo, if I remember right they pulled up in front of a building, but the reception was outside…And if the reception was not in the same spot as the ceremony, how could they have known where to go?? They knew everything about that wedding.

I agree with you that the make out fest is a little bit disgusting, with Chris just moving on from one girl to the next without losing a beat. I guess he’s having a good time and is milking it until it’s time to get serious (wow, I just made an unintentional farm joke). I hope the girls are enjoying it too, I guess they knew what they were getting into. Out of all the girls, I must admit that Whitney (aside from the chipmunk voice) is one of the few who seems nice and normal. Most of the others are still around for casting purposes. Ashley I. is really immature and annoying (probably playing it up for the cameras) and I find that Juelia has an annoying voice as well. What a bad move to go tell Chris her husband’s suicide story the second she can get alone time with him! For sure it got her an extra week, as it would have seemed insensitive to send her home after that tearful moment, but that’s as far as it goes.

Anyhoo, sorry for all that ranting. Thank you so much for all your great work with all the spoilers. It has really improved my viewing experience for this show.

Take care

Comment: Here’s what I will say in defense of Chris and the kissing. It’s not like he’s going to reject someone trying to kiss him. And lets face it, a lot of these women are the ones lunging towards him. Just last episode, Carly made the first move, Ashley I. made the first move, Amber made the first move. No guy in his position is gonna reject that, even politely, since then it would obviously show he’s not interested and he’s tipping his hand. Yes, it’s excessive, but after 29 seasons, people should come to expect there’s going to be making out with multiple people every season. Well, unless you’re Jen Scheft and never have a make out with any guy ever because you hated the whole experience.

Send all links and emails to: To follow me on Twitter, it’s: Instagram name is “RealitySteve,” or join my Reality Steve Facebook Fan Page. Talk to you tomorrow.

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  1. kikikisses

    January 21, 2015 at 9:58 AM

    Did you notice when Jimmy came in to wake Chris up he had a single dead sunflower hanging off of his lamp? I thought it odd when I saw it, but maybe Whiney gave it to him after she got the “final sunflower”.

  2. angelfish

    January 21, 2015 at 11:52 AM

    Oh good grief! Too many amateur psychologists out there. This is directly from Sharleen’s blog, regarding Ashley S.

    “Fun Fact #5: Every contestant on this show goes through fairly rigorous psychological testing in the final round of casting. Seriously, the psych section alone consists of two separate true/false tests, one of which is Scantron-style and over 500 questions. It took me 3-4 hours to complete. That’s followed by time with the (wonderful—I seriously loved her) psychologist. My point? I doubt Ashley S is legitimately nuts. She might be “out there” but she’s not a threat to others or herself. They do want crazy—don’t we all?—but no one wants real harm.”

    Seriously people, get some perspective!

    Jade ONLY has lipgloss on her site so far, so I’m going to pass on adding to her bank account.

  3. sarahe

    January 21, 2015 at 1:20 PM

    Steve–don’t sweat it about liking Brandi. I do too. I’ve watched Real Housewives since she came on it, including this season, and have seen good and bad sides of her. Truth is, yes, she does and says questionable things, particularly under the influence of alcohol, and she does act without thinking a lot, mostly inappropriately. But I’ll be honest, I find it refreshing. She puts herself out there, she speaks her mind, and she is who she is. She’s real. Too many Real Housewives try to present themselves as classy and like such great human beings in a way that seems fake. At least Brandi acknowledges that she’s a train wreck. I dig her. I’m #TeamBrandi too 🙂

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