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What Happens Tonight & Let the Silly Rumors Begin

Heck of a football game huh? I had no rooting interest either way, other than a few box squares that I filled out that didn’t win. Nor did they really come close. There really isn’t much to say after the fact. Everyone knows the Seahawks royally screwed the end of the game up and there is no debate. When you have 1st and goal at the 5, and you run Marshawn for 4 yards down to the 1 yard line on 1st down, don’t tell me you decided to throw the ball the next play to “waste a down.” New England didn’t even call timeout after that first down run, which was an even stupider decision if you ask me. You play the percentages, and 99 times out of a 100, you gotta figure they’re gonna score on 2nd and goal from the 1, so you leave yourself enough time on the clock when you get it back to try and get in FG range to tie it. But Seattle gave them the gift of the century with that play call. Coach Eric Taylor doesn’t make that call, so neither should Pete Carroll. No biggie though Pete. It only cost your franchise a back-to-back Super Bowl Championship. I’m sure it won’t sting very much. Awful call.

Well, February has started, and we’re 5 weeks away from the “Bachelor” finale. This is the month where the gossip sites and magazines rev up their game and start going for the jugular with their stories. In the first month, they don’t focus on that because it’s still early in the season. But like every season, once the number of women start dwindling down, they come with all guns blazing. You know, like this article released yesterday. Oh I’m sure it’ll have everyone talking, and I’ll get emailed about it daily. Here’s my answer: It’s not true. Period. End of story. Chris is engaged to Whitney and nothing has changed. I mean, just look at what they name their website. Isn’t it basically implied in their sites name to write stories like this? And then when you read the story, shocker, they have zero proof of anything. Hell, even the second line says Chris “might cancel his engagement.” Great. Based on what? The rest of the article provides nothing we already didn’t know. He was in a long distance 7 year relationship with Sheena, they were engaged, and it was broken off. He even said it on the show last week during his date with Jade. So before any of you start emailing me that story today, just know it’s garbage. Chris & Whitney are still engaged.

As I’ve mentioned, I don’t watch “Vanderpump Rules.” I’ve heard the names of the characters, but have no idea really what anyones storyline is. However, when I first confirmed Jade as a contestant, I think you remember me saying she had a bunch of pictures posted to Instagram with some girl who used to bang Jax by the name of Carmen Dickman. From what I hear, Jax bangs everyone on that show so Carmen must feel quite special. Anyway, one of you pointed out to me that on the preview for tonight’s “Vanderpump Rules,” you saw Jade in it:


Why yes, that is Jade. I’m sure she doesn’t actually have a speaking part in it and she just happened to be caught on camera during a scene with this Kristen girl, but I guess congratulations are in order. Jade will appear on two different TV shows tonight at the same time. I’m sure it’s all part of her plan: People watch the “Bachelor,” people watch “Vanderpump Rules,” they see Jade on both, then they become so curious about her they look her up and see her organic comestic line and go buy themselves a $17.99 tube of lip gloss. Makes total sense considering, well, that’s the only product Jade has in her line currently. Now that’s funny.

Juelia had her conference call with the media last week where she talked about her experience on the show. She briefly touched on why she shared the story of Dustin with Chris, but didn’t go into too much detail. As I said last week, this story is a done deal. No more reason to go back and forth. Some don’t have a problem with what she said, and some do. But I’ll always link to eliminated contestants conference calls with the media, so just wanted to pass Juelia’s on to you. She gave pretty generic answers like most of the contestants do, but then again, she wasn’t really someone that anyone saw her having any sort of connection with Chris anyway. She was filler. Not until usually the final 6 or so when they give their interviews do you start actually getting somewhat interested in what they had to say, only because they lasted so long. I mean, Juelia lasted 4 episodes and had no 1-on-1 dates with him, never got a group date rose, nor did she ever kiss him. So it’s not like people were dying to hear from her.

As for tonight’s episode, you can read about it in your episode-by-episode spoilers, but here’s a quick review:

-If you’re curious as to how Santa Fe, New Mexico landed this episode, you can read about it here. Gives you a little insight into what cities have to provide for the show to come to their location. It’s basically all done on trade and these cities use it as a marketing tool for their tourism board. Makes sense to me.

-Carly gets the first 1-on-1 as she and Chris meet a “Love Doctor” that has them doing a bunch of a freaky sh** where they want you to believe they sex. But they didn’t. Of course.

-9 girls (Kaitlyn, Jade, Whitney, Megan, Samantha, Mackenzie, Kelsey, Becca, and Ashley I.) go white water rafting on the Rio Grande River. On the group date after party is where Jordan shows up after driving from her home in Colorado to try and get a second chance with Chris. He doesn’t give it to her and eventually sends her right back home.

I don’t know who gets the group date rose, but by process of elimination, we know who doesn’t get it. Samantha and Mackenzie don’t since they’re eliminated tonight. Jade doesn’t since she got one last week. I seriously doubt Kaitlyn is getting 3 group date roses in a row. And since Ashley I and Kelsey have the 2-on-1 next week and both go home, I don’t see either of them getting the rose tonight. Megan also leaves next week and I don’t see her getting it either. So the only real possibilities of getting the group date rose tonight are Whitney and Becca. And since Whitney has already had a 1-on-1, and Becca hasn’t gotten a group date rose, or a 1-on-1, and we know her first 1-on-1 is next week, my guess is she gets the group date rose tonight. Happens a lot on this show where someone gets a group date rose, then the next episode, they get a 1-on-1. UPDATE: Woops. Becca did get a group date rose back on the Hoedown Throwdown group date. Oh well. Then I’m not sure who gets it tonight. Still think it’s either Whitney or Becca based on process of elimination. Now I’ll go with Whitney.

-Britt gets a 1-on-1 in a hot air balloon ride. And of course, since Britt is terrified of heights to where she says heights “make my body shut down” they give her this date. When will they ever learn?

Mackenzie and Samantha are eliminated at the rose ceremony, leaving 9 girls going to South Dakota next week.

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  1. kokopuff2144

    February 2, 2015 at 9:51 PM

    Hmmm … no rose ceremony tonight. Maybe two ceremonies in next week’s episode? I expected to see Mackenzie and Samantha go home tonight, but … to be continued.

  2. nora j

    February 2, 2015 at 10:10 PM

    So now we know why Michelle Money said what she said about Britt…and everyone thought it was just Michelle being mean but she was just telling the truth..she did hear from someone that Britt doesn’t shower. Also that combined with emphasizing how Britt lied about wanting a bunch of kids….hmm..not sure if RS’s prediction of Britt being the next Bachelorette is gonna happen??

  3. kokopuff2144

    February 2, 2015 at 10:16 PM

    That date with Carly and Chris was just nauseating. (I can’t think of another word to describe it.) And then after the love fest alone with Chris Carly just wouldn’t shut up. I was ready to shove my foot down her throat. What is wrong with these women?

  4. iammesoucantbe

    February 3, 2015 at 5:39 AM

    That date with Carly made me cringe!! That would have made me uncomfortable with my HUSBAND! Let alone some dude I’ve known for 5 minutes on our first date. SMH! Wow.

  5. angelfish

    February 3, 2015 at 6:20 AM

    Chris was in his bed, under a sheet, wrapped all around Britt. She obviously didn’t offend him in any way.

    And the “not really wanting kids” information is just hearsay, not something that came from Britt herself. Did it come from Kardashley or one of the other ladies?

    Because gee, no woman on this show would EVER lie about what another contestant actually wants! *LOL*

  6. thatguy181

    February 3, 2015 at 6:48 AM

    Something about Britt just annoys me. Really hope she’s not the next Bachelorette. Not sure about Kelsey at all. She started out as one of my favorites, but yesterday and the way she kept referring to her story just struck me wrong. Almost like she was fibbing about it or something. I know it’s true (or at least I’ve not read anything to claim it wasn’t) but I don’t know. It was as obnoxious as Ashley I letting the world know for the five millionth time that she’s a virgin (or claiming that Whitney in anyway ever even suggested that she hated Ashley… Whitney is one of the few people on the show I feel is truly a good person at heart).

    Disappointed we couldn’t say goodbye to the alien hunter and Samantha. Oh well, next time we get rid of them AND Ashley AND Kelsey. Next week should be glorious for getting rid of some of my least favorites.

  7. gobsmacked

    February 3, 2015 at 7:31 AM

    What a difference a widow makes. Julia could take a lesson from Kelsey in how to talk about your dead husband. Kelsey appears to have loved her husband maybe still in love with him saying having nothing but great things to say about him although that’s not likely to win you a date with the Chris either. Compared to Julia who couldn’t say anything good about her husband blaming everything under the sun for his death and how terrible her life is until dude’s family steps forward with a revealing back story and we learn she’ll even hold the kid over the family’s head. Chris got her out none too soon.

    Kelsey’s got some problems however if she thinks having a dead husband is an “amazing story,” and the girls in the house aren’t much better when several of them are actually crying from jealously because they don’t have a sad story to tell, something’s nuts about women who want a ‘story’ to use to keep them on a show.

    Seems like this season is competition for who has the saddest story. Women, get your heads up, there’s got to be more depth to you than a sad story. Or do they think it he just can’t send them home if he thinks it’ll break their poor sad hearts.

    Meanwhile, Whitney sits quietly aside watching women implode left and right. Although this show doesn’t generally find too many hearts of gold, it just might be that Whitney who is showing more class than any of them not only wins the engagement ring but just might be the real deal. How she’s going to get past all of Chris’ making out now that the show is airing will be a good to watch after the season ends and we see how they do. Good luck to her.

  8. vessel

    February 3, 2015 at 8:57 AM

    Wow Britt is no longer getting the ‘Bachelorette edit’! I’m seriously doubting Steve’s prediction at this point. I feel like if they were setting her up to be the next Bachelorette they wouldn’t have included the no shower for weeks/sleeps in full makeup footage, which people find gross. Also they probably would also have cut all the ‘not ready for marriage/family’ stuff. Whether it’s true or not once people hear it you cannot un-hear it.

    As far as that Kelsey comment about her husband’s death being an amazing story? As Jason and Molly have described, that was total frankenbiting on the editors part. They didn’t show her saying it, it was a spliced voice-over, and if I were her I’d be pissed.

  9. anniespeaks

    February 3, 2015 at 9:11 AM

    I thought before being selected the “contestants” underwent mental health testing and counseling. Sure doesn’t seem like it this season. We had Ashley S…. and Kelsey, and Ashley I…. And what is up with Britt and the wearing make up to bed and not showering? Then there is Jordan who clearly needs rehab (or AA).

    Also, did ABC provide some of the girls with clothes and jewelry? I noticed a lot of jewelry appropriate for the SW US, but not is typically in most women’s jewelry boxes. And Britt and Carley were wearing the exact same pair of sweat pants while waiting for Britt’s envelope.

    I would love to see a reality show of just Britt, Kelsey, both Ashley’s, Jade, and for good measure, Mackenzie. Add some booze and Jordan and there would be some entertaining TV. Then, make the show like survivor, but instead being voted off the island, it is like the Hunger Games and you are either killed or be killed with the viewers deciding who gets what weapons….. At the end of the game, last girl standing gets a lifetime supply of psych meds and therapy.

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